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DCAMU's app system is streamlined to allow players to realistically join RP within thirty minutes of settling on a character to play. While this is a target rather than a concrete metric, depending on the availability of appstaff and the current load of applications when you join the game, it is a very realistic estimate that our process is designed to encourage. No one wants to wait a week to get to play a new game, including us.

If you do not already have a character, you can create one at the 'Make Me Real' machine in the OOC Lounge in-game. To begin the app process, simply log your character in and enter the <CG> Chargen exit from the OOC Lounge! The room instructions and +views will walk you through this process step by step.


Concept App

To play on DCAMU, all players have only to complete a simple, brief concept app. This is designed to show a working knowledge of the character, and to give the other players on the game an idea what they are dealing with.

Once you have completed this quick, two-step process, you will be given access to the grid and our RP rooms, and are free to RP with others! Please be considerate of other players and staff, and remember that this is a probationary period to see how you adapt your character, abilities, and attitudes to this game. Please be respectful of any changes staff notes need to be made in this time.


The first room upon entering CG is where you set IC and OOC info for your character, as well as your desc (+help +desc). Please fill this out to the best of your ability, most characters should complete all fields.

All characters should have at least one info field set, generally telling others what their IC reputation may be, even if it amounts to "unknown".


The second room in CG is the Concept Room, here we ask you to summarize your character, in brief.

Please fill out all fields here, and type +con-apply when you have finished this room and the Info room! You should hear back from staff shortly.

Character Sheet

The second and final phase of applying for a character on DCAMU is the simple act of filling out that character's +sheet. Moving on to <APP> App Central off the Concept Room, you will find yourself in a hub of rooms that break up each section of the sheet into bite size pieces. Please complete this part of the process within two (2) weeks of con-approval. Players that do not finish, and are not actively RP'ing, may be recast at staff discretion after this period.

You may view an example of a finished sheet and ideas for flaws here.


A character's superhuman abilities, if any, belong in this category. You are free to describe their powers in individual entries or one, formatted list as you prefer. Please try to give at least a general sense of their upper limits and level of control, as well as any exceptions to the normal function of their abilities. Most individual powers can be satisfactorily summarized briefly, in 3-5 sentences.

The following format is used to set your powers: &power_<power_name> me=<power description>


Non-superhuman abilities that are special about your character. Every character should have at least a few of these. High end mastery should be thoroughly discussed, but in general a brief blurb, even 1-3 sentences, can suffice. Note that these are skills that may apply to your character's ability to meet their aims as hero or villain, mundane skills such as driving, cooking, or painting houses need not be listed, unless they are exceptional and you wish to emphasize them.

The following format is used to set your skills: &skill_<skill_name> me=<skill description>


Objects and sources of information or materials go in this section. Your character's income, stockpile of money, belongings, or arms, and criminal informants can go here. In most cases these entries can also be very brief.

The following format is used to set your resources: &res_<resource_name> me=<resource description>


Weaknesses and psychological foibles. All characters should have several of these, at a minimum. Ways your power(s) can be circumvented, your psychology exploited, or your loved ones manipulated to someone else's ends are all examples of what belongs in this section. When deciding if a weakness belongs here or in Personality, consider if it is something that other characters are likely to exploit, or something that your character does to themselves.

The following format is used for setting your flaws: &flaw_<flaw_name> me=<flaw description>


Items that don't fit in the above categories. Perhaps your character is insane, or has peak human physical condition. These sorts of entries go here. As with all sheet entries, if you're unsure what to place where, staff will be glad to help!

The following format is used to set your specials: &special_<special_name> me=<special description>


Your character's full background. In most cases this will be 2-5 times as long as the shortbg paragraph written during con-app. It does not need to be sprawling, by any means. Simply cover the defining moments of your character's life, and what brings them into play, so staff has a good idea of your starting motivations and aims.

To set your background, use the following format: &bg1 me=<Text> then &bg2 me=<Text> Continue this numbering format until your background is complete.


Your character's psyche, attitudes, and aims. This can be a narrative or a bullet point list (please start all list items with *<item>). This can be as long or short as necessary, just give us a decent overview of how you see the character's between the lines thought processes. Why they fight, how they make decisions, etc.

To set your personality, use the following format: &pers1 me=<personality listing(s)> Like background, this may continue into multiple listings if necessary.

That's it! Please carefully proofread your +sheet entries before hitting +apply from the main application hub. Applications with misspelled categories and excessive typos will be bounced back for revision.