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Name/Alter Ego Wally West
Notable Aliases The Flash
Species Metahuman
Age 25
Affiliation Justice League
Quote "My name is Wally West. I'm the fastest man alive. I'm the Flash."
  • Superspeed
  • Phasing
  • Vibration
  • Non-friction Aura
  • Agility
  • Accelerated Metabolism
  • Speed Control
  • Speed Vs Mass
  • Accelerated Thought
  • Spinning Limbs


When you grow up idolizing the heroes of the world, specifically Central City's original Flash, it's quite a shock to find out that your uncle is that very same hero. Wally learned as a teenager that his uncle, Barry Allen, was the Flash. This one bit of knowledge would forever change the way that Wally looked at the world -- he wanted to be out there with his uncle. And as fate would have it, as Wally was visiting the very lab that Barry was working in, the Speed Force wanted him out there as well. As Barry Allen laid out the chemicals in the same location they were in that fateful night, lightning struck twice and gave Wally the powers of superspeed.

(OOC Note: I'm leaving the reason for Barry Allen disappearing as the Flash open. Should someone app him, we can discuss whether it was Barry retiring or if he died in some Crisis event. In any event, Wally likely spent some time as Kid Flash in this universe as well.)

When Barry Allen finally hung up the tights, Wally West took up the mantle of the Flash. Just an everyday guy in college, Wally spent his early career balancing the last year of his time in Central City University and protecting the twin cities of Central City and Keystone City. Graduating with a degree in forensic science, much like his uncle, Wally found that his place wasn't in the lab -- it was in the motorpool. Wally felt much more at ease and at home working with his hands in the motorpool and quickly rose from just one of the many mechanics to the head mechanic for the CCPD.

The world would grow much larger for the Flash over the next few years. Essentially the 'everyman' member of the Justice League, the Flash was taken out of his hometown arena and put onto the global stage when he helped found the Justice League. No longer able to focus just on the twin cities, the Flash was running at even faster speeds to balance his life fighting threats a thousand times larger than his native Rogues.

Wally was there for the Imperium Invasion, the Thanagarian Invasion, the Justice Lords, and so much more over the next few years. And despite his sometimes infuriating jokes and winking at any female superhero nearby, Wally quickly became the anchor that kept the Justice League tied to their consciences. And now, Wally's story continues here on the game.


Everyman. This term gets thrown around a lot by various fans of Wally West, both from the comics and cartoon, with good reason. Wally is just a smalltown kid who grew up in the age of heroes idolizing the second Flash who then got the chance to be the Flash himself. His dreams have, in essence, come true. He's even found his own identity in both the role of the Flash and outside of the costume as just one of the guys down at the motorpool of the CCPD. Wally is the guy everyone in the office loves hanging out with. He's the one who holds the big weekend barbeque parties in his backyard. He's the one who is willing to go to a ballgame or hockey game with anyone who needs a buddy to hang out with. And not so surprisingly, he's the one easiest to talk to about their problems.

Carefree. While this has been dulled in recent years, Wally West is one of those guys that just does not let things easily bother him. Wally just doesn't know how to hold a grudge. His view on this is simple -- if he held a grudge against every punch thrown his way, every lightning bolt from Weather Wizard, cold beam from Captain Cold, or every dimensional threat by the villain of the week... then he'd be as jaded and as brooding as Batman. And what fun would that be?

Impetuousness. This personality attribute breaks down into one of his flaws as well. When you can move at near the speed of light the question of time becomes a much bigger cornerstone of your life. To quote 'The Ballad of Barry Allen', "And you say the world goes rushing by. But it seems so slow to me. And you see a blur around you fly, but it takes too long, it seems so slow to me.' Wally just sometimes forgets that people move on a much slower frame of rate when it comes to time and thus jumps the gun at times.