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The Clown Prince of Crime
Kiss the cook.gif
Name/Alter Ego The Joker
Notable Aliases Too many :D
Species Human
Age ???
Affiliation No one trusts me. :(
Quote "Life's a bowl of cherries and this is the pits."
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The Joker is a force of nature that seems to have been brought about by numerous different factors. True or False?

If you said True, please move to page 38. If you said false, please move to page 42.

Page 38:

Long ago, there was a man who was a struggling comedian. He had been down on his luck, and fell in with the wrong crowd. Eventually he got stuck in a funny mask, and kicked into a vat of acid by Batman. Instead of dying, the sheer pain and agony of this tormented the man in numerous ways, creating a being that would truly be a foil until the end of time for Gotham's caped crusader.

...You have been thrown into a vat of acid. You're dead!

Page 42:

A criminal master mind that once was known as the Red Hood, he befell a fate worse then death by the hands of Gotham's winged rodent known as Batman. (He was thrown into a vat of acid and left to die.)

A mysterious stranger wearing purple and green shakes your hand. You feel the slight tingling sensation of a joy buzzer.. You have been electrocuted. You're dead!

Also, never accept the chance to smell a flower by a man who asks if you've ever danced with a devil in the pale moonlight. You might end up dead. Or just die of laughter.


The Joker is insane. There is no real other way to put it beyond that. While he might be hell bent on creating chaos one day, another he could be up for a walk in the park kissing babies and giving money to those who are in need (the fact that the babies and destitute generally end up dead is completely beside the point.)

His main obsession is Gotham's Caped Crusader Batman, who generally foils him at every turn creating more of an obsession merely to just either defeat the Dark Knight, or just outright kill him. This depends on the time of day, position of the tide, and wether Uranus or Neptune is in power.

While he might have had a hand in corrupting poor Doctor Harleen Quinzel, he takes no joy in this matter, as she generally creates more problems then good for him. Even if she hand delivers Batman on a silver platter to him.