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Name/Alter Ego Lobo
Notable Aliases Bo; The Main Man; Master Frag; Mister Machete; Scourge o' the Cosmos; The Ultimate Bastich
Species Czarnian
Age Unknown
Affiliation N/A
Quote "What's the matter?"
  • Bloodhound Smell
  • Regeneration
  • Super Strength
  • Willpower

Lobo is an intergalactic bounty hunter and general spreader (and lover) of chaos.


  • Born on the planet Czarnia, to everyone's misfortune.
  • First homicide at five.
  • Fragged entire race with high school science project, gave himself an A.
  • Tried out many jobs from police work to bartending until he found his true calling of hunting people for cash.
  • First boss, Bob Bastich, liking his last name so much he made it his own personal swear word.
  • Hunted across the universe for several years till Preserver hired him for his first run-in with Superman.
  • Helped the Supergeek break outta the ship, hasn't been seen near Earth for some time.


Lobo is a big, bad biker on steroids. Not as stupid as he looks, he enjoys nothing better than bloody violence, booze, babes, and terrorizing the whole galaxy just by being around. Many compare him to a walking powder keg ready to explode at any moment, for any lousy reason, not only because he can but because he really enjoys it. The only people he respects are people that have the guts to stand up to him. Otherwise everyone else just better get outta the way or they end up as good as fragged, unless they have his word they'd be safe or provide him with plenty of opportunities for cash and violence. Bo is a man that is in love with the idea of vendetta and will go to ridiculous lengths to avenge himself over any perceived slight. Besides that he's in love with concept of slumming. And torture. Many will agree that he is the most ruthless, cruel, stubborn, and down-right despicable being in the known universe. As well as an addict to physical violence, the more graphic the better. In his own words he hates "square-jawed, short-back an' sides, goody-goody feebs", (pretty much every superhero), since forever. Course he hates just about everyone that gets on his nerves anyway.