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Maxima standing.jpg
Name/Alter Ego Maxima
Notable Aliases Lady Maxima
Species Alien
Age 25! (SHUT UP SAZU)
Affiliation Team Maxima
Quote "As you can see, nothing may harm me ever."
  • Superhuman Physicality
  • Psychokinesis
  • Telekinesis
  • Space Flight
  • Mind Control
  • Teleportation

The Lady Maxima, Warrior Queen and Ruler of all Almerac is the alien Queen-in-Exile of the distant planet Almerac.


  • The most recent evolution of a centuries-old breeding program designed to produce genetically-superior stock, Maxima was born into a glorious birthright as heiress to the great Almeracian Empire. Inheriting a dizzying array of superhuman powers, she was considered a masterpiece.
  • With the people of Almerac bearing lengthy lifespans, Maxima spent many years being trained in the ways of war, as well as learning the proper mannerisms and ethics of a good ruler. Never a particularly good student, she was heir nonetheless, and received the proper treatment from those to become her subjects. For whatever reason, the belligerent girl bonded closely with a servant's daughter called Sazu. Over time, she would take advisements from nobody else, and so Sazu was appointed handmaiden to the princess.
  • When Maxima's mother was killed in battle, she was elevated to the throne immediately, with Sazu her Royal Advisor. A living goddess to her people, she was hailed as the present and future of their race; the paragon of Almeracian strength and virtue. This had always been the way - and though they are a warlike race, former rulers have always done so with a measure of wisdom and compassion.
  • Unfortunately, no amount of careful tutoring or foetal eugenics can account for a horrible personality. Maxima became a selfish tyrant, putting aside the immediate needs of her subjects as she became ever more completely fixated on a single purpose: mating. Almeracian tradition demands that a suitable breeding partner can only be decided through trial by combat, and so tournament after unending tournament was held, males from all worlds flocking to the royal palace to try their hand. Maxima defeated them all.
  • Growing ever more frustrated, Maxima continued to punish her subjects, sending them deeper into the far reaches of the universe to seek more potential mates. Meanwhile, the challengers kept coming from closer to home; until one in particular, by the name of De'Cine, decided to try a new angle.
  • Easily defeated by the Warrior Queen, De'Cine instead turned his attention to her advisor. Unbeknownst to the self-absorbed Lady Maxima, he was able to seduce her confidante and plant the seed of a plan to liberate the unrestful populace of Almerac. He passed along information of another candidate.
  • On seeing footage of this 'Superman', Maxima was excited. She had never seen one so fast, so strong, or so pec-poppingly handsome. Refusing the aid of her armies or her elite Royal Guard, she decided to set out alone for the distant backwater known as Planet Earth. She had found her mate!


Born to a life of luxury, pampered by smiling hordes of royal lickspittles from the moment she could gurgle her smallest desires, Maxima was always destined to grow up with a certain sense of entitlement. As the successor to an illustrious royal line, some might argue that she deserved what she was given. Governmental systems exist for a reason, after all. What few could possibly stomach is the idea that somehow the full-grown Empress Maxima of Almerac is an acceptable person.

Obnoxiously arrogant, she holds her head high in the belief that not only is she a rightful Queen, but the most powerful and beautiful creature in the known universe; and probably the unknown parts, as well. Accustomed to getting precisely what she wants, when she wants it, Maxima is stubborn in her unwillingness to bear the whims of lesser beings. Impatient and easily bored, she will rarely allow others to have more than a cursory say in her life, and makes not the slightest effort to remember names, faces or even the vague details of the encounters that inevitably occur during her travels.

In some ways it's probably fortunate that such a strong and selfish person only wants a fairly simple thing: a husband. Convinced of the importance in continuing her succession with a worthy mate, she'll happily put aside anything that doesn't concern this very single-minded goal. But therein lies a hint of complexity, because Lady Maxima - for all her horrible qualities - truthfully only wants to bear children and settle down to a life of simple, albeit highly luxurious, womanly pleasure. The route there may /happen/ to contain a fair number of conquered planets and defeated foes, but if she could find an easier way she'd probably take it. She's not evil; just so hugely misguided she might as well be.

Up to this point, Maxima has trusted only one person with any sense of camaraderie. With others considered obstacles at best, it's her Royal Advisor whom gets at least borderline decent treatment. Sazu is the only individual privy to the woman behind the queenly mask, understanding better than anyone that beneath it all Lady Maxima isn't quite the demoniac presence that most are led to believe.