Princess Amethyst

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Princess Amethyst
Name/Alter Ego Amy Winston
Notable Aliases Princess Amethyst
Species Homo Magi
Age 17/24
Affiliation None
Quote "I am Amethyst, princess of Gemworld!"
  • Sorcery
  • Archery
  • Swordsmanship

Princess Amethyst is the exiled rule of Gemworld, a mystical, magical realm where she discovered her power.


  • On her thirteenth birthday, Amy Winston received a magical amethyst necklace; it transported her to the magical dimension Gemworld, where she instantly transformed into a full-grown woman. There, she is Princess Amethyst, rightful ruler of Gemworld.
  • Amy made more jaunts to Gemworld over the months that followed, terrifying her parents with each days or weeks-long disappearance. She was guided by the Witch-Mother Citrina, who told Amy of how she spirited the newborn daughter of Lord and Lady Amethyst to Earth to protect her from Dark Opal, the dread tyrant who ruled over much of Gemworld; with the help of Citrina and a bevy of new friends from Gemworld's twelve kingdoms, Amethyst was given a crash course in conjury and combat to prepare her for an inevitable battle with Dark Opal and his forces. Though she and her friends suffered a number of setbacks and losses - including the death of Citrina - during their adventure, they were eventually victorious.
  • Rather than immediately return to her life of adolescent normality, Amy continued journeying to Gemworld to protect her friends from new threats--until the day when Mordru the Merciless came to lay claim to Gemworld. Amethyst fought alongside a number of Earth's sorcerors to imprison him in stone somewhere far away; in the aftermath, she had a few minutes to speak with Dr. Fate.
  • Dr. Fate swiftly, and in no uncertain terms informed Amethyst that Citrina's romanticized version of her origins was a lie, that she was conceived by Lady Amethyst and a Lord of Order as Castle Amethyst was besieged by Dark Opal and the forces of Chaos. Her parents loved one another, and they loved their daughter; they still agreed with the Witch-Mother when she proposed hiding the child away until she was of age to be trained as a weapon against their foes. Then he left.
  • Thoroughly disenchanted, Amethyst left too--never to return; with her parents' marriage crumbling under the stress of her disappearances, she spent the next few years trying to get her life back on track. Now and again, Gemworld sent envoys and messengers to Earth, urging her to return and protect her native world; she bitterly ignored them all.
  • Not long after she turned seventeen, a final envoy visited Amy: Flaw, a monstrous crystalline golem who sought to murder her parents at the behest of his master. Though she managed - barely - to stop him, her subsequent efforts to return to Gemworld and investigate his appearance were futile: the portals she took for granted wouldn't open, and more focused teleportation magics were useless. The evil Gemworld begged her to protect it from had finally taken control, and she was powerless against it.
  • Plagued by guilt, she now patrols Metropolis and abroad in the hopes of discovering some way back to Gemworld--and to atone for her selfishness.


  • Confident: Despite the awful things wrapped up in her experiences on Gemworld, there's no denying how much Amy learned and grew from them--and nobody is more aware of that than Amy herself. She is far more sure of herself and her abilities now than she was four years ago, but this hard-earned resolve sometimes tips dangerously into youthful arrogance, leaving her vulnerable to smarter or more experienced opponents.
  • Strong-Willed: Her abandonment of Gemworld notwithstanding, Amy's resolve to see whatever goals she sets for herself through to the end is fairly strong; even /after/ shirking her magical responsibilities, the adroitness with which she got her post-Gemworld life back on track speaks to this determination.
  • Cynical: The youthful wonder that tempered Amy's earliest adventures as Amethyst is all but gone, replaced by the disillusionment of a young woman who feels as though she now knows better. While not outright, aggressively pessimistic, she is easily roused to suspicion, particularly where adults are concerned; between her father and Citrina, she's had to deal with her fair share of dishonest authority figures.
  • Anger: While it would be unfair to describe her as short-tempered, when Amy /is/ roused to anger - often by dishonesty or other injustices - the shift can be explosive. As Amy, this can lead to loud arguments, though outright violence is rare, as she isn't the type; as Amethyst, tapping into this anger can actually be somewhat beneficial, as it intensifies her spell-casting. It can also be quite dangerous, for obvious reasons.