Ra's al Ghul

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Ra's al Ghul
Name/Alter Ego Ra's al Ghul
Notable Aliases The Demon's Head
Species Human
Age 700+
Affiliation The League of AssassinsThe Society of Shadows
Quote "The earliest case of this disease you call a horror was recorded in the fourteenth century. The natives called it Teli'Aroa... "The Blood of the Demon". Half a world away, yet in the very year of my birth. "
  • Blood of The Demon
  • Skills Mastery
  • Brilliant Scientific and Deductive Mind

Ra's al Ghul, the Demon's Head, is the mastermind behind a globe-spanning conspiracy geared towards genocide, justice, and the uncompromising purification of the entire world.


He is Arabian. That is the most important thing one may glean from the centuries of time that Ra's al Ghul has existed on this earth. He was born to a nomadic tribe some seven hundred to eight hundred years ago, though his name was different then. What it was is a matter of some speculation. In truth, the details have ceased to have importance to the only person alive to remember exactly what happened back then.

He had left the tribe early on, to move to the city to pursue his interests in science and alchemy. He became a physician, a profession at which he excelled and through which he found contentment and companionship in a wife, Sora. That was a very different time.

Eventually his name--or at least, the name that was known back then--gained some notoriety as belonging to a genius medicine man. Of course, this largely translated to wealth and status, and the attentions of more privileged people. Unfortunately, the city's ruler had seen his skill and offered him a great sum to heal his dying son. It is through the treatment of the young man that Ra's al Ghul discovered a rare chemical existing deep in the natural earth. HE had discovered his first Lazarus Pit, and he was able to successfully restore the prince to full health.

What he did not, could not fathom was the inevitable outcome.

The prince went mad upon rising from the pit, his body revitalized to the point where he was able to overpower the physician, and strangle Sora alive when she intervened on his behalf. Unfortunately, the sultan refused to believe his son could be at fault for the heinous act, and had the physician declared guilty of murder.

He was to be buried alive with his wife's corpse for his so-called sins.

It is unfathomable, how someone could survive being buried alive with the love of their life, as a reviled member of society while the men responsible walk free. It is inconceivable. Truthfully, it is not possible.

The part of him that truly cared for people began to die that day.

He ended up being saved by a young boy, who felt indebted to him for his charity in easing his dying mother's last hours soe months before. He took him under his wing, and returned, a different man, to his nomadic tribe. Understanding the germ theory of disease before anyone else, he was ably to infect the sultan's son with a deadly illness by sending him fine linens, repenting and begging his forgiveness. When the sultan and his son came to demand that the physician save him once more, the physician killed them both.

He erased all evidence of his existence from that point onward. Leading his tribe to prosperity through war, he razed the city that was once his home to the ground. He and his riders killed everyone within the walls, pillaged every house, and burned every thatch until there was nothing left of the city but a smouldering ruin. He erased his name, he erased all traces of his history within that damned place. This was the beginning of the man--the group--feared as The Demon. His name from then on was "Ra's al Ghul."

There was to be nothing left of his legacy there, nothing that existed or could be traced. The influence of iniquity in men was too strong in this world, their minds too ready to persecute and corrupt. There was only on option. To be something stronger than men, something elemental. The world was in peril.

Ra's al Ghul and his brethren would save it.

He took the boy and his uncle with him through eternity, the Pits that he'd discovered bringing them and him to the precipice of immortality. Together, they had forged a formidable thunderhead of fortune. Wars were fought. Atrocities witnessed and atrocities eventually committed. The world, civilization as it was, was corrupt, and at the heart of that corrupt was the heart of man itself. Though good people still existed, they were preyed upon by their own decadence.

Even the boy who he looked after as he might have his own son, had fallen to the succor of potential fame.

There was to be no mercy. Ra's al Ghul strangled him himself, though his uncle escaped with the memoirs that he had expressly forbidden writing.

Since then, Ra's al Ghul has existed only as a suggestion, the apparition of a man who is said to be at the head of the worst organization imaginable. He has destroyed and brought ruin to countless cities all without 'They' ever knowing exactly who it was behind their downfall. For those privileged few who know him, he is nightmare personified, genocide his left hand and atrocity his right. There can be no mercy for the criminal or the corrupt.

He is the Demon.


To first understand how he thinks, one must understand the wear of time upon the mortal mind as it ascends to immortality. Over the span of centuries, the words of any one human ceases to have meaning, and each becomes unto themselves a representative of the species; a dull, iniquitous and puerile little thing whose lifespan in the great scheme has only been measured in the span of a single raindrop. As a result, Ra's al Ghul has precious little pity to waste on mewling parasites, and no concept of limiting honor or moralities.

He is a thing of fear, an elaboration of rumor more than man at this point. Few have had the dubious pleasure of meeting him, but those that do rarely find the will to doubt his influence and power, comensurate with that of a great sleeping dragon. He is completely ruthless, and endlessly destructive--one glimpse into his eyes will tell anyone they need to know of their value in them; none.

He truly has no limitations as to what he will and will not do. As he sees it, the world he lives in is inextricable from corruption and he has no love for it nor owes it any kindness. Ra's al Ghul's goals are nothing short of the absolute destruction of modernized society as humanity has molded it. He wishes to return everything to ash and plunge the world back into the Dark Ages, in the hopes that humanity will rebuild itself in a vastly more moral form.

It is not to say that Ra's al Ghul hates humanity. It is more specific to point that he abhors their excesses. In his mind, dishonesty and sin have colluded in the hearts of men, causing them to build a system so corrupt that it can be manipulated with only a few pieces of gold. To him, this is the antithetical of justice: A world that allows rapists and killers to go free while innocent men rot in prison for the rest of their lives for failing to pay the correct tithe. To Ra's al Ghul, there can only be one solution to such a system: A great purge.

Following this, Ra's al Ghul is almost priestlike in his devotion to the concept of absolute justice. However, his is not the understanding with which most would associate. While killing a hundred to save one may be considered abhorrent by society, Ra's al Ghul would not hesitate. He would not only kill a hundred criminals to save one innocent life, he would kill a hundred innocents to punish one criminal. Even more--he would kill a thousand. Criminals thrive on society's indulgence, but there is no society that would harbor criminality knowing what the true cost of their own sloth and laziness would be.

Though a violent idealist and one that will not hesitate to kill when necessary, Ra's al Ghul is not by measure an impatient or rash man. He is an intellectual, rarely one who gets his hands dirty, preferring instead to wage his wars from miles away. He is deceptive and manipulative, not hesitating to use his considerable resources, intimidation and knowledge against others, leveraging against their weaknesses until they do his bidding. It is not uncommon at all for them to be doing so without their knowledge in the slightest.

Though his ideals may be noble at heart, his methods, means and modes are not. Make no mistake, Ra's al Ghul is incurably insane from his centuries of life, and everything that was 'noble' about him has been eroded away by the sands of time. Though appearances may on occaision seem otherwise, there is nothing that means anything to him but his goals and his mission. All that is left of that noble Arabian doctor centuries ago is a desert wolf, a predator that sees nothing before it but prey.