Red Hood

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Red Hood
Name/Alter Ego Jason Todd
Notable Aliases Dead Robin; The Hood
Species Metahuman
Age 20+
Affiliation Solo
Quote "I never get tired of watching you work."
  • Just One Man
  • Bat-training
  • Deductive Reasoning

Red Hood is the anti-heroic incarnation of Jason Todd, believed killed at the hands of the Joker.


Jason Todd entered the Batman family in a somewhat more odd fashion than most; he was caught stealing the tires off of the batmobile. Shortly after he earns the right to fill the recently opened role of Robin that was vacated by Dick Greyson when he departed and took up a new name for himself as a protector of Bludhaven. Serving for little over a year in the red and green tights, Jason proved to be one of the most troubled of Wayne's wards. Filled with anger and aggression, Jason found a outlet for these emotions in his role as a masked vigilante. Batman did his best to help Jason deal with this anger, trying to find a way to help quell the anger inside of his young ward before it got the better of him... Sadly, it was too little, too late.

In the end, Jason proved to be a poor fit for the role of Robin. He was too angry, too brutal, too aggressive in his pursuit of justice. His brash, short-tempered nature ultimately lead to his death at the hands of the joker, leaving Batman alone once more. Bruce often views his inability to save Jason from himself as well in his final moments as one of his greatest failures.

Having hired The Joker as a destraction for one of his schemes, Ra's al Ghul is struck with a odd sense of guilt over the death of The Detective's newest apprentice and seeks to make ammends for his miscalculation in thinking that he could control The Joker. Stealing Jasons remains and replacing them with a starkly realistic decoy, Ra's al Ghul ressurects Jason in a roiling pool of his Lazarus Pit. Stolen from the realm of the dead, Jason is brought back to life only to be consumed by the psychosis that those that use the Lazarus Pits fall victem to. In the chaos that ensues, Jason escapes Ra's grasp, only to find himself far from home once he ragains his senses. In the years that follow, Jason sets out on a journey, treking across the world on a quest that darkly mirrors Bruce's own travels in the time that lead to him becoming The Batman.

Now back in Gotham, Jason Todd has taken on a new identity as the Red Hood. Having decided that crime could only ever be controled rather thean eliminated completely. Using his newly learned skills as well as those that yet reside with him from his previous life, The Red Hood has set about gathering every last hood, thug, pimp and drug dealer into his employ, seeking to make Gotham a safer place through his own, vicious means... as well as claim his revenge against the man he holds responsible for his death.


Jason Todd is a far different person than he used to be. Once a idealistic boy that prowled roof tops and alley ways as a brightly-colored spectre of justice, Jason has become something much more sinister than he once was... and who could blame him, really? Death... has ways of changing people. Be it the death of a stranger, a loved one, a enemy... or even the person themselves. Jason Todds idealistic vigor that was then only slightly shadowed by the viciousness and anger that laid beneath the surface is gone. Now there is a hard, brutal determination that drives this man. Crueler than the cruel, more vicious than the vicious. He has made himself into a bitter vaccine for the sickness that infects Gotham. Devoted now to not just treating the symptoms as they pop up in the alleys and on the streets but rather controling them at their source. It is a old and sad addage; If you can't beat them, join them.

Cock-sure and brash, Jason is a case of a arrogant bastard that is arrogant for good reason. He is as skilled as he plays himself off to be. He is also a careful man in some respects. He has a odd sort of patience about him, a keen mind for long plans and schemes even if he cannot often restrain himself in the moment.