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2012-02-03 - Mirrors are More Fun than Television2012-02-04 - Blank Page2012-02-05 - Reflections that Linger
2012-02-06 - It's Not Hogwart's2012-02-07 - I'm Under Your Spell
2012-02-07 - No Joke2012-02-10 - Cat & Mouse2012-02-11 - Bat & Mouse
2012-02-12 - Bat & Bat2012-02-15 - Ghosts2012-02-15 - Gotham is being invaded by the Reds.
2012-02-17 - The Mark2012-02-19 - Bat-Breakfast2012-02-20 - Establishing Hierarchy
2012-02-21 - Where Nobody Knows Your Name2012-02-23 - Lady's Knight2012-02-25 - A Game of Shadows
2012-02-27 - Beyond Venutian Skies2012-03-01 - No Mouth, No Tea.2012-03-02 - Becoming the Mask
2012-03-02 - No Guam, No Foul!2012-03-02 - Of Secret Lore and Legacy2012-03-04 - Rockstarz Karaoke Bar Opening Night
2012-03-19 - He Has A PhD In... Something...Accel
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