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Name/Alter Ego Roy Harper Jr.
Notable Aliases Speedy
Species Human
Age 23
Affiliation Justice League, Teen Titans


Roy Harper Jr. is the son of Roy Harper, a valiant forest ranger who lost his life in a fire. The young Harper was taken in by a Navajo medicine man named Brave Bow, who for most of the child's early years taught him the skills that later in his life would become quite useful. Archery, tracking, and respecting the world around you were the core tennants that were instilled within young Roy. However, his life would change drastically when Billionare Oliver Queen decided to take the child in, and make him his ward. Of course, Oliver was merely mimicking what a rival/friend of his had done, and by taking in the child, the boy was indoctroniated within the world of Heroes and Villians. Oliver Queen held a secret that would also mimick that of the other well known Billionare Playboy Bruce Wayne. The Green Arrow, herald of Justice for Star City, and reserve member of the Justice League.

Teaching Roy his own techniques, and noticing that the child was speedy in how fast he could draw his bow, and load an arrow, the child was given the codename of Speedy, and from that moment on he was the sidekick of Green Arrow.

Of course this truly isn't a storybook case. As Roy grew older, a rift started growing between himself and his mentor, as Roy wanted to be recognized as more then just a sidekick, but a hero in his own right. Over time this rift grew into defiance, and then into depression, and then into something darker as Roy started experimenting with substances that could, and almost did take his own life. What relationships he had built up, especially with his own peers that had at this point been apart of the Titans, Roy was an addict, and this wasn't something they knew how to help him through.

This had become the final straw between himself and Oliver, leaving the two's relationship shattered and almost unrepairable, especially as Roy became a legal adult, only to take what little he had been left by Oliver, and run off to establish himself as a hero on his own.

Roy Harper Jr. did what his mentor could almost never forgive, and became an agent of the United States Government, working for the secret program CHECKMATE as the agent Arsenal. Over time however, this would fall through and once more Roy would return to his Speedy moniker, looking to once more establish himself as a credible hero. Maybe things might change for him.


Roy Harper Jr. is brash, quick to action, and quick to dismiss something he disagrees with. In the end, its a lot like his own mentor which in a way is a simple sort of irony. Like Oliver, Roy wears his heart on his sleeve, and takes things very personally. His whole line of skills means that with one misplaced shot, the person you're trying to disable will die, and that is something that is always present. While he does have his own moral compass, over the years since he broke off ties with Oliver, the compass has been misread, leading Roy into perdiciments that in the end, caused him more harm.

The young ward of Oliver Queen has done things that most of the peers in his life have spent their entire career stopping, and in the end he still can't admit his own part in it. He isn't to blame, Oliver is, and from that more anger and resentment continues to grow not only with himself, but with his former mentor for never stepping forward to lend an ear for the younger man to vent to. Instead the distance has grown, and remains that way allowing the darkness that is within Roy to grow, and twist him in ways that may lead him down a darker path if it continues.