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Name/Alter Ego Koriand'r
Notable Aliases Starfire
Species Alien
Age 25
Affiliation Titans
Quote "Friends mustn't do this!"
  • Flight
  • Fortitude
  • Solar Sustenance
  • Alien Physiology
  • Super Strength
  • Language Absorption
  • Starbolts
  • Strength of Emotion


The Tamaraneans are a people of peace, despite their respect for their warrior heritage and training they would wish to resolve their disputes through diplomacy rather than force of arms. They, however are not so blind to the world around them that they would let their skills as a warrior people dull, in the off chance peace becomes a lost cause. Their martial tradition demands a great deal of preparedness and constant tests of ability, thus their abilities always outstripped what was needed becoming so much part of their way of life even the children are fearsome foes with little to no training relying upon generations of honed instinct to guide them. The cruel Gordanians value Tamaranean children as slaves as this dangerousness in one form or another can be useful to those with whom the Gordanians deal. Though the Tamaraneans were always successful in the defense of their planet the sheer numbers of The Citadel and its allies was enough to persuade the then Queen of Tamaran, as her husband was already dead, to give herself over to them as a prize to save her people from an unwinnable war. The deal was struck and the Queen's daughter Myand'r became the new queen. She would then marry a powerful noble whose name was Luand'r, they would have three children born to them.

The eldest of the three children was Komand'r. Her birth should've been very special as she was the first princess to be born to her people in over a hundred years, however events transpired to rob her of this honor, she was born darkly hued both of the eye and hair. This trait alone earned her the scorn of many of her people, this scorn made her a bitter and hateful soul. The second of the children was the cheerful and lovable Koriand'r, she too was a princess and given the treatment that should've been given to her elder sister, the second daughter was also chosen to be the heir to the crown. Finally the two sisters were given a younger brother named Ryand'r. The siblings grew up together, though do to the unfairness in her mind Komand'r took out her bitterness for her situation on her younger sister, the elder hating her younger for everything that Koriand'r was given that should've belonged to her. Kori for her part dearly loved her older sister and tried her best to soothe Komand'r as much as she could, her attempts only ended in failure though. As all Tamaraneans, especially the nobility, do the sisters went to the warlords of Okaara to learn the arts of war and broaden their minds with education of a scholarly nature. They both excelled at their scholarly studies , though Komand'r always surpassed her sister by being just slightly better. This victory helped ease the fighting between he two sisters, until their combat training began. In this field Koriand'r proved to be superior sister picking up what she was taught more easily than Komand'r. This was too much for the elder to take and she flew into a violent rage while sparring with her sister and actually injured Koriand'r. This event caused Komand'r to flee the school in fear of reprisals for her injuries of her sister, her flight took her straight to the Gordanians where she proposed a way to crush Tamaran.

Komand'r made her deal with the secrets of how to overcome the powerful planetary defenses of Tamaran and the promise that another member of the Tamaran royal family would be taken as a prize, she could think of no one better than Koriand'r to serve in this position. With the deal made the assault on Tamaran began, with the secrets of the defenses in their hands the Gordanians made short work of the planet's defenders upon storming the palace the demand for Koriand'r to be given into slavery so that her people would be left in peace was made. Luand'r and Myand'r had no choice but to concede and gave over their younger daughter to the Gordanian slavers and were given the peace they were promised in exchange. Kori's time as a prize was anything but pleasant the Gordanians taking pleasure in mistreating her any way they could think of, though they still feared her, this was only made worse because of her defiant stubborn streak. Finally being pushed too far by the abuse she snapped and she fought back, busting out of the ship and flying quickly to the closest planet so that she could free herself from the rest of her restraints. She made her landing and prepared for the pursuit and the inevitable fight she knew had to be coming any minute and the adrenaline that coursed through her body didn't help her to get herself off edge and ready to tear into anything remotely threatening.

The alien girl was confronted by teen heroes as she rampaged in her attempts to break her bonds. After a short scuffle a truce of sorts was made. Needing to be able to communicate with the people of Earth she chose to give Robin a surprise and learned English with a kiss, then shortly after the teens were assaulted by the Gordanians. Banding together they saved Jump City from being destroyed and with those heroics founded the Teen Titans. Since this time she has been on many adventureous missions with her friends, learned about this weird world called Earth, made new friends, and generally grown as young people are want to do. Now a bit older, more experienced, and perhaps a bit less naive she hopes to help the Titans grow by helping a new generation of teens, help save the world when it needs it, and generally continue to become the heroine she knows herself to be.


Koriand'r is a very upbeat individual, she's so cheerful and carefree that some might assume she can't be serious. This of course isn't true as she was the heir apparent of her world she knows more than her fair share about discipline and how to keep herself level headed. She possesses a truly kind and gentle heart, wishing nothing but the best for others and believing the best in them as well. She is also a bit naive and trusting as one might imagine, which combined with the fact she is so very alien to the Earth can leave her frustrated and confused about the world around her and easily taken advantage of. Finally, she's very open with her feelings making it very clear to those around her exactly what she's feeling.

She's extremely upbeat, nothing can seemingly get her down when she's happy and she's almost always happy. Her enthusiasm for life and the world around her make it very easy for her to find joy in the simple things, whether that is enjoying a sunny day or learning how to play a game, it all excites her. It is very easy to make her even more cheerful when others around her are also happy, this can lead the normally positive girl she is to become almost overbearingly free spirited especially to those with a darker outlook on life. While she may seem to be always happy she understands the importance of being serious. She looks at the bright side of things always trying to make the best of the situation she finds herself in, this boundless hope has seen her through some darker days, far darker than anyone would think from how she acts.

Starfire was the heir apparent of her world, as such, she was trained to know when she needs to dampen her cheerful nature and maintain a proper attitude for serious situations. She is very reasonable and fair at most times but when she's serious this trait becomes even more apparent as her decisions and actions seem to reflect that she's using her head more than her heart to guide her. This discipline of making choices with her head can crack very easily though when someone or something she feels very strongly about is brought into a situation. Things she loathes are, however, easier to maintain her composure around while those people and things dear to her heart, though only in some truly life or death situations, are much more likely to cause her to act irrationally.

She's a very kind hearted and generous person, despite the things that have happened to her. She will go out of her way to help anyone she can putting everything she can into it, she'll willingly risk life and limb to help someone in need. To a lesser degree she will give others gifts on special occasions or even when the mood strikes her. Her life before her enslavement was nothing if not idyllic, she wants others to experience this so much that at cost to herself she'll try to provide it for them. Her kindness and belief in others might leave her, as some would say, too trusting and naive of the realities of the world. She dearly believes the best of others as she herself is a genuinely good person and is honest to a fault, those who betray her trust in them will find one very hurt and most likely very angry Tamaranean the next time they deal with her. She'll take people at their word, trusting whatever they tell her to be true, even if she doesn't know them as long as they approach her in a friendly manner. This naivety isn't all consuming she is aware that not everyone is a good person and that they might take advantage of her but her heart is what guides her and this can easily overcome the rational part of her mind when dealing with others.

Starfire is a Tamaranean and as such is pretty open with her emotions. If's very easy to guess her mood as she broadcasts it to anyone around her if she's happy she almost glows with it while if shes irritable one can almost see the stream building up in her system. Given their open emotions it shouldn't be a surprise that Tamaraneans, and Starfire, are given to radical changes in their mood when given the right stimulus. The thing that makes the mood swings potentially dangerous is that very little things can set her off, be it a poor choice of words or giving her an unexpected gift. What she does after her mood changes depends on what was done and her relationship to the person, the less close the person is to her the bigger the action has to be while the closer they are means smaller and smaller things can provoke big reactions. Someone she doesn't know makes fun of her she might ignore them or just fly away while if a friend did it she might slip into a depressed state or be glacially cold to the offender. By the same token if a stranger complemented her she'd be pleased but if a friend did it she'd be positively radiant the rest of the day, almost to a sickening degree. Furthering the possibility of her emotions getting the better of her is the fact Earth confuses her.

Being a non native of Earth is slightly trying for Koriand'r, as she is very much a stranger in a strange land. Her mastery of any Earth language is spotty at best taking things at the dictionary meaning leaves her very oblivious to the subtleties of what's being said to and around her. Puns, jokes, innuendo, subtext, double meanings, slang, and cultural specific terms will leave her confused and totally lost often times she'll ask for clarification or make an assumption based on what she thinks the meaning to be and she might just be confused enough to remain silent till she can work out the meaning on her own. Furthermore, she has her own culture and customs that influence her for example while she may be kind and generous she will take a person's arm off if they get in her way during a meal and like all other Tamaraneans Kori isn't body shy at all, nudity doesn't really phase her nor does she get embarrassed by it. That's not to say she's going to run around naked all the time as even on Tamaran clothing is important it's just that nudity doesn't have the same social taboo there as it does on Earth. This cultural difference also has numerous other odd effects not limited to the way she sleeps on a bed to holidays and food she cooks. These differences can cause further clashes and frustration with her adopted home.

As has been implied a number of times, Kori is a little uncomfortable on Earth due to the constant reminders that she is an outsider. This can leave the emotional girl feeling a bit insecure at times, whether it is her appearance, her behavior, her customs, or any other issue caused by alieness..Starfire is sensitive to this criticism, she tries very hard to fit in but she just can't quite manage to fully blend in amongst the people of her adopted home. This is one area that harsh words even from a stranger can really hit the sensitive woman as hard as those from a close friend. Due to this, Kori can get a bit overly awkward and try way too hard to fit in after such an event, something those that know her well are all too aware of. Most of the time it's easiest for others to just ride the wave until she's rebuilt her confidence but in more extreme cases it might be necessary to take her aside and comfort her. Thankfully the longer she has been on Earth, the quicker she recovers and the less likely she'll go into an extreme phase of overcompensation as her confidence about fitting in has grown over that time. That said, Kori is still insecure about this and a tad more prone to react badly to it.

The product of a warrior people, warriors training, the life of a slave, and a prized experiment. It's amazing that she's as optimistic, helpful, and fair-minded as she is, she may be accused of being mercurial but Tamaraneans as a people are mercurial. She maintains a pride in who she is and what has happened in her life, though her time as a slave wasn't pretty she realizes it was for the good of her people that she suffered so much the less said about the experiments, however, the better. She is also humble and values others' abilities, experiences, and friendship often focusing on their best qualities and even going as far to respect the abilities of her foes. Her respect of others is also present in how she deals with those who need a ear to listen to their problems as she'll do so happily and offer the best advice she can, though due to her cultural differences this advice can vary between extremely helpful if odd to completely useless and embarrassing. Lastly, for someone who is so honest and has few secrets Starfire knows how to keep something a secret when she is told something in confidence she won't betray the trust given to her no matter what, she's naturally very stubborn and defiant against anything that tries to force her to do something she doesn't want to do as the Gordanians found out. All in all she's surprisingly kind and well rounded even though her life hasn't been easy.