Wyld Knight

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Wyld Knight
Name/Alter Ego Emily Taylor
Notable Aliases Wyld
Species Metahuman
Age 22
Affiliation Unaligned
Quote "Ooo."
  • Advanced Healing
  • Electrical Powers
  • Armor Abilities
  • Super Human Strength
  • Super Human Agility


Emily was the black sheep of a rich British Family, who had a long history of military service. They tried to make a proper lady out of their daughter but save for the traditional fencing and sword play the members of the family practice she'd have nothing to do with anything else her parents wanted her to do, until she later enlisted in the army. Which was more a way to get away from them than wanting to do the family proud. Still when she did enlist. Her family hoped it would sort her out. She had only finished her training and been on her first assignment for a short time when the Thanagarian invasion happened and this is one of the few things Emily was ever proud of.

She was amongst the soldiers who fought back against the winged aliens. When the true nature of their plans was revealed to the world at large. It made her proud that she'd been part of resisting the genocidal aliens. Still this didn't last, one thing lead to another and after several incidents with her superiors she washed out of the armed forces. It's not something she enjoyed talking about much. She'd failed in the end.

She drifted about for a while until she fell in with a fairly well to do PMC. The jobs were all right the pay was good. Still she was unhappy on some deep level and just hated herself more and more. Finally one job from Lex-corp came and that's where things all went bad.

Only a few of the officers knew what they were guarding and even then only the basics needed for Safety otherwise they knew little about the apparent bio-hazard they were guarding. They had expected trouble from criminal elements not a band of three super heroes who stormed the train after the illegal technology on board.

The unit put up a fight but in the end they were overwhelmed and during the take down she was accidentally launched into the already damaged containment container. She came into contact with the armour and it started to fuse with her after sensing a living being. The last anyone saw her was stumbling off the train as it passed over a river trying to futility use her combat knife to cut some of the infestation free.

The woman who pulled herself out of the river was not for all intents the woman who fell into the river. She was a creature born of the fusion of machine and human. Taking the name of Wyld Knight for herself she only had memory fragments of her past life to help her. She remembered how to fight and survive well enough at least and the idea of selling one's sword as it were appealed to her. She now operates as an independent mercenary working for whoever pays her. So long as they meet her personal code of honour standards. So now the newborn is left with a question, what now?


Wyld Knight is a very young person really when you realize she's only existed for a very short time. While she has a few things in common with her former self she is a different person. She's quite bold at times and considers herself to be daring. She's not the sort to back down from fighting a stronger foe. The idea is actually something that excites her and she looks forwards to, a chance to actually test out her abilities and skills.

She's fairly combative in her personality she likes challenges things that may very well be beyond her skills. She's also fond of contests and challenges of any sort be is strength, skill or wits. She also has a love of Arthurian lore, while not too well knowing of it she has a keen interest and intends to learn more. She's also make it a goal to seek out and find any actual relics of said era should she ever discover it's not just a myth.

She however is not without her standards, she takes no pleasure in picking on the weak when there's nothing to be gained from it. She's not the sort to go throwing about her powers at the average person for laughs. Should it be someone in the way of her goal she leans to using a low amount of force to disable them. The unskilled are not fitting foes and not ones to waste the effort or dishonour herself, at least in her own eyes.

When not actively up to villainy or various jobs she's quite curious about the world she's in, the people the places and such. It leads her to wander and seek out new things. It's a big world and she only knows a little bit about it. She's quite eager to find out and experience more of what is out there. But this also leads to her being naive about many thing which leads he to be exploited by those who are quite crafty or good at manipulating people. Be they a hero or a villain they can capitalize on it.

In regards to her code of honour she has a sense of fair play, she'll let a foe recover their weapon. She will also not finish off a already defeated foe and sees little point to wonton killing. After all why kill a worthy foe, even when defeated they have proven them selves at least with the courage to fight. She also does not like those who would seriously harm a child or kill them. It's one thing to make your foe think they are in danger or make use of them as a hostage. It's another to actually harm the young one, this can seriously be something to anger her if it's done in front of her.

As for Emily she's still worth nothing as there's something of her left, she's rather grim, in her out look. She really doesn't like herself really. She's only proud of two things in her life, those two things are resisting the alien invasion and choosing to give Wyld Knight a chance. She's retreated to a corner of her mind and really won't come out willingly. She feels it's Wyld's life now and she's just something that doesn't belong any longer.