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Lakeside Spar and Social

Summary: Ash and Miwa have a quick spar at the lake, then meet Johann and the three have a nice chat.

Who: Miwa, Ash, Johann, etc...
When: 1/27/2020
Where: Nowhereto Park - Lakeside


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The lake's beaches were, to Ash, a pale imitation of what Alola had to offer. The air lacked the right smell, temperature wrong, and all manner of other things that were 'wrong.' However, it was a fairly peaceful place that was both out in the open and didn't contain anything that was too terrifyingly important if a bit of dirt got kicked up. He stretched his arms overhead before bouncing on the heels of his bare feet. He was dressed in a white Tshirt with a stylized purple lotus emblazoned across the front and purple jogging pants. There was a smile on his face as he looked across to Miwa. "So... You ready for this?" His fingers flexed This would be the first time in what felt like forever that he had done even 'friendly' sparring.

Miwa was near the lake, looking across to Ash, this time wearing those protective socks of sorts on her flippers, which looked to be made of wetsuit material with rubber pads on the bottom. She gives him a nod.

"Sure, it's been a while. We should probably be careful though. We're a long way from any Pokemon Centers, and when I was looking around the area I didn't even see any regular hospitals, though there has to be a clinic or something somewhere, right?" I mean the place had most other things one would expect of a civilized town. "I'll let you have the honors of the first move this time." She says with a smile, but already her body temperature is dropping rapidly as she prepares for things to get started. Ash Tenou nodded at Miwa's wanting caution, "There's a hospital of sorts near the courthouse. Probably in case any newcomers show up in less than a pristine condition on arrival." He could imagine people crash landing either already hurt, or getting hurt on impact. He paced away from Miwa and bowed.

His stance widened as his right arm extended, the z-ring on his wrist flashing either from a trick of the light or as a result of power he was gathering. There was an easy smile on his face as he was suddenly a streak of light. One moment he was leaned forward as if waiting for the starting pistol for a footrace. Next, he was at best a meter away from Miwa, swinging his left hand in an open palm strike at her chest. "Think fast!"

Miwa gives Ash a curious gaze as the bracelet she'd given him was flashing as she found it odd. She didn't have much time to think about it as just a moment later Ash has closed the distance between them so quickly that if she had blinked she'd have missed it entirely. As it is she tried to quickly fire an ice beam, but Ash strikes first, the strike hits firmly. Not only does it interrupt her attack, but it knocks the wind out of her and she lets out a breathless cry as she doubles over and gasps for air. Ash Tenou inhaled sharply, perhaps intentionally giving Miwa an opening, or perhaps simply overconfident and pressing the attack would attempt to lift her. Energy surged through his body, reinforcing and strengthening his muscles in the attempt. It would only be a quick lift, more to his chest than overhead. Miwa was not overly heavy, but attempting to lift an uncooperative mass of muscle was harder than simply lifting a set weight.

Assuming he managed to lift, he would've thrown her back, apparently attempting to generate space while also keeping her off balance. and yet at the same time, and unknown to Ash himself, there was a pulse from his hands. Just enough to give a brief warmth and perhaps a touch of healing before contact broke.

Miwa blinks in surprise when Ash lifts her off the ground, but she's still trying to catch her breath and doesn't put up much resistance beyond a little squirming. After he throws her and she lands a bit sprawled out in the grass and lays still for a moment, potentially trying to lul Ash into a false sense of security as she finishes recovering. Then suddenly she surrounds her body with an envelope of water and rockets towards Ash, holding out her front flippers to brace herself as she attempts to ram into him.

Ash Tenou sprinted towards Miwa, again attempting to close the distance, again planning on blinking partway through to close the gap. Except Miwa sprang at him far sooner than he'd anticipated. As she collided with him, even with the pain from her greater mass knocking him to the ground, he smiled.

Well, there's the fact he had the air knocked out of his lungs, so it could have also been the start of a wheeze. Hard to say.

Instead of Miwa's trick of playing dead, he rolled lakeward. Extending his left hand and firing a beam of energy at her. The beam was as wide as his palm and in the moment it existed flashed between several colors not having enough time to settle on any one 'type' of energy before the shot finished. Leaving Ash still on the ground trying to work air into his lungs.

When Miwa saw Ash's hand extending toward her, she knew what was coming. A pink orb of energy quickly begins to form near her mouth while an image of the moon appears overhead. As Ash's void-beam fires, she fires back to counter, hoping her attack was at least strong enough to cancel it out and just have both moves cause some fireworks above.

the moon flashed in front of Ash's eyes as both attacks collided, producing a sort of pink shower of sparks radiating out from where his and Miwa's attacks met. As he got to his feet he shook his right hand and started massaging it with his left as if it had gone numb. "Owe," He gave Miwa an easy smile. "What the heck was that?"

He gave a soft chuckle as he stepped, and a trail of energy went to a nearby tree. "I do have to wonder what you'll do," Another trail of energy, to another tree, "When your opponent," Then to another tree, "Can be-"

He then appeared behind Miwa and gave her tail a playful slap right where its darker color joined the almost white of the rest of her body, "Can be practically anywhere?"

Having heard some commotion by the lake, Johann made his way there to check it out. It's not like he was doing anything important at the time, after all, just taking a walk to stretch his legs after a long day at the Clinic, leaving it in the capable hands of his assistants for the time being. Spotting Ash and Miwa, he nearly runs in to stop them, but something in their body language suggests they aren't a danger to each other.

"Ah, pardon my intrusion, hello by ze vay, my name is Johann, I am ze head doctor at ze Tvisted Clinic. Everyzing is well, I hope?" he politely calls to them instead, from a safe distance.

Miwa breathes a sigh of relief and smiles at the shower of pink sparks then gives Ash a bit of a confused look when he asks what the heck she just did. "Moonblast, is that honestly the first time I've used it around you? It's a fairy type move, like dazzling gleam, just more focused." She explains, wondering how well he can hear her as he starts zipping around again. When he slaps her on the tail she blushes slightly and forms a water balloon above her head, and with a quick bit of singing sends it flying into Ash's face where it explodes. It was intentionally not at full power because this was just a spar, but would probably still sting more than her tail did from his slap. "Why don't you keep doing it and find out?" She says with a wink but says nothing more.

Ash Tenou shook at the water being dumped on his head and was about to respond when he heard Johann. this caused him to look the good Doctor's way and wave with his left hand, "Ah sorry! Didn't realize there was anyone else around." He then gestured to Miwa, "Me and my fiancee were taking time for a bit of exercise. Sorry to worry you." He would then start towards Johann with his hand extended, "Name's Ash, that's Miwa." then something clicked. "Wait, clinic? Where? Hadn't really seen more than an aid station at the welcome center since we got here."

Johann waves back, smiling and nodding at the pair. "Ah, young lovers having a spat zen... or a spar, I suppose? I vould comment on ze two of you being an odd couple, but I am hardly one to talk considering my own dating life." he says with a chuckle. "Somezing about sea dwellers, I am guessing."

At that last question, he raises an eyebrow and says, "Really? Zey should have had it marked on ze town map by now. I svear, ze red tape one must cut zhrough to get /anyzing/ done around here..."

Miwa smiles and hugs Ash with one flipper while balancing her weight on the other as he introduces her as his fiancee, at which she gives a little squeeze, it really was official now. "Yeah, just a little sparring, I promise we're not trying to kill each other, though it looks like you figured that out yourself as you were rushing over." She offers before finally letting go of Ash and shifting her weight onto both front flippers while she listens to Johann.

"Well maybe you can show us some time, and then we'll know, perhaps even spread the word or something. Also, you have a thing for a dweller of the sea as well?" She asks with an interested tone, as it certainly made her curious.

Ash Tenou tilted his head at the offhanded comment of Johnann's own unorthodox dating life and shrugged. "It really is a funny story how we met but... two years now. Working out so far." He playfully swatted at Miwa's hair. "I get you can find anything in a place like this but sorta annoys me there aren't any good malasadas... I mean yea people sell them, but... Maybe I'm spoiled for having pretty much lived in Alola." A glance to Miwa, "I mean... Doughnuts aren't the same."

Johann blushes slightly as he's called out on his comment about his own love life. "Ah, vell, zere vas zis... creature, named Serenity. I haven't seen her in a couple of years now, but ve had a relationship, yes. She vas somezing akin to a... cuttlefish, I suppose is ze closest analog. A cephalopod, in any case." he explains, then laughs a little about the malsada remark. "Perhaps you should put in a request mitt ze Usual's cook, hm?"

Miwa frowns when Johan says he hasn't seen the lady in question for years, having hoped to potentially have an aquatic friend to look forward to meeting. "Ah, that's too bad. Pretty name though..." She offers, not really sure what else to say. She wasn't even sure what a cuttlefish was but decides not to ask and takes to the subject of the malasadas.

"We could also maybe try a go at making some. Might be fun?" Or considering she's never cooked anything and she's not sure about Ash either, it could end in disaster. "In any case, very nice to meet you..." She trails off at the end trying to remember if the man gave his name or not, coming up with a blank.

"It may well be more of an emotional thing than the actual pastry," He gestured to a bench before starting towards it. "Me and Miwa haven't really been here long. Still getting used to the fact our home pretty much built itself and so many things are 'free' above and beyond 'basic getting newcomers on their feet' essentials." Granted he liked the fact this place had to be at some level beyond the usual metrics of scarcity economics rather than corpus-like worshipping of profit, but it was still unnerving.

"Then there's the fact I'm trying to figure out what to do with myself... which is kinda why my lady and I are in the park. A little workout does the mind as well as the body good."

Considering Ash hadn't ever really cooked aside from preparing fish he had caught? Probably a disaster in the making. "Ah... I," His voice faltered, "I do hope your lady is well at least." He knew nothing of why they were no longer together. Maybe a portal had taken her away. Maybe they fell out of love. He didn't know but wanted to sound diplomatic in the face of a very sensitive subject.

Johann nods to Miwa. "Ja, her name vas very pleasant. As vas her voice, and ze scent of mint she alvays had about her, and ze colors on her soft skin... A bit like a living modern art painting, actually, come to zink about it." He has another little chuckle at that, then nods. "Johann, yes. I introduced myself before, but you vere perhaps too busy to notice."

He also nods to Ash. "I hope so as vell. She simply... disappeared, one day, and I have not been able to find out vhere she vent. I suppose by now I should be over it and try pursuing other relationships, but... vell, it's hard to let go."

At Johann's further description of the woman, Miwa now wished even more that she could meet her. She gives another, deeper frown combined with an empathetic look, thinking about how she'd feel if Ash suddenly disappeared. "I'm sorry to hear that, I hope she is well also, and really wish I could have met her. Sounds like we'd have had at least a bit in common, I've been a performer my whole life, and have put a lot of effort into my singing, even though my species has a natural talent."

She wasn't as unnerved by the place as Ash was, just felt a little like a fish out of water since it was so different from what she's used to, and was trying to find how she and Ash would fit here, even if it seemed she could make a good living as a performer here.

"Give your heart away and it is very difficult to get back, much less give to another." Ash's voice was soft. Then to Johann, "I would like to meet her if she ever finds her way back." He looked the doctor over, taking the measure of this man in. To him, it was clear the man had led a long and rough life beyond any years his face showed. I suspect you've got a lot of stories to share when work isn't grabbing you by the scruff."

He stretched, causing a series of small pops to come from different points in his body. As it turns out getting bodyslammed by a sealion alongside a wall of water did Things to the body, even one as tough as his. "Just as a bit of an explainer. Where Miwa's from has a lot of non-human creatures of varying intelligence... or interest in dealing with people, that live alongside humans. There's a whole lot of history to unpack there but they generally make it work. She's from what would be Hawaii on most other earths I'd seen before we landed here." There was a pause and a chuckle before gesturing to the lake, "Actually over there, about a ten-meter drop just above the water."

Johann lets out a small sigh, then smiles at Miwa. "I appreciate your condolences, and I'm sure she vould have loved to meet you as vell. Ren alvays liked meeting new people. She vas a very outgoing person, in spite of ze differences in, er, physical form." A moment later, he asks, "You sing? I enjoy a bit of opera, myself. Perhaps I should attend a show, if you put one on in town."

Then, turning to Ash, he nods. "Yes, zat is very true. Some may forget more easily zan others, but I am not one of ze lucky ones in zat regard. Miwa's vorld certainly sounds very interesting, however. It vould be nice if I could visit it... someday, perhaps." He grins as Ash tells him of how they arrived. "Vell, I could zink of vorse zings to land on, at least. Perhaps a mattress truck vould have been funnier."

Miwa laughs and nods. "You could say we made a nice splash. Too bad some of the food Ash brought along was ruined, but indeed it could have been a lot worse." She says with a shudder as she thinks back to the time a portal tossed her into a desert world. She honestly thought she was going to die that day. "As for putting on a show, I am planning on doing something. Just need to plan it and decide on where, though for my purposes the beach might be best actually, that's where I had my last one back home... Unless there's a concert hall here that you want to outfit with a large pool." She adds with a giggle.

Ash Tenou let out a laugh at the joke, "Oh it really is the little moments." He looked down at where the z-ring sat on his wrist before looking to Miwa, "Does make me wonder if anyone else from Alola have landed here. Maybe not yours, or even Kanto, or Sinno..." He had remembered talks they had over visiting Galar once they'd found out they wouldn't bar Primarina from entering.

Arceus wasn't on their approved lists. How in the Void were Galar rent-a-cop border guards supposed to keep freaking ARCEUS out? That mental image made him chuckle, but... story for another day.

"I mean our home has a recording setup and didn't you say the arena's acoustics checked out for practice sessions? It'd be good to try prepping for something a bit more public." Sure, he missed Miwa's first solo show, but he'd love to help her out here. Then at her own idea of a concert hall with a pool, "Mabasa's supposed to be like... this stitchwork of stuff that falls through the multiverse. Ther'es bound to be something we could make work. The hard part's figuring out what it'll take to get everything together and advertise."

Another chuckle from Johann as he imagines the scene, then he scratches his chin at the mention of a concert hall. "Vell, I don't know of any in particular. Ze clinic doesn't leave me much time to explore everyzing zis place has to offer, after all." Then Ash chimes in with a suggestion, and the doctor shrugs. "As good a place as any to start, really. I cannot do much to help ze preparations, zhough I am sure medical experts are alvays a velcome addition in case of any accidents. Perhaps I could put up flyers, once you decide on a location and date?"

Miwa smiles at the offers from both Ash and Johann. "I can imagine running a clinic does keep you pretty busy, but appreciate offering to help anyway. If you can help put out flyers to get the word out, I'll happily make sure you have a ticket for you and a friend if you wanna bring anyone. In the meantime, I'll start practicing and working out a show routine, and Ash, I suppose we can work together finding a good venue."

Ash Tenou nodded at Johann's apparent inability to leave work for long, "Every doctor I've met is pretty much the same. Long shifts and odd hours. You're a good man doc." He put a hand on Johann's shoulder and Johann might feel a grip that was far firmer than Ash's slender frame would suggest. Then his hand would fall away. "Yea I'm gonna have to get more active in your concerts prep and running," Seeing as her usual helpers were on the other side of whatever brought them here. Then cheerily he adds, "This'll be fun." Scary, but fun.

Johann is a bit surprised by Ash's strength, but then, he's been around a while and has met some pretty odd people, so he doesn't question it. "Vell zen, I vould say zat is a good plan to begin viz at least. If I hear anyzing about a concert hall or ze like, I vill of course let you know. I typically frequent ze Usual vhen I am not vorking." he says, clapping Ash on the shoulder in return and giving Miwa a friendly smile. "Best of luck, you two."

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