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An Altogether Usual Night at the Usual

Summary: Two 'monsters' a Police Chief and 'The' Doctor have a nice evening socializing on an otherwise unremarkable evening.

Who: Miwa, Rayne, Alden, Romana
When: 1-28-2020
Where: The Usual


The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

Questions should be directed to staff.

Miwa enters the Usual, walking along on her flippers, wearing a set of color-matched neoprene socks on the ends to protect them from the asphalt and concrete. She takes a moment to look around as she heads further inside, checking out who else might be there and wondering what this place had on the menu as she had only heard about this place in passing and no one had directly mentioned the fact that you could order just about anything you can imagine. She also is trying to decide where it would be easiest for her to sit.

And tonight at the Usual, among the other odd and nod so odd denizens, is a police officer. It looks like a fairly young one, could be in her late teens, but really the part that most stands out is her rainbow colored hair. She is currently seated at the bar with what is more than likely a mug of coffee in front of her. Romana also makes her way into the Usual, the robot dog gliding along at her heels. She heads for the bar, hopping onto a stool. K-9 parks himself under it where nobody's going to trip over his metal tail. Romana glances at Rayne, whom she's seen, and the other, whom she hasn't.

At one of the tables, there was what looks like an oversized toy block sculpture eating what can eb described as... meat, it's a whole chunk of meat around the bone, large enough to match his snout, somehow... the plastic blocks making the creature's maw are taking clean bites of the stuff.

Miwa notices a few people at the bar, and wonders if she could manage to get herself up onto one of those stools. However, she also spots what appears to be a small lizard creature made of large lego blocks. She blinks, finding Alden oddly fascinating and yet after some of the stranger Pokemon species she's seen or heard about, doesn't find it terribly shocking either. She approaches Alden's table and offers a wave of her right flipper. "Hello. pardon if I'm totally wrong, but are you some sort of new Pokemon that hasn't yet been discovered where I'm from?"

The weird toylike critter takes another bite of the 'meat' and places down when a curious creature approaches him, waving one hand and seeming rather happy?, it's weird, it is smiling, just slightly but somehow very noticeably. He waves back and tilts his head to hte left as she makes such a question, "No... I am not a pokemon, I'm a Digimon, ToyAgumon to be precise." he says happily.

Romana glances at the two...non-humanoids. She arches an eyebrow for a moment. The lego one is smiling and the aquatic one, who doesn't seem to her eyes to be entirely comfortable on the land also seems quite cheerful. It makes her feel, for a moment, a little left out, but ah well. She orders fish and chips.

Miwa blushes a bit at Alden's answer, feeling a little embarrassed. "Oh, I see. I thought it'd be a pretty incredible coincidence if you were, and you could certainly pass for one on looks in my opinion. Anyway, I am a Pokemon myself, a Primarina specifically, the name's Miwa. Come to think of it, I did meet a Digimon once before, I think he was a Gabumon." She offers with a brief glance back toward the bar before turning back toward Alden. "Mind if I join you?" Rayne just watches over the room for the moment. Is she expecting trouble? ...Or is she just on a break. She glances over the two more odd looking individuals in the room apparently getting to know each other. And then her gaze just keeps moving before she takes another long sip of her coffee.

The digimon perks up a bit at the mention of other digimon, "You did?" he asks, "Oh, I take you don't mean around here..." he says, seeming to get a bit meditative, thinking a bit, "I don't think I ever heard of pokemon before." he finally muses, before nodding, "You can call me Alden, figured I should use... a name like humans do, even if I haven't seen other digimon around." he says, smiling, "Sure, you are welcome to join Miwa." he says, eyeing the seal like creature curiously, "So you are a pokemon that lives in water normally?" he asks. Romana glances across at Rayne. "This place is so cosmpolitan." Good part...she doesn't stand out. People just assume she's human and look at the flashier beings.

Rayne nods slightly absently to Romana. "Yeah. We've got... a lot of people of different types and builds around here." She finally actually looks at Romana with a light, tired looking smile. "I like it. It feels... more real to me, somehow. Like the few years I spent on Jorvar Station... but there's a lot more humans around here."

Miwa nods as she climbs up into the booth seat across from Alden, letting her tail stretch out to the side. "I did yes, but it unfortunately wasn't here. it was on another world. Happy to meet another though, never really seen anything quite like you before. As for me, yes, I am a water type with an aquatic build, but I've lived around humans my whole life so I've gotten used to being on land too. I can get around alright on my flippers, or even create a floating water balloon and float around on that for a while." She explains, also smiling a bit as she overhears the conversation between Rayne and Romana, made her feel welcome.

The digimon is a bit curious, and smiles a bit more at the talk of being a novelty for her, "Yeah haven't seen many like me around, even back home." he says, before adding, "That's nice!, I mostly stay like this, or in my champion form, unless I need to be bigger, or need to fight something really strong, then I can go a bit further." he muses, "You seem really strong, controlling water like that." he says, before chuckling a bit. "At least humans weren't freaked out by me in here." "I've spent enough time on earth," The blonde notes, "To be very used to humans and their peculiarities." After all, to her, they're the aliens. Rayne nods, then glances at Romana. She /looks/ human. But we all know what looks can be... "Yeah, we're an odd bunch, too. But every species has their peculiarities when looked at from the outside."

Miwa smiles at the compliment from Alden. "Thanks, I am certainly stronger than I look, but that is pretty common for Pokemon. I could show you sometime if you want. I think it's pretty interesting how you can change forms like that. I've gone through a few permanent changes as I've evolved, but I can't change into any other form at will. Some Pokemon can with the help of special mega stones, but there hasn't been such a thing discovered for my species." She pauses to take a breath, then continues.

"I heard rumors of Pokemon growing very large for a short time in a faraway region, was planning to go visit sometime soon, but now I'm here, so I guess that vacation will have to wait. In any case, everyone I've met here so far has been very nice, and now I have an actual house, which is a bit of a change since I'd been living in a grotto on a small island back home that didn't even have electricity."

Alden smiles a bit, "I'd love to see that." he says, nodding a few times, opening his eyes wide a bit at the description of certain... things pokemon can do, "That does sound really neat, so... it's usually permanent changes for pokemon?" he asks, before letting out a sight at the 'now I am here'. "So you got... drawn here and can't go back home?" he asks, before nodding, "I used to live in the digital world, so not used too much to humans, or big houses, I did have a small place." Rayne herself has neither of those things. But she is picking up on clues, for once. "I'm gathering that you're, in fact, not human, then. Shapeshifter of some sort? cosmetic surgery?" No, she's not considering the possibility that two species from different planets can /happen/ to look identical.

Miwa nods and further explains about her changes. "Right, when I was young, I was a Popplio, much smaller, about a foot tall, all dark blue, almost the same shade as my tail now except for my snout and the single frill around my neck. My middle form was Brionne, about two feet tall, lighter blue three frilly fins around my midsection, longer segmented ears, and white tips on my flippers. A while after that I changed again to how I am now, and no, I can't change back." She then pauses and changes the subject.

"Anyway if there is a way to go back home I haven't found it and no one seems to know. I have felt a little homesick, but I'm trying to make the best of it here. So um, I saw you eating some kind of meat, what exactly is available here? I am a little hungry." She doesn't direct the question at Alden alone since she's up for suggestions from anyone there.

"Pure coincidence." It's all outward, a scan would reveal how very different Romana is. "Parallel evolution, I suppose." Or who knows...

Rayne tilts her head, then says, "That's... really low probability. I mean, yes, the basic body plan of two arms and two legs and a head is... super common, but that's remarkable coincidence." She doesn't sound like she disbelieves Romana isn't human so much as she's just bewildered by it.

The digimon listens closely to the explanation, tilting his head to one side and then the other, taking little nibbles of his meal even as he hears hte explanation on the changes, "That's neat, my own... changes don't seem very related to what i am now."he says, chuckling a bit, rubbing the back of his head, "I am not strong enough to keep them permanently." he muses. The digimon sighs at the talk of 'homesick', "I can relate, I kinda miss... seeing other digimon and my world." he muses, perking up slightly at the change of topic, "They seem to have a lot of stuff!, maybe they have something similar to what you eat back home?" "The universe is a very big place," Romana points out. "And there *are* only so many efficient designs."

Miwa thinks for a moment about what she'd like to eat, remembers talking with Ash about malasadas, but that was more of a desert. She remembers the taco stand that was near the beach she frequented and liking the fish tacos they had. "Hmm, some fish tacos would be nice, and I think the drink they served at the stand I used to go to is called lemonade on other worlds, or at least it tastes very similar... Maybe some malasadas for dessert."

She then decides to ask more about how Alden can change, as she can't remember actually seeing a Digimon Digivolve before. "So when you change forms, you change completely, looking totally different or something? That must be a bit confusing for others and disconcerting for you. Even Pokemon are sometimes a little confused by how they've changed when they evolve."

The toy critter nods a few times, "Pretty much, sometimes.. the change is kind of... related to your previous form, but, usually it can be a very different appearance, we never have much issues with that honestly, except maybe adapting after the first change, I think it's weird humans can't tell us appart sometimes." he says, as if it was an obvious thing. "I admit it was a bit... easier for me, my forms aren't that different, bodywise, some digimon change really drastically."

Miwa nods as she listens to Alden talk about how much he or some other Digimon can change. "I see, well it's good that it isn't too disorienting to you. There are some exceptions, but most Pokemon even if they do grow a lot and change in appearance, they generally keep the same body type and at least look somewhat similar. A great example of an exception is Dratini. It's a blue and white snake, middle stage is Dragonair, a bigger snake. Third stage is Dragonite, a chubby bipedal dragon with a long thick tail, small wings, and antennae. I feel like that might be a bit of an adjustment." She says with a chuckle, then smiles as her food arrives and she carefully takes a taco between her flippers and begins to munch on it. Alden nods a few times, finishing his own meal and now sipping something from a glass, one has to wonder how... or where does it all go. He flicks hsi tail a few times, "Pretty much, there are digimons that go from snakes to bipeds or quadrupeds or all sorts of shapes." he says with a bit of a chuckle. "Some take a while to really get used to it, if they decide to remain in that shape permanently."

Miwa smiles and laughs a little as Alden agrees with her about the larger changes taking some time to get used to. She finishes her first taco and sips from her drink a bit, then looks back at Alden with a more curious gaze. "I hope you don't mind me asking, but you look like you're made of plastic. Is your um, skin or whatever as hard as it looks? If so, how do you move around so easily?" Rayne has disconnected.

The digimon answers the question by reaching for his left arm, holding it, adn tugging it off, detaching with a soft 'pop' and showing the typical pegs of plastic bricks. The detached hand still wriggles, before it gets reattached. "I think I function mostly like those plastic bricks, can even break appart and build things... if there were enough of my kind around." he begins, before adding, "I want to think I am a bit tougher than a bit of plastic." he chuckles softly. "As for how I move... I am nto really sure, I just do!" he says softly, tilting his head, "I never considered it was unusual."

Miwa gasps and then cringes a little as she watches the digimon literally pull his arm off of his body, but much to her surprise it didn't appear to cause him any pain at all, and then he says he can break apart and build things from his parts, even combining with others of his kind. "Well, that's a pretty unique ability. I might like to see that sometime. Hopefully we can see each other again soon but for now, I should be going. It was nice meeting you." She comments as she requests a paper bag for her food, and stashes it inside that, then in the drawstring bag she has on her for carrying things, and works at finishing off the rest of her lemonade.

Alden tries to reassure Miwa he was ok, showing his arm still working and curling those 'fingers' a few times, "Sure, any time you want." he says, "It was great meeting you too, Miwa." he says, "I should get going too."he admits, leaving his empty plate nad glass, waving cheerfully as he makes his way out.

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