2004-02-20 (News) Escape From Neo Tokyo!

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Escape From Neo Tokyo! | 02/20/04 by Chi

Jimmy Crowe reporting for the Neo Tokyo (former) times! After chaos, death, and destruction, it seems the horrible tragedy that happened to Neo Tokyo has ended, along with the city.

Recent attacks from the badlands which had begun to overun Neo Tokyo came to a dramatic climax last night when the entire city seemed to shake and rumble with fury. The Badlands, which only arrived in Neo Tokyo less than a year ago, seem to of exploded enmass with countless creatures coming over the walls. Along with the great number of portals that had mysteriously begun to open up at the same time!

With all of Neo Tokyo shaking, giant portals opening everywhere, and the badlands monsters devouring the helpless, a giant rift opened and was quickly secured by the three mighty forces of Neo Tokyo, the JSDF, NTSDF, and NTPD. In a group effort, all Neo Tokyoians were rushed through the rift, this reporter included, as the city literally seemed to be shaking off of its hinges. More than a number of people perished to zergs, critters, and other deadly creatures coming from the badlands, but thanks to the combined effort of Neo Tokyo's forces, many, many were saved! The JSDF, NTSDF, and NTPD begun an all out assaulting retreat as the last of the refugees came through the rift! From what this reporter could see, many of the ships and jets were damaged in the journey through the transport. This didn't stop six of the ships from blazing their guns at the rift as they came through, however, decimating the following badlands creatures. Among these ships were The Pegasus, The Nadesico-Yamato, The Kuro Hasai, The Mitsuo Hasai, the NTSDF Alexander, and the Huntress! Never before had I seen such an amazing display of firepower and never had I been so thankful to see it!

In the end, as lightning and thunder gathered in the sky, the rift was sealed by three women, whom I recognized from the Ah My Goddess anime and were being defended by what I believe was the god Thor and the six brave ships. In a group effort they closed the way off from Neo Tokyo forever. Asking as many questions as possible, it sounded as if the rift wasn't sealed to stop the badlands critters, but to stop the resulting explosion from the continually imploding and unstable dimension of Neo Tokyo.

My thanks, along with all the other refugees, go out to all who helped secure the rift and allow the Neo Tokyoians to get through to safety. Let's work on setting up a new home and adjusting to this new city, which I've been told is called Metropolis Universalis.

An advertisment. | 02/23/04 by Epsilon

A small add, almost pretentious with it's understatment:

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