2004-03-06 Johnny's change begins (unfinished)

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Johnny's change begins (unfinished)


Who: Johnny_C, Samantha, Alex
When: 2004-03-06
Where: Metropolis

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UR: Gym

This is not your average gym as the ceiling expands well above the normal heigth of the main UR. The walls seemed to be lined with an odd material that seems practically indestructable. Equipment of every kind is spread all around the sides of the gym from weights, ranging from wimpy to those even a Saiyin might have trouble lifting, to jump ropes. In the middle of the room is a large pad that could adequately fit ten people fighting at once for those big training sessions. Numerous other pads rest here and there and some are on the walls, there is a small table like object in the corner that lets you change the gravity of the room ranging from 1-100, along with tons of warning labels preventing you from sueing the UR if you get hurt. Near the back right corner is a large trunk filled with all kinds of fighting weapons. The rafters of the roof have been left exposed to practice those overhead arial attacks. Also against a wall is a large panel where can you generate a holographic opponent.

Johnny screams as he attacks the hollographic training dummy with a barrage of spikes and hooks. The dummy falls backwards and vanishes leaving his weapons lying on the mat...

Johnny steps over the spot where the dummy fell and pants for breath. Collecting his weapons he growls, "Too weak..."

Samantha giggles as she hops down from the rafters, whipping out one hand and pushing herself off from one of the wooden beams, shooting down to land in a crouch behind Johnny in the place he stood a couple of moments before. "Oh.. hey!"

Johnny spins around quickly, knives drawn and aimed at Samantha's chest. Stoping just in time, he blinkblinks, "Where the hell'd you come from?"

Samantha straightens up, reaching back to adjust her ponytail with one hand. "Meh.. been here awhile. You looked to be havin' fun so I thought I'd just.. hang out an' watch for a bit." She grins.

Johnny frowns and puts his weapons away. "Fun... nah... I'm just..." Stopping a second to think, he wipes the sweat from his forehead and adds, "It's nothing."

Samantha is wearing a shortsword of some silvery metal in place of her ninjato. Not that Johnny would particularly note this fact. She sticks her bottom lip out, giving a somewhat teasing pout before she grins again, "It's not nothin'.. if it was nothin' you wouldn't be nervous.What's up?" She did cast a mildly interested glance at said weapons as they were put away, but shrugs it off and moves over to a bench.

Johnny shakes his head. "Look. My friends are gone. It's probably for the best. Theres something wrong with me and it's tearing me up, making me change... I'd rather be alone." Glancing away his eyes fill with fear, but he forces his eyes closed and walks away. "...it's safer this way. Trust me. Too many people got involved in my shit before and they're all gone now..."

Samantha shrugs faintly, standing up, "They're not gone because of you, ne? My pop's gone coz he came after me, I can't speak for the others but.. I'll bet they went some other way as well, an' I'm sure wherever they are they're thinkin' of ya." She smiles softly.. she actually means all of this too, those same honest eyes as her father giving this away to anyone who cares to look.

Johnny puts his head down, his back still turned towards her. "That's not what I ment... Whatever is wrong with me is coming back. It found some new way to get out and it's coming to get me..." Turning back around he opens his eyes revealing they've turned completly black. In the blink of an eye the color is gone and his eyes are normal again. "I have to be ready. I don't want anymore blood on my hands..."

Noticing the sudden fault with the eyes, a cute hiccup escapes Samantha's throat and she jumps slightly. "Well.." she swallows, stepping forward and impulsively grabbing to take Johnny's hands in her own, "If it comes back... whatever 'it' is.... I'll help ya deal with it. How hard c'n it be?"

Johnny glares down at her, "You don't understand! You'll just think I'm crazy... Look, just let me be, alright?" Throwing her had off he goes over to the hollographic generator and begins hitting buttons to increase the dificulty...

Samantha flinches as the grip is broken by Johnny, "Y-you want me to leave then?" She glances at the door, "Coz I can if y'want, but I'll come back... you need someone's help, I c'n tell that." She shakes her head and then moves to the door, flipping it open.

The door comes ot a sudden halt a few inches from being opened with a loud *crack* as it nails some poor shmuck who was behind it square in their face.

Johnny tries to ignore her, but a part of him keeps compelling him to look towards her. Perhaps he is worried he's hurt her feelings. Still, he activates the hollogram absentmindedly. The dummy appears and springs to life, without attacking though. Instead it begins to change shape, becoming an image of Johnny. Noticing it, Johnny screams, "STOP MAKING FUN OF ME!!!!!!!" The image vanishes. A second glance reveals that the machine hadn't been turned on yet...

Samantha blinks slowly, wincing as Johnny shouts, "W-what's up?"

Samantha is about to look over and speak to Johnny again, mouth opening with a quiet gasp, then the door slams into her and she 'eeps', thrusting out an arm to catch herself. "Gah! N-nani?!" She rolls onto her back and stares at the door as if it's betrayed her.

Alex peers inisde the door, blinking, "Ack! Sorry!" he looks down at Sammy, quickly moving to offer her a hand up. "Didn't realize anybody else was there," he says sheepishly.

Johnny stares at the H.O.G. dumbfounded. After a second he kicks it and yells, "THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO?" Turning around and spotting Alex and Samantha he blushes and walks off into a far corner of the room...

Samantha blinks a couple of times then grins and takes the offered hand, "Well, now we're even I guess.." she murmurs, getting back up and dusting down the back of her tights with one hand. (For the record she's not heavy, just strong.) She glances off to Johnny again, frowning, before quickly snapping her gaze back to Alex and mustering a happy beam, "How's it goin'?"

Alex peers over at Johnny curiously, raising a brow. He had a guy like that in his fighter wing once, thought he was funny as hell til he staggered into the catapult and tried to bull fight a jet, they were picking arts of him from the engine for months. Anyways! He then looks back to Sammy and returns the smile, "I'm doing alright," he chuckles, "Well minus nailing someone with a door."

Samantha giggles softly, "Don't worry 'bout it.. at least ya didn't fall -on- me, right? So.. we're even, I figure." She looks over at Johnny and sighs, then waves him over, "C'mere... y'can never have too many friends.. Alex, this is Johnny. He's a friend o' mine."

Without a sound the shadows in the room begin to bend. In the center of the mat in the middle of the room, several of the larger shadows merge together, forming a dark shape. The shape lifts it self off the mat and stands, taking the form of a human. Johnny sees the shape and charges for it screaming, with both daggers drawn. Leaping in the air towards it (not very high for an anime character, but high for Johnny) he throws both daggers at the shadow followed by two long chains with barbed hooks on the ends of them. The weapons pass through the image and it vanishes, leaving Johnny looking the fool once again...

Samantha leaps aside as one of the daggers whips past her.. almost throwing herself into Alex again but spinning at the last possible juncture and ending up beside him, raising an eyebrow towards Johnny. "Er... yeah. So, Alex.. Johnny.. NNY.. Alex."

Alex was about to say something, but lapses into silence, sweatdropping as he watches Johnny lunge for...nothing. Watchign the spectacle he then replies quietly, "I think he should consider decaf," giving a sage nod he then looks to Johnny and replies, "Er, nice to meetcha"

Johnny stands partialy crouched and panting for breath. Glancing at Alex he nods, "Hey... how's it going?" Slowly he get's up to his feet. "Um... sorry..."

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