2004-03-12 Return to the Badlands - reclaiming a lost dagger

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Return to the Badlands - reclaiming a lost dagger


Who: Johnny_C, Zelgadis, Rock, Naruto, Fayt, Anki, Miss_Deep, Rifter
When: 2004-03-12
Where: Metropolis

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The Usual Restaurant

You walk into a well lighted room, it's high ceilings lit by dozens of fluorescent lamps hanging from the ceiling. To the south and west are windows, which you would normally expect to see the outside world from, but looking out of them, you see only a misty gray haze. On the walls to the north and the east of the inn are an eclectic collection of paintings, photographs and even holographs of many cheap 1970's to 1980's B-movies. The bar on the east side is made out of hardwood, it's surface polished and shiny. Behind the bar, the various beverages that are served here are kept in relatively neat containers on wooden shelves. There is a large stage in one of the corners of the restaurant with a impressive sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in this room, near the north wall, is a double swing door that leads to the kitchen. On the east wall is a door leading to the UR's dance club and on the west one leading to the Gym. To the south, is the exit to the outside. A recent addition to the UR is a large fireplace against the west wall, it matches well to the rest of the restaurant and looks like it should have been there all along.

Zel says, "Unfortuntaly Rifter and Latran aren't around at the meoent otherwise we could take them." Naruto grumbles. -.-

Rock shrugs, "Well, guess that makes it a problem."

Johnny limps in the door slowly. Glancing around the room he spots Zelgadis and hurries over to him. "Alright! Let's go!"

Zel blinks as johnny comes limping over to him,"Go? Wait you mean..." he stares at johnny like he's nuts, which he is,"Johnny you can't mean to go back int the badlands already."

Rock blinks over at Zel, "What happened?"

Johnny reaches behind his back to get out his modified hooksickle (now with a leather grip! Ooooh!) "I want my dagger back... That thing's gonna pay!"

Zel says, "Johnny wanted to just kill something. Said he could if he wanted so long it was in the badlands, was half way up the wall before I said I'd go with him. Ran into SOMETHING out there that was not firendly and definatly mostly claw, tusk and teeth."

Rock sighs, "And now he's ticked cause he lost his knife?"

Zel says, "Was still stuck in it's flank I think."

Johnny rubs the deep scratch on his face with the back of his one free hand. "Hell yeah! I made that thing! Stupid bastard ran off with it..."

Naruto watches Johnny. o_O;

Rock looks at Johnny, "Er...no offense but...I doubt your getting it back."

Naruto . o O ( And I thought Orochimaru had a real 'killer intent' aura. X.x )

Johnny puts his hooksickle away and glares at Rock. "That's not the point! That damn thing makes the third thing that's ever gotten away from me. It has to pay..."

Zel raises a eyebrow at Johnny's comments and looks over at Rock,"Only the third thing? I'm starting to wonder about this one."

Fayt lets out a little sweatdrop at the current conversation, but otherwise keeps his trap shut. o_o;

Rock says, "Er....ok."

Naruto says, "That's a pretty good record. Unless you've only fought three things." ^^

Zel sighs and rubs the bridge of his nose,"So you want to get a dagger back? Want it bad enough to want a rematch? Want it bad enough to do it while still limping form the last time?"

Johnny nods at Zel, "I don't care what it takes, I'm ready. I haven't slept since last night. Been up making me some new toys..." To emphasise this he pulls out a new set of daggers - identical to his older ones but longer and with a blood groove in each one. "It's not gonna get away this time... I don't care if I never sleep again."

Naruto comes closer to Johnny. Out of stabbing range, but close enough to oggle. "Wow. You can make knives? Couldja make me some kunai?" ^_^;

Zel sighs and looks very much like he's fighting off a growing headache,"Oro? If we're oing this does anyone else care to tag along?" he glances at the others,"At least while he's busy with the beast we could see about looting warehouses."

Johnny wobbles a little. The lack of sleep has already started to catch up on him. Turning to look at Naruto slowly, he nods. "If you can show me what one looks like..." Turning back to Zel he stares blankly for a second before mumbling, "Yeah... beast needs to die..."

Rock says, "May as well..been getting bored sitting on my ass all day..."

Zel asks, "Naruto?"

Naruto yattas! "You bet, Zel-kun!" ^_^

Zel sighs and stands up,"Alright, ust let me get into my work clothes." With that he pulls a cape seeming form mid air and pulls it around himslef. hey, he's back in his whites.

Zelgadis says, "Guess we'll see you later Fayt unless your comming too."

Fayt nods "See you later."

Badlands - Sector S6

What could have been a quaint Japanese city with it's white-washed buildings of concrete and glass is now nothing more than a desolate mockery of civilization. Twisted, metal bones; what was once the foundation of apartments and businesses; dot the landscape, sticking out of piles of rubble that lay scattered across the empty streets. A few buildings still stand, most of them having three of four walls, making perfect places for the cast-aways of badlands to house themselves or do their unsavory business. If they're here though, they remain unseen, hidden behind the stacks of debris and looming shadows. To the north the shadows come in fingers of darkness, created by high-rises that are blocked off from this area by a wall of fallen buildings. Standing at least 30 feet high, this wall acts as a bloackade, strategically placed to prevent people from easily moving deeper into the heart of the badlands. East, west, and south, the roads branch out into other parts of this once bustling metropolis, the way made difficult by debris.

Johnny pulls out a pair of goggles and puts them on. Still limping as he walks, he glares around at every shadow waiting for something to move...

Zelgadis walks forward downt he street, looking for any sign of the beast taht stomped hima nd Johnny flat last time.

Naruto stays a little ahead of the group, playing off his role of 'scout'. He's smaller than everyone else and trained in stealth, so do the math. He stops for a moment, and turns around to face the rest of the group. "Eh... what's this thing look like, anyway? Like.. how big?"

Rock hrrms adjusting his gloves, "Yeah, what exactly are we looking for here? Big? Small?"

Johnny yawns, "Bigger than a bus... Lots of teeth..."

Zelgadis let's Johnny feild that one.

Naruto bah-links. "What's a bus aga- wait, nevermind. I ride one to school." He peers around a dilapitated street corner. "It's prolly hairy and smells like old boots, right?" n.n

Johnny nods his head, "Yep... lots of claws too. " As he says this he lifts up his shirt to show where his entire upper torso is still bandaged. "Damn thing got me good..."

Naruto whoas. o.o "You're so cool, Johnny-kun."

Rock says, "...Well good luck with it, I'm not equipped to fight something like that."

There is a shuffling beyound one of the ruined buildings then loud snort. With aobut as much subtltiy as before the beast charges the group. It's twenty feet tall on it's four legs, each digint tipped with a three foot claw. it's massive jaws are filled with foot long teeth and flanked with two tusks the size of calvary lances. It's dark hide is splotched with purple, blue and brown between numerous bny projections. YOu can tell it's seen battle as numerous cuts and claw marks cover it's hide. Somehwere in all that is a dagger. On the other hand it's currently making like a mad Bull elephant and has about the mass to match.

Johnny whips out his hooksickle, brining up to his chest. "Alright bitch! Wanna loose another eye?" Stupidly he just stands there waiting instead of moving out of the way...

Zelgadis does get out of the way, his blade hitting the ground sending a shockway racing away towards the beast.

Naruto gahs! "Monster!" O_o He leaps out of the way and up onto the wall of what used to be a carpet store.

the beast lowers it's head and attempts to try and get the rather defiant Johnny again, hoping to spear the liitle annoyance on one of those massive tusks(oh yes, and one eye IS out already, forgot about that).

Johnny waits till the last second to try to move, hoping to get a good shot in with his weapon as the creature goes by...

Naruto kips off the wall and lands behind the giant beast. "Shadow Clone!" His hands come together, his chakra molds, and *KA-POOF*! As the smoke clears, there's ten Narutos!

Rock sighs, "Well...guess I lied." unzips the cuffs of his jackets and swipes one arm and then the next, trailing khi energy, "Double Reppouken!" twin blasts of blue khi tearing across the ground towards the beast.

The violet-haired figure of a young woman stumbles out of an abandoned building, headed right towards Rock. And...the girl promptly stumbles as soon as Rock finishes his attack, sending her flying at him. c.c; She's got a blindfold over her eyes.

The beast is actually somewhat intelligent despite apearances and twists it's head at the last moment catching the hook on part of it's bony hide. It is however hit from two directions as both Zel's Blade haut and Rocks Double Reppouken slam into it causing it to wince and keep form trying to claw at Johnny. It stops in the middle of the street and swings it's head form side to side, trying ot make out where all of the prey are.

Zelgadis drops back intoone of the buildings, keeping out of sight and waiting to get a good shot in on the beast.

Rock turns hearing something to the side and blinks as he is promptly crashed into by a blindfolded purple haired...girl!? ACK! Rock suddenlly turns beet red and tries to get himself and the girl up without much embarassment.

Naruto's #1-4 run around the left side of the beast from the rear "Hup! Hup! Hup!", while 5, 6, and 7 run around the right side. "Don't worry guys, I've got him surrounded!" The remaining trio run UNDER the beast, because there's a good chance this things got a tender underbelly to stab thier daggers into.

Johnny begins to giggle manicly as he notices the rope from one of his harpoon-like weapons is still hanging from the beast. Putting away the sickle and getting out his claws, he charges towards it avoiding various Narutos in an attempt to climb the beast again...

Anki suddenly scrambles away from Rock, whimpering something...before her ears flick, and her form suddenly blurs, pausing at the side of the building, and finally, she attempts to land on the beast's back. . o O ( Beasts...they're everywhere, and they're trying to kill people... )

Rock blinks, well that was a close call. Rock swipes the hair out of his eyes and looks around regaining his bearing on the creature.

the beast blinks in suprise to find that there arle alot more than it expected specially as it starts getting stabbed from underneith, clawed up the one side and SOMETHING just landed on it's back. Witha wild roar it spins on the spot, clawed feet slashing out in all directions, tusked maw heading straight for Naruto's 1 through 4.

Anki digs into the beast's back with her claws as she removes her glove...then, she places her hand against the back of the creature's neck, tail lashing as she does so...

Johnny still climbing and currently holding on for dear life - he looks up at Anki with a confused expression. Just as he's about to try to make it the rest of the way up he is slung backwards as the beast spins. Johnny lets out a cry of pain as something hard is pressed into his back. Letting go of the rope and digging into the side of the creature with both claws he twists his neck around and smiles at the sight of the hilt of his dagger...

Rock watches as all these people cling to it and sighs, "Well...guess I can't do much."

Zelgadis really can't do much either unless he actually tries to get in close. Right nowto many who could get hit if he missed with a spell.

"GAAAAH! Run for your lives!" "Holy crap!" *SKRAK!* A Naruto (#2 if you must know) is speared on the tusk, while #'s 1 and 4 meet a grisly fate between the creature's teeth. But before the blood has a chance to run, the bodies explode into black mist. #8 is crushed underfoot as the creature whirls around, but instead of a greasy smear there is again only a black cloud of smoke. #9-10 run after the beast, trying to remain underneath so that they can just keep pissing the thing off, unless it's got anything that can be recognized as genitals. Naruto's 5, 6, and 7 start throwing daggers into the beast's hindquarters. Back to the front of the beast, Naruto #3 finds himself between a wall and a giant monster. "Don't eat me! Trust me, you don't wanna! I taste like shit!" >_<

The beast looses all interest in Narutos as it suddeny gets a sudden and rude shock in the form of massive amounts of pain. It spasms, nearly drops and rolls over on it's side thrashing in agony as it howls in pain.

Anki moves so she can stay with the beast without putting herself in danger of getting bitten, while still keeping contact with it. "You shouldn't try to kill people." she says in a quiet voice. "It's mean, and I don't like it when people are mean."

Johnny is knocked to the ground as the beast spasms, rolling away just in time to avoid getting trampled. Climbing to his feet he glances around at all the Naruto and begins to laugh even harder. Getting out his hooksickle again he tries bring it down over handed into the creature's side while doing his best to avoid the ninja-clones.

A cane flies out from nowhere, Anki it's owner, and attempts to block Johnny's hook. "Don't kill it. I'm just putting it to sleep. It will be better when it wakes up. No need to kill anything, just stop it from being mean." she murmurs in a quiet tone.

Johnny blinkblinks in confusion. Somewhere deep inside him something screams. Looking up at Anki with black eyes full of hatred he begins to growl. A moment later he regains his sences, turning his back to the whole situation and just walking casualy away...

Naruto #3 whews. c.c "I almost crapped my- WHAT THE HELL!" He ducks as three kunai bury themselves in the wall behind him. Two *poof* into smoke. "Watch your aim!" He pulls the remaining dagger from the wall and runs back to join the group attacking from the rear. #7 snatches his kunai back from #3. "Gimme that. I'm running out." In the meanwhile, #9 has been sliced in half and poofed, while #10 is clinging to the underbelly for dear life. X.x

The beast glares up aat the two beings with it's one good eye despite the intense pain. With a coughing gruttal sound, a sound that you would swear sounds like laughter, there is a ripping sound as the air tears open in several places and three Hellhounds, eyes burning like flames jump out of the abyss at thier master's summons. Not taking any note of the Naruto's for now they spring twards Johnny and Anki.

Anki lowers the cane, which looks amazingly like a blind person's cane; Then, she sighs. "You're very mean...I am sorry I could not help you be nicer." she murmurs in that quiet voice again, before she leaps away in a blur, dissapearing over the rooftops.

Johnny turns around towards the hellhounds with a blank expression, his eyes still as black as night. As one approches close enough he simply pulls out his sickle and tries to tear the hound in half...

Naruto regroups. With himself. #10 drops from the underside of the monster and slips off back towards the 'Rear Guard'. "Alright! We're not doing too bad..." The group watches the summoning. "Oh hell." "Didn't know it could Summon..." #7 nudges #10. "You find any vulnurable spots under there?" "I don't think it's got any." "It's GOT to have at least ONE!" "Does -it- know that?"

two of the hellhounds take off after Anki, bounding off over the rooftops after her. The other yelps as it get's the hook in the side. the beast, now no longer in as much pain learches to it's feet and shakes itself like ahuge monsterous dog, trying to dislodge anything and anyone one on it.

Rock gulps from hsi place, "This can't be good..."

Johnny snaps out of his trance as he sees the beast shake his weapons loose - scattering them around the street. Looking down at the hound he'd impaled he jumps back, pulling the hooksickle back with him. "What the hell...?"

Zelgadis finally sees a chance as everyone is more or less away form it,"Source of all souls which dwell in eternal and infinite. Everlasting flame of blue, let the power hidden in my soul be called forth from the Infinite..." he makes a numbe rof gestures, a mystical wind swirling up around him as he goather the power of the spell.

Naruto is surrounded by clouds of black smoke as his clones disperse. He does his best to remain rear of the beast. "Gotta re-think this a little..." He looks around, trying to figure out if any of his team-mates have been trampled. Aside from himself. ^^

the Beast Roars and turns towards Johnny and possibly Naruto if he's close enough it's one red eye glaring as it paws the street, tearing furrows. It suddenly snorts and makes half a move towards where Zel is pulling in power for a major spell. Rock curses, "Hey ugly!" swips one arm this time only, "Reppouken!" blue khi tears across the ground to strike the monster, hoping to distract it.

Zelgadis let's loose with his spell about the same tiem Rock opens up,"RA-TILT!" There is a ripping noise as as tear of white power shoots towards the beast.

Naruto is suddenly aware of a LOT of power flying around, and dives for cover behind a conveniently-placed overturned taxi cab. x.x

Johnny looking around the street and shrugging off the weirdness of whatever just happened he watches the beast go after Zel. "Oh screw that, " he says in disgust and swaps the sickle out for his new daggers. Charging head first he tears off after the creature presumably to climb it one last time while it's distracted...

Rock knows when to back off...and now is when...that Ra-tilt is big and scary...best dive for cover.

The beast roars again as it's hit by Rock's Reppouken but it abosuty screams as the Ra-tilt, most popwerful spell in Shamanistic magic slams into it's soul and scatters the pieces to the wind. Fortunatly it only effects one target as the beast slumps to the ground, heart still beatin, still breathing but with nothing left of a mind behind that red glowing eye. Johnny can climb it all he wants. it's not likly to protest. now the hellhound on the other hand which is dragging it's broken body after johnny just might have a few things to say and does so with a cone of flame.

Johnny leaps onto the fallen beast's back. Realising he fianly managed this after it was necesary he hears the sound of claws on rock and spins around to see the burning ball of fire coming towards him. Using the height of the fallen creature to his advantage he tries to leap over the flames ready to impale the hound with both daggers as he hits the gound...

The hellhound gives one finall yelp before going still then disipating into thin mist and blowing away on the wind.

Naruto peers around his cover, panting for breath. "...whoa." He stands up, dusting himself off. "Damn... that was pretty... intense."

Rock lowers his arms from the intense light and dusts his jacket off, "Wow...now that's a handy trick."

Johnny crashes down head first, his weapons scattering in various directions around him. A moment later he painfuly picks himself up, his face dripping from cuts recieved on the jagged rocks that where once the street. Under his breath he curses as he spits out some blood.

Zelgadis steps out oft he building and nods,"Thank you rock. Not one I want to use often though. Is everyone alright more or less?"

Naruto hahs! He rubs the back of his head, "I'm fine! Great... um... Johnny's not looking so good, but..." He spots Johnny. "...kowai..." o_o;;

Johnny crawling to his feet and picking up a few of his weapons Johnny absentmidedly replies, "Yeah... whatever, " as he looks for one good enough to poke at the beast with until he feels better...

Zelgadis walks over to the beast and draws his sword. Swirling it about a red glow suffuses the blade,He glances over at Johnny and waves to the beast,"you want the honours?"

Rock cracks his neck and raises his right hand and bites into the glove pulling it off and shaking his hand out, his hand making a few popping sounds as it does so.

Johnny looks over at Zel and grins, "Do ya have to ask?" Taking the blade from him he charges at the creature forcing the blade deep inside it. Pulling the sword back out he begins to stab it over and over again just for good measure...

Naruto goes around picking up his thrown daggers, and pulling one or two from the beast's body. He stops to watch Johnny. "..."

Zelgadis mutters out of the side of his mouth,'Let him be. At least this way he's not doing that to people in the city.

Johnny stops a moment and giggles, "Oh, now I like this..." He begins to cackle manicly as he joyfully slices into the beast slicing it open deep and spilling it's guts all over the street. Now covered in blood, he finaly stops. Walking back over to Zel he hands the blade back before pulling his goggles off. With a huge smile he says, "I feel better now..."

Rock puts his glove back on walking over, "Someone needs anger management."

Naruto turns green and covers his mouth. "A-anou..."

Zelgadis takes the sword carefully and goes about cleaning it off on what bit of hide he finds unbloodied,"I think I'm going to put this in a acid bath after this." He finally sheathes it and turns bakc toothe others,"Well, now that that is out of the way do you want to try and continue or get out of here?"

Johnny humming to himself he ignores Rock and Naruto as he picks the rest of his weapons up shoving any that'll fit into his backpack. Listening to Zel he shrugs, "I'm up for whatever...."

Rock stretches, "Actually I could go for either as well."

Naruto shakes his head, "I... think I'll head back home. Yeah.. um..." He watches Johnny some more. Sickened... but fascinated, almost. o_o;;

Miss Deep slides into view behind Rock and drapes her arms over his shoulders.

Naruto waves. "I'll see you guys later. Lemme know if I get a share in anything. c.c Ja ne.." He glances at Johnny again, shudders, and then ninja-leaps away, from wall to lamp-post to rooftop.

Rock blinks suddenlly in the middle of adjusting his gloves now, "Hmm...either I've gotten really popular or...." looks over his shoulder, "Or Lady luck's shown up." smirks.

Zelgadis watches Naruto go then tuns to see what Rock is talkinga obut,"hmm? Oh...."

Miss Deep asks, "Lady luck?"

Johnny shrugs at the disturbed ninja as he walks away. To himself he mutters, "Well... it's not like it was anything that didn't deserve it.."

Rock shrugs, "Well we did just slay big nasty over there." motions to the corpse er...what's left of the corpse, "So I'm thinking our luck's just gotta get better."

Johnny pulls out a bottle of bactine he'd brought along just in case and generously pours the entire bottle over his head. Wiping his eyes he walks towards Zelgadis and grins, "So, what's next? Is that the end of the tour after all?"

Miss Deep adjusts her .460 Weatherby. "I think I'm allright."

Zelgadis keeps an eye on Johnny and suddenly has the profound hope that no Mozaku ever find the boy. he'd be too much to thier liking,"Well, we have yet to have anyhting to show for our troubles....unles you count what's left of that beast."

Johnny thinks of his recovered dagger and smiles, "Hey... speak for yourself..."

Rock says, "Not much left thanks to Mr. Bloodthirster."

Johnny quickly turns to Rock with an innocent look on his face, "What?? Hey now, how was I supposed to know you wanted to keep it?"

Rock says, "Well I coulda had a nice furcoat or rug made for my girl here."

Miss Deep arches an eyebrow. "YOUR girl?"

Zelgadis looks at the beast, bony plates, blotchy skin,"What fur?"

Johnny looks over at the bloody corpse and shrugs, "Out of that nasty matted thing?"

Rock says, "Er...good point."

Rock looks back at Nancy, "Er...eh heh?"

Johnny walks over and kicks the carcus, "Hey... um.. you could use some of the bones to armor plate a car or something...."

Miss Deep asks, "So...:" she looks at the dead monster "That's your idea of a romantic gift?"

Rock says, "Now that I look at it? No, flowers or jewelry would be better."

Zelgadis shakes his head,"Personally I think we're pressing our luck, specially as this thng is going to start attracting scavangers soon. "

Zelgadis says, "We should get going."

Rock nods, "Alright then. Where to?"

Johnny shrugs, "Scavangers are nothing... you wait till the smell starts in..."

Zelgadis says, "One and the same Johnny. And i wasn't kidding aobut acid baths. I want to get the taint of things off my sword."

Miss Deep Shrugs. "I'm heading out?" got a prize to find.

Zelgadis asks, "Merc Exchange alright for now?"

Miss Deep asks, "Hey Rock, you any good in a fight? Want to watch my backside?"

Johnny looks off into the distance. "I'm fine anywhere... Just so long as I don't have to go to heaven again..."

Rock nods, "Sure am good in a fight." looks over to Zel, "Hate to do this, but is it ok with you if I join her for a little bit? Don't want to see her get killed you know?"

Zelgadis nods to rock,"Alright. take care of yourselves though."

Rock nods, "Sure thing, see ya later."

Zelgadis says, "Come on johnny. Time to go home for now."

Johnny shrugs, "Fine by me... Know anyplace where I can get a good burrito?"

Zelgadis says, "Think they do in the bar. Seems like all merc bars serve the same food."

Merc Exchange: Guarded Lot

Encircled by low (20 ft.) extension of the main city walls, this open air gravel parking lot has two very important assets. One, it's outside the traditional area of enforcement of City... of ANY law. Two, the number of well-heeled mercs who man the those walls, watch the gate leading out to the badlands and keep a kind of truce enforced within the parking lot. Aside from gravel, walls and a lot of mechs and vehicles the only other thing of note is the merc exchange itself. a half of a warehouse jutting out from the fifty foot high wall of the city plus a couple of new outbuildings: The bunker of the new main office and the low brick building of the only 'lawless' gated community the Drake Hammer Apartments.

Johnny follows behind Zel quietly taking in the sights. "So um... where's this bar now?"

Zelgadis walks in form the badlands with johnny in tow. Zel turns and heads for the exchange with a wave to Rifter,"Hello rifter." He points into the merc exchange,"in there. Can't miss it. Only door with those old west saloon doors. Just make sure you check your weapons at the door."

Johnny sweatdrops, "Um... just the obvious ones right?"

Zelgadis says, "All of them would be best. They have guns that they think can put me down. I haven't seen need to test that yet."

Johnny begins to shake nervously, "...all of them?? Even my daggers??"

Rifter waves back from behind his shades. "Any luck out this time, Zelgadis?" He's apparently doing a little work on a futuristic-looking motorcycle. Think Akira with a little less tech. His fingers are smudged with grease and grit and that general blackness that comes with working on engines. "Yeah... all of 'em. Trust me, you don't want those bouncers on your case."

Zelgadis sighs and looks at Johnny,"You really don't want to be without them at all do you?"

Johnny looks at Zelgadis innocently, "Hey now, I don't even sleep unarmed..."

Zelgadis shakes his head,"AFraid not this time. Got a large monster that jumped us. Took a bit to put down but that much meat ment the scanvangers would be comming."

Zelgadis says, "Well, if you don't want to do that you'd ahve to head back tot he Usual or to Rosies. the usual serves just aobut everything, including cusotmer's that wander into the kitchen."

Johnny chuckles, "Yeah I know.... Back when this was, no wait.... back when I was in Neo Tokyo I used to hang out there all the time..."

Zelgadis smiles,"Same thing here. Even the same chef." he turns to Rifter and looks past him to the bike,"Your work there?"

Rifter doesn't need to look at his work as he responds, "Oh, too bad. The big ones usually have somethin' good if you can track down their layer. Not always *grunt* easy to do, though. I take it you were expecting the worse kinds of scavengers?"

Zelgadis says, "Given that it's the Badlands, yes."

Johnny shurggs his shoulders and waves as he walks off towards town. "Well... It's been fun! I need me some food... See ya! Thanks again!"

Zelgadis says, "Till next time Johnny."

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