2004-03-18 Searching for Sammy (unfinished)

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Searching for Sammy (unfinished)


Who: Johnny_C, Alex
When: 2004-03-18
Where: Metropolis

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Old Okinawa Apartments; Fourth Floor

Welcome to the fourth floor! Once again, the floors are tiled in a sparkling white, and the walls are painted white as well. There is a cheerful border along the moulding of the ceiling, adding a solid blue edge around the top of the room. The apartment doors are a heavy oak, each stained a gorgeous brown.

Johnny stands outside room 404 banging on the door with both fists. "COME ON! OPEN UP!!"

Johnny begins to kick the door. "OPEN UP! I KNOW YOUR IN THERE!!!!"

Johnny growls and turns to lean against the door with his back while still banging on the door with his fist. "Open open open open...."

Johnny turns back around and starts banging on the door with his forehead. "OW! Open! OW! Open!"

Johnny finaly gives up and sits down on the floor cursing to himself.

Finally after Johnny's beaten himself to the point of near unconsciousness against the door there's a sound of it being unlocked. Letting the door open, Alex looks around to search for the source of the noise, not thinking to check at his feet.

Johnny falls backwards onto the floor with the door removed as his back support. Looking up at Alex he asks, "Wait a minute. Your not Sammy! Do I have the wrong appartment?"

Alex blinks in surprise as he peers down at Johnny. Shaking his head he replies, "No this is the right one...she just had me answer since she's...busy at the moment." busy doing what however his typist dare not think about.

Johnny sits up and jumps to his feet, turning to look in the room behind Alex he asks, "Well, where is she? I need to talk to her! It's a matter of life and death!!!"

Johnny shifts his weight back and forth from foot to foot, "Comeoncomeoncomeon... Where is she???"

Alex sighs and facepalms, "Just be patient, she'll be out in a bit," he raises a brow at Johnny, "What's this all about anyways?"

Johnny glances at Alex, as if his apperance was enough to gain or loose his trust. "Nah... top secret! I neeeed to talk to her."

Alex sighs softly and scratches his head, "Fine fine," he says before shrugging helplessly. he looks off into the apartment, mumbling, "Hurry it up Sam..."

Johnny squints into the room, "SAMMMMMMMMMY!!!!!"

Alex visibly winces from the kid's shouting. He raises a hand to clear out the ear nearest Johnny. o O (Well that's one ear down...maybe he'll make me deaf in the other then...)

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