2004-03-20 NNY's new boss and a visit from a guest

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NNY's new boss and a visit from a guest


Who: Johnny_C, Dragonmaster_Cale, Samantha, Eddie, Sun, Nuku-Nuku, Tris, Datenshi, Tokiko, Fayt, Latran, Heimdal, Adan
When: 2004-03-20
Where: Metropolis

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The Usual Restaurant

You walk into a well lighted room, it's high ceilings lit by dozens of fluorescent lamps hanging from the ceiling. To the south and west are windows, which you would normally expect to see the outside world from, but looking out of them, you see only a misty gray haze. On the walls to the north and the east of the inn are an eclectic collection of paintings, photographs and even holographs of many cheap 1970's to 1980's B-movies. The bar on the east side is made out of hardwood, it's surface polished and shiny. Behind the bar, the various beverages that are served here are kept in relatively neat containers on wooden shelves. There is a large stage in one of the corners of the restaurant with a impressive sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in this room, near the north wall, is a double swing door that leads to the kitchen. On the east wall is a door leading to the UR's dance club and on the west one leading to the Gym. To the south, is the exit to the outside. A recent addition to the UR is a large fireplace against the west wall, it matches well to the rest of the restaurant and looks like it should have been there all along.

Johnny glances around the room for signs of life, his right hand absentmindedly twirling one of his daggers.

Dragonmaster Cale iiiiis behind the bar as usual, sipping his soda!

Johnny spots Cale and grins, walking up to the bar and sitting down. "Hey! How's it goin'?"

Dragonmaster Cale nods his head, "Same as always, you?"

Johnny shrugs as he puts his dagger away, "Bored off my ass, so yeah, same as always..." Leaning to look around behind the bar he smiles, "Do ya know what a buritto is? I've been all over this place and no one's heard of one..."

Dragonmaster Cale nods his head, "Yeah, second..." He heads into the kitchen and comes out a moment later with a giant burrito on a plate, setting it in front of him, "Here ya go."

Johnny's eyes grow huge at the sight. His jaw drops open and a drop of drool escapes him. "HELL YEAH!"

Dragonmaster Cale sweatdrops a bit, "Heh, you're welcome."

Johnny grabs the burrito in both hands and shoves it as far into his mouth as it can possibly fit and begins to chew. Pausing only breifly enough to breathe he glances at Cale for a second as an idea strikes him. Lowering his meal enough to not talk with a mouth full he asks, "So why you here by yourself on such a nice day? Don't most people go out and... I dunno... gather in large groups and shop or something?"

Dragonmaster Cale mmm's and shrugs his wings, "I suppose...but, eh...I've only been shopping a few times and usually my friends take me. Mmm...plus, this new city..I dunno, I'm not used to it yet."

Johnny nods his head as he stuffs his mouth to devour a bit more of the burrito. Pausing again he says, "Yeah... I know what you mean... I've been avoiding the streets around here myself. If I gotta go somewhere I stick to underground..."

Dragonmaster Cale grins fangedly, "I've only been around the city once, and I did that as a dragon from the sky. I should really ask Ayika to go out wandering with me soon. Need to find a good beach."

Johnny shudders, "A good beach? It seems like that's all this damn island is is beaches... At least you shouldn't have to wander around too long." His eyes dropping down on his prey again, he picks the burrito back up and swallows the last of it whole. Smiling from ear to ear he leans back and closes his eyes for a moment...

Dragonmaster Cale nods his head slightly, "Yeah, it's definaetly an island...just, I dunno...there's always once beach everyplace I go to that's just.....perfect."

Johnny opens his eyes again and nods, "Yeah, I know what you mean. There used to be this hill back where I'm from. I used to go up there and just watch the city down below. Really put things into perspective..."

Dragonmaster Cale nods his head slightly, taking another sip of his soda.

Johnny leans forwards again, resting his arms on the bar. "So how much I owe you for this? If I had to estimate I'd say that was worth every bit of $100..."

Dragonmaster Cale sweatdrops, "Er, it's free this time, no worries..."

Johnny blinkblinks in shock. "Wow... thanks!"

Dragonmaster Cale nods his head, "No biggie."

Johnny grins, "Well in that case, can I get a cherry something? I don't care what it is, surprise me!"

Dragonmaster Cale raises an eyebrow...and summons a cherry from a black mist on the bar, "...here ya go..."

Johnny sweatdrops, "Well... I guess I got what I asked for, but I was hoping for a drink..."

Dragonmaster Cale sweatdrops, "O-oh, I see..." He summons a strawberry italian soda next to the cherry, "There ya go."

Johnny shakes his head laughing, "Alright... thanks!" Picking up the drink and dropping the cherry into it he takes a sip and starts to chuckle again, "It's good, thanks alot..."

Dragonmaster Cale nods his head again, "Sure thing."

Johnny takes another drink of his soda and looks around again. "I walked by here last night, place was really busy. I haven't seen it like that in a long time... Was there some kinda special event going on or something?"

Dragonmaster Cale thinks, "Oh, er, yeah..a day or so again was St. Patricks Day, so I gave everyone free drinks n stuff."

Johnny tilts his head, "Free drinks...? Maybe I shoulda come in here after all.."

Dragonmaster Cale snaps his head over as the man appears, his hand moving up to grip around Trinune's hilt, but as she's soon...disentigrated it seems, by something else. He relaxes for a brief moment, then takes his sword away from Trinune after he see's it's Samantha, "Ah, hey Sama..er.Sammy." He says with a fanged smile.

Samantha flicks the door open and strides in, turning to one side and holding the door open with one hand as she scans the room. Seeing Cale and Johnny she smiles and waves, "Heya, guys. What's up?"

Dragonmaster Cale waves his hand, "Hey, same as always."

Johnny turns his head towards Samantha and grins, "Hey! Do you know what a burrito is? He makes a great one! You gotta try it!"

Sun strides in after Samantha, popping her neck a bit. She pauses, waiting for Samantha with a few swishes of her long tail.

Eddie slips in and walks determindly up to the bar to order a scotch and soda. Getting resistance from the bartender, she scowls. "Not this AGAIN."\

Samantha giggles at Johnny, "Burritos? Y'mean the Mexican things? Never tried 'em.. good, huh?" She lets the door close and steps up to Sun's side, reaching for her hand and leading her over to a table near the bar.

Sun follows Samantha. "Never had a burrito that didn't taste bland."

Dragonmaster Cale looks over, "Hey Sun." He says with a slight nod, his wings fanning out behind him as he relaxes somewhat.

Johnny sways his head a little to the music in his head. Hearing Sun he turns around and comments, "Well try one here! They're great!!"

Sun waves lightly to Cale as she plops down in her seat, relaxing.

Samantha giggles again, glancing at Cale, "Wouldn't doubt it.. but can I just get a strawberry Italian fer now? Might eat later.." she directs the last with a smile to Johnny. "If y'keep convincing me like that." She releases Sun's hand as she sits down and promptly slides into the chair opposite.

Dragonmaster Cale remembers something he's been meaning to ask, "Ne, Sun...I don't know if you talk to Hyakuhei or anything, but, eh...if you do, could you tell her to not test this world, city, or dimension, please? Eh heh...I know she said she won't eat any more souls, but, that doesn't mean she couldn't still be wandering around trying to find her dead love n stuff." "Cause, ya know, this is a new dimension, so...she could come back here without breaking her former agreement with me, and all..." He looks over at Samantha and nods his head, "Eh, sure." He swirls up an italian soda and puts it before the cat girl.

Eddie sighs and digs in her pocket, producing a battered ID. "Look. See? I was born TWENTY THREE YEARS AGO."

Eddie exclaims, "No it's not a fake!"

Sun peers blankly at Cale. "...Nyaaa? Who's Hyakuhei?" she asks softly, ears perking. "If you're talking about NeoTokyo, then I'm not the person to ask. I don't remember anything but a few tiny details about my life there." she murmurs.

Dragonmaster Cale sweatdrops and slaps his forehead, "I see. Eh, nevermind then, sorry..."

Samantha murmurs, "Thanks, Cale.." as she grabs her soda and snags the straw between her lips, taking a sip. Setting it down with a satisfied purr-like moan, she grins at the Dragonmaster, "Great as always!" Her gaze flickers back to Sun and she smiles warmly, slipping her foot across the floor to run against Sun's ankle lightly, "Ne.. Sun-chan.. gonna order anythin'?"

Sun looks at the menu thoughtfully, tilting her head to one side. "Hmmm...I'll get an iced tea."

Johnny listens to Eddie with a grin and quietly sips his drink.

Dragonmaster Cale grins fangedly at Sun, "Thanks, heh. But, if you ever see Bean down here, make him get you one, his are ten times better."

Eddie looks bored, as if she does this every day. "Do you want be to tell you my social? My sign? C'mon, now!"

Samantha sips her soda again, then holds a finger up, "Oh! Johnny.. did ya meet Sun-chan yet?" She smiles and gestures across to her, "Since I'm always talkin' about her... Johnny, Sun-chan. Sun-chan, Johnny.. or NNY."

Eddie finally triumphs and turns around to lean against the bar. Sipping her drink, she looks appraisingly at Johnny. "Nice boots." .o0(Nice knives, too. Wouldn't want to piss THIS one off.)

Sun blinks, and glances over at NNY. Sweatdrops. "...I think I've seen you before."

Johnny turns around and nods, "I'm not sure. Nice to meet you. Please call me NNY. " Hearing a comment from beside him he glances over at Eddie and smiles, "Thanks..."

Eddie dimples. "I'm jealous. You'd better watch out or I might steal them." .o0(Yeah, this to a guy who carries knives. Although they might be ornamental- you know those goths.)

Johnny sweatdrops. "The last thing that took off with something of mine didn't fare so well." Pulling out one of his new daggers with a deep blood groove down the length of the blade he smiles, "I wouldn't recomend it if I where you..."

Eddie sighs. "You're as bad as that angel guyI met yesterday! No one around here can take a joke," She complains.

Samantha glances at Johnny and grins, "Oh hey! Y'took my advice, huh?"

Sun sweatdrops. . o O ( Homocidal maniac... )

Johnny raises an eyebrow, "Angel guy?" Hearing Samantha he turns his head and nods briefly before turning his attention back to Eddie. "What angel guy?"

Samantha smiles at Sun, then blinks and tilts her head a little to one side, "What's up?"

Eddie laughs. "Tall and thin, real goth. Pretty black wings but a real grouch," She affirms cheerfully. "He was hanging out on a lamppost outside and we had a bit of a chat. I told him I didn't believe in angels, he informed me he was a DARK angel, I touched his wings, he threatened me- you know how it goes." She doesn't seem too thrown off by it.

Dragonmaster Cale looks over at Eddie for a moment, taking a thoughtful sip of his soda. He looks back at Trinune, the gets a fanged smile on his face. o O ( Good. )

Sun grins to Samantha. ( Just kinda out of it...you wanna go for a walk in a while? Anyways...I'm still rather curious about what you wanted to talk about. ) She winks to Samantha.

Eddie taps a finger against her lip thoughtfully and points to Cale. "Wings like THAT, actually. Only- black." She squints at Cale. "Hey- you're not Datenshi in disguise, are you?"

Dragonmaster Cale glances back at his wings, then sweatdrops over at Eddie, "Eh heh, n-no...he is a friend of mine, though."

Johnny perks up, twirling his dagger around in his hand like a batton. "Datenshi??" Suddenly he begins to giggle. "I guess I might get to meet the local legend after all..."

Samantha giggles, rubbing her foot against Sun's ankle again, "Sure.." she murmurs, happily taking a sip of her soda. Then she glances across at Johnny, raising an eyebrow as she slips the straw from between her lips, "Nani? Local legend?"

Eddie ducks backward as Johnny twirls his dagger and nearly topples off her bar stool. "Whoa- careful with that thing!" She quirks a brow at Cale and grins. "Is he always so GROUCHY?"

Dragonmaster Cale mms over at Eddie, "It depends, eh heh...he's kind of moody, but in general he's kind of grouchy n stuff."

Johnny ignoring Eddie he glances back around at Samantha and stamers, "Uh... um... nothing, sorry. I just got a bit of a... passing intrest..."

Eddie laughs delightedly. "Very goth of him. Well, then-" She glances at Johnny. "Well...he IS very pretty. I don't doubt you'd be interested in him."

Samantha blinks.. and again when Eddie speaks. The nekogirl's gaze shoots to her then back to Johnny, "Y-you like boys?"

Dragonmaster Cale hmms slightly, finishing off of his soda and then beginning to mix himself another one.

Johnny stops twirling his dagger and stares dumbfounded at Eddie, "Very pretty?" Glancing back at Smantha his jaw drops, "WHAT?"

Eddie blinks at Johnny. "It's ok, I mean, *I* like GIRLS- we're all very open people here, I'm sure."

Sun sweatdrops quietly, and sips at her tea. n.n;;;

Nuku-Nuku pops through the door~ "HIiiIiiiiIiiiiiiiiii!~" ^_^

Samantha jumps a little, shifting sidelong in her seat, "What?! You were actin' all nervous, an' she said.. it's okay if y'do. I mean.. yeah." She nods at Eddie's words, then looks back to Johnny and cocks a brow, peering at him curiously, "Do ya?"

Johnny blushes, looking back and forth between the Samantha and Eddie. "WHAT??? HELL NO!!!!"

Dragonmaster Cale grows silent, taking another sip of his soda.

Eddie reaches out as if to pat Johnny's hand and thinks the better of it. "Whatever makes you happy," She says dismissively. "I was quite attracted to him myself, as it happens. Although I don't really think angels have sex. I don't know." She glances at Cale. "DO they?"

Dragonmaster Cale sweatdrops bigtime at Eddie, his wings shifting nervously on his back, "A-anooo...w-well, the one's that have solid form can, I suppose, eh heh..."

Eddie grins impishly. "Well, those wings could be very kinky," She teases Cale, taking another sip of her drink.

Nuku-Nuku says, "Hoi!" *flip flip flip flip* landing on a barstool. *giggles* "Can I get a mailk please?" ^_^

Sun sweatdrops at Nuku-Nuku. "..."

Eddie laughs at Nuku-Nuku's antics. "Someone's in a good mood," She murmurs.

Johnny backs against the bar, his face an unusal shade of red, "NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO... I like GIRLS, ok? GIRLS! Women..." Thinking of the idea of a guy he shudders, "Oh, hell no..."

Samantha blushes a bit and looks swiftly away from Johnny, letting her hair hide her face from him. "Gomen... didn't mean'ta offend ya." She sips her soda, then blinks again, her ears twitching as she registers what Eddie says. She starts to blush a little more brightly, then giggles and turns to look at Cale, winking, "Loverboy here just pretends to be that way. He's pretty hot when he wants'ta be..." she smiles sweetly and then looks to Nuku, offering a small wave and a giggle, "Hey.."

Dragonmaster Cale ehhs at Eddie and looks back at his wings, "Mm, not really...the dragon one's can get kinked and twisted more..." He looks over to Nuku Nuku and smiles fangedly, "Hey! Sure thing." He sets a glass of milk in front of Nuku Nuku. He looks over at Samantha and er's, "D-d-don't c-call me th-that!"

Eddie raises her eyebrows at Johnny. "Right right," She says soothingly. "Hey, would you mind tucking that knife away? It's lovely, but a bit dangerous looking, you know."

Nuku-Nuku laughs a little, "Hihi, Sammie-chan~" she greets brightly, "how are you? Arigato, Cale-san!" she gulps down some milk. *gulp gulp gulp* "Ahh...." she sighs a happy puff-cloud.

Johnny lowers his dagger to his side away from everyone but continues to twirl it around. Sighing he comments, "Sorry... just something I do to stay calm..." Finaly putting it away his hand twitches nervously and he grabs ahold of the hilt again. Turning away from everyone he focuses on his drink and finishes it off.

Eddie wonders if Johnny possesses the capability to BE calm, let alone STAY calm, but decides not to say anything, sipping her drink instead.

Samantha grins, "I'm okay, Nuku Nuku.. thanks for askin'!" She winks again at Cale, "Sorry, I'm just teasin'.." she glances at Eddie with a faint shrug, lifting her straw to her lips, "So what's yer name? I'm Sammy.."

Dragonmaster Cale mou's and takes another sip of his soda...

Nuku-Nuku looks at Johnny, "You should be careful with that...." O_o

Johnny glances at Nuku-Nuku defensivly, "Eh? Since when?"

Nuku-Nuku asks, "Umm..since you could get hurt or hurt somebody else playing with a knife like that?"

Eddie stands and saunters over to Samantha, offering a hand. "Call me Eddie. Or Ed, if you prefer. Anything but-" She shudders. "EDWINA."

Johnny gestures to the large hooksickle accross his back, "Well at least it's not that, right?"

Tris enters. From outside. And stuff.

Eddie looks admiringly at Samantha's tail. "I like the tail. Ears, too- catgirl, I dig it. So where'd you get them? They're VERY realistic."

Nuku-Nuku asks, "ne, ne..why are you carrying around such stuff?"

Johnny shrugs his shoulders, "Habbit mostly... why do you ask?"

Sun peers at Eddie. If she's interested in Samantha's ears and tail, then Sun would be REALLY interesting, considering she looks like a humanoid cat with dragon wings. "Etooo...those are real." she points out.

Tris says, "It has to do with how the alien cloning pods haven't been perfected yet."

Eddie laughs, mostly at herself. "Wait. Of COURSE they're real! I mean, dragons, cat-girls and..." She looks at Johnny, then back at Sun. "Right. So, um, this is a very interesting city, I daresay."

Samantha giggles, taking the offered hand and gripping it briefly. "Nice to meetcha.. Eddie works fer me! An', uh.. I know how ya feel." She rolls her eyes, grinning, "My full name's Samantha. Such a mouthful... apart from Sun-chan," she gestures to the nekojin opposite her, "An' a few others, I tend to insist on Sam, Sammy, Sammy-chan, anythin' but really." She slowly blinks at the next, her tail flicking behind her as she reaches for one of her ears, touching a couple of fingers to it gently, "Um.. yeah, these'd be... pretty real..." she giggles and nods at Sun, "H-hai. Real as anythin' else I got.."

Eddie grins self-deprecatingly. "Actually, I feel quite dull now," She jokes lightly, heading a few feet away to the bar to get a refill on her drink.

Nuku-Nuku says, "Nuku Nuku is just curious..." she giggles and drinks more milk, getting a silly milk musatche which she licks off her upper lip.

Sun is sitting at a booth with Samantha, sipping on her iced tea with a pretty content look on her face.

Dragonmaster Cale blinks and glances back at Trinune, then looks around, "Eh, gomen nasai, I'll be back later! Ja ne!" He smiles fangedly and heads back into the kitchen.

Johnny smiles at Nuku-Nuku, "Ah.. well, if that's the case, I used to um... alot of people... Hmmm..." Tries to think of the best words to use, "I made these! I got a bunch of stuff... wanna see?"

Samantha grins, "Havin' extra bit an' pieces isn't what makes you interesting." She shrugs and sips her soda, then glances across at Tris with a friendly smile, "Heya, Tris!"

Nuku-Nuku blinks.>'um..you used to..what..a lot of people?" she tilts her questioningly."

Tris says, "Hey, Samantha."

Johnny laughs nervously, "Um... that is to say... uh... I got to kill some stuff in the Badlands!"

Nuku-Nuku says, "Ohh..what kind of stuff? O_o"

Samantha eyerolls, giggling a bit, "Sammy.. though I c'n take a little slip-up I guess." She glowers playfully, reaching down to tap the hilt of her sword, "This once." She winks and sips her soda, "So what's up? Still gettin' on good with Ellen?"

Eddie yawns and stretches.

Johnny grins, topic sucessfully averted! "Big mean thing! Had all these claws and teeth! Damn thing took off with my old dagger and I had to make some new stuff to go an get it back. I got to cut it up real good too! Just like old times!!"

Tris says, "Heh, yeah." n.n;; "We're robably going to end up sharing a two-bedroom apartment sometime soon. Once we're certain we'll both be able to afford it."

Tris says, "....And we know where the Outlaws are likely to be stationed."

Nuku-Nuku says, "Ohh...Nuku Nuku sees......so why were you in the badlands, ne? That doesn't sound like much fun..."

Samantha smiles warmly, "That's great! But, er.. stationed? Be workin' from the Exchange, won'tcha?" She frowns suddenly and glances at Sun. (Did you know about Tris?)

Johnny smiles manicly, "Nah, lots of fun! I got to kill things! Blood and violence! I got cut up real bad too! It was great!"

Tris says, "Well, there's a decent chance that we'll have a place where we can put our fighters in a hanger. And Kei would very much like that." >.>

Nuku-Nuku wrinkles her nose a little. 'You like blood and guts and killing things?

Eddie gulps and makes a mental note to try and avoid Johnny after dark.

Sun blinks at Samantha. ( Iie... )

Samantha raises an eyebrow at Johnny, giggling softly as she turns her attention back to Tris. "Oh.. that'll be pretty nice, ne? Anyway.. gonna get a drink an' join us?" (Well.. if you don't know I shouldn't really tell ya. Just curious, gomen...) She shifts up a seat to make room for Tris, then sips her soda.

Tris says, "Sure, thanks." He takes a seat and orders up a cherry soda.

Johnny guestures like he was wearing a set of metal claws and slashing away at something, "I loved every minute of it! Then they let me use this big sword that cut real good and it was like cutting through air! I sliced that thing up good! That ninja guy got sick and threw up, but it was great!"

Nuku-Nuku says, "Nyyaa...Nuku Nuku doesn't like that kinda stuff....." she makes a face, shaking head head and putting both palms towards Johnny. "Mou!"

Johnny grins, "Sorry about that..."

Nuku-Nuku takes her milk and jumps up into the rafters with it!

Samantha swirls her straw around as she glances across at Eddie, tilting her head to one side, "So.. ne... are ya new here? I've not seen y'around before... from NeoTokyo or somewhere else?"

Eddie blinkblinks at Samantha. "I lived in Tokyo for a few months once, but- no. I mean, I'm pretty new to this city." She grins. "I don't even have a job yet- probably something I should look into if I want to- you know- get myself an apartment."

Tris says, "Or food."

Eddie laughs. "I'm a fairy princess," She jokes. "I subsist on air and sunlight!"

Sun yawns, stretching out.

Nuku-Nuku gets herself comfortble against a beam up in the rafters and sips her milk, glancing down occasionally from above.

Johnny pulls out his dagger and begins to twirl it around again, paying close attention to keep it away from everyone. Letting out a sigh he turns around in his seat and looks around the room. Overhearing Eddie, he quickly turns towards her again, "Really?"

Samantha grins and nods, "Uh huh.. kinda helps! I was stuck there 'til I found the Merc Exchange.. Tris found that an' he's still stuck." She makes a face, then giggles at the 'princess' comment before going on, "Life can suck sometimes, I guess.. but hey!" She brightens up and looks across to Sun, then back to Eddie, "Mebbe Sun-chan c'n help out... though it depends what you're lookin' for..."

Eddie, thinking Johnny is playing along, grins at him. "Oh yes! And I live in a mushroom and bathe in a dewdrop."

Sun blinks, and smiles. "I know where there are good apartments...I went to every place I could find."

Johnny ponders this idea for a moment, "Sounds better than heaven..."

Eddie looks back at Sun, interested. "Really? I'm looking for something small, not very luxurious- I just need a place to sleep, really."

Samantha blinks, "Err.. actually, Sun-chan, I meant.. if she needed a job...?" She waves a hand vaguely, giving Sun a questioning glance.

Eddie looks curiously at Samantha, "What, pray tell, is the Merc Exchange?"

Nuku-Nuku says, "Hoi!" and comes down from the rafters to land near the bar..'More milk please~' she holds out here empty glass.

Sun sweatdrops. "Oh. Sorry! Job-wise...well, I was thinkin' of opening either a restaurant, or perhaps a clothes shop."

Eddie quirks a brow at Sun. "Do you have the starting capital? I've actually been looking for a financial backer- I managed a tattoo shop back in the day and I'm looking to go back into that."

Nuku-Nuku gets more milk and gets a little distance away from Johnny. >_>

Sun blinks. "It's mostly in theory right now, until I can find a proper place to put it."

Johnny raises an eyebrow at Eddie, "Really? You need any artists?"

Samantha smiles at Eddie, giving a faint shrug, "They let ya.. well.." she looks at Johnny briefly and giggles, "It's kinda an employment agency fer anyone who c'n fight. Hard to explain, really.." she tails off with a shrug and falls silent as the other two start conversing, just sipping her soda quietly for the moment.

Eddie considers Johnny. "I might, but you'd have to promise not to injure any of my customers."

Johnny chuckles, "I made a promise not to go after anyone unless it was self defence, so don't worry..."

Eddie says, "Do you have any samples of your work?" She laughs at his comment. "Um hmmm. Define self-defense. I fired a guy for trying to beat up a man who insulted his looks."

Eddie refreshes her drink and blinks. "Whoa...I should slow down on these. My tolerance is WAY down." She smiles at Johnny. "No, in all seriousness, though, I'd be perfectly happy to check out your work- have you done tattoos before? Do you have photos?"

Johnny grins and digs into his pocket producing a small piece of paper. Unfolding it and smoothing it out he passes it over to Eddie. The drawing is a surprisingly detailed image of Johnny, a tall man with long hair and a cap, and a man collapsed over asleep sitting together at a table in the UR. "Well, I've been trying to get back into drawing again. This is one of my better ones. As for tatoos, do you really think I'd have a problem with using needles to draw on people?"

Eddie looks amused. "It's not whether you'd MIND, sugar. It's whether you'd be able to do it- but you can be trained. What about piercings?"

Johnny stares and grins, producing a long needle from under his sleave, "Lets just say I've had a bit of practice in that area..."

Nuku-Nuku says, "Nyyas....." her mind putting together one and one here as she glances over at Johnny and Eddie. "Kowaii...." she adds, then gulps down the entire glass of milk.

Eddie raises a brow, but nods, a smile flitting around her mouth but never settling. "Tell you what- I'll keep you in mind- do you have a phone number I can reach you at?"

Tris . o O ( Man, that guy is creepy... )

Johnny blinkblinks, "Damn... don't got one. Um... I'm here alot, though... I should be easy to find..."

Eddie laughs. "Fair enough. First, though, I have to get myself a loan and find a nice space to rent. Then you and I can have a bit of a dry run. I prefer for you to pierce on someone like me for your first time, because I'm tough and-" She looks wry. "Used to it." She pushes her hair back and displays a line of piercings up one ear. In fact, at this point she's in danger of being more metal than skin. n.n

Johnny shrugs, putting the needle away, "Sure! Just let me know when you wanna go at it!"

Eddie says, "I run a tight ship. If you're late once or twice we'll talk about it. If you straight out don't show, I'll issue you a warning. Third time you're excessively late or second time you fail to show up I'll let you go. Other than that, if I'm confident as to your skills as a piercer you can consider yourself hired." She winks. "You can call me boss."

Samantha blinks at all the piercings, stopping in the act of taking a sip of her soda. "Wow.. that's... hm." She giggles, "That's a lotta piercings."

Johnny smiles, "Sure, Boss! heh..."

Nuku-Nuku says, "Nuku Nuku would like to get pierced ears...' she muses to Samantha, "It wouldn't be easy for me to get one though..I'd have to ask Papa-san to do that..

Eddie covers her ear again and grins at Samantha. "Yeah....most of them were employees of mine."

Nuku-Nuku says, "Ne, ne," to Eddy, "Why have so many piercings though?"

Samantha giggles at Nuku, "I'm sure he won't mind.. long as he loves ya." She shrugs and looks at Eddie, grinning, "Same question.. to be honest, I'd be too scared to get even one..."

Nuku-Nuku giggles, "It wouldn't hurt me any...it just wouldn't be easy to do.." :)

Eddie laughs. "It's what I do- but I've always liked body art." She rolls up her sleeve and grins, displaying a rose on the inside of her wrist and a barbed wire tattoo around a wiry muscled bicep. "Once you start, you can't stop. I'd show you more of my piercings, but I might get arrested." She winks, but does consent to stick out her tongue, which has a 14 gage barbell in it. "Hey- once I get my shop you could be my first customer, eh?"

Nuku-Nuku says, "Nya....Papa-san would be so mad if i got a tattoo!" she laughs a little, "Nuku Nuku puts on teh ones that come off sometimes though..." she giggles, 'I like the hello kitty ones!" ^_^"

Samantha blushes bright red, staring at Eddie for a moment. Then she swallows, clears her throat with a cute little 'ahem' and looks down into her soda as she sips it.

Eddie smiles at Nuku-Nuku. "Well, sweetheart, I wouldn't be able to do anything unless your Dad said it was ok."

Johnny grins at Eddie's words, "I guess I'd have to follow that policy too, right?"

Nuku-Nuku asks, "Why would you have to ask Papa-san?" she pikus at Johnny. O_O??

Eddie laughs at Johnny. "Hey, if you work for ME you will." She rolls her sleeve back down and grins at Samantha, finding the girl's blush endearing.

Eddie, like most people with a good number of below-the-neck piercings, stopped being shy some time ago.

Tris finishes his drink. "Can't say I've ever been one for peircings or tatoos, myself."

Nuku-Nuku says, "Nuku Nuku's heard some people get really odd things pireced...^_^'"

Eddie smiles at Tris. "To each his own," She responds congenially. "I happen to like them. I'm not big on excessive facial piercings, myself." She glances back at Nuku-Nuku. "Well, yes. I could make you blush to tell you about some of the things I've put metal in. Myself- I'm pretty standard."

Nuku-Nuku giggles, "Nuku Nuku has more metal in her then you do!" she laughs.

Tris asks, "Eh?"

Nuku-Nuku puts both hands over her mouth. ^_^'

Eddie looks amused. "Oh ho! Doing the old safety-pin bit? Gotta be careful at that. I STILL have a scar on my navel from one of those."

From the ceiling above the usual some distance from the bar a shadow cast by one of the rafters silently begins to churn, twisting and turning until one black gloved hand suddenly slips through- accompanied by a marble-like arm to which it seems to be rather attached- as Datenshi passes after it and lands deftly on the rafter the shadow was cast by, taking a moment to shuffle and stretch out his magnificent black-wings. The cast shadow behind him begins to calm down and returns to normal, as it's instigator takes a moment to survey the Usual from up above. Narrowing his eyes somewhat suddenly, the Dark angel notes Johnny among those recognisable but with a slightly different spirit pattern- and someone blushing with a completely recognisable one but completely unfamiliar to him. And that short girl from yesterday, Eddie, who's showing off tattoos to people.

Nuku-Nuku says, "Nya-hahahahha...nothing like that..heh..." she blushes.

Samantha looks up and sends an embarassed grin back, rubbing the back of her neck a bit. "G-gomen.. I blush easy...." she leans back, blush slowly fading away as she struggles to regain control, the girl not deigning to sip her drink but just fiddling the straw around rather nervously. As Datenshi appears up above her ears twitch, and she shifts a little in her seat.

Eddie is NOT short! She's just....un-tall.

Samantha is only an inch taller, actually ^^;

Johnny jolts to attention suddenly, something is just not right with the world. Shrugging it off he orders another drink, but takes out his dagger again and begins to twirl it off to the side.

Eddie glances at the dagger. "Oh, and- I'd appreciate if you- um- didn't play with that around customers, if you think you can do that."

Johnny glances over at Eddie and tries to force a smile, "Huh? Oh yeah... you wouldn't have to worry about that... I'd behave, don't worry...."

Eddie laughs. "Oooh, double entendre if I ever heard one! Hey, who wants to do a shot with me, eh?"

Tris says, "...Not I."

Nuku-Nuku says, "A..shot..what's a shot? You mean like when your sick? O_o That doesn't sound like much fun..."

Eddie looks amused at Tris rather than hurt. "Another grouchy one! I wonder what ever happened to my angst ridden friend yesterday."

Datenshi slips off the rafter after a few moments by placing one gloved hand upon it and pushing forward- not bothering even to stretch out his wings like yesterday he makes a quick descent towards the Usual's hard wooden floor. Landing with a large echoing thump that probably echoes around the room, the winged man makes his way towards the bar and pulls up a chair- swinging Masamune off his shoulder and placing it against the floor and the edge of the bar- before sitting down and placing both arms over each other on the bartop. Attention is given mostly to what's on the shelves, narrowing his eyes and looking over the selection at the moment.

Sun promptly yawns a bit. o.o; Waaaaaooooow. Then, her ears perk, turning towards the rafters. She hums softly, and sips at her tea a bit more, eyes hooded.

Samantha blinks at Eddie, "Naani? Y-you mean alcohol?" Her blush re-strengthens and she looks away, across to Sun as it happens.. which causes a smile to flicker on her lips, "I'm fine.." she murmurs, "Though I guess drink has its advantages sometimes.." she giggles and brushes her leg against Sun's, "Ne?"

Eddie orders a shot for herself, then, and laughs as Datenshi appears. "Speak of the de- ah- angel!"

Samantha jumps a little at the thump, her ears twitching, and she glances across to the bar, "Oh.. that the guy you two were talkin' about earlier?"

Eddie winks. "Um hmm...tall, dark, pretty wings, grouchy, though," She teases.

Sun smiles warmly across at Samantha, her tail swooshing down and tickling at the girl's leg. Then, her eyes snap to the figure of Datenshi, her ears twitching a bit.

Nuku-Nuku says, "Nyya!" by reflex her sensor ears pop out as Datenshi thumps hard on the floor! *snict!* The devices swivel and she turne her head towards the source...

Johnny glances slowly at Datenshi and smiles from ear to ear. Biting his own tongue he turns back aways and takes another drink from his soda.

Datenshi is busy at the moment actively ignoring everything else in the room as a sweeping gesture is made with a suddenly clawed hand- and a dark blue bottle suddenly dislodges itself from the shelf on the wall and hurtles itself towards the offending sweeper. However, Datenshi dosn't seem terribly concerned as he catches it deftly and uncorks it- taking a long drink and glancing over at Sun with /very/ narrowed eyes. "..." One tends to remember the person they're thrown into sealed magical prisons by. However, a nod is given to Eddie after he manages to compose himself. "Hey, sorry for leaving so suddenly yesterday." Datenshi apologising? That alcohol must be fairly tough stuff.

Eddie downs the shot and gasps, pulling her hand across her mouth, and waves a hand at Datenshi. "Nah...I figured I'd scared you off. Hey- let me buy you that drink and we can call it even."

Nuku-Nuku's sensor ears retract back into her head. *snict* No danger at the moment, so combat mode isn't needed; though she recalls something about this guy from before. Hmm.

Johnny turns back towards Dathenshi again, still smiling. "Hey, um.... I've always wanted to meet you. Your Datenshi, right? I'm a big fan of your work..."

Eddie quirks a brow. "What, you're some sort of angel-artist?"

Nuku-Nuku exclaims, "NYAAA!! Nuku Nuku remebers! he killed lots of people!"

Tris asks, "Hwha?"

Johnny chokes and grabs his drink, taking a large gulp from it.

Eddie shakes her head at Nuku-Nuku with a smile. "I'm sure he didn't, sweetheart."

Datenshi glances at the entire bottle he's currently holding and ruffles his wings and abruptly corks it, before slipping it deep within his shirt where it promptly dissapears without a trace- problem solved! "... Sure." However, just as the Dark angel's brushing back his hair Johnny begins to walk up- and the flames of evil begins to burn within those demon-red eyes. Emphasise demon- which is exactly what Johnny reeks of right now, and looks completely human. Reaching down with a black gloved hand, Datenshi's grip becomes somewhat fixated on that 8' ancient weapon of his, "... And what work would that be?" Yeah, as Emi would say if she was here- Daisuke-san's a perfect angel.

Eddie glances at Johnny. "Easy, lad. This one doesn't like to be touched."

Nuku-Nuku says, "Nono..Nuku Nuku remembers..." to Eddie, her green eyes a bit worried, The poliec were looking all over for him, right before..before...." her voice trails off a little, a flood of memories skipping through her mind."

Samantha blinks at Nuku, then peers at Datenshi, regarding him curiously for a few long moments. This done, she shrugs, "Eddie an' Johnny're both pretty nice people an' they like him. Besides.. even if he has, dun' mean anythin'. Plenty of people've killed other people, it doesn't make you -evil-." She shrugs again and glances across to Sun, "Ne.. you're quiet tonight, hon.. what's up?"

Eddie pats a barstool next to her and smiles at Datenshi. "C'mon, Oscar-the-grouch. If you sit here I promise not to touch you."

Johnny remembers his own obssesed stalker and realises how he looks, "I'm sorry. I've read a few stories is all, back in Neo Tokyo. If you ever wanted to sit around and swap stories, just let me know..."

Sun blinks, and chuckles. "Just thinkin'." she murmurs, smiling warmly.

Tris says, "If you want to be technical about it, even _I_ have killed a few hundred be making their fighters blow up."

Nuku-Nuku looks around, her eyes go from alarmed to down right horrified..she turns on her heel and heads out the door.

Eddie sighs at Nuku-Nuku's leaving, but decides it's for the better. Things can get dicey.

Tris asks, "....I said the wrong thing again, didn't I?"

Samantha sends a concerned frown to Nuku, blinks, then sighs softly and looks back to Sun, brightening up again. She wrinkles her nose playfully, tilting her head to one side, "Hmm... what about?"

Sun grins. "Not here." she replies, winking.

Datenshi nods approvingly at Johnny, sliding his grip away from the handle and smiling somewhat fangedly all of a sudden as if remembering all the damn damage those newspaper articles have done since they were printed- but then it might be the fact that Nuku-nuku's running out the door that's amusing the Dark angel so much- or maybe he dosn't care. "Well, still can't walk into a bar without /something/ happening... so what's to drink?"

Samantha giggles softly, "O-kay.. so wanna go fer a walk then? I mean.." she grins sheepishly, picking up her straw and bringing it to her lips, "I -did- kinda promise I would earlier.." she sips her soda, watching Sun with a gaze definitely enough to turn a certain dark angel's stomach.

Eddie gets a warm, mushy type feeling seeing that look, then remembers that she hates being attached.

Sun grins. "Definately." she murmurs softly, and promptly drains her tea.

Tokiko walks in, carrying her large handbag as usual. More of a satchel really.

Samantha finishes off her soda, stopping right as it starts to make that annoying sucky noise, and releases the straw, sliding the glass to the centre of the table. She then stands up, adjusting the belt around her middle by wriggling her hips from side to side, then smiling at Sun and holding out a hand, "C'mon then.."

Sun puts the money for the drinks on the table, then turns to take Samantha's hand. She stands, stretching briefly, before smiling at Samantha. "Let's." she replies, winking as she moves towards the door.

Eddie calls over to Samantha and Sun. "Hey- nice to meet you two!"

Tokiko sits down at the bar. "Iced tea, please," she asks is a soft, slighty monotone voice.

Sun waves at Eddie. "Hai, nice to meet you too!" she calls.

Samantha waves back towards the bar, "Seeya, Eddie.. nice to meet you, too! Bye, Johnny.. hope y'have fun with your new friend!" She winks, giggling a bit, and turns to leave with Sun.

Datenshi looks over at Eddie's expression and can't help but laugh wholeheartedly before turning around and placing both elbows against the edge of the bar, stretching out his wings and draping the black feathers over the other side. If the current bartender's got a problem with it they should take it up with him. Anyway, a sturdy appraising gaze is given to Sun right until she leaves the room- didn't she have a stupid oaf of a husband? Maybe she finally killed him.

Eddie raises a brow at Datenshi and wrinkles her nose. "I get the distinct feeling you're laughing at ME," She says lightly, ordering another drink although she knows she should be hitting up the coffee.

Johnny half waves at Samantha with a smile as they leave, turning towards his drink again. Putting the point of his dagger's blade on the bar, he begins to spin his dagger by the hilt like a top.

Eddie looks thoughtfully at the dagger. "Spinning the dagger....that's a tradition....somewhere. I don't remember where," She finishes fuzzily. She's beginning to feel a bit fuzzed around the edges, actually.

Tris orders a meal and goes to eating in silence.

Tokiko sips her drink quietly,,,though something about her might pique the interest of people sensitive to spiritual energy. Feels like she might be reaching out on a sub-conscious undercurrent perhaps. Or is it just a disturbance in the force?

Datenshi dosn't make any attempt to hide the fact he was laughing at her, crossing over his arms and glancing over at Johnny's knife spinning with abject curiosity. For Johnny's wastelock state- there's probably all kinds of murderous intent for Sun going on in his mind being sifted right into him, which might prove interesting enough. "That's a tradition in a lot of places, considering all the oddities that would wind up here." Not concentrationg on Tokiko at the moment but most sensitive to spiritual energy, whatever she's broadcasting goes unnoticed.

Eddie takes a swallow of her drink and looks at Datenshi. "Oh- hey- met a friend of yours. Nice guy- has dragon wings? Didn't catch his name, though."

Johnny gulps down the last of his drink and glances around irratably. "Does it really matter? I mean, seriously, who gives a damn?" Looking over at Eddie he shakes his head, "I-I'm sorry.... I just... nevermind..."

Tokiko glances about from behind her cup, saying nothinmg, but her brown eyes seem to be searching.

Eddie laughs at Johnny. "No, it's ok. I won't fire you for mocking me. Besides, I'm a bit tipsy at the moment so I KNOW I'm acting the idiot."

Johnny grins, glancing about the room again, for something... "Nah, your fine. That was Cale eairlier. If you'da asked him his hane you'd have gotten an ear full, so be glad you didn't..."

Datenshi's expression seriously changes upon Eddie's remark to something like surprise; which is fairly rare since he's rarely ever caught off guard, "You mean Cale? I've been looking everywhere for him! Blue hair, stutters a bit, wears black?" These are apparently the criteria, though Datenshi knows a lot of people with dragon wings. Most of whom belong to Damon the Overlord and /that's/ not good news. However, Datenshi raises an eyebrow at what Johnny and Eddie are talking about. "... Wouldn't be hard, what with the body size ratio."

Eddie looks sourly at Datenshi. "I HOPE you're not implying that I'm short. I'm not! You just happen to be TALL."

Tokiko *IS* short.

Eddie says, "But yes, Cale, that would be him. He's adorable and not grouchy," She teases.

Eddie asks, "So, I think I threw him off but I've been wondering- I've always thought of angels as asexual. Are you? Or do you date, sleep together, that sort of thing?"

Tokiko says, "There are different degrees of angels. Many different types."

"No, I was referring to waist size and such... and I'm not grouchy- just everyone else is too cheerful. And we date, sleep together, that sort of thing." Datenshi corrects her in much the same way he was, it's just he isn't sensitive about it in the least. Maybe she'll fall for that first part because she's been drinking, as he stretches out his arms and wings at the same time and lets out a deep fanged yawn before lowering them again, "Actully Cale's a Lunarioan, not an Angel- and I'm a Dark angel, so yeah- there's many different types. Only one of me I'm afraid." Lunarian even.

Eddie starts, looking over at Tokiko, "Degrees....?" She asks blankly, before grinning impishly at Datenshi. "Actually, I was just thinking that those wings could be quite kinky."

Johnny absentmindedly comments, "You know it's funny... I've been to heaven, met God, and I don't think I saw a single angel the entire time I was there. ...saw a bit to many of those creepy bunny things though...."

Eddie shakes her head at Johnny and laughs. "Ok. Drugs are BAD."

Johnny chuckles at Eddie, "Yeah, I try to avoid them myself..."

Tokiko looks to Eddie and blinks. Her face is somewhat placid. She then regards Johnny. "Angels exist..many only will eb seen when they wish. I know of Megami that exist on in this world."

Eddie considers Johnny with raised eyebrows, then looks at Tokiko with much the same expression. "....HOkay. On THAT note, I think perhaps I need another drink."

Johnny nods at Tokiko's comment. "That makes sence... at least they don't just sit around sleeping all day..."

Datenshi would point out that the wings are kinky for angels, since stroking them is the equivelent of stroking something other things- but is about to say something when Tokiko and Johnny start the subject he's good at. "Well I appear because I have no other choice, and there's no god where I come from. But then again, I've never been to heaven /or/ hell." Yeah, sucks to be him. Datenshi pulls out the dark blue bottle from before and uncorks it, taking a long drink. n.n

Johnny turns to Datenshi with a geniunly surprised expression, "Wow! Really? You should check out Hell someday. Except for all the paronoid freaks, it's really pretty nice. Heaven sucks..."

Eddie searches about her person for a cigarette, lights it, and has a coughing fit on the first inhale.

Tokiko glances at Datenshi, her nearly exprtessionless eyes seeming to bore right through him. One might nearly hear gears whirring within, then she turns her gaze toawrds Johnny. When she does, is it a trick of the light or does she seem different somehow? Maybe a bit more pale, her brown eyes now a cold blue, her chestnut colored hair now much lighter in color.

Eddie wouldn't notice at this point if she sprouted ears and a tail. Stubbing out her unsuccessful cigarette in an ashtray she sighs, reaching out to twist a ring on a chain around her neck. It looks suspiciously like a wedding ring.

Datenshi glares at Tokiko with narrowed demon-red eyes almost countering her cold blue, turning up the astral vision so that he can decypher exactly what she is without having to actually ask; before moving his attention over to the coughing eddie and raising an eyebrow at the ciggerette- what the hell is that thing? As she twists the ring on the chain, the dark angel's curiosity is piqued, "Something wrong?" Probably the alcohol, humans are strange ones.

Eddie starts from her thoughts and shakes her head to clear it, wishing she didn't blush so easily. "...just thinking about..." She looks glum and takes a healthy swallow of her drink. "You know- I actually used to believe that you could be in love and that would be enough." With that cryptic statement she stops and takes another sip to shut herself up. O, curse the alcohol!

Tokiko glances to Eddie, her eyes looking at the ring. "key wondesr if you lost someone?"

.o0(What is it with this city and people who refer to themselves in the third person?) "Oh, he's not lost," Eddie says dryly. "I know exactly where he is. Or maybe he's dead. Heroin will do that to a person."

Johnny thinks back on his own lost love a moment. "I useda love someone. She was great... beautiful, shared the same intrests... if I hadn't gone and tried to kill her, maybe we'd..." Double checking himself he stamers, "Uh... sorry, just rambling agian...."

Datenshi hates the subject of love, considering everything that's going on in his life at the moment. "... That's a path that keeps on bringing me tragedy, i've given up on it." Yeah, that's cryptic enough for his liking as he takes another swing from the bottle before placing it back down again on the bartop and lowering his head somewhat with a shuffling of black-feathered wings. Well, Death has feelings too. "Heroin? Birds got to him?" Not Heron, damnit. Datenshi glances rather critically over at Johnny, wow- talk about the same problem!

Tokiko says, "Key is sorry to hear that...." she says in monotone voice now.

Eddie looks curiously at Datenshi. "Oh, come on...share your woes!"

Datenshi dosn't think that sharing his deepest shame with a psychic, Johnny and a drunk Eddie is really going to make him feel any better. "... I had to choose between eternity with someone I loved in a cell or kill them and gain freedom- I didn't think love was enough. That's all I'm sharing with you." Datenshi really does look irritable now, almost like he was never capable of love in the first place but then why are his eyes closed at the moment and his head lowered? "How about you Johnny?" Attempting to change the subject as quickly as possible.

Johnny blinkblinks at the sound of his name. Looking down absentmindedly he thinks about it and decides, what the hell... "Yeah, her name was Devi. Stupid me thought that she was gonna just be like all the others and change on me. So, instead of doing what I should have, I listened to the Doughboys and tried to kill her. She kicked my ass really baddly after that. Now she hates my guts... I can't say I blaim her..."

Eddie looks stricken at Datenshi's confession and reaches out to touch his hair before she can think about it. "...I'm sorry."

Tokiko says, "Key doesn't blame her either."

Fayt's head appaers thrugh a hole in the ceiling "Um... hello?"

Datenshi dosn't seem to mind as Eddie runs her hand through her hair, "... It was my fault, so eternity without her is my punishment." Composing himself as Fayt enters the room, the Dark angel looks up and habitually narrows his eyes at Fayt hanging upside down from that hole in the ceiling. After realising it's that Chaos-mage again, any interest dissipates as Datenshi leans further back into the bar. No, Datenshi dosn't rip her arm off- but that's because all his violent feelings and such are being syphoned into Johnny over there.

Eddie leaves her hand on Datenshi's head, running her fingers through his hair and lightly rubbing the base of neck, as she'd sooth a puppy or a frightened child. She glances at Johnny and shakes her head, her mouth twisting bitterly. "Love," She decides, "Is more trouble than it's worth." She starts and quirks a brow up at the ceiling. "Um...hello?" She peers up at the ceiling.

Johnny jumps at the sound of Fayt's voice, suddenly looking up at the celing he yells out, "DAMNIT STOP THAT!" Blinking at his own actions he nervously rubs the back of his head, "I-I-m sorry..."

Tokiko says, "Key has found love. Key thinks love makes so many troubles and apins worth the effort."

Fayt jumps at Jonny's shouting, a very stupid thing to do when your hanging halfway out of the ceiling, It doesn't take a genious to figure out what happens next as Fayt takes a one way trip towards the floor "Oh gods!" *thud!*

Eddie stifles a laugh but stands, albiet unsteadily, to go crouch next to Fayt. "Hey, you ok, buddy?"

Johnny sweatdrops at Fayt, "You alright??"

Latran walks into the UR, like a normal person and takes a seat at one of the tables.

Fayt lifts his head off of the floor, taking a moment to rub his forehead "I'm used to it."

Datenshi snorts and watches everyone gather around the Chaos mage with a shuffling of black wings, if Fayt didn't want to get hurt then he should have picked a different dicipline of magic, "Leave him, he's an idiot." Reaching down and picking up Masamune by the handle and swinging it up in one blinding flash of movement, the Dark angel rests it on his shoulder and suddenly feels himself again. What the hell was happening a few minutes ago, was he letting his head be /stroked/ by a human like a mere dog? o O ( Rigwroth has something to do with this, I know it- she's /always/ involved somehow. ) And just waiting to drop Yukina and Blemish onto him, it's really got him edgey lately.

Johnny shakes his head at Fayt and is for some reason compelled to start stabbing the bar with his dagger. After a few seconds of this he pauses and looks down at himself. "Alright... that's it.. Maybe I need to take another walk into the badlands or something..."

Eddie stands unsteadily and meanders back to the bar, downing what's left of her drink and stretching. "I need some air." She's looking a bit woozy.

Tokiko says, "You should not drink so much..it is not healthy...."

Fayt pulls himself up and moves over to a seat at the bar, ordering a glass of water.

Eddie gives Tokiko a lopsided smile. "It's healthy for my emotional state not to think too much and I must say drinking does help that."

Tokiko says, "I see...."

Eddie shakes her head and tucks her ring into her shirt. "But...I need air. I'm going to take a walk. I would not say no to company, but I'm not going to ask for it." She reaches into a pocket of her jeans and pulls out a crumpled wad of bills, laying it on the bar.

Johnny blinks at Eddie, "A walk, huh? I dunno, boss... you sure that's a wise idea?"

Eddie quirks a brow at Johnny, shrugging into a jacket she's thrown on the floor next to her stool. "Why would it be a bad idea? Are you going to stalk me and kill me, sugar?"

Johnny grins, "Now that's not fair. Don't tempt me..."

Datenshi seems to push off the edge of the bar and stands upright, dusting himself off with his spare hand and glancing over at Tokiko as if to wonder how much exactly that one has gained by looking into him. "There are many people who would, you're a very easy target." Speaking from experience here, as Datenshi knows exactly what he looks for in his prey.

Eddie puts a hand on her hip and looks between them skeptically. "Ok, so is one of you volunteering to come with me, or are you going to toss a coin as to who gets to kill me?"

Johnny glances at Dateshi and grins, "Got a coin? Nah... I'm just kidding. If you want someone to walk with you, I'm up for it... I ain't got no plans anyways. Well, at least any that I can get away with... You coming Datenshi?"

"Not like I've got anything better to do since I've been deposited in this hell-hole of a Metropolis, so I'll come too." Datenshi shrugs rather ambivalently and tilts his weapon back, raising his other gloved hand to rub his forehead for one reason or another. "... Why couldn't they bring Yuki's resteraunt through dimensions instead of the Usual i'll never know, or the Dripping Dagger." Obviously he's reminicing about the various worlds he's gone to, but after a while he realises the irrelevancy of this and begins to walk directly towards the door.

Eddie, not one to be beaten, also heads toward the door.

Kouboku Street

This fairly quiet street is eerie even on the best of days. It is lined with trees, each breeze rustling the leaves endlessly. There are a few places to sit and relax, namely just around the entrance to the park, but otherwise, this street has the creepy feel of being watched by something unpleasant.

Eddie takes a grateful breath of air and heads toward the park.

Okinawa Nature Preserve

Upon entering this special section of Kouboku Street, you immediately notice what sets it apart. The peace outside the small fence is even more profound here, even the normal forest sounds seeming almost ethereal. The trees here are amazingly tall, and between them is a wide path of lush green grass inviting you in.

Johnny follows behind the group walking slowly and mostly keeping to himself, "So, boss, where we going?"

Eddie grins at Johnny. "You make me feel like a gangster from an old cartoon," She teases. "I was just thinking of heading along the path for a bit...needed to be outside."

Johnny chuckles as he begins to walk backwards, getting the feeling somethings watching them, "Well... you did say to call you 'boss'..."

Datenshi follows Eddie on foot with black-strapped boots crushing things underfoot as he stares around at the scenery and wonders exactly what lies beyond the woods- since many things have existed hidden by the forest near the resteraunts before, like the Wraithshadow manor. Stop being nostalgic! "You'd need a tommy-gun to come from an old cartoon. Why the Boss, Johnny?" The Dark angel thoughtfully remarks as he comes to a hault for a moment, glancing around for a long moment.

Eddie winks at Johnny. "Johnny here," She clarifies, "Is my employee."

Naruto isn't quite following. He just HAPPENS to be going through the park. Through the trees, leaping quietly from branch to branch. Granted, these trees got nothin' on the ones back in Konoha... c.c

Eddie pauses to steady herself on a tree trunk. "Whoa. I DID drink a bit more than I should have."

"What exactly is your profession, Eddie?" Datenshi shuffles his wings and has the feeling that he's asked this question before, but then he probably wasn't paying much attention to anything she was saying. "... Throw up if you need to, get it over and done with." The heartless demeanor that Datenshi's used to having kicks in, as he leans back against a tree with black-feathered wings crumpling up behind him.

Eddie glances slantedly at Datenshi. "Thank you for your concern, but I won't be throwing up," She says dryly, and adds, "I'm a tattoo artist. I've been doing it since I was 17."

Johnny grins at Eddie and nods, "She said if she get's her new business she'd hire me on. Drawing and stabbing people... sounds like fun, huh?"

Eddie laughs. "I have to decide to trust him with human flesh first, though," She teases.

Johnny pulls out both his daggers and bows, "I'm always artfull when it comes to human flesh... even in the old days. But I assure you I'm not gonna kill any customers..."

Datenshi figures Johnny's going to draw a whole heap of Happy Noodle Boy on people's arms and shudders somewhat, "I'm a bartender when I'm not doing my other job, which I've been doing for..." What is it, four and a half centuries now? "... A long time. I can't remember a time when I havn't done what I do. Tattoo artist huh..?" Guess if she was a magician she could produce all kinds of ones, but she dosn't seem the type.

Eddie grins. "I was doing that too for quite some time, to make ends meet. I may have to do it again, to put aside capital for my shop, if I can't find a backer."

Naruto decides to stop in a tree nearby the group, because they seem to be talking about themselves... and frankly, information is one of those things ninjas like to have.

Eddie laughs. "Yes. I end up piercing dozens of tongues, but now and then I get something interesting. In another life I thought I would go to art school."

"I don't really do it for the money." Datenshi adds wryly, it's more so the dark angel can poison people randomly and such- and it's always harder to stab someone from the other side of the bar, "... Art school? I know someone who thought like you, except she was far too cultured to decend 'that low'- or more appropriately, her father expected something greater from her." So spending her life piercing parts of humans? Guess they're all kindred spirits here.

Eddie bristles, her tone descending to coldness and her shoulders stiffening. She does not look at Datenshi as she starts walking again. "My apologies if my chosen profession does not meet your qualifications for a worthwhile profession."

Datenshi comes from a time when artists were considered much more then they are now, but not for the daughter of a high-ranking government official, though the Angel of Death makes no effort to explain this, "Who said it was my opinion? I don't care what profession you have, whatever makes you happy." Of course that's because Datenshi's of the opinion that Eddie and all mortals all going to die in the end anyway, so what's the point of her doing something for status anyway? Datenshi dosn't notice Naruto in the tree right behind him though while he has astral-vision it dosn't extend to the back of his head.

Naruto leans out from behind his place of hiding a little more, and shrugs. . o O ( Some people think they're so cool.... oh, look at me, I've got wings, so I'm better than you. Heheh. ) He glances around, then quietly leaps to the next tree further down the path. He's not totally silent, but for the moment he's putting a little bit of effort into the 'stealth' thing.

Eddie turns around abruptly to study Datenshi. "You don't even like me; why should you care if I'm happy or not? Oh...you were just being dismissive."

Johnny twirls his daggers around a bit before putting them both away. Glancing around he really wishes he'd kept those night vision goggles he'd once had... "Whatever makes you happy? What a funny thing to say... I dunno... I think we'd all be better off without jobs, but then we wouldn't do much but sit around and starve, so that's outta the question. I guess since humanity strives on being annoyed, jobs are the logical choice, but doing what makes you happy is only gonna lead you to dislike what you do want to do." Looking up he shakes his head, "Sorry... I'm rambling again..."

Eddie considers Johnny seriously. "Why do you think humanity strives to be annoyed? I like what *I* do."

Datenshi wishes Crux was here right now for the argument that Johnny's presenting, "... Do what makes you happy; Morals are a human invention that obstruct this goal. Morals- like good and evil- insinuate that we are not part of nature- and this is humanity's arrogance. To think that good represents 'that which helps humans' and evil is 'that which harms' as universal forces to which everything pivots! The concept disgusts me thoroughly!" Datenshi looks severely annoyed now with the stupidity of it all as Eddie starts considering them both, "... That's what I meant."

Eddie laughs. "Perhaps good is what makes you happy."

Johnny blinks at Eddie, "Huh? Oh just a theory I came up with the other night. Humanity as a whole has a secret desire to be annoyed. Think about it! War isn't about hatred, the desire to kill, love, or terratory. It's about people being annoyed with something and looking for an excuse to vent it. Look at people in line. Logicly they'd move to an empty line or go somewhere else, but no. They stand there and bitch about everything. They subconciously put themselves in a situation to give themselves something to complain about..."

Naruto . o O ( And all this time I thought the meaning of life was for other people to acknowledge you. o.O )

Naruto decides to let the two skinny people debate philosophy. He leaps off, not bothering much with stealth anymore.

Johnny waves as his 'boss' decides to head home. Glancing back at the dark angel (heh) he shrugs his shoulders as he puts his hands in his pockets. "So now what? Back to the UR?"

Datenshi raises an eyebrow at Naruto leaping off in a very ninjaesque style and wonders who the young kid is before glancing back at Johnny, and tilts Masamune's point somewhat downwards as the dark angel thinks on this, "I don't see why not?" Since Eddie's fairly much lost interest for him since she's not worth feeding off, Datenshi starts making his way out of the forest the same way they came.

Johnny nods and follows behind Datenshi for lack of anything better to do...

The Usual Restaurant (again)

Heimdal chugs of his ale (A glass the size of a small barrel) as he sits back "Aye, 'tis a fine evenin', itis."

Johnny get's annoyed at the lack on action and decideds to post anyways. Walking in with his eyes on the floor he looks up and blinks. Glancing around he shrugs his shoulders and heads for the bar. "I guess he decided against coming here after all..."

Heimdal glances to Johnny, raising his glass as he notices him "Evenin', laddy"

Johnny spins around and glares at Heimdal, "Did you just call me lady?"

Heimdal blinks "Nay, son, ah said 'laddy'..."

Johnny looks at the floor trying to proccess this information. "Oh... Sorry, well... How's it going?"

Datenshi pages, "I'm starting to think Datenshi should carry around a scythe more often." to you.

Heimdal asks, "Aye, 'tis a fine night fer th'drink 'n a fine tale, wouldnae ye agree?"

Johnny thinks for a moment waiting for his own mental translation. "Oh, sure... yeah.. great night for it, I'd say..."

Heimdal chuckles "Aye, aye... A drink ah've got, ah do... Now as fer-a tale, ah may have one er two worth-a tellin'."

Johnny orders a drink and sits at the bar, his chair turned around to listen to Heimdall. "Alright shoot. I'm up for it...." With an smirk he takes a gulp from his drink and listens...

Heimdal swigs his ale "Aye, a tale, a tale 'en... WHat'd ya like ta hear? Somethin' scary, historical, legendary maybe?"

Johnny grins, "Hell, I dunno. Not the kinda question anyone ever asks me... Um... Something scary'd be cool..."

Heimdal nods "Aye 'en, ah'll tell ye a story ah will, scary as ye please. Once 'ere was a little boy. Livin' on his farm with his parents, he was. One day, he finds somethin', looks like-a bone, t'does, ye follow?"

Johnny nods, taking a long drink from his soda. "yeah... go on..."

Heimdal nods "Aye aye, well, ye takes up 'is bone, y'see... Seems like it's suck, it is in th'ground. So he tugs on it... 'n tugs 'n tugs... Finally it gives, th'bone comes outta th'ground. Odd part is he, hears someone scream, he does, 'n he hears somethin' runnin' away in the bush awful fast, 'e does... Well, he pays it no mind 'n goes home, decidin' ta keep th'bone. Maybe make-a flute out-a it er something. Am ah goin ta fast fer ya, laddy?"

Johnny shakes his head, "No... go on..."

Heimdal nods, lowering his voice as his tone grows a bit more worried and his voice a tad sinister "So, late at night, itis... Laddy's left 'is bone on th'table as he's off ta bed... Well come th'middle of th'night, he starts... hearin' things....Scratch scratch.. scratch scratch he hears." He says as he scratches his own hands along the wooden table "So, he goes ta investigate he does... Heads out ta the middle room... off ta th'chimney he hears th'noise... So, he goes ta see what's making th'noise in th'chimney... then BOOM!" He slams a fist onto the table "The most bizarre creature ya ever did see lands at th'bottom of the chimney. HUUUUGe eyes, HUUUUGE ears, red skinned 'n lined with sharp teeth 'n claws ta boot!" He saysdarkly

Johnny smiles, leaning forwards a bit, "Cool! Then what?"

Heimdal nods, lulling his head closer as he says "So, the laddy feels compelled ta ask him, as if he dunno what he's sayin' himslef 'Whatta ya got such big eyes fer?'... the creature responds 'Ta seeeeee into yer souuuuuul'.... The kid asks 'Whatta ya got such big ears fer?' creature tells him 'ta hear allllllll around'" He says as he leans in closer "Laddy asks him 'whatta ya got such sharp claws for?' an th'creature says 'ta scraaaatch at yer graaaaaave'.... then the lad asks 'whatta ye got such sharp teeth for?' 'and the creature says..." He pauses for emphasise, before lunging at Johnny "TA SWALLOW YE WHOLE!"

Johnny blinks, "Hey, um... I'm not so sure that's how it goes... but go on..."

Heimdal stops... Seems the 'jump' portion didn't effect him... He re-seats himself, taking a swig of his ale "... Aye, 'twas th'end of it, 'twas."

Johnny leans back and thinks for a moment. "Aw come on... you can do better than that. Want me to tell one?"

Heimdal looks at the time, for a moment, before taking a drink of his ale "Aye, providin'l it'll be a quick one, if ye don't mind. Ah've early ta wake tomorrow, ah do."

Johnny smiles manicly, the shadows on his face seem to move, hiding his eyes as he lowers his head. In a quite voice he begins, "This is about a young boy named Todd. Todd was a quiet boy that no one payed much attention to. His parent ignored him and his only friend was a small teddy bear named Shmee. Well, one night as Todd lay in bed praying for things to get better he hears this knock at his window. Slowly he gets up and goes to the window, clutching his bear for protection. Looking out he sees this tentacle smash through the window reaching for him. He ducks back, but he falls to the floor looking up at these two monsters as the enter his room coming after him..."

Heimdal strokes his beard "Interestin'... G'wan, do g'wan.." he says leaning in as he swigs his ale quickly to assist his listening

Johnny watching the look on Heimdal's face he smiles even wider and continues... "Well the two creatures sit there trying to decide the best way to go about grabbing the kid. But before they can act Todd asks them, 'What do you want? What's going on?' The beasts look down at him and smile, 'We've traveled far and wide looking for a little boy like you. No one would even notice if we grabbed you and took you with us. We need you for our experiments, we're gonna peel away your flesh and find out what makes you tick. The best part is... we have ways of keeping you alive like this forever!' The boy screams in fear and starts throwing everything he can find but it's no use.. the beasts are far too powerful for such a young boy..."

Johnny nods his head, "Just as they snatch him up and prepare to drag him screaming out of his house he formulates a plan. 'Why go after me?' He argues, 'When you could go after my parents? They don't care about me anyways... plus there's two of them and only one of me!' The creatures drop the boy and stare at each other blankly. 'Alright, human. You've made your point. You parent's it is...' And they leave him be, grabbing his horrible parents and taking them away. Leaving our hero to grow up and lead a normal life without the monsters he had for parents." Leaning back he asks, "So, what'ya think about that one?"

Heimdal's brow furrows in interest as he listens intently to the tale, wondering how, or if the boy will escape... he leans back in his chair as the tale ends, stroking his beard "Aye a bit dark itiz... Not so much scary as dark... Aye, well 'tis a fine story nonetheless. Ye'll pardon me if ah add it to me list-a tales, will ye?"

Johnny shrugs his shoulders, "Sure... I doubt Squee would mind if he where here today..."

Johnny glances at the shadow that enters through the doorway. Smiling at it he guestures for it to come near him. This must look pretty stupid to everyone else since he's the only one who can see this phantom shadow.

Johnny stares at the shadow confused. "Aw come on. Not another one of you quiet ones. Come on! I can see you just fine..."

Johnny guestures towards the empty room, "Look. There's only the two of us... It'd kinda obvious I'm talking to you. So come on, don't be so anti social...."

Johnny guestures towards an empty seat, "Come on... come on in and have a seat..."

Guest2 wanders around in an unorganized manner. It appears he? is not very much in control of his movements yet. "...who said that... I can't see you..."

Johnny chuckles, "I did. Johnny C. You can call me NNY...."

Guest2 says, "NNY... I'll remember that. I think. Am I dreaming?" The shadow starts moving towards a wall, away from Johnny. Still hasn't managed to figure out what it's doing.

Johnny grins, "I dunno... not alot of you talk. Hey, wrong way.... follow my voice. I thought most of you could see..."

Guest2 begins to move towards Johnny, slowly. He appears to be limping ever so slightly, "...I don't know what happened. I was... hurt."

Johnny nods at the guest. To anyone else, Johnny's having a conversation with nothing. No voice, no body. He seems to have no problems with it though, so why should anyone else? "Hurt, huh? You remember how?"

Officer Ul Copt asks, "What?"

Guest2 says, "I was fighting someone... I can't remember who..." The figment? of Johnny's imagination manages to find his way to the table and falls into a chair- looks like it would have made a lot of noise, if he were even corporeal.

Johnny looks over at the officer and waves, "Oh, hey.... just talking to my friend here..." Turning back to the shadow in the chair he nods his head. "So you got a name?"

Guest2 starts to open his mouth to say something, but then pauses. If he weren't a shadow, you'd see him staring blankly. "...I can't remember..."

Johnny nods his head at the figment. "Weird... well.. I'm glad you showed up anyways. I was getting tired of talking to myself. So you just happend to drift in here or where you trying to look for something?"

Guest2's head darts around, surveying his surroundings. "... I don't even know where I am. Last I remember was a fight, followed by long nothing, and then I'm... sort of here. But not."

Johnny smiles, "Well my friend, I'd offer to buy you a drink but I don't think it'd do much good. Do you know if you where from a place called Neo Tokyo?"

Guest2 shakes his head, "...no, I'm not from there. Actually..." The shadow shakes his head again. "...no, I can't remember exactly where I'm from. But it's definitely not there."

Johnny rubs the back of his head. "You must be great fun at parties... I'm sure it'll all come back to you."

Guest2 leaps to his feet. Apparently, he's in some sort of semi-conscious dream state. Another shadow walks up to him, holding what appears to be a quarterstaff. The amnesiac shadow draws a sword. Interestingly enough, the sword seems to gleam a bright blue color, unlike the rest of the shadow. The two shadows begin to fight, the swordsman moving at a very frantic but beautiful pace, while the stick-fighting shadow very calmly blocks every move, only moving quickly when it absolutely has to.

Johnny blinkblinks at the two. "Ok... that's a new one..."

Guest2 continues the fight at the unrelenting pace for a number of minutes, neither fighter seeming to get the edge on the other; well, until the second shadow goes on the offense and begins to attack. Despite the first shadow's speed, the second shadow seems to just "think" better than the first. Slowly, the first shadow is pushed against the wall, the second shadow draws his staff back to land a very critical hit... and the first shadow draws a dagger with his left hand, lunging forward and plunging it deep into the shoulder over the second shadow. The second shadow still connects with his hit, but pushing into the side of the first shadows torso. Both shadows drop their weapons and fall back. The second shadow disappears, while the original stays, groaning from the sudden pain in his side.

Johnny sweatdrops... "Well, I think we know now what happend to ya... You alright?"

Guest2 moves back to the table, limping now. Whatever that staff did ot him had a very serious effect. "The same bad dream, over and over again... I can't shake it. I'm supposed to be unstopabble. Why did I lose?"

Guest2 moves back to the table, limping now. Whatever that staff did ot him had a very serious effect. "The same bad dream, over and over again... I can't shake it. I'm supposed to be unstopabble. Why did I lose?"

Johnny pulls out one of his daggers and begins to twirl it around like a batton, something he always does to calm himself. "How weird... I wish I could help you, but I'm not sure what good I could do..."

Guest2 falls back into the seat, a little heavier on his feet this time. "...I keep having this dream. I found him, he was about to kill someone else. I used the dagger they gave me, but I screwed up. I've never lost a fight before, except against... him..."

Johnny nods leaning back in his seat himself, "I hate dreaming. Always makes me question reality. I guss you've got no idea who this guy was, huh?"

Guest2 shakes his head. "No, I do. Well, I don't know his name. But that guy I was fighting, he didn't have a name. He's responsible for at least thirty different deaths in Trinsic and Britain alone..."

Johnny sits up a bit, something in the guest's words struck a nerve in him. "Hey! Trinsic and Britain! Your memorise are geting better already! I told you it'd all come back to you...."

Guest2 nods his head very slowly. Whatever pain he was going through has seemed to dissipate for the most part. "...yeah. I am starting to remember something too... I'm ... a paladin."

Johnny sewatdrops, "A paladin? Like a holy warrior or something? Wow... glad I didn't meet you a few years ago..."

Guest2 shakes his head, "...not quite. Paladins are... more like knights. We're trained in some combat magic and taught to master a weapon of choice. We're held to a higher coder of honor than the warriors of Jhelom, but that's not saying much."

Johnny grins, "I wish I had some idea what a Jhelom was, but I guess that's not important... Well since it seems like your coming into this world like the others, you got any questions about this place? i'm not much of a guide but I get around..."

Guest2's shadow begins to fade. "...what's happening, is it another dream?" His head darts left and right, "...Lyle? Elucidus? Is that you? Wait, I can't go to the cave yet... I haven't found out the name of the person I'm talking to."

Johnny sweatdrops, "This another memory or something?"

Guest2 stands up, his hand adjusting a non-existant sword sheath. "...I have to go. My friend and I are going to go kill a dragon. I'll try to look you up after we win. Maybe I can tell you the story of how I defeated it... what's your name?" Interestingly enough, the shadow seems to have lost a good five inches in height after standing up. And his voice seems more youthful.

Johnny shrugs, "Um... Johnny C. Call me NNY..." .oO(Didn't I say that already?)

Guest2 exclaims, "NNY. I'll remember that." Didn't he say that already? The shadow heads for the exit, grinning to himself. He's gonna kill a dragon and prove that he's the best swordsman in the village!

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