2004-03-22 The guest returns unmasked, another average night at the UR

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The guest returns unmasked, another average night at the UR


Who: Jack, Skeeve, Nuku-Nuku, Raven, Johnny_C, Samantha, Adan, Rock, Zelgadis, Ellen, Hotaru, Omero, Tris, Maverick, Brie, Xue, Sarah, Marie
When: 2004-03-22
Where: Metropolis

The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

Questions should be directed to staff.

The Usual Restaurant

You walk into a well lighted room, it's high ceilings lit by dozens of fluorescent lamps hanging from the ceiling. To the south and west are windows, which you would normally expect to see the outside world from, but looking out of them, you see only a misty gray haze. On the walls to the north and the east of the inn are an eclectic collection of paintings, photographs and even holographs of many cheap 1970's to 1980's B-movies. The bar on the east side is made out of hardwood, it's surface polished and shiny. Behind the bar, the various beverages that are served here are kept in relatively neat containers on wooden shelves. There is a large stage in one of the corners of the restaurant with a impressive sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in this room, near the north wall, is a double swing door that leads to the kitchen. On the east wall is a door leading to the UR's dance club and on the west one leading to the Gym. To the south, is the exit to the outside. A recent addition to the UR is a large fireplace against the west wall, it matches well to the rest of the restaurant and looks like it should have been there all along.

Nuku-Nuku says, "Nuku Nuku has a big family! Mama-san and Papa-san and Ryu-san and Narau-chan and Dash-Chan and Now the new baby..and Kyuko-san and Arisa-san and Shinichi-kun and Marie-chan...." ^_^

Raven smiles a bit, squeezing Jack's hand gently, and nods a hi back to Sam.

Johnny stumbles in with a limp, grining from ear to ear. Glancing around the room he gives a pathetic wave to everyone, smiling a bit too wickedly at one or two, then makes his way to his accustomed seat at the farthest table from everyone else...

Jack smirks at Hotaru, "..Well let's see. Raven's pregenant. The twins are driving us crazy." he says to her. Glancing at Samantha he smirks, "Samantha...meet Tomoe Hotaru. "

Adan glances over at Johnny as he walks in, giving him a slight bit longer stare than he did anyone else. (Okay, anyone EXCEPT the cuter girls...) . o O ("Do I know him from somewhere?")

Raven hehs. "Crazy's putting it nicely... I watched 'em all day today... I'm worn out."

Samantha giggles and extends a hand to Hotaru, with a friendly smile, "It's Sammy.. or Sam, or Sammy-chan.. Samantha's kinda a boo-boo. Don't mind it from a few people but.." she shrugs faintly, "Nice to meetcha.."

Rock says, "Basically Raven...Sam got attacked by Sun who was controlled by some guy whose name I can't remember. Said mind controller then attacked Sam and Sun and knifed Sam pretty bad."

Upon being introduced, Hotaru bows politely towards Samantha, "Pleased to meet you." she tells her in a soft toned of voice. After raising from the bow, Hotaru straightens the tessen along her back, and glances at Nuku as she calls out the list of her family members, "Such is a big family. Truely one of happiness, judging from your bright spirit." she comments with a smile. Glancing then at Samantha, and then towards Jack, Hotaru lets a small grin rise to her lips as she tells him, "Such is the chore of twins... Drive their parents crazy. Just wait untill they get to be older..." Does Hotaru knows something?? Or does she merely assume something?? With that grin, who could say?

Jack looks at Rock, tensing a bit he shakes his head, "..Who did it?"

Zel says, "Since the said person is dead Jack i don't think you ahve to worry. Otherwise i'd already be looking."

Johnny leans back in his seat and tries to put his feet up on the table. With a sore moan he manages but only after a bit of effort. Succesfuly nestled into his slackful position he pulls out one of his daggers and begins to absentmindedly twirl it around like he always does...

Jack says, "..Hotaru.." he blinks, "..No..don't wanna know. I live my sanity.."

Nuku-Nuku says, "Haiii! Nuku Nuku is very very lucky!" she gulps down her milk and sighs a happy puff-cloud.

Raven narrows her eyes a bit, waiting for the answer...

Rock says, "I don't remember his name...some little kid, a demon I think."

Samantha winces at Jack, "I-it's okay, Jack.. he's gone. Kuroi, someone from Sun-chan's past." She swallows, forcing a smile, "Don't worry about it." She glances across to Johnny and finger-waves cutely.

Jack says, "..I heard of Kuroi...."

Johnny glances over at Samantha and waves with his free hand - almost making him loose his balance. With a grin he puts his hand back down and closes his eyes.

Zel says, "Well apparently the remains are now in the UR's dustbin...."

Samantha blinks, looks to Jack and blinks again, "You have?" She asks quietly, "What about him?"

Adan peers at Johnny again, the wave having caught Adan's attention. He mumbles to himself, "...NNY... why do I remember that?"

Johnny opens his eyes and looks around for a moment. .oO(Someone say my name?)

Nuku-Nuku hops up to the Karaoke machine...."Hmmm....." :)

Jack says, "..Not much...but I remember the name."

Raven sits back in her chair, thinking...

Rock says, "Uh huh interesting."

Ellen walks in with Tris smiling.

Hotaru-chan blinks as the topic quickly moves from introductions to the topic of a person she has never heard of before. After a small bow of her head, she asks, "Please excuse me a moment while I relieve my hand of this tray." She then takes a step back, and walks on towards the back of the counter, placing the large tray where it belongs, "...?" But, with a grin, she picks up her clip-board and wrotes on it, 'Milk'. After placing the clip board back under the counter for now, she gives nuku a refill on her milk.

Johnny shrugs his shoulders and glances over at Nuku-Nuku a moment wondering if she's gonna sing something. Not feeling too intrested at the moment he closes his eyes again and listens to everyone...

Samantha nods, a little reassured by that. "Well.. there's a bit too much fer me to tell. He's gone anyway..." she finishes with a frown and then looks away, fighting it off and picking up the glass of milk that has appeared in front of her on the table. She blinks and looks to the bar, "Nani?"

Tris says, "Good evening, Boss."

Ellen says, "Hi Jack."

Adan is rather glad Johnny didn't pinpoint his little utterance. Not that he's afraid of Johnny, persay. Just not someone he's interested in talking to at the moment. His left hand goes his side, just under his ribs, pushing lightly on the armor. . o O ("Seems the bruise has settled down for the most part...")

Zel notes Sammy's confusion,"Nuku treated everyone toa glass since she found out she's going to ahve a new sibling."

Raven takes out her PDA as if struck by a thought, and starts tapping...

Jack looks at Tirs, "Hey Tris.."

Rock blinks looking over at Raven, "What're you doing?"

Zel sips his milk and makes a bit of a face for some reasont hen leans over to look at waht Raven is up to.

Nuku-Nuku pushes a few buttons on the Karaoke machine..the stage lights up and music begins to play. A piano sonata at first, then *whip crack* torimaku Secret nazomeku Hysteric odore yo Clap Your Hands kyou kara ha fushigina My Body fusenai desareta Process hajimari ne

Samantha looks at Nuku and smiles warmly, lifting the glass in a little toast, "Hey, that's great! Thanks, Nuku!" ^^ She grins and then takes a grateful gulp of the milk.

Raven quickly holds up a finger as if to say 'just a moment', and taps rapidly...

Rock says, "Uh ok..."

Nuku-Nuku sings kaze ukete kami yureru nani mo kamo ga mabushii And as the wind blows,runs through my hair and everything is sparkling, just like the sun deau toki ha itsudemo Happy Birthday! shinpin no watashi ga te o furu tenshi ga hohoenderu Happy Birthday! ima sugu ni aitai no kimamana anata ni So now it's time again; it's always my Happy Birthday!I lift my brand new hand and give a wave to the world The angels smile down upon us all; Happy Birthday! So now I want to see you happy too, come on be carefree with me soon kirameku Mystery shireteru History

Nuku-Nuku dances as she sings~

Ellen leans against Tris a little and gives Jack a small wave.

Tris asks, "....Dinner and a show? Sounds good to me... How're you doing, JAck?"

Jack shrugs to Tris, "Not much..."

Johnny opens his eyes and glances up at Nuku-Nuku feeling very confused. .oO(What the hell is she singing?) Reguradless he nods his head to the beat anyways...

Adan peers at an empty table and begins to concentrate. . o O ("I wonder if my magic works in this dimension?") The napkins on the table start to waft slightly, as if a small room fan were blowing in their direction. After a few moments, one breaks free of its earthly bonds and flies off the table. Adan does his best to look nonchalant.

Nuku-Nuku continues with the sing, moving about with consderable energy..and she can swing her hips good, too!

Raven finishes tapping in a sort of flourish, and puts her PDA away, smiling a little.

Rock asks, "...What was that all about now?"

Zel asks, "Okay Raven, waht was that all about?"

Samantha giggles a bit at Nuku, then glances at Raven, raising an eyebrow, "Yeah, what's up?"

Zel blinks and turns to Rock,"Great minds and all taht?"

Adan, feeling a little guilty that someone he doesn't know might have to clean up for him, promptly retrieves the napkins and puts them back in their container. (What a nice guy!)

Nuku-Nuku sings madogoshi no hikari datte yuuki o kureru kigasuru And through the window, the light is shining- courage comes to you at last! Imagine that! kagami no na kawaratte Happy Birthday omou mama tobitatsu no yo Moving Heart muna sawagi no yokan ha Happy Birthdayakogare ja todokanai kimamana anata ni Look in the lovely mirror now and say Happy BirthdayMy thoughts are flying everywhere like yourMoving Heart Uneasy premonitions of this day- Happy Birthday

Rock nods, "Yeah gotta be."

Nuku-Nuku finishes her song and bows~ ^_^

Raven smiles. "Figuring things out for child-proofing the apartment..."

Raven says, "In other words, keeping the apartment safe from the kids..."

Johnny stumbles with his dagger for once. It slips out of his hand and falls to the floor. Surprised at his own clumsiness he quickly looks down at it. The sudden movement throws off his balance and thanks to his nice new injuries he looses control and falls backwards onto the floor beside his dagger with a moan. "Awwww shit..."

Rock asks, "Let me guess...one Rock Howard?"

Jack looks at Raven, "..Raven...that is impossible." and he looks at Rock, "..Unless you can keep Marie from phasing through everything. And keep Ems curiosity under control."

Zel says, "Ah. I thought you might be planning for that robot wars event going on."

Raven laughs!! "Well, that too... I had some ideas, don't know if I'm gonna enter, though."

Ellen asks, "Lovely...more things I didn't know about...and you want me to watch these kids?"

Samantha blinks, many many times, and doesn't know where to start. She settles for holding up a finger and smiling apologetically to the table before standing up and going to help Johnny, offering him a hand up, "You okay?"

Rock asks, "Lovely...more things I didn't know about...and you want me to watch these kids?"

Tris says, "I'll have to make a note not to ever agree to babysit for you guys."

Johnny blinks looking up at Samantha, seeing her offering to help him up AGAIN he moans, "Not again... Nah, I'm alright. Thanks... just a bit sore still..." Crawling to his feet he chuckles and picks his dagger off the floor and puts it away before righting his seat.

Samantha giggles, straightening up again with a faint wince. She winks, "Just as well.. not sure I c'n pick up anythin' more than a few pounds."

Zel shakes his head,"I'd offer, but never had to deal with children younger than 9 years of age."

Adan, on one hand, is quite glad he doesn't know anyone. The last thing he needs right now is a job babysitting. On the other hand, it would be nice to have a buddy to introduce him to some of the finer ladies around here... bah, Adan. Who are you kidding? You don't need a wingman.

Ellen gives a small chuckle, "Oh Tris, I doubt Jack would ask us too anyway. I mean we have our own things to be worried about."

Tris asks, "Huh?"

Ellen asks, "Like getting set up in the apartment?"

Johnny nods at Samantha as he climbs back into his seat. "Your in a better mood..."

Zel blinks and looks up form his drink,"You two still ahven't gotten a place?"

Jack glances at Tris and Ellen, "...Why didn't you guys tell me?"

Tris says, "No, we HAVE a place, though it's not terribly well furnished just yet."

Ellen nods, "We need to finish moving in. Right now it's mostly sleeping bags...and sleeping bags."

Jack says, "..They're already living together?" and he blinks. "..And I thought I could move fast." he thinks with a shake of his head.

Samantha grins, nodding, "That I am!" She hops up onto a barstool with some of her usual perkiness and promptly winces, lightly clutching her bandaged stomach, "Oww..." she gives her head a shake then smiles at Johnny again, "Did what I had to do.. I got her back..."

Ellen blushes a little, "Jack!"

Zel blushes too and shakes his head,"I suppose if you think aobut it..."

Tris says, "It's a two bedroom apartment..."

Raven looks at Jack, eyebrow raised. "'Scuse me?"

Hotaru-chan returns from the back of the UR, again imerging from the employees only area. She then looks over the multitude, and smiles. She then walks on over towards Jack, and catches the 'move fast' comment. Her eyebrow arches, and then she shakes her head, instead, she looks at Raven, and offers a polite bow of her head.

Johnny raises an eyebrow to Samantha's words and shakes his head. .oO(Probably better I didn't know...) With a bit more care than last time he props his feet back up onto the table and resumes listening to everyone with his eyes closed...

Raven nods back to Hotaru. "Hiya.."

Jack smirks a bit and shrugs, "Hey....call 'em like I see 'em." he looks at Tris and raises an eyebrow. But as Raven speaks he sweatdrops, "..Did I say something? Oh no....not this Phoenix.." he chuckles nervously. Well..we know what Jack fears.

Raven smirks. "So, let's try that statement again, shall we? A bit more wife-friendly, perhaps?"

Ellen giggles a little at Jack.

Adan wakes up a little bit, glancing over at Samantha softly. He finally noticed the wounded stomach at her grunt. His eyes never made it that far south on the first go around. He decides to walk over to her, offering a friendly smile, "Hey. That wound doesn't look so good... I'm not much of a healer, but I've been trained with a little bit of magic. I may be able to take the edge off of the pain if you'd like."

Rock sighs and shakes his head and orders another Jack and Coke.

Tris hides the slight redness of his face with a hand. "Food. we came here for food..."

Jack eye twitches and the sweatdrop gets a bit bigger. "..Eh...what statment? Did I make a comment? SOrry...don't remember hun." and with another nervous chuckle, "..Eh...look pretty tonight hun." oO("I'm dead...dead...dead.")

Ellen nods, "Of course we did."

Zel makes sure there is a clear path between Ravena nd Jack,.

Raven looks pretty tired, dark circles under her eyes and everything. "Uh-huh... And another?"

Rock blinks looking over at Raven, "Er...are you ok?"

Zel stands up after finishing off the last of his milk,"Think i'll go talk to Johnny and Samantha...."

Jack says, "Another? Another what? Maybe I should go watch the kids. Yeah...that's it.."

Samantha blinks and pouts a bit at Johnny, "Aww... okay..." she smiles and then looks to Adan as he walks up, not bothered by his armour.. after all, Xue goes a bit OTT in that department also. She shakes her head, "Thanks for offerin' but.. I got all magicked up already. By rights I should be dead, it's prob'ly best for a few days natural healing..." she then offers a hand, "Anyway. I'm Sammy.."

Raven points to a chair. "Sit..."

Johnny overhears Adan and looks up as his words echo a certain sleep obsessed former friend. Tilting his head at the man he shakes his head and closes his eyes again.

Hotaru-chan looks at Jack, and slowly she blinks her eyes. "Onii-chan..." she calls towards him as she slips her hands behind her head, fingers twined togather, and her palms now supporting her head, "Is everything alright?" she then asks him softly.

Omero pushes open the door to the Usual Restaurant and waltzes inside

Brie walks in, looking for people that she recognizes...

Zel walks over to the trio and catches the part about the magical healing,"Hmm, guess that cuts out my offer." He nods to Adan,"Sorry, haven't met. I'm Zelgadis Greywards."

Adan smiles a little more broadly in return. He accepts the hand, offering a gentle shake. He bows his head slightly, "A pleasure to meet you, Sammy. My name's Adan." He glances at Zel, and offers a nod. Hrm, this guy must be gargish? After shaking Sammy's hand, he cordially offers his hand to Zel, "Adan Hunter. Paladin in the service of Lord British. I suppose the people here are a bit nicer than the ones back home!"

Zel Takes the offered hand and returns the shake. He looks a bit puzled,"Lord British?"

Johnny opens one eye to stare at Adan again, "Lord British?"

Samantha retrieves her hand and smiles, looking between Zel and Adan for a second before she looks to the bar and smiles at the bartender, "Ne.. c'n I get a strawberry Italian soda? ... thanks." She turns back, raising an eyebrow as she waits to hear who 'Lord British' is. (Billy Kane?)

Adan tilts his head off to one side, not surprised that Zel isn't familiar with the name of his liege. "...I'm not from around here. Lord British is the ruler of Britannia, one of the wisest and most virtuous men you could ever meet. I'm proud to serve him as my uncle did before me." He glances over at Johnny, to see if he caught the explanation.

Omero makes his way over towards the bar where the most people he knows seem to be clustered. "Well hello hello." Brie walks over to the bar, taking a seat...

Johnny blinkblinks at Adan, the familarity of his words setting off a spark in his memory. "No way... Hey man, how's your side?" For some reason the question sets him into a fit of laughter.

Tris sighs and falls into a seat.

Zel crosses his arms and sighs,"Sorry, not triggering any bells for me. And here I though i knew most worlds. the only Britannia I know if is inrufernace it Britian. An island country have way aroudn the wolrd form ehre."

Samantha nods happily, "Oh, you're from England? One o' my old team-mates was.. from... there...." she tails off with a frown, her usually flicking tail stopping behind her and fluttering sadly to the floor of the restaurant. (I'd forgotten about that...)

Maverick steps into the Usual, dufflebag slung over his shoulder, and a bit of a confused look on his face. Nevertheless, he makes his way into the restaurant like he owns it.

Raven shudders a bit at the mention of England, then turns her head to look at the newcomer..

Hotaru-chan looks at Adan as he makes himself known. Untwining her fingers, she takes on a more formal position to herself, and offers the paladin a bow. Afterall, she's only read about them, and never seen one. Besides...one does not make new friends unless you make an effort, ne?

Omero turns to the bartender and orders, "Beer please." He then turns to look around the Usual. Busy tonight.

Zel glances over at Sammy and sighs again,"Ah....I think I understand. I'm sorry Sammy."

Adan shrugs slightly in response to Zel, "Well, it's one of MANY dimensions that exist. At least, that's what my uncle taught me. I think I'm from this dimension... although, I didn't quite picture Japan like this. My real parents had a home in California." He glances over at Sam, "No, not that England, though Lord British's castle is in a town named Britain. He, too, was from this dimension. From England, and the people in Britannia called him "Lord British", eventually named the entire country after him." He is about to bow in response to Hotaru, when Johnny's comment catches his attention. "...my side? How'd you know about that?"

Maverick strolls casually down towards the bar, leaning against it. As the bartender passes, he asks casually. "Hey, I don't suppose you'd know where the U.S. Naval Base here is, would you?"

Brie finds a somewhat familiar face among those at the bar, "Hey Samantha! ^_^"

Samantha offers Zel a small shrug, "S'okay.." she murmurs, "A lotta people died back home before I came here.. that was just one I'd kinda forgotten about. Heat of battle an' all, ne?" She shrugs again then looks to Adan, nodding, "Oh.. okay... never heard that!" She grins and reaches back for her soda, hearing Brie as she picks the glass up.. her gaze flickers to her fellow catgirl and she waves. "Heya Brie! How's it goin'?"

Johnny continues to laugh at the newcomer, "Just a hunch! ...and call me NNY!"

Raven hmms, then calls out to the new guy. "I don't think there is one around here, chummer..."

The jukebox switches songs ands tarts into 'Danger zone'.

Maverick looks up and over at Raven. It's only a moment before he starts to smile. "Oh, well, there has to be... you see, I've been transferred to it." He casually strolls over to her. "What's your name?"

Raven offers a hand. "Raven. Raven Karrde. Lt. in a different kind of military, if ya wanna be formal, chum. Lesse, we have a defense force, merc guild, and other groups, but I don't believe we have a navy, per se..."

Omero takes a drink from his beer, and gives a pleased sigh. He then spares a glance over in the direction of Maverick and Raven. He debates if he should be getting a consolation drink for the fellow.

Maverick shakes the offered hand. "A pleasure. The name's Maverick, by the way." He starts fishing around in his bomber jacket. "And I've got a transfer to a ship called the..." He sneaks a peek at the order. "...Pegasus. Ever heard of it?"

Brie grins at Samantha, "Pretty good... how about you?"

Raven chuckles. "The Pegasus! Yes, I've heard of it... but it's not really a.. navy vessel.. Man, it's been a while since I've been on it..." she hmmms. "Actually, I don't even know if it made it here..."

Hotaru-chan takes a step back, to give Raven and Maverick more room to converse. She then runs her fingertips through her shoulder length hair, and then she looks about the UR. "Ja matta." she claims as she turns for the door, and then heads that way, .o O ( Sara is awaiting me, I am most certain. ) "Untill later." she then calls.

Kawatta pushes open the door to the usual in time to here the name Pegasus thrown araound "What about the Pegasus?" Maverick raises an eyebrow, putting the order back in his jacket. "You're kidding me... the Pegasus was supposed to arrive in Japanese waters almost 8 months ago."

Adan stares at Johnny intensely for some portion of a single second. Was this the guy talking to him in his dream? "I'll talk to you later, NNY... and yes, I do remember that." His attention turns back to Hotaru. Now -here- is a pretty face. He is about to say something to her, and she turns and walks away. Great! "...ah, yes. Good night, Miss!" . o O ("Never caught her name!")

Samantha gives a faint shrug, looking down at her bandaged mid-section, "The body's been better, but.. I'm happy as anythin'!" She smiles, then takes a sip of her soda and notices Omero on the other side of Brie. Lowering her soda into her lap she waves, "Heya!" and then directs the wave to Hotaru's back as she leaves. "Um.. bye..."

Zel glances over at Ravena nd Maverick,"The Pegusus made it but..it's not in the water."

Raven says, "Hey Kawatta... this gentleman here.." she gestures to Maverick, "says he was transferred to the Pegasus.." she looks back at Maverick. "Um, how can I break this to ya... the Pegasus that I know of isn't a water-travelling vessel..."

Johnny does his best to calm down until Adan makes his comment about remebering his name. This is enough to send him into another fit of snickering. Unconciously he pulls out his dagger again and begins to twirl it around again...

Kawatta looks back and forth between everyone, then stares at Mavrick for a moment "ah...mind if I see the transfer orders?"

Maverick glances from Zelgadis.. to Kawatta... to Raven... and then back to Zelgadis. He just can't help staring at the guy - that's quite a skin condition. "Uhh... yeah." Recovering gamely, he passes the orders over to Kawatta.

Zel says, "Boy is he in for a shock."

Omero chuckles and gives a smile to Samantha, "Well hello, pleasure to see you here."

Zel becomes aware that he's dawing a bit more attention than usual. He's gotten use to most just writting him off as normal that Maverick's attention makes him a little uncomfterble.

Kawatta looks over the orders "...from Mirimar USA to Okinawa Naval base, USS Pegasus aircraft carrier, one LT. Peter 'Mavrick' Mitchele..." he looks over at Mavrick "Oh boy are you in for a suprise..."

Adan mutters slightly under his breath about a missed chance, and holds a hand up in gesture to Zelgadis and Samantha. "Excuse me for a second, I believe I need to talk to the raving lunatic for just a few minutes." He gently slips aside and moves to Johnny's table, inviting himself to a seat. He removes his sword sheath and sets the beautiful longsword on the table, his left hand holding the sheath tightly, possessively. "...so, how much exactly of my dreams did you see, 'NNY'?"

Maverick looks back at Kawatta. "...does it have anything to do with that guy on the street with wings?"

Raven can't help but laugh a little. "Not laughing at ya, Maverick, but welcome to the nuthouse..." her eyebrow raises. "Guy with wings? What'd he look like?"

Zel smirks and looks at Maverick,"Let's put it this way. You better not come in to high for landing. The launch bay is pretty narrow."

Johnny puts his feet down on the floor and holds his stomach as he tries his best not to laugh. "Dreams? Hell, you came in here the other night! You didn't look like you, but who cares..."

Kawatta says, "nnn-... Oh wiat, Cecil, no. He works on another ship."

Samantha smiles at Adan, "Sure.. wait.." she blinks, pauses, then shakes her head and she looks back to Omero. "Likewise.. now I know yer not tryin' ta drug me or anythin'." She winks and sips her soda.

Kawatta asks, "You've seen the wizard of Oz, right Mavrick?"

Maverick shrugs faintly. THen blinks. "... ....okay, so what *IS* the deal with the wings? Is it Hallowe'en in Japan today or something?"

Zel just watches the exchange between Maverick and Kawatta for now.

Raven laughs again. "No, just a lot of people happen to have them, that's all... hate to tell ya this sailor, but you're not in Kansas anymore..." she smirks. "Things are a bit different."

Maverick blinks suddenly at the odd question. "Well, yeah, once. That's kind of non-sequitur, isn't it?"

Tris ponders.... . o O ( oh, it's soooo tempting to shapeshift into an ogre or something to freak the guy out. )

Kawatta says, "No, you're gonna find it like this every day... see your not in Kansas anymore, it might be better if I just show you."

Maverick blinks a few times. "I suppose so - you with the Military?"

Kawatta says, "something like that, it's called the NTSDF"

Omero laughs and nods to Samantha, "Certainly not, I'm hoping no drugs will be needed to impress you." He raises his beer to her and takes a drink of it before he glances to check on the conversation about the Pegasus

Maverick is quiet for a little longer. "...you know HOW to get in touch with the US Navy?"

Zel blinks at Maverick,"We probably could but they probably dont have a record of you ehre."

Adan drums his fingers on the leather sword sheath, not entirely impressed with Johnny's answer. He doesn't remember coming here. "...right. Just tell me what you saw. I'm sorry to be so abrupt, but my dreams are a little personal to me."

Kawatta says, "I do." he glances at Zel "We really should take this one step at a time."

Raven nods. "Yeah... don't want to overload the poor boy on his first day..."

Samantha giggles, blushing a bit, "Actually.." she adds, blushing a bit more and waving a hand vaguely in the air, "If y'mean.. like that... I'm kinda taken-an'-then-some." She turns her previously waving hand to display the ring adorning her finger.

Zel says, "Your Call KAwatta. Been a long time since I worked on anyhting witht e military."

Maverick nods. "Fine, let's go then." He then raises an eyebrow. "...do I look like a 'kid' to you?"

Johnny grins, "You came in couldn't remember a damn thing, sat with me awhile. Then you acted out some memory about getting hurt and ran off to slay a dragon!" As he finishes saying this he begins to chuckle to himself again.

Raven smirks. "I didn't say 'kid', I said 'boy'... don't worry, I do it to everyone... but I'll stop if ya want."

Omero shakes his head a bit at the ring Samantha shows, "Well son of a... when did that happen?" Kawatta offers to lead Maverick.

Maverick grins abruptly at that. "Well, whatever works for you will be fine by me."

Kawatta says, "this is going to be a little weird..." he pulls up one sleeve and presses a button on his watch "Pegasus, two to beam up."

Brie comes back from the restroom...

Zel laughs,"Raven, you said somethigna bout overloading hsi brain. What are you going to call a trasporter to a spaceship?"

Maverick laughs faintly. "I don't think this is Star Tr-" And he's cut off by the materialization beam.

Kawatta says, "the quickest way to getting him back on the healing road."

Adan's ears did catch Samantha's ring statement. He removs a node from his linked list of possible leads and pushes Hotaru higher on the list for now. "You heard a lot, NNY. Do me a favor and try to forget it." Why did it have to be two BAD dreams? "Can I buy you a drink or something, maybe? Help you forget?"

Tris says, "...Well, dinner now."

Raven laughs! "Ten to one he comes back for a drink later... or a lot of 'em..."

Omero nods to Samantha, "One or the other, I think its the first I've seen of it. Who gave it to you?"

Kawatta leaves with Maverick following behind.

Zel says, "I say we pass the hat. Collect a fund."

Brie comes back over by Samantha, "Ooo... Nice ring :D"

Johnny winces in pain and grins, "Nah... I'm fine... Just, next time don't be so anti-social.... I hate the silent ones..."

Xue Qian steps in the door, hair dishevelled, and generally not in the best of moods. She glares out the door, and shouts somethign in Elvish that would be inappropriet to translate into english at the cab that dropped her off. Turning around, she heads towards the bar, giving a general wave in the air "Evening, folks..." -.-

Raven hmms. "I'll be right back..."

Samantha giggles softly, lowering her hand and pausing to take a sip of her soda. When Brie comes over she smiles and lifts her hand again, offering the ring-finger for inspection. "Thanks.." she murmurs, then looks to Omero again, "Her name's Sun.. y'might know her, she was from NeoTokyo too..."

Zel is about to say something when raventakes off. He instead waves to Xue,'Hello, what happend to you Xue?

Adan smiles a little bit at Johnny. "Well, I can't control what I dream about. To you, it may have been real- you were just speaking to my subconscious, I guess. I would have been less embarrassed if you'd caught me dreaming about a cute girl back home." He glances over at Xue. Eh, too short for him. "So, I suppose you might want to know what they were about?"

Brie blinks, "Sun? Yeah, I know her..."

Brie says, "I guess they didn't make it, then...."

Omero blinks uncomprehendingly at Samantha for a brief moment. For some reason, that shocks him. "Yeah... I know her..." he then shakes his head a bit and glances over at Xue and her entrance. "Hmm, evening. Some days you get the wolf, eh?"

Johnny shrugs at Adan, "Nope! Don't care... you remember your name yet, Paladan?"

Samantha tilts her head, sensing a little of the shock in Omero, then she shrugs, smiles and looks between him and Brie, "Well, good'ta know my girlfriend's famous!" She grins and giggles.. before following the collective gaze to Xue. "Oh.. heya, Xue... what happened?"

Xue Qian grumbles as she hops onto a barstool, resisting the temptation to order alcohol, instead ordering a coke. She glares from Zel, to Omero, then back around to the bar, muttering "Combination cab problems and female problems... nothing you two would likely understand". She doesn't give Sam a glare, since sam likely DOES know what shes talking about. -.-;

Brie is suprised about the marriage as well... considering that probably means that her other spouse(es) didn't make it here...

Adan grins to himself. He's _glad_ that Johnny doesn't care. He doesn't really know the guy, "Of course. If you didn't hear me introducing myself to everyone else around you, my name's Adan Hunter. And it's Pal-uh-din."

Zel blinks and actually DOES know what that problem might be,"Ah, I see."

Omero nods faintly to Xue, "Hopefully not to incomprehensable for sympathy. And the cab problems are something I think I could understand." he lifts his beer and takes another sip from it

Samantha winces faintly and offers a small, reassuring smile, "I don't take cabs but.. yeah." She nods slowly, wincing again, "I tend to just.. stay at home myself, though a few punchbags've bitten the dust." She looks at Brie and tilts her head, giving her the look she gave Omero, "Somethin' on y'mind?"

Johnny nods, "I told you it'd come back to you. I'm Johnny C. But you should already know that... You still want that tour?"

Brie says, "I guess I'm just a bit worried about the Kinomotos.... haven't seen them since I arrived here..."

Adan glances around the room again. No cute ladies in particular to worry about introducing himself to. At least not single ones. "I suppose... what's worth seeing around here?"

Johnny thinks for a moment. "Uh... theres the sewers. The badlands are kinda fun. Oh, and theres a hell of alot of beaches... That's about it I guess. They won't even let me in the damn video store..."

Zel takes a seat at the bar and rubs his eyes as he pulls out some papers to go over.

Xue Qian mutters again in elvish as she gets her coke. SilverFrost sighs "Of all the people to get stuck with, why a brat...". She just gives a glare, before looking to Zel and Sam, frowning "Any updates on that buster in the badlands? anyone find it yet?"

Zel looks over at Xue and shakes his head,"Been hoping to do a run into the badlands again but it just never came up. I still want to check that area though."

Samantha nods to Brie, "Yeah.. well... I've kinda given up on my mom." She smiles and shrugs a little, "I can feel she's okay, an' that's enough.. if she shows up, I'll be even happier, if not I guess I have'ta accept it."

Adan's face seems to fall just a little bit. Sewers. Great. No, I don't think so! He looks over at Zel, Xue, Sam. "Are you looking for someone? My job back home was to hunt down criminals. I was pretty much the best in my district." His sword glows a little, light poking out of the cracks at the top of the sheath. It must like the idea of chasing down bad guys.

Brie nods, "I guess so..." He sighs .oO(Guess I'll have to find new members for Neo Firer Bomber...)

Zel blinks at Adan,"hmm, right now not looking form someone so mucha s something. Magebuster mark 3 gravtank." He does some quick thinking in his head about the numbers and let's out a sigh,"We have alot of people already......but I suppose if we got at least one mor ethat would be team...three."

Johnny waves at Zel, "Hey wait? You gonna go kill things without me?"

Xue Qian gives Adan a sharp look, before turning back to the bar, letting Zel take this one. She does give Johnny a siniser grin, however "want us to send you a postcard?". Xue + PMS = twiiiisted lil girl

Johnny glares at Xue, "Oh come on... that ain't even funny..."

Zel sets his forhead on the bar,"Johnny, usually people PAY to be allowed to go along unless part of a team."

Adan says, "Mage buster, huh?" He concentrates for a second and the Edge of Vritue fades from existance, being replaced by a different sword, a plainer handle, but a much more interesting blade. A scimitar. "If magic is involved, I have just the right weapon." He grins broadly. He sure does love his toys.

Johnny digs out his wallet and pulls out a blood stained US $20 bill. "This enough?"

Zel looks at the bill and blinks,"Johnny...why is it bloodstained? adn Where did you get US funds?"

Johnny blinks, "I'm from the United States? And um.... I have a lot of money like that." With a grin he adds, "...people just kinda left it around my house. That's what payed for my trip over here..."

Xue Qian smirks "Was funny to me" she then raises an eyebrow at the dollar bill, sweatdropping. as if she hasnt been seeing enough blood lately as it is -.-; "what were the people doing in your house when they left it, may i ask? MOST people hang onto currency of some value"

Johnny smirks at Xue, "Hanging around..."

Samantha glances at Johnny, smiles, then looks to Zel, "What if I brought him along as a guest?" She grins and shrugs, "Take his fee outta whatever I earn on any trip he comes with."

Zel bumps his head back intot he bar,"Why do I get the feeling that when he says hanging around he means it literaly?"

Johnny chuckles at Zel for getting it right on the first try.

Zel looks up at Samantha and nods,"I guess we could do that if you'd like. To be honest If he goes intot he badlands i feel better knowing where he is."

Adan decides to find out a little more about Zel. He leans back in his seat across from Johnny, propping himself against the table with his left foot, the boot rather clean considering how much daily wear it used to get. "So, Zelgadis. What is it exactly that you do? Are you a warrior? A magician? A scholar?"

Omero shakes his head slightly and takes a drink from his beer, finishing the last of it. He sets the mug down on the bar counter.

Pushign the doors to the Usual open, Alex traipses inside casually. The fighter jock tucks hsihands into his jacket pockets as he looks about idly

Zel looks up at Adan's questiona nd shrugs,"Warrior mostly. Mage as well and currently leader by default for the Bane of Oakali."

Brie says, "Alex!!"

Brie gets up from her seat and runs over to him, attempting to latch on to him ^_^

Xue Qian snerks, and cant help but agree on the idea of meaning it literally "Long as he can hold his own out there, and doesn't need babysitting, i have no complaints about anyone coming, him or otherwise"

Samantha sips her soda and glances at Omero as he sets his beer down, raising her eyebrow briefly.. then her ears twitch and she looks to the door as Alex enters. "Hey, Alex! 'Sup?" (Testing one two?)

Omero glances up at Samantha to return the look about his beer. He chuckles a bit at the eyebrow. Then, he checks who it is that has walked in and earned such a welcome.

Alex lets out a startled yelp as Brie latches onto him. He hadn't been quite ready for it and was sent stumbling back a few steps. He playfully ruffled Brie's hair as he said, "Hey you," his gaze tilts up to Samantha, giving her a wave. (Looks like it still works...)

Zel motions to Samantha and Xue,"This is two of the members of the Banes. Aslo there is Rock Howard, Rifter, Raven Karrde, Latran and Heimdal. Heimdal isn't acutally fighting anymore, he handles most of the paperwork and redtape now."

Samantha grins and nods. (Yeah, it's dulling though.. probably be gone in a little while. Sorry about this... if you've been feeling what I've been feeling the last coupla days it can't have been fun...) She blinks as her name is mentioned and looks to Adan, nodding to confirm what Zel has said.

Adan doesn't seem to like the sound of the word "Bane" too much. His uncle's death was closely related to the Banes in the Serpent Isle. "I see... well, if you're a warrior, then where is your sword?" Right to business, eh? "Regardless, if you ever need help for a noble task, I'm here to give it. I'm always ready to fight for a good cause." He's always ready to fight for a good fight too, but it's nice to politick it up.

Johnny puts away his wallet and gets out his dagger again. This time instead of twirling it he puts it's point on the table and spins it like a top but without removing his hand from the hilt. .oO(...boreing...)

Zel raises a hand and a white miist swirls around him for s second. When the cloud clears he is in his typical white outfit with cloak and his gold hilted sword at his side. He crosses his arms and smirks,"I did say I was a mage as well. We could probably use another gfighter. As I said we'd be one short of a new team."

Adan offers Zel a big grin, "Well then - you have your man. I like your sword, by the way." he'd pull his out to show off the pretty blade, but that's not something you do inside a restaurant. At least not _this kind of restaurant_. "You probably don't realize it yet, but with me on your side, you're just about unstoppable."

Xue Qian eavesdrops as she drinks, but keeps quiet for the moment.

Zelgadis bigsweats at Adan's boast,"I am sure we will appreciate your skill." Neither he or the staff seems to take much notice of the drawn blade other than a nervous glance. Once they see he's not going to attack they go bakc to what they were doing.

Brie mous and giggles as her hair is ruffled, "How've you been, ren'ai?" she asks Alex.

SilverFrost, Xue's sword, can't help but make some smartass comment, as usual, much to it's weilders annoyance "A gunfighter... armed with a sword. How amusingly paradoxical..."

Alex chuckles softly at Brie, "I've been alright," he replies to her, his gaze flicking to samantha as more unspoken words pass (Yeah...care to tell me just what the hell happened? Not right now of course...)

Adan's attention is caught by SilverFrost, to Adan, more amazing than the wielder. "Whoa..." Never seen a talking sword before. He peers at Xue's sword, "... that's really, really, awesome!"

Samantha giggles softly at all the sword-talk, and shifts a hand to the hilt of her blade.. then realises it isn't there and 'oopsies' quietly, shifting her hand back into her lap. She nods to Alex. (Soon as I know, I'll tell ya.. the only other person I can do this with is Sun-chan, but she can do it with anyone...)

Brie nods and nuzzles, "Whatcha been up to?" .oO(I still don't know why I had that horrible nightmare.... I just hope it doesn't return...)

Alex gives Brie a light squeeze and shakes his head, "Not much, been working with Jack trying to get ourselves setup more"

Brie asks, "Oh? Setup with what?"

Alex grins broadly as he replies, "Our new squadron," he chuckles, "We've got most of what we need, cept for a proper base"

Johnny lets out a sigh and begins to twirl his dagger around again...

Zelgadis goes back to his papers for the time being, trying to sort out a few things....

Brie says, "Awesome! ^_^"

Brie sighs, "Now if I just had my valk..."

Xue Qian sweatdrops, giving Adan a look somewhere between amused and annoyed "Trust me... it gets old fast..."

Omero raises a hand to wave to Jack and Raven from his place at the bar where he seems to have gone quiet and mildly thoughtful

Alex smiles, "Well apparently we've been pilling all sorts of salvage lately, including a few VFs. Maybe we can find something useable out there..." he pauses as he notices someone enter. Looking voer at Jack he chuckles, "Speak of the devil"

Zelgadis looks up form some papers he was loking at to wave to Raven and Jack,"Hello Jack, raven. back again?"

Jack walks in. Hands in his coat pockets as he walks back in the UR. And guess what, he's wearing a trench coat again folks.

Raven strolls in "Yeah, apparantly one of 'em was my old VF... anyone so much as breathes on 'er the wrong way deals with me..." she smirks.

Jack glances at Raven and hehs as he looks at Alex.

Adan smiles slightly at Xue, "Well, it's neat, regardless. I like to think my swords have a bit of a bond with me." He pulls Magebane from its sheath, showing off the brilliant sapphire blue blade of the scimitar. He stares at it for a moment, then pulls a napkin from the center of the table and starts polishing at a slight blemish. How annoying! He continues on to Xue, glancing up between strokes, "...I didn't catch your name, by the way. I'm Adan Hunter."

Brie nods, "Hey Jack! ^_^ Hi Raven."

Jack says, "..Hey Brie.."

Raven waves at Omero, then at Brie. "Heya..."

Alex tilts his head curiously at Jack and Raven, "Er...do I want to know what you're talking about you two?"

Samantha waves at Jack and Brie as they return. "Heya!"

Brie currently 'attached to' Alex.

Jack asks, "..Uh..Alex...remember that...VF that was being controlled by that bug?"

Xue Qian draws SilverFrost, which casts a pale blue light on the surrounding area, and drops the immediate temperature around Xue down several dozen dagrees. Said sword mutters "Yea yea... enough compare and contrast, brat...". She sweatdrops as she resheaths it "Quiet, you...". She then looks to Adan "I'm Xue Qian. SilverFrost you've appearently met. As for a 'bond', we agre to disagree..." -_-;

Zelgadis says, "...and make up more insults in elvish than I though possible."

Omero raises an eyebrow now at the mention of a bug controlling a VF. "Hmm, the Pegasus... wonder if my own valk came through alright with it..."

Jack looks at Omero and just...hehs. "Dismantled...thank KAwatta."

Brie blinks, "VF controlled by a bug?"

Jack says, "..Big bug...very big bug."

Samantha grins at Jack, "Damn big.. five shuriken didn't even make a mark!" She giggles and sips her soda, then looks over to Johnny, "Ne.. bored?"

Adan says, "An ice-based weapon. That's a first. Whatever mage enchanted that blade was pretty original." Satisfied with the sheen of Magebane, he slides it back into its sheath. He holds the sword up demonstratively, "This is Magebane, it used to belong to my Uncle. Never talks back. I'm starting to think it's best that way." He tilts his head at Xue, "How good are you with that sword, anyhow?"

Johnny rolls his eyes at the lack of intresting conversation around here. Leaning back in his chair again he looks around at the room and pulls up his left sleave revealing all the weapons and launching devices attatched to them. Digging deep into his pocket he takes out a small tool kit and begins to modify one of them. Hearing Samantha he nods and smirks.

Raven takes a seat... then blinks for a moment, then gets up and walks off to the restroom.

Alex nods to Jack after thinking about it a second, "Yeah I remember...wasn't much left of it either after we were finished..."

Raven comes back, looking a bit pale, and orders a strawberry milkshake on her return.

Omero rolls his eyes, "Grand... just grand... I could have used that one too. Especially now. I can't exactly requisition one anymore."

Jack asks, "..A few parts.." he looks at Raven. "YOu okay?"

Xue Qian raises an eyebrow at Adan "We can hold our own..." c_C

Dragonmaster Cale comes walking out of the kitchen with an armful of leather bound books of various colors. He blinks and pauses as he comes out, glancing around. "Ano..." o O ( Wow, this many people up this late? Cool! ) He sets the books down behind the bar and moves over behind it, casting a "Greetings!" To the restaurant in general.

Raven hehs and smiles. "Yeah, fine..."

Zelgadis looks up as he catches the 'are you okay'.

Jack asks, "..Let me guess...Aerial acting up?"

Adan nods his head, looking rather smug now. Two different swordfighters in one day, not to mention the NNY person sitting across from him at the table. He lets Magebane fade from existance to be replaced by the Edge of Virtue; his favorite. His gaze quickly traces over to Cale, and he holds up a hand in greeting. "Good evening!"

Raven chuckles. "She never does seem to like what I have for dinner..."

Samantha headtilts a bit at Raven, offers a little smile, then looks back to the bar to order a refill, "Strawberry It-oh!" She grins as Cale comes in, "Heya, Cale!" She leans over and peers at the books behind the bar, looking up at the Dragonmaster and raising an eyebrow, "Whatcha got there?"

Jack says, "..Try something less greasy. You know I can barely keep down a pizza."

Samantha is heavily bandaged around her midsection, incidentally.. and has a gem (exactly like Sun's three) embedded in her collarbone.

Xue Qian smirks over at Cale "Hey... lots of familiar faces tonight, it seems..."

Zelgadis says, "Hello Cale." he then turns to Adan and holds out a sheaf of paper,"You might want to go over these if your joining us. Heimdal will need them to process your membership wih the exchange."

Raven smirks. "I had a veggie dish...there's nothing greasy about that..."

Jack says, "..Weird...I like vegtables."

Dragonmaster Cale grins fangedly at Samantha, "Ahh, I was going to work on some new spells, gonna have to put my house in the sky n stuff since there's no room on the land here." He starts mixing a strawberry italian soda, turning to look over at Adan, "Gre--" He's about to say, when...his mouth drop opens, his wings sag behind him, the glass he's holding goes clattering into the sink, and he screams, "ADAN!" He LEAPS over the bar with a flurry of wing flapping to try and hug the said person! O_O

Raven laughs. "She doesn't like anything... but hey, she's not supposed to."

Johnny picks up a carelessly discarded straw off the floor and loads it into whatever he happened to be adjusting. Aiming his fist at Samantha he presses a button and fires the straw accross the room at her sending himself into a fit of laughter.

Xue Qian just O.o then C.c; then o.o;;; "THAT was quick..."

Omero raises an eyebrow at Cale's sudden leap, "What in the..."

Samantha leans back as Cale shoots past her, eyes widening in surprise. "N-n-nani?" She looks at Adan with a bemused grin, looking between him and Cale, "Guess you guys know each other then?" ^^

Raven blinks and does a double-take at Cale.....

Jack getting a glass of water he walks over to Cale and hmms, "..To douse or not to douse...THAT is the question."

Zelgadis blinks at Clae as he goes over the counter to Adan. papers forgotten for now,"nani?"

Alex blinks in surpruse as Cale lunges for Adan, "What the hell?"

Samantha blinks and twitches as something bounces off her forehead and clatters down the sweeping length of her hair. She looks down as the object lands in her lap and blinks. "Um...?"

Zelgadis grins at Jack,"Douse I say."

Raven asks, "Douse..? What'd I miss?"

Adan is about to take the papers from Zelgadis, when he notices the new person LEAP at him. Now's your chance to see what this strapping young lad can do. His hand darts to the chair's back, propping himself up for a quick somersault backwards and out of range of the attack. He barely even makes a noise when his feet hit the ground. Somehow, in the motion he managed to hook the Edge of Virtue back to his belt, although it isn't drawn. He stares at Cale evenly, feet spread slightly apart in a defensive stance, "... who are you, how do you know me?"

Brie says, "Eeeeh?" She blinks at the sudden strong reaction from Cale.

Jack is looking at Cale and Adan. A glass of water in his hand.

Xue Qian yawns *as does her player in the real world*, and hops off her stool, watching the 'exchange of pleasentries' for the moment

Dragonmaster Cale fwaps! X_X Slamming right into the floorboards as Adan jumps out of the way. The wings on his back twitch-twitching behind him for a moment before he slowly sits up, "A-ano nee...owwww...geez..." He rubs his face before standing up suddenly, "...ne! Adan! Come on! Mou..." He glances over at Jack standing close with the water, but missed the whole douse or not douse thing, pre-occupied with shock and screaming. "Ne, Adan! It's me, murr! Adan Hunter, I thought Elucidus killed you!" He smiles massively, revealing his fangs.

Adan stares at Cale blankly, his skin turning a pale white at the mention of Elucidus. "...Elucidus, kill me... why would he do that? We were best friends... I haven't seen him since Kristina..." Adan's stammering is interjected by trace amounts of tearing forming in his eyes. He closes his eyes to preserve his manliness. "...how do you know Elucidus? When did you see him? Where is he? I need to see him again!"

Zelgadis grumbles,"L-sama, he's nearly as bad as Filia was."

Thinking it over for a few moments Jack does what he always does. He acts and goes to pour the water ON Cale. Yes...he's a asshole. But he does it with style.. Walking away and tossing the glass out the window he sits down near Raven smirking.

Raven blinks and watches everything with a raised eyebrow.

Samantha rubs at her forehead a little grumpily, looking around for whoever flicked the straw at her. She blinks, though, as Jack pours water on Cale. "Naaani? Jack, why'd you..?" She looks at Cale...

Omero sweatdrops at Jack's actions. "Ugh..." he's been around FAR too long to not know what water pouring like that means. "Jack, you're cruel...."

Jack says, "I know Omero....but you have to admit. I do it with a lot more style than many people." he leans back whistling innocently. The show is about to get good.

Dragonmaster Cale blinkblinks and his smile fades, "Ah, oh...I se--" Splash! Wings shift to draconic, tail grows, body shrinks, shifts gender. "Gaah! JACK!" She growls out over towards him, "Don't do that!" She looks back to Adan and er's, "W-well, anyway, gomen nasai!" She says and hops back over the bar with a flap of her wings, starting to mix a new strawberry italian soda, "Ano, mm, I actually haven't seen Elucidus in years! Gomen, I didn't think I'd find another Adan in a different dimension." She smiles fangedly, "It'd be like finding a new Bean n stuff, eh heh...s-sorry. We used to, er, well, that is...I was best friends with you..er.another..you..eh, nevermind eh heh heh..." Mixmixmixmix.

Brie pikus, "Who's Elucidus?" She then blinks as Jack splashes Cale with water, "What'd you do that for, Jack?"

Raven hehs. "What did I... " she watches the whole Cale episode. She then turns to Jack. "You sir, are a cruel cruel man..." she leans over and kisses Jack on the cheek. "Love you!" she grins.

Omero nods to Jack, "I suppose so..." he then leans his head to one side and looks over at Cale, "Least it did something to improve the room too..." Yup, he's checking Carla out. (OOC: Think that's the name...)

Brie pikus, then laughs....

Zelgadis shakes his head and just smile,s"Yes, I figured that might be the case. Arden, youa ren't the first you to ahve come through the usual."

Skeeve pushes open teh door to the UR like he owns the place. Which is untrue.

Samantha hiccups cutely and closes her eyes. She vigorously shakes her head back and forth, hair flapping wildly about her, then opens her eyes again, reaching up to arrange her hair and looking to Cale... or not. She blinks, blinks again... and blinks once more for good measure. "Um...? What-now?"

Johnny gets fed up and puts his tools and toys away. With a growl he leans on the table and tries to think of something new to do to pass the time...

Grinning from ear to ear Jack leans back at the table kicks his feet up on it and grins at Carla. "Hey Carla...looking good. " he says as he gives a thumbs up. As Raven kisses him that does it. He just flashes that infamous scoundrel's grin of his and winks at her, "..I do my best.." he says.

Brie giggles, "Cale makes a nice woman...."

Adan opens his eyes to peer at Cale, but the guy disappeared. He answers Bries question offhandedly, "Elucidus Acidstaff is the strongest warrior alive. The best swordsman I've ever seen in my entire life- he killed a dragon singlehandedly when he was only 14 years old, to save some of his friends the dragon was threatening. I never saw him again, after that day. Rumor has it he went on a journey to improve his technique and maybe someday join my uncle with the Avatar..." He glances back at Carla, who's blithering on about the dimension stuff. He stares at her for a good long while, as if something's clicking back into place. Bean. C-... "...I feel like I know you. Somehow." He shrugs it off. Elucidus... where is he? Where has he been? Why would Elucidus try to kill me? He asks in general to anyone who may answer, "...where'd the gentleman who lunged at me go to? I need to talk to him." (Yeah, his eyes were closed.)

Alex chuckles softly at the events and then gives brie a soft kiss on the forehead. "I'm gonna step out for some air," he says before disengaging himself from brie and turning to head outside.

Skeeve strolls up to the bar. "Hey, Cale. Jack, Raven, good to see you. How's it going, OMero."

Raven grins. "Skeeve! Long time, no see!"

Jack says, "Hey Skeeve.." and he looks at Carla. "Skeeve...that ain't Cale..that's Carla."

Zelgadis says, "Hello Skeeve."

Omero nods to Skeeve, "It goes. Though its time for you to join the club. Waitress, bring a glass of water?"

Dragoness Carla blinkblinks and looks at everyone looking at her, "Wh-what?! It's not my fault! Ranma threw me in almost ten years ago!" She growls, her tail swishing behind her in a definite angry pattern. She narrows her eyes over towards Jack at his looking good comment, holding her hand out to her left side, blue magic swirling down around it in a twisting pattern, "...Jaack.." She growls, and then suddenly facefaults at Brie's comment. She comes back up, her wings twitching and the blue glow fadeing away from her arm slowly. "Mouuuu..." She looks over at Adan and...sweatdrops again.

Skeeve laughs easily enough. "Man, but I've missed this place. And I'd think twice about that, Omero."

Brie mmms softly at the kiss, then pouts, "Awww... can I come with, Alex-chan?"

Samantha's ears twitch, her tail rapidly flicking behind her a few times as she looks at everyone.. then to Carla again. "That's -CALE-?!?" She gapes. Guess who's new to the Jusenkyo phenomenon?

Zelgadis says, "Yes Sammy. SUe to be very easy to get flights over to china to a training ground called Jusankyo. NEver go there."

Dragoness Carla looks over towards Samantha and grumbles something as she looks over towards Jack with narrowed eyes, "I DO try to keep it a secret you know!" Her tail smacks against the back wall of the bar, causing the glasses back their to rattle.

Jack hmms at Skeeve and smirks a bit. It'd a simple matter to. Ah..why the hell not. Grabbing Raven's water he removes the heat from it with a slight force of will and using a bit of TK sends the water flying at Skeeve. Yes...he's 'Cause as Much Trouble as Humanly Possible'

Omero shakes his head at Skeeve, "If Cale can handle it, I think you'll be fine for one night, Skeeve. Bah, what do I care..." He seems to be doing what he can to keep Skeeve's attention. "How goes your resettling?"

Skeeve seems about to say something, but he's broadsided abruptly by a glass full of cold water. Hair dripping, she turns to look at Jack. "..."

Raven blinks... "Ohboy.. you know, you'd think I'd be put off by the fact that my husband is purposely creating more women in the room..."

Jack points at Zelgadis, "He did it.."

Adan looks more than a little frustrated now. No one answered his question, so he decided to answer it himself. He waves to Zelgadis and Samantha, "I'll fill out those papers later, I need to go find that man who was just here!" He checks the status of his sword and runs outside the restaurant, easily hopping over a table that was in his way. Maybe he'll find the person he's looking for outside! Why would a guy mention Elucidus and run?!

Sarah wrings out her hair, sighing idly. "Well, you know what you have to do for revenge, right? Run off with one of said women."

Zelgadis blinks at Jacka nd just tries to look like he's not involved.

Zelgadis says, "Adan, the guy is still here."

Samantha nods slowly, then looks around again.. in time to see Skeeve get splashed. And.. voila! She rolls her eyes, "Okay, seems to be the fashion here ne?" She giggles and looks at Carla again, "Ne'er mind.. can I get that strawberry Italian soda now?" As Adan makes his exit she looks over her shoulder and finger-waves, "Nice to meetcha!" Then back to Carla again.

Brie blinks at Skeeve, and laughs.

Jack looks at Raven as she makes that comment, "Well...you still look better than any of them. And Kitten don't count..she's family." he says with a chuckle.

Dragoness Carla blinkblinks as Adan moves to run off, "Ahhh! Wait!" She yells after him, then arghing as he heads outside...she blinks at Samantha, "Eh, what? O-oh, yeah..s-sure..." She starts mixing a new one up, glancing over at Jack again, muttering incoherently under her breath again.

Omero chuckles and pretends to check out Skeeve... er... Sarah next. "There you go, that wasn't so hard now, was it. Much better."

Samantha grins, winking, "Actually.. you're kinda cute as a girl." She's teasing, of course.. but she's got pretty good at avoiding this blushing thing so it might not be obvious. ^^

Sarah says, "Sorry, Omero, but I don't think you're my type. You just aren't enough man for me." She raps knuckles on the bar idly. "Can I get a strawberry milkshake, Cale?"

Brie says, "Mou..." She runs out after Alex.

Raven smirks, and reluctantly blushes... just a little...

Dragoness Carla sweatdrops bigtime at Samanatha, "N-no I'm not!" She says, somewhat growling, but not too loudly, since, well, Samantha's a girl and you don't do that to girls! It's rude! She looks over at Sarah and nods her head, setting the finished soda in front of Samantha, then glancing to the entrance again. "Dang it, Adan..." She says softly, mixing up a strawberry italian soda. o O ( Trinune, track him for me. ) Planning to go after him in a second.

Zel drums his fingers onthe conter and just looks aorund the usual,"Well, your not hard on the eyes 'Carla'."

Omero chuckles, "Well, we know how much you crave the men, so I'm sorry I won't do. Too much man in you for my taste, to be honest. No, I'm quite happy to keep you further than arms length."

Jack looks at Raven, "Did Zel just make a joke?" he asks her as he glances at the chimera.

Raven chuckles. "Sounds like it..."

Zel does do that form time to time, he just does it very rarely.

Samantha giggles again, taking the soda, "Thanks.." and snagging the straw between her lips. She takes a nice long sip then grins, "-So- much better when you make 'em. So how'd ya know Adan? He dun' seem to've been here before..."

Xue Qian isn't there. She must have used a teleportation spell during the whole 'water' fiasco.

Sarah says, "Glad to hear it. Quit looking at my butt, or I might change my mind." She chuckles faintly, and leans on the bar. Adressing Jack and Raven, she asks, "So, how're the twins, you two?"

Raven smirks. "Little nightmares, so you definitely know they're Jack's kids..."

Jack looks at Sarah, "..Marie's powers have activated so she's running us both ragged. Em is becoming overly curious."

Sarah grins broadly, snickering. "Well, if you ever need me to babysit..."

Jack looks at Raven, "Oh..so they're MY kids when they cause trouble eh?" and he looks at Sarah, "..Can you handle a phasing, teleporting phoenix girl?"

Raven grins. "And a little boy who can zap things?"

Samantha glances at Jack, "I said I'd do that too, don't forget.." she says softly, smiling, then looks back to Carla, leaning her elbows to either side of her soda and taking another little sip.

Dragoness Carla's right eye twitchtwitches and she puts the milkshake in front Sarah, "Here you go." She says, turning towards Zelgadis and slamming her hands down on the bartop, "L-listen!" She growls, "I am not pleasant to look at, cut, lovely, pretty, or anything of that sort! I'm not even a girl!" She looks over at Samantha, "Er, what? Oh, Adan! Dang it!" She glances back at Trinune, then looks back to samantha, "Adan, he's a best friend of mine, I've known him for years! Shoot, I need to catch up with him if I can." She hops over the bar, looking around, "I'll be back soon, gomen!" To the restaurant in general, there's so many people here she hates to leave, but it's ADAN outside! She holds her hand out, Trinune appearing in her hand, a fanged grin on her face as she hurry's out, while Trinune sends a little mental prod into Jack's mind, clicking a little switch there. If she can anyway.

Zel doesn't even react to Cales tirade,"Just teasing Cale. I know what you emahna nd it's not like I ahvne't see you this way before."

Samantha blinks and waves a little bemusedly, "'K.. seeya, Ca-um. Yeah.. bye..." she watches Carla leave then takes her soda and turns around, leaning back against the bar.

Sarah idly sips at the milkshake. "I'm pretty sure. I doubt your kids have enough experience to beat me in a counterspell duel, so it should be fine. Besides, I haven't seen the little rugrats in months." And that did it. Damn it..he had to form that link with Triune. Without warning Jack screams but...the scream changes as his body is wreathed in golden fire. What the hell happened.

Dragoness Carla turns around at the exit and sticks her tongue out towards Jack's flame englufed form, "Nyahhhhhh!" She then hops outside quickly!

Sarah draws back a little. "Sweet jesus, Jack, try a little FIBER in your diet!"

Raven blinks. "JACK??? Oh god, now what???" she wants to run and help, but the burning with the touching and the ow... x.x

Samantha sweatdrops, feeling an altogether too familiar power. A shiver runs up her spine and she fixes the phoenix with a concerned stare, a frown furrowing her brow. "Ne.. what's happenin' Jack?"

Omero starts from where he is sitting, eyes widening a bit at Jack. This is NOT something he's seen before. "What the hell..."

The fire seems to shift and change. Shrinking down into a egg form and then without warning it shatters into points of light revealing a very small Phoenix. Looking down at itself the little bird sweatdrops. oO("Oh...shit..")

Sarah finds time for her revenge. Stretching hands towards the Burning Man, she closes her eyes, blue power swirling between her hands, and shouts, "AQUA DHAUM!" A giant burst of water shoots through the space previously occupied by Jack, and hits whatever was behind him.

Well Skeeve....you just added insult to...insult as the chibi phoenix finds itself doused by the water. Now he's short...pissed off...and all wet. oO("If there's a lesson in all this I have yet to find it.") the bird thinks as it looks at Skeeve with murder on his mind.

Raven facepalms. "Oy... good thing Marie's not here, eh?" she asks the chibi-phoenix. After the rather... dramatic :) dousing of the bird, Raven smirks. "Alright, enough picking on 'im..." she offers her hubby a shoulder.

Omero shakes his head to this and takes his seat again, "What the hell..." this time its a quiet murmuring.

Sarah points a thumb at Omero. "It was him." Innocently, she sips on her milkshake, picture of tranquility.

Samantha hiccups again, then bursts out in a fit of giggles.. "That... what...." she bends over and shakes her head, gasping in a few breaths, then sits up and peers towards the bird, her tail flicking happily behind her. "JACK?!"

Hopping onto Raven's shoulder and looks at Samantha. Yep...its Jack. Granted he's wet...embarrassed (he didn't want anyone to know this aspect of his powers)...and slightly peeved. Chirping a bit the bird tilt's it's head at the catgirl. oO("You'd think I'd learn to talk in this form or at least use telepathy. Damn...")

Sarah sniggers, breaking the 'illusion'. Slurps on her shake some more.

Raven reaches up and ruffles Jack's feathers a little. "Ya gotta admit he's still cute..." she smirks.

Samantha hiccups again, a few more giggles escaping, and she shakes her head, "That.. is... the..." she hops up and strides over, lifting her free hand to lift a finger to the chibi phoenix's beak, "The -cutest- lil' thing!" She grins at Raven.

Omero chuckles and then points out, "One would have to think he was cute to begin with..."

Sarah grins BROADLY. "Yeah, he's real cute." She digs into her beltpouch, bringing out an instant camera.

Johnny sweatdrops at everything going on around him. Choosing it best to avoid attention he stays quiet and continues to modify his weapons...

As the little bird is petted and getting all the attention (HA!!!). From behind the bar is a flash of golden light followed by the sounds of crashing as a all too familiar mop of red hair peeks out from behind the bar. Guess who's come by to visit.

Raven shakes her head a little. "Nonono, Sarah... if you're gonna do it.." she takes out her PDA. "You do it right! Hi-res photos all the way!" she looks over at the bar.. "And how did? Oi..." she walks over to the bar and picks her daughter up. Yes, the little girl is none other than Marie...Raven and Jack's daughter. Man...talk about bad timing. oO("I'm dead...again.") Jack thinks as the little bird looks for a way out. Too bad he can't fly....damn you Skeeve.

Sarah does in fact snap a picture nonetheless with her crappy little camera. "I wonder how much advertising space is in the newspapers around here.."

Raven now has Marie on one hip and Jack on the opposite shoulder. Marie tries desperately to get a hold of the birdy, but Mommy keeps shooing her hands away. "Nono, kiddo..." Marie squeals happily anyway. "Dadaaaa!!!"

Chirping weakly the PHoenix groans as he turns to look for a way out. He can't change back...not yet anyway. But that move proves his undoing as MArie has a clean shot at the tail feathers.

Samantha stands up straight, smiling, "Sugoi.." she murmurs, sipping her soda as she heads back to her barstool, hopping up and then glancing at Raven. "Oh.. hey! 'Zat Marie? We haven't actually met yet..." she lifts a hand and waves to the little girl, though since she's competing for attention with the kyoot-bird father this might be rather pointless.. "Heya!"

Johnny smiles at the sight of the little girl and takes off his backpack in a moment of inspiration and sets out to build something new...

The baby girl reaches for the tail feathers, but Mommy catches her before she does. Raven then turns to Sam. "Wanna hold her? I think I'd better call the babysitter. She's probably freaking out right about now..."

Sarah chuckles faintly at the thought. "How much do you pay this poor girl?"

Blinking a bit at the near miss the PHoenix looks at Skeeve and with a screech from it's beak let's a burst of golden phoenix fire loose. Yes...he's mad.

Samantha nodnods, "Love to!" She beams and stands up, setting her soda down and heading over again. She hesitates nearby and tilts her head, "If she'll let me..."

Sarah is engulfed in the flame head on, crisping to a nice golden black. Coughing out a cloud of soot, she replies weakly, "...thanks, Jack..."

Raven grins. "Not nearly enough..." she then EEEPS!! as the bird burps the fire. She sniffs the air. "Hey!! You singed my hair!! Bad birdy!! Bad Jack!! For that, you get fed to the wolves, pal!!" she picks up the bird and sets him on the table next to Sarah, and dumps the nearest glass of water on it. "Waste the whole roll of film, buddy...." She then finally turns to Sam, and hands Marie over, who smiles at Sam!

Pulling a camera from it's back it snaps a pic at Sarah chirping happily. But that's cut off as it's doused YET again. oO("I would ask what I'd done to deserve this...but this list probably is a million pages long.")

Johnny, using bits of a stolen blender and what looks like it was once a clock, builds at a feverish pace. Pulling the casing apart he procedes to merge the two into something strange...

Samantha takes Marie, shifting down onto a seat with the girl on her lap. "Heya.." she repeats, beaming down at the little girl, her tail twitching and curling behind her.. she's obviously quite into this. "I'm Sammy! I'm.. well.. I'm kinda like your sister or somethin'.." she tilts her head, smiling.

Sarah puts the camera away, stumbling off towards the men's washroom. "Be right back..."

Raven looks at her hair to see if any permanent damage was done... "Eh, it's not so bad, but this is funny anyway.." Marie smiles and in her own baby way, gives Sam a hug.... Raven then takes out her cell phone to call the 'sitter. After a brief conversation, she turns back to the group. "Okay, the sitter's freaked, and I gotta go pick up Em. Sorry hon, you're on your own..." she turns to Sam. "Aw, she loves ya already..."

BAd timing for Sarah. Two fighter jocks are on their way out when they see Sarah. Luckily they missed the insanity. But not so luckily for Sarah they start to put the moves on the crispy mage. Guess they like 'hot' women.

Jack looking at Raven he chirps again as he casts a glance at Marie. Yes...Marie scares him. Well..you'd be scared too if your own kid nearly squeezed the life outta you.

Samantha giggles, "I guess.." she murmurs, returning the hug then shifting her grip so that she can flick one side of her hair back over her shoulder. "It's nice to meetcha!" She exclaims, ruffling Marie's hair a little. She then glances at Jack and grins mischievously, "What's up?"

Sarah, with a simple pass of her hand, and a much more important brush of her mind, simply telekinetically pushes teh two jocks out of her way, and steps into the guy's washroom to clean up.

Johnny wraps the clockwork creation in some pieces of leather he had shoved in the bottom of his backpack and smiles at it. Hitting a button on the side the thing starts to move on it's own. It seems to be a clockwork bird that waddles in a circle and flaps it's wings. Laughing at the ugly thing he turns it off and takes it over to Samantha and Marie. With a smile he sits it down infront of them, turns it back on, and goes back to his seat...

MArie sees the tail and her eyes go wide as she tries to reach for it. Hey...she caught her dad when he was in chibi phoenix form the other day. She can catch this! Jack in the interm is glowing as he resumes his human form...thankfully dry but tired, "Oi vey...." he mutters as he looks at Sam, "Marie turned me into a toy the other day...she scares me."

Samantha smiles at Johnny's creation, "Kinda yucky-lookin', but that's neat!" She looks at him and gives a thumbs up with her free hand. She is about to suggest the new distraction to Marie, then blinks as she reaches for her tail, grinning and playfully pulls it juuust out of her grasp before teasing it just in reach again and letting the girl grab it. "Take yer time, hon.. I don't need it right now." She says, winking at Marie, then looks up at Jack as he turns human again, "Hehe.. welcome back! Turned y'into a toy...?" She tilts her head.

Smiling in victory Samantha looks at the tail. This is attached to Samantha? Wow...can she do this? And she pulls on the tail gently. And seeing the clockwork bird she goes wideeyed YET again. Oh...she's a happy camper.

Jack looks at Samantha. "She caught me in Phoenix form and well...thought I was a stuffed toy. After shaking me up heavily she hugged me until Raven got me loose from her."

Sarah comes out of the washroom, and finally lets those two guys off of the wall. "Well, *that* was fun. Nice shot with the flame, by the way."

Jack glances at Skeeve, "Too much mexican..."

Sarah says, "I could tell *THAT* by the smell."

Johnny picks up his tools and the unused bits and parts he'd scattered accross his table and puts them away - shoving most of them loosly in his backpack before putting it back on and leaning back in his chair again...

Jack says, "..Sarah..." he gets a glass of water and heat it with a quick burst of flame, "...That was all wet.." he says as he goes to douse the woman.

Samantha eeps softly and ruffles Marie's hair, "Don't pull to hard, ne?" She smiles and looks back to Jack, raising an eyebrow, "Sounds.. fun..." she stares at him for a moment then looks at Marie as she discovers Johnny's creation, "Go fer it!" She giggles and sets Marie down beside the thing.

Sarah is splashed by the water again, but curiously enough, all he does is hold his stomach for a few moments. "Thanks, Jack. Thanks a lot."

Jack says, "..Hey..I figured you wanted to be a guy again." and he blinks as Marie takes off after the clockwork toy. And he jawdrops as nothing literally stands in her way as she goes through tables, chairs, and people with all the soldity of a ghost. "...That's creepy."

Skeeve says, "You said it, not me." After a few moments, he returns to his milkshake.

Samantha gasps and puts a hand to her mouth as Marie approaches the first collision.. and is about to shoot over to help her up when she plops back down with her jaw dropping.

Jack says, "..Oh...that's right. Marie seems to have a weird....trick. She can become insubstanstial. A ghost."

Samantha nods slowly, "Uh... huh...." she looks at Jack wide-eyed, though keeping half an eye on Marie. "Is that.. I mean... -how-?"

Jack shrugs, "...I have NO idea."

Johnny raises an eyebrow at he girl but otherwise shows no intrest. Seeing things that pass through walls and tables really isn't that surprising when you've been attacked by styrofoam display stands and have had conversations with floating bunny heads...

Skeeve strokes his chin faintly. "It seems like your girl has the ability to partially shift herself into the Astral plane... handy, that."

Grabbing up the toy Marie laughs and makes her way back to Samantha. Yes, she's doing that trick again. Much to the distress of the people that are victims of her phasing.

Jack looks at Skeeve, "Astral Plane?"

Samantha tilts her head, watching Marie. She sends a quick side-glance to Skeeve as she says, "Yeah.. same question..."

Skeeve, still watching Marie with a speculative gaze, replies, "It's a layer of reality overlapped directly over our own - permeated through with magical energy. It's where spells form, where the spirit exists, that sort of thing."

Jack says, "..Marie's mother was born of magic. Part human part deity. But the phoenix blood in her would negate the magic." he hmms, "I don't get it...how can magic work with her while I'm highly resistant to magic."

Skeeve says, "The Astral plane isn't actually magic - it's a natural expression of the metaphysical world."

Jack asks, "..Psions can access it, right?"

Skeeve nods. "Yeah - you've heard of the term 'Astral Projection'? When the spirit roams free from the constraints of the body? Well, that's where they go."

Samantha blinks, taking all this in but not really understanding completely.. she slips to the floor in front of the oncoming Marie and smiles, waiting for the girl to return with her captured relic.

Johnny mutters to himself, "That's where Mr Satan said that you could see the waste that humanity casts off..."

Coming up to Samantha MArie holds up the clockwork toy smiling. She caught a new prize..but why isn't it soft? Oh well..it's still fun.

Samantha grins at Marie and reaches out to gently take the toy from her.. "See, it's more fun when it's on the ground..." she murmurs, trying to set it down again. Of course, if she's disagreed with then that's fine!

Marie pouts as Sammy takes the toy from her. But that changes when the toy starts rolling around. And being a kid she follows it around.

Jack looks at Skeeve, "That's scary when you think about it."

Skeeve nods again. "Yes, it is. It's rare to be able to go there bodily."

Jack asks, "..>Wonder what else she can do?"

Skeeve says, "Only time will tell, I'm sure."

Jack says, "Assuming I survive the terrible twos that is."

Skeeve shudders involuntarily at that. "A frightening thought. At any rate, I should get going."

Jack says, "..See ya Skeeve."

Skeeve waves out.

Samantha just watches Marie with a happy smile for a little while.. then glances at Skeeve as he goes to leave, "G'night.. I'm Sammy, by the way... if yer friends with Jack I'm sure we'll meet again!" She gives a friendly smile then goes back to watching Marie.

Skeeve nods. "Pleasure to meet you, Sam..." He sets his D-Hopper, and disappears in a burst of purple smoke..

Johnny chuckles watching the girl play. Standing he pushes his chair in and walks over to Samantha. "Well.. I'm outta here..."

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