2004-03-24c (News) Destruction in Anytown District

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Blast In Anytown!

At about 9 o'clock Wednesday night a battle erupted in the Anytown district of Metropolis. While the exact details of the fight are not known as a enormous blast erupted killing all those on the street. The only remains to show who or what had happened was a massive crater that has held up traffic and some services. The only body at the site of the blast that was not killed by the blast was that of one Adan, a new comer to the city. As yet there is no confirmation on who else was involved but police are looking for a man with dark wings named Datenshi, who was reportedly seen leaving the area. Currently he is wanted only for questioning and the police are urging him to come forward. If you do see a man fitting this description police ask that you do not approach him as it is possible he is extremely dangerous. Instead contact your local police station or koban.

DAPC and MPD sniper teams Have been alerted and issued with Anti-material Rifles believed capable of dispatching this extremely dangerous criminal. Recent arrivals to Metropolis have regaled the MPD with tales of his depredations. Apparently the word is 'shoot on sight'.

The MPD takes a dim view of this sort of activity. It looks like the Usual Restuarant will be rubble for about a week.


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