2004-03-25 (News) Interview With a Dead Man

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I might loose my job writing for the Times for this, but typing this is all I can do to make the voice in my head stop yelling at me. I know this sounds like the rant of a lunatic, but I assure you I'm quite sane. It all started last night. I was writing for my weekly article, PLACES TO DINE IN METROPOLIS, when the voices started. It was yelling obscenities about being dead and seemed quite taken back when I demanded to know where it was coming from. It explained to me that it was the spirit of the local UR victim, Johnny C. Insisting that I call him "NNY" he began to explain to me in great detail of the events that resulted in what he called "his second death". It seems that the fallen angel Datenshi had gotten into an argument with a man named Adan. The two where set to fight, regardless of any innocent bystanders when Adan suddenly left the scene for personal reasons. The agitated Datenshi went forth to make himself a drink when a young woman named Sammy began to question his actions. Seemingly forgetful of his own strength he attacked the girl and unleashed the energies intended for Adan. This sent the girl flying backwards in what was described to me as a "awesome display of power and violence". At this point my visitor's report began to get sketchy... From what he does remember something happened to him and he began to "loose himself to his voices"? Meanwhile Datenshi, taking advantage of the situation attacked the girl, removing her heart and severing two of her fingers. Just then another man arrived, presumably Alex Michaels, the wounded discovered on the scene. The two began to fight it out and in the process the energies where unleashed that resulted in the destruction of the UR and the death of "NNY". After agreeing to type all this the spirit of the boy finally left me alone mumbling as he left that he was gonna go find the deity responsible for his current state of existence. I know you, the reader, might find this all to be ludicrous, but several facts from this story have been recently verified. I hope that where ever you are, "NNY" you find the answers you seek.

EDITORS NOTE: The article you see before you will be the last one from Takashi Miyamoto for quite some time. He has recently been addmited to Metropolis General for evaluation.

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