2004-03-25 Talk of Datenshi and resurection of NNY ...and the voices return

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Talk of Datenshi and resurection of NNY ...and the voices return


Who: Samantha, Rock, Johnny_C, Dragonmaster_Cale, Xue, Sun
When: 2004-03-25

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Sun's Apartment - Living Room

A quaint little place; a couch is along the wall to the left, which is next to a rather nice looking Laz-Y Boy recliner/rocker; on a table is a modest sized television, complete with a PS2, VCR, and DVD player. A kitchen is set off to the right, large enough to make food, and have a table in the dining area. And then there's a window along the wall to let light in. Tidy, quaint...looks like the tennant rarely 'LIVES' here. A little hallway leads to the bedroom door to the left, and the bathroom across from that.

Samantha finishes mixing the drinks and brings them over, passing a glass to Rock... the stuff inside looks... well, -wrong-. Whatever she's done that's not a strawberry Italian soda. It's hard to tell what it is. "There ya go!" She murmurs happily, smiling as she sits down.

Rock asks, "Uh...you sure this is a Strawberry Italian?"

Samantha blinks at the soda, apparently not seeing anything wrong. "Yeah.. thing is. When ya see 'em how Cale makes 'em, they're special.. like shop-bought stuff. Always looks great 'til ya get it outta the box ne?" She winks and sips her soda. Though it tastes like battery acid.. she seems not too bothered. Though having said that... her face gradually starts to take on a green pallor.

Rock blinks a few times, "Er...you ok?"

Ghost of NNY passes into the room by drifting in through the wall. For someone without a physical form, he's exahsted. Looking around the room he notices Samantha and Rock and sweatdrops, oO(Did I come at a bad time?)

Samantha puts the soda down with a wretching gasp and nods, "Um.... g-g-g-g-gomen nasai. Backinasec.." she stands up and darts off towards the bathroom...

Rock blinks and pours his soda into the nearest potted plant.

Ghost of NNY watches Samantha run and becomes completly confused. Deciding to make the best of the situation he drifts over towards where she had been sitting and waits silently. It should be noted that for someone with voices in his head, this is no easy feat...

Samantha comes back in a minute or so later, the toilet flushing behind her. "Gomen.." she murmurs, offering a small, pained smile, "But I wouldn't dr-" she blinks, eyes widening on the glass and then moving back up to Rock's face. "Nani? You drunk that?!"

Rock says, "Er...uh...you may want to be careful about the potted plant right there..."

Ghost of NNY sits quietly watching a few inches away from Samantha's head. Finaly, his patience at an end he grins and thinks as loudly as he can... oO(SAMMY!!!!!!!!!!!)

Samantha glances at the plant.. the soft green leaves of which are starting to crinkle at the edges. "Nyaa-arghh!" She winces, her ears twitching painfully. (Nani?! Johnny.. don't do that so loud!)

Rock blinks a few times, "Er sorry, I'll replace it? No need to get that mad about it..unless it was rare...then I' in deep shit."

Ghost of NNY rolls around laughing to himself. oO(I'm sorry... I just couldn't help it...

Samantha shivers a bit, glaring out into the air over her shoulder, then moves to take back her seat.. shivering again, quite hard, and then shrugging it off and looking to Rock. "No.. s'alright... I mean, I'm not too sure but it seems'ta be alive at least..." she looks down at her full glass. "Mebbe I should call Cale an' try again?" She flinches, remembering what -else- she has to speak to Cale about. Well, there's two things but.. one is probably fairly important.

Samantha . o O (Um... the Usual? It collapsed right? That happened?)

Ghost of NNY thinks for a moment, confused... oO(What do you mean? Of course that happened. You don't remember them sifting through the rubble to find... um.. me?)

Rock asks, "Ok...er...you feeling alright uh..again?"

Samantha shakes her head at Rock, "'M okay.. it's hard to explain. Y'know Johnny..? I told he was dead, right?" (I guess I ought to talk to Cale then... unless... you can?)

Ghost of NNY blinks, oO(Talk to Cale? How?)

Samantha . o O (He knows a lot of magic.. maybe he c'n sense ghosts or somethin'?)

Rock says, "Uh no...you negelcted to mention that part."

Ghost of NNY glares at Rock's words. oO(Wait... you neglected to mention I was DEAD?)

Samantha blinks, "Huh? Wow.. must be losin' it... I swear I did.." she frowns. (No.. I mentioned it... I -meant- to. Maybe I just thought it - I'm getting so used to all this mind-speech stuff...)

Ghost of NNY sweatdrops, oO(Unbelievable... Nice way to pay your respects...)

Rock shrugs, "Then again I may have just forgotten, but still..wow, damn."

Samantha nods, "That's.. not all. Rock, I c'n talk to him... he's here." Actually she's sitting inside him right now but.. never mind. (I did! I paid them to you, where better to do so? Besides.. tomorrow, when I can walk around again, I'll leave a wreath at the Usual...)

Rock asks, "He is? And er...you sure you aren't going crazy?"

Ghost of NNY laughs, oO(Oh come on... you sound all serious! Knock it off. I've had worse... well, maybe not. But it aint like this was the first time or nothin'...)

Samantha blinks, a little taken aback by that. "Of course not!" She moans defensively, "He.. he's right here..." she waves a hand vaguely, and more than a little uncertainly. Her gaze pans around the room. "S-somewhere. Y'can't see him.. coz he's... well, dead. But he's here!" (Why don't you try and talk to Cale? He'd like to know you're still alive, and someone should tell him about the Usual...)

Ghost of NNY shrughs, oO(He wanted to know about me? Wow... and here I never really made an effort to talk to the guy... now I feel all bad...)

Rock says, "Uh ok..." riiiight, note to self, call psyciatrist for Sam....

Ghost of NNY glances at Rock and sweatdrops. oO(I bet he thinks your nuts. I told you not to tell people you could hear me...)

Samantha sighs, "Please believe me?" She pouts a bit, then shrugs and reaches down to snag her full soda, taking it over to pour it down the drink, turning her face away in case it really is as bad as it seemed. (I'm sure he does.. wish we could make you visible. Maybe Xue'll find a way... anyway, you gonna talk to Cale or shall I phone him up? It's just.. that'd be an awkward apology to make on the phone...)

Rock says, "Ok, ok." He doesn't.

Ghost of NNY thinks for a moment... oO(Yeah.. I dunno though... I'll try to find him. You should try to call him anyways just incase he can't hear me...)

Samantha sets the now empty glass down and nods. (Yeah, I will.. but go ahead an' I'll ring in a few minutes. Like I say... seems like kinda an awkward thing to just say on the phone. 'Sorry I blew up your bar?' It'd be weird. Oh! And tell him to come on over.. I'm not sure if he had anywhere to stay except the Usual and, uh.. well, apart from anything else it'd be nice to have someone who knows how to mix a strawberry Italian soda!)

Ghost of NNY nodnods, oO(Alright, sure. Wish me luck...)

Samantha smiles and waves generally at the air in the living room. (Se-er, speak to ya soon.)

Ghost of NNY chuckles as he turns and leaves the room through the nearest wall. oO(I'm never gonna get used to doors again...)

The Usual Restaurant (in ruins)

Ghost of NNY's conciousness drifts quietly in. Glancing around at the UR he nervously tries not to look at the spot where he'd died. Finaly he sees Cale and drifts close to him. oO(I really hope this works or I'm gonna feel really stupid...) Concentrating he thinks to Cale oO(Um... Cale? Can you hear me?)

Dragonmaster Cale is behind the bar, overlooking a purple book in his hands. He glances up, "Gree---" He stops as he says...a ghost? Or some kind of shimmer. Alas, he can't pick up on Johnny's mind messaging, "A-anoo...gomen nasai. Eh, I'm not an actual angel, o-or a cleric, eh heh..." The wings on his back ruffle a bit nervously.

Ghost of NNY sweatdrops, oO(Yeah... um... I kinda guessed that... W-wait! You heard me?)

Dragonmaster Cale stares at the ghost looking at him, shifting his footing back and forth, "A-anoo...s-so...can you talk...or...?"

Ghost of NNY glances downwards, oO(Actualy... this is all I've been able to do so far... Um, sorry about the other day. I don't really remember it all, but I feel responsible.)

Dragonmaster Cale mm's, shifting his wings again, "All right, so, you can't talk, eh heh...well, then, mmm...I'd offer you a drink, but er..."

Ghost of NNY laughs, well... in his mind atleast, oO(Yeah... a drink WOULD be nice right now... Sammy thought I should come and talk to you and see if you had any ideas about what I could do in this situation. I mean, don't get me wrong being a ghost is kinda entertaining at times... people's showers, women's locker rooms, that sort of thing. But it's really not something I'm ready for full time...)

Dragonmaster Cale taps his fingers on the bar, which isn't damaged, of course. It's indestructable. "Ano...I can't...oh! I know!" He looks back at Trinune and reaches over to grip a hand around her hilt. Trinune's voice, and then Cale's, echo into your mind, shoving through into your brain and creating a definite presence there. o O ( Okay, hello ghost? ) Both of their voices speaking together, a little strange sounding.

Ghost of NNY backs away as this new sensation surges through him, oO(GYAH! What the hell was that?)

Dragonmaster Cale er's, speaking vocally now, "Sorry, sorry! Eh, Mr...ghost thing, eh heh heh...it's the only way I can hear what you're thinking. I won't talk inside your head, I know it gives Kawatta headaches, eh heh heh...um, er, now, what can I do for you?"

Ghost of NNY sweatdrops again, oO(Mr ghost thing? Oh yah! I forgot... I'm dead. How would you recognise me? Um.... I'm Johnny C. or NNY. I kinda died over there the other morning...) Even though it might not be noticed, he guestures towards the edge of the bar by the door where he met his demise...

Dragonmaster Cale blinks and looks over towards the death area. Then back to Johnny, "Ah? I see...gomen...I noticed the place got blown up, should be restored with magic and the nanites in a few days from now though. Ehhh...I...I'm not really good at ressurrection spells..." He rubs the back of his head, thinking.

Ghost of NNY sighs and drops down several inches from his current height, oO(I guess that's what I figured. I knew I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up...) Glancing around the room he's reminded the other reason he came. oO(Oh.... and um... I'm supposed to invite you to come over to Sammy's apartment. She's worried about you and would come if she could.)

Dragonmaster Cale blinkblinks, "Ahhh? Oh, sure! But, I don't know where it is..." He closes the book he's holding, tucking it under his arm. "...hmm..I might be able to forge you a body, though..."

Ghost of NNY blinkblinks, oO(...be able to WHAT?)

Dragonmaster Cale ehhhs, "I'll have to think about it, I've changed people into other body's, and I created Yuki from scratch, though that took almost a full year. But...it's possible, maybe. Mmm, lead the way to Sammy's, ne?' He says, hand still wrapped around Trinune's hilt, of course, lest he not be able to hear you."

Ghost of NNY stares questioningly, oO(Are you sure this'll work?

Dragonmaster Cale nods his head, hopping over the bar, still holding the purple book. Then, shakes his head, "No, I...well, I need to think about it more, like I said, eh heh..."

Ghost of NNY shakes his head, oO(No, I ment about following me...)

Dragonmaster Cale blinkblinks, "Ano, well...yeah...? Erm, as long as you don't go through any walls or anything and just float there, that is..."

Ghost of NNY sweatdrops, oO(Oh yeah... good point...)

Ghost of NNY drifts out the door slowly so he can be followed...

Sun's Apartment (again)

Ghost of NNY drifts up to the door and points, oO(I guess you need to knock, Cale...)

Dragonmaster Cale nods his head at Johnny's ghost, keeping his hand wrapped around Trinune's hilt still. He glances at the doorway and is about to knock when Samantha opens the door. He blinkblinks, his wings ruffling, "Er, ah, greetings!" He says with a nervous fanged smile, hoping it doesn't look like he's here to kill someone, with his hand held onto Trinune's hilt like that, it's not exactly a peaceful looking posture.

Xue Qian is on the other side of the door. She smirks as Sam opens the door "Hello. Just came to check on you, make sure there wasn't a 'relapse' of sorts" ^_^ SilverFrost snickers "Heh. Sure... lulling her into a false sense of security... GREAT strategy, brat". She glares at the weapon "Quiet you...". She hasn't yet noticed Cale i nthe hallway *put this pose just before Cales. gomen.

Samantha blinks slowly, "Oh, hey X-oh! Xue, Cale.." she blinks again, looking over her shoulder into a random piece of air somewhere in the apartment. Looking back to the door she grins, not fazed by the display of weaponry, "Hey everyone! Come in.. though I was kinda hopin' Johnny'd bring you up here..." she directs the last with a wink to Cale, then turns to head over to the kitchen.. she's currently wearing just a dark blue dressing gown incidentally, Cale's white robe hanging from a hook on a wall.

Rock is on the couch and blinks and waves to all the folks coming in, "Well uh...hey."

Dragonmaster Cale looks over at Xue and gives a fanged grin, stepping to the side. Ladies first of course. "Ah, he did, actually...I can kind of see some of him, and Trinune can hear him if she pushes into his mind some, eh heh...that's why I'm holding Trinune's hilt so I can hear it too, eh heh heh..."

Ghost of NNY wobbles in the air happily, oO(Yay! I'm not just a fly on the wall anymore...)

Sun floats through the wall, looking rather worn...then she stops, floating mid-air and peering around the apartment at all the people. And the ghost! Or ghosts? "...Hi." she mumbles, drifting to the ground and toppling into a seat with a wide, fanged yawn.

Xue Qian raises an eyebrow "i DID sense a flucuation of Essence the other day where he was sposedly 'standing'. Been working on a spell to infuse Essence into the anomoly to give it more of a physical appearance on the physical plain, but haven't gotten it finished yet"

Samantha giggles softly, looking back at Cale as she turns and leans against the worktop. "I c'n hear him anyway.. not sure why..." (Speaking of which.. heya. Sorry I didn't phone - but then I figured you'd handle it okay. Cale's clever...) she gestures vaguely to the group as a whole, "I'd offer drinks but, er, I just tried'ta make some strawberry Italians and..." she grimaces and looks at Rock... the grimace fading and the girl starting to say something else when... her gaze -snaps- to Sun, and Sammy blinks briefly before rushing over, falling in a crouch by the side of her beloved's chair. "Ne.. Sun-chan... what happened? Y'find him?" She frowns, lifting a hand and brushing back Sun's hair then placing a hand on her cheek, gazing at her with worry and concern... okay, she's alive and all but worry and concern are always good.

Sun blinks, and forces a smile. "I'll...tell you later." she murmurs softly. "I didn't find him...still looking. And...something came to my attention. Won't get into it now..."

Rock yawns suddenly, "Well...I better go Sam, I'm feeling a bit tired so I'm glad you're holding together for the most part..." he sighs, "I'll see you tomorrow or something." he stands and stretches, "And as for the rest of ya, good night."

Dragonmaster Cale nods his head towards Xue, "Yeah, I have Trinune alert me to weird magical aura's when they come around me, so I can kinda make Johnny out a bit, eh heh...don't recognize him though." He heads into the apartment after Xue and looks over towards Sun, "Oh, hey Sun!" He says with a fanged smile, he then looks to Xue, "I'm thinking...see, there was this guy named Liche King, -always- causing trouble, right? So, anyway...I trapped him in a sealed dimension...but, I let him out after a few months, but in a new body without any magic. Eh...well, I was thinking...I might be able to forge a body that Johnny's ghost could inhabit, but, er...I can't make it be Johnny's old body because I never had Trinune read his aura over closely...mm, what do you think?"

Ghost of NNY nervously blinks. oO(Now that doesn't sound too good...)

Xue Qian raises an eyebrow "Well, i'm not a channeler. I'm an elementalist, Cryomancer, to be specific. Can't help much with that one" c_c

Samantha suppresses the frown that deepens on her brow, and just smiles softly, sitting up a little and leaning in to plant a kiss in the centre of Sun's forehead, then leaning back and looking into her eyes. "Take yer time.. fer now I'm just glad you're okay..." She looks back over her shoulder at Cale, raising an eyebrow, "Huh? Um.. actually... sounds like Johnny'll be okay. From what he told -me-, he's been through this before... somethin' about a.." she frowns a little, tilting her head, "'Waste lock'? Somethin' like that.. seems he'll be booted right back to life." (Did I get that right?)

Dragonmaster Cale ers over at Xue, "A-ah, I see, eh heh..." He then looks over to Samantha, raising an eyebrow at the catgirls words and then looking towards Johnny, more or less. Hand still gripped on Trinune's hilt. "...that right?"

Ghost of NNY shrugs his shoulders, oO(Oh that... heh... I dunno. Something like that. They don't seem to like me drifting about dead most of the time... Apparently I cause a bit too much trouble...)

Sun nods softly to Samantha, practically melting back on the couch as she tries to relax, placing her hands over her abdomen. She then pauses, peering at Cale. "...You know where Datenshi is?"

Xue Qian hhmm's, then looks nervously at Sun (This is gonna get a LOT worse before it gets better... Develia guide me... ) c_c;

Samantha shifts position a little, kneeling more comfortably on the floor, and laying one of her hands other Sun's, the other slipping up to stroke lightly at her hair as the nekogirl keeps her attention on Cale. "Oh.. I never thought... you knew him, right?" She swallows tightly, "Y-you knew who did this to me..?"

Dragonmaster Cale tilts his head to the side, wondering what afterlife Johnny goes to and why they don't like him dead. Must be nice. He looks over towards Sun and blinks, "Datenshi? I can check, hold on for a second..." He closes his eyes and grips Trinune tighter, a blue glow flowing up and around his hand, then a similar glow flows up and around Trinune. "I've known Datenshi for awhile...mm, did what to you?" Cale also doesn't read the newspapers much. "Mm...not in this dimension, let me check out dimension..."

Sun frowns. "He cast a spell...Death Claw...on Samantha...and ripped out her heart. She's only surviving by the grace of that spell, and my gem that I gave her the night before it happened. He killed Johnny there, as well." she murmurs, gesturing towards Johnny's ghost.

Ghost of NNY blinkblinks at Sun, oO(Wait... you can see me too?) Suddenly his mind is filled with worry over all the spying he did in people's appartments over the past day.

Sun ( *message to Johnny* Only because I can sense your aura, and I can feel an extra sentient mind in the room when there shouldn't be one. )

Dragonmaster Cale falters in his spell, the glow fading away. He looks over at Sun, then at Samantha, then to what he can see of Johnny. His teeth grit and his eyes close. "I -see-." He says, the blue glow flowing up once again, though a little more dense, obscuring his hand and Trinune's hilt from sight with its light. "I guess I'll finally have to kill him, then..." He lets out a slow breath, the wings on his back shifting, "...after I make him give back Samantha's heart."

Samantha looks at Sun and nods quietly then suddenly winces, her gaze flashing to Cale, "I forgot!" She exclaims, eyes widening on him, "I meant to-" she tails off as he starts to speak again, his spell coming to an end. She bites down on her lip, "I.. I...." her shoulders slump and she falls silent, looking down at the floor.. "G-gomen nasai, Cale-sensei..."

Sun narrows her eyes. "NO. The deathblow is MINE." she hisses. "He hurt the girl I love with all of my heart...-I- claim the kill, -that's- why I asked you where he is." she snaps...

Xue Qian gives Cale a long look "do you want us to assist?", one hand resting at her swords hilt. She usually doesn't get involved, but in her mind, mess with one member of a group, you mess with all. in this case, the merc unit. "If he's half as powerful as i've heard..." c_c

Sun narrows her eyes. "You all can attack him all you want...but his death is MINE." she sneers. "I want his -blood-."

Dragonmaster Cale shakes his head at Samantha, "It's not your fault...it's mine for not killing him when I should of, for giving him a second, third, and fourth chance." He lets out a slow breath, "I just think everyone can change, but it seems he decided not too. Idiot..." He tilts his head towards Sun, then towards Xue, speaking to her first, "No, I know how to beat Datenshi, easily. He's no match for me, I've seen everything he can possibly due in a fight, and Trinune and I have his magical aura locked down." He then speaks towards Sun, eyes still closed though, busy searching other dimensions. "I don't enjoy killing people, feel free to try to kill him first." He growls and mumbles, 'dangit' before pulling Trinune free. "Trinune, search." The blade disappears in a torrent of blue lightning. "There...she's faster without me, anyway."

Xue Qian shrugs "So long as Develia's gift is given to him, i'm not concerned with who gives it, just that it's successfully delivered, which might take some 'coaxing"

Sun narrows her eyes. "He commited a crime against ME...he did THIS to my lover, and not only that, but he tried to capture the gem that I gave her to help her in situations like that." Her expression darkens. "His blood is mine...if I can't have his blood, I'm afraid my berzerker side will want someone else's blood."

Xue Qian shrugs "So long as Develia's gift is given to him, i'm not concerned with who gives it, just that it's successfully delivered, which might take some 'coaxing'" She gives a cold glare "He attacked a member of the Banes. My sense of loyalty prompts me to interefere for a change if it's required". Her glare goes from cold and calculating, to *pun aside* sub-zero

Samantha looks at Cale, biting her lip a bit more, and nodding faintly before she turns back to Sun and leans into her.. laying her head against her breast. "Sun-chan, I know how you feel but.. with more of us, there's more chance.. an'... you don't need the death blow." She frowns a bit, "Why have more blood on y'hands? Let us handle this together, ne?" She then looks to Xue, smiling a little, "Thanks.." she quietly murmurs.

Dragonmaster Cale gives a light fanged grin over at Sun, "I said that's fine, already. Unless Datenshi is overly shielded, Trinune will find him in a day or so, then we can just hop dimension if we have too and do the business." He looks over at Xue, "Everyone can come and attack him, I'll just watch unless he ends up starting to kill you guys instead." He's only seen Xue fight once, and only has experience with Sun's powers from the Hyakuhei tests, which wasn't a lot. He lets out a slow breath and looks for a chair to slump into, sideways...so he doesn't crush his wings, "Gomen...I always give my friends another chance if I think they're sincere, shouldn't of let him live after that night a few months ago..."

Sun nods slowly, before glancing down at Samantha. "...You wouldn't understand...I -need- the satisfaction of his death to lay the hatred...anger...pain...all the horrible emotions that this has stirred...to rest..." She frowns, looking down at her stomache briefly, before nodding to Cale. "He won't kill me. I'll make sure of that."

Xue Qian turns, and moves to the window, gazing out at the horizon "What difference does blood make if one is already covered in it over their head and beyond, i wonder..." c_c

Ghost of NNY hovers nervously, oO(I guess it's a good thing I made that promise to Terry after all... I'd hate to have seen what these guys woulda done to me a few years ago...)

Samantha can't help grinning a bit into the air. (NNY.. most of the people can hear ya, you know. But still.. it's different now. A few years ago maybe I woulda been out to get you... now I'm gonna do my best to help avenge you. Big diff, ne?) She then turns her gaze up to Sun, smiling and nodding, "I.. I do understand. Kinda..." she sighs softly, "I felt this way.. over someone. I thought she was dead an' I-" she hesitates and stops, simply leaning in to gently press her lips to Sun's. (Just don't die on me... I love you too much.) Leaning back again, she turns and flips her gaze across Xue to Cale.. a slight frown creasing her brow at the half-elf's words. "Thanks, Cale.. for all of this... this isn't easy for you, is it?"

Dragonmaster Cale kind of glaaances over towards a nearby wall as Sam and Sun kiss, the wings on his back shifting a bit, at his name though he looks back to the catgirl and erms, "Ah, well...no, not really." He lets out a slow breath and decides to stand back up, oh..I forgot, there's a purple leather bound book tucked underneath his left arm. "He's a good friend, he just doesn't know how to fight against his nature. Or, or maybe he just gave up fighting it, I don't know...I'll have to talk to him..."

Sun meets Samantha's kiss. ( Don't worry...I promised that I would come back from this fight. And I will. It's just...I try not to be, but I'm a killer by nature. It's in my blood...and I was raised to be one, with both my father and...Kuroi... ) "Either way...I will take his life." she murmurs coldly to Cale. Then, she shivers, and leans back into the couch, closing her eyes. . o O ( *shielded thought* What am I going to do with this...thing growing inside me...? ) She frowns a bit, and lets out a tired, weary sigh.

Xue Qian turns, and looks with one eye over her left shoulder, cold as the ice that obeys her command "If i recall what you've said, you've given him ample chances. The time to talk is at an end, if this is the case. I trust others present would agree?". SilverFrost actually sounds nervous for once "Eh, brat... settle down please. You aren't helping the situation". She just glances down, and turns back to the window

Samantha nods slowly, frowning as Sun mentions Kuroi. (Hey.. that's over. At least for now... let's get this out of the way and then try to be happy together... I know it's hard, but let's try?) She looks to Xue and gives a faint smirk, "Right.. an' I won't have any problems with seeing this guy dead but.." she glances at Cale, "Others do... others who know him far more than I ever will... an' I gotta respect that." She sighs and leans into Sun again, nuzzling into her chest.

Ghost of NNY would roll his eyes if he had any. Watching the display of affection is making him feel ill and it's taking everything he has not to think about it in fear of being heard...

Dragonmaster Cale ehhs over at Xue, "I know that, I'm not gonna give him another chance, eh heh. Just, well...I need to know why, and...his sword, Masamune...it's more than just a sword." He shakes his head, "Everyone should have a last few words, that's all I mean." He says, before stopping his pacing and going over to look out a window, the wings on his back shifting back and forth, a feather falling to the floor.

Xue Qian says iwthout turning "So long as it's done. Back home, it's done without a word, even if the executed requests it. But this isn't back home, so do what you will. Just make sure the deed is done when the day is through"

Sun holds Samantha tightly, finally allowing the deep, worried frown to carve into her features. . o O ( I hate feeling like this... )

Samantha blinks, and for a few moments just watches Cale's back with a soft, concerned gaze. "Yeah.." she whispers, nodding just once, "Yeah, they should. -Friends- should..." she bites her lip and looks at Sun, "I know.. I hate havin' to see you like this... and I hate what it does to me." She closes her eyes, a sigh parting her lips. "I'm so sorry..."

Dragonmaster Cale nods slightly at Samantha's words, letting out another slow breath. He then looks over as Trinune reappears in front of him. He grabs the blade and sheathes it behind his back, pausing only a second before he speaks, "Found him, but, the dimensions sealed, it seems. I'll have to work on finding a crack into it, eh heh...gomen. I'll keep Trinune on it as long as I can. Shouldn't be more than a day or so, I think...maybe three." He shakes his head, grinning fangedly, "I've only broke into sealed dimensions, other than my own, a few times in the past, eh heh."

Sun's frown remains, her eyes closing. . o O ( *shielded* I can't tell her...not yet...demo...if... ) She shakes her head a bit. "I shouldn't think so much." she says in a quiet voice, sighing once more.

Xue Qian turns back around, with a normal expression "It's definately overrated... i'm going to go get some rest... If you need my help, you know where to find me" -_-;

Samantha nods to Cale, smiling a bit, "Arigato.." she looks at Sun again, reaching up to curl her fingers in her lover's hair, slowly letting them stroke through as she offers a reassuring smile. "No.. about some things, it's best not to I guess..." she sighs and starts to stand up. "Anyway.. this is gettin' pretty depressing... Cale, wh-oh.." she hesitates as Xue goes to leave and nods to the half-elf, "Sure.. thanks, Xue.. seeya soon, ne?"

Xue Qian nods to Samantha, and draws SilverFrost, prompting a drop in temperature around her, as always, and sticks it into the floor. Ice forms, and quickly encases her in a block of solid ice. Her form fades from within the frozen cacoon, and once gone, the ice block cracks, and shatters, sending ice shards sliding across the floor harmlessly, as the gathered Essence disperses back into the room.

Dragonmaster Cale looks away from the window towards Xue and waves his free hand, "Eh, goodnight!" He says, looking back to Samantha, wondering what she was about to say before Xue left...?

Ghost of NNY lets out a sigh. Keeping his mind quiet is no easy task. oO(So, NNY? How much longer are you just gonna sit there and do nothing?) Johnny blinkblinks at himself. oO(Ssssh... not now...) The voice in his head growls, oO(You need me to say something for you?) Johnny groans, oO(Come on... can't I just have a nice moment alone for once? What are you trying to do? Make everyone think I'm as insane as I know I am?) The voice in his head chuckles...

Samantha swallows and smiles at Cale, "Yeah.. so.. y'brought a book with you?" She vaguely gestures towards the book under his arm as she stops running her fingers through Sun's hair and reaches up to tuck in a few loose strands of her own. "I was hopin' you would..." she murmurs quietly. (You okay, NNY? You're.. not making much sense...?)

Dragonmaster Cale blinks and looks down at the book, "O-oh! Yeah, er...right! Um, gomen...eh heh, th-this is actually my gravity book, eh heh...I was about ready to expirment when the ghost showed up, he he. But, yeah, I can give you more lessons, if you're sure you're up to it. Mmm, how is the gathering of magic going, okay?"

Ghost of NNY would blush if he had that ability at the moment, oO(Huh? Me? Oh... I'm alright.) oO(No your not! Your a raving loonatic on the verge of a mental brake down!) oO(He's right you know, NNY...) oO(SHUT UP!)

Sun frowns, moving to stand up. ( *to Johnny* Don't listen to the crazy voices, kiddo. I did that once. Just gotta believe that they ain't real...and not just tell yourself that. ) "I'm going to go...somewhere. I need to calm down..." she murmurs.

Samantha nods, "It's.. goin' okay.." she clears her throat softly and shrugs, "Though, er, I've been a bit stuck for practice... what with all the-" she stops and looks at Sun, frowning deeply, "Sure.. but, are y'okay?" She offers a hand to help Sun up, looking into her eyes with obvious concern.

Dragonmaster Cale looks over towards Sun as she gets up to leave, "I'll call you and Samantha, and Xue too, when I'm able to get into the dimension Datenshi's at. Hopefully, it won't be a moving weakness in the seal."

Ghost of NNY stares at Sun questioningly, oO(Be glad you never met the Doughboys... Oh wait... there I go again. Um... just ignore me...)

Sun pauses, looking out the window. "I'm...not really okay, but...I'll tell you later..." she murmurs softly, looking down at the floor...

Samantha chews down on her lip, "Ne... Sun-chan.." she sighs and wraps an arm around Sun's waist, pulling herself in close and kissing her cheek before leaning in against her. "Is it really something that c'n wait?" She says in a near-whisper, voice quivering a little, "Coz.. if it can't, tell me.. I don't wanna see you in pain..."

Ghost of NNY growls at himself wishing his thoughts would quit broadcasting to whomever can hear them, oO(Nice one, NNY... make the nice people think your crazy...) oO(You are crazy!) oO(SHUT UP ALREADY!) oO(Look...all I'm trying to say is one of these days y-) oO(I SAID THAT'S ENOUGH!!) Johnny begins to curse his own deranged mental state... oO(Maybe I should go too...)

Dragonmaster Cale turns his gaze to look back out the window, glancing back to Trinune briefly, the blade still glowing a soft blue, probing the sealed dimension for its opening.

Sun blinks, and sighs, wrapping her arm around Samantha's shoulders. "...Not with so many people here..." she whispers into the girl's ear.

Samantha closes her eyes and nods faintly, hugging Sun tightly for a moment, then leans back and looks over at Cale, "Gomen.. I think we need'ta talk... I.. was kinda hopin' we could get somethin' done but..." she shrugs a little awkwardly. (Stop it Johnny! I know you're just kidding around but it's starting to scare me..)

Dragonmaster Cale blinks and looks over, grinning fangedly at Samantha, "Oh, no problem! I'll see you guys later!" He doesn't mind when people have stuff to talk about privately, a black mist flows up and around him, "I'll just head back to the Usual, he he."

Ghost of NNY sweatdrops, oO(Hah! She thinks your kidding around! How stupid ca-) oO(SHUT IT! Um... yeah... kidding around, sorry... I'm gonna go out for awhile. Maybe drift around the park or something. See ya!) Without another word he bolts out of the room...

The Usual Restaurant (again)

Ghost of NNY drifts in slowly, lost in thought, oO(HAH! You stupid worthless fool, why should anyone care about you? What good did you ever do in this world?) oO(Ignore him, NNY... you know as well as I do that you helped send alot of assholes into the next life. Be proud!) oO(...won't you two please SHUT UP!)

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