2004-03-30 Johnny returns from the dead! ...Judgement Night

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Johnny returns from the dead! ...Judgement Night


Who: Samantha, Johnny_C, Renamon, Dragonmaster_Cale, Sabin, Kyoko_Obayashi, Skeeve, Kawatta, Sarah, Trinune
When: 2004-03-30
Where: Metropolis

The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

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The Usual Restaurant

You walk into a well lighted room, it's high ceilings lit by dozens of fluorescent lamps hanging from the ceiling. To the south and west are windows, which you would normally expect to see the outside world from, but looking out of them, you see only a misty gray haze. On the walls to the north and the east of the inn are an eclectic collection of paintings, photographs and even holographs of many cheap 1970's to 1980's B-movies. The bar on the east side is made out of hardwood, it's surface polished and shiny. Behind the bar, the various beverages that are served here are kept in relatively neat containers on wooden shelves. There is a large stage in one of the corners of the restaurant with a impressive sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in this room, near the north wall, is a double swing door that leads to the kitchen. On the east wall is a door leading to the UR's dance club and on the west one leading to the Gym. To the south, is the exit to the outside. A recent addition to the UR is a large fireplace against the west wall, it matches well to the rest of the restaurant and looks like it should have been there all along.

Samantha strolls in through the door, looking around happily, then smiles towards Sabin at the bar. "Heya!" She calls over, smiling brightly as she makes her way over and hops up onto a barstool, giggling softly, "Ne... c'n I get a strawberry Italian soda?"

Dragonmaster Cale comes walking out of the kitchen, moving over to the side of the bar and glancing at Sabin, giving a fanged grin, "One for me too, Sabin!" He says, looking over at Samantha, "Hey Sammy!"

Sabin looks up from his magazine, nodding to Samantha. He tosses the magazine below the bar, as he slides over to ehr a strawberry italian soda, quickly making one for his boss "Done 'n done." He says

Samantha looks at Cale and promptly springs up onto a bartop in a crouch, throwing her arms around the dragonmaster's neck, "Hey Cale! How's it goin'?" She leans back again with a giggle, remaining crouched, "How'd they build the place back so quick?"

Renamon phases into the Usual up in the rafters once more

Dragonmaster Cale is about to snag the soda when he's suddenly latched onto around the neck by a catgirl. His eyes widening and his body tensing up, a sheer gasp coming in..but he quickly exhales as the girl lets him go, the wings on his back ruffling nervously, "E-eh? O-oh...! W-well, j-just the nanites a-and this spell I have, eh heh..."

Samantha grins and scrambles back down onto her barstool, reaching out and sliding her soda across, "Thanks!" She glances at Sabin as she says that, then smiles at Cale again, "Great! I never thought it'd be so soon.. so! Yeah! I-" she hesitates, her ears twitching and her tail stopping its flicking for a brief moment as she glances up to the rafters, tilts her head, then hmms quietly and snaps her gaze back to Cale, "Yeah.. I, er, I finally got that water trick right! I c'n finally do it!" She beams proudly.

Sabin blinks "You've got-a spell ta fix this place?"

Dragonmaster Cale looks over at Sabin and nods his head, "Yeah! Mm, it used to restore it within minutes...but, there's something different about this dimension that's making the spell work different, and it's the only one of its kind I have, so...I'm not to experienced with fixing them. Now it takes about a week to actually work..." He shakes his head, confused about it, then looks to Samantha, his eyes widening, "Ahh? Really?! That's great!"

Sabin ker-blinsk "And y'never told me?"

Samantha giggles, nodding as she snags her straw between her lips and takes a little sip, swirling the straw around when she is done. "Uh huh! I couldn't get it before, though I've been practicin' -tons- an' then.. today I went ta show Jack's lil' daughter how, just for fun, an' I got it! First time today!" She -grins- and sips her soda again, "Oh! Also.. y'won't believe this... I'm so happy..." she blushes and lifts her left hand, displaying the all-new ring sitting where the first was upon her ring finger. "Sun-chan, she.. she asked me yesterday..."

Dragonmaster Cale grins fangedly at Samantha, "Awesome!" He then blinks at the ring, and it does actually takes him a few moments to realize what its meaning is, "A-ah? Oh! He he! C-Congratulations!" He smiles really big, "That's good news!" He blinks black at Trinune, who flares blue and sweatdrops, he chugs down his strawberry italian soda, "G-gomen! Just came for a drink, I have to get back to the artifact I'm crafting in the back before the UR turns into an anti-gravity building, eh heh heh!"

Sabin sweatbeads

Samantha smiles and lifts the ring to her lips, kissing it softly before she strokes at it, tilting her head to the side and down, "Yeah.." she murmurs quietly, "Didn't know it got this good..." she loses herself for a moment then looks up, blinking, "Oh.. uh.. sure! Nice'ta see ya, even quickly. Seeya soon?"

Dragonmaster Cale nodnods his head and runs into the kitchen!

From out of nowhere a flicker of light appears. It exists for only a half a second before it vanishes. Perhaps it was really nothing at all - gone before it could be noticed. Beneath the floorboards an energy stirs. Seconds later it develops a conciousness. Memories fill it quickly like a computer being loaded up. Horrible pain, a life ending, thoughts of torture, a promise. The energy becomes an entity and continues to grow at an alarming rate. The dark shadows in this space that no eyes have ever seen begin to solidify and gather around it like mud. The being stirs. (Not long now,) the thing thinks to itself. Suddenly it changes positions, moving from one shadow to another until it moves above the floor. In the far corner of the room the thing finds it self and begins to solidify once more - taking the shape of a man... Crawling out of the shadow and standing the man runs his hand over his now mostly bald head. "Damnit... not again..." Johnny C. has returned.

Renamon is still up in the rafters, watching

Sabin is seated behind the bar, looking a bit confused.

Samantha smiles after Cale then looks to Sabin, "Hmm.. did we-" she freezes, her tail flicking once more before drifting down behind her, tip flickering just above the floor.. then she slowly looks around to the corner, her eyes widening as they settle on Johnny. "Hey! You're..." she lifts a hand, pointing numbly, "Yer okay! Yer alive again!" She blinkblinks, then takes off in a ki-charged blur, springing from her stool and hopping across the tables before she lands in front of Johnny, peering up at him with a warm smile, her arms spread and ready to hug the newly resurrected young maniac. "Welcome back!"

Johnny stares at Samantha with mixed feelings. First, confusion, as his memorise aren't quite what they should be. Then, joy as he recognises her. Finaly a wave of anger flushes over him. With disgust he glares at her remembering her words from several nights ago. Coldly he mutters one word, "Hi."

Sabin shrugs off the ongoings. Reunions are happy typically and so long as they're reunited things are all good.

Samantha blinks, keeping her arms spread.. though she sags visibly, swallowing a tight lump in her throat.. her head tipping to one side with a soft frown. "Ne.. you... you okay? I mean... last I saw of you was.." she winces and closes her eyes, finally lowering her arms as she leans back on her heels, setting her hands in her lap, "Yeah. I.. I.. I forgot... you an' Naruto-kun, y'were both mad.. so that's why ya didn't come back? Then..." she opens her eyes and tries to smile, though tears glisten in those sapphire orbs, "How come yer alive?"

There's a bright flash of light outside, which lingers for a few seconds. As it fades a young woman can be seen standing on the sidewalk, appearently disorientated. However, it becomes obvious she isn't stunned anymore when she screams, and backs in through the UR's door, looking positively spooked, her eyes staring towards the door, and not realizing exactly where she has backed herself into O.O

Johnny wobbles and collapses onto the floor. His muscles are still weak from ill-use. Catching himself he lands on all fours and grumbles, "Apparently I don't belong here either. They didn't know what to do with me, so they've decided to give me a last chance..." his voice drops to almost a whisper, "...had to promise that lady that..."

Samantha drops down to help support Johnny.. a little late it seems, but she gently places her hands on his shoulders anyway, ready to help him up should he ask. Then, though... that flash is followed by a scream, and the nekogirl's ears twitch. She hops to her feet, right hand flying around to the hilt of her sword as her gaze flashes to the hastily backtracking woman, "N-nani?" She shifts grip, and leans back, peering out of the door, her tail flicking behind her quickly now.

Johnny doesn't care about the scream. In fact he doesn't care about a damn thing right now. Pushing himself up onto his knees he sits up with one hand still on the floor for support. His eyes hurt and he's having trouble adjusting to the light. Blinking several times he glances around the room beneath his two remaining long bangs waiting for the pain to subside...

Kyoko Obayashi is backing into the UR, so is likely just inside the doorway by now. At the sound of Samantha's voice, she turns, stops dead, and slowly looking behind herself over her shoulder. On sight of Samantha's rather feline appearence, she turns, trips, and falls onto her rear, crawling backwards with her arm in a panic "D-demon!". She gasps on seeing Sabin behind the bar, with his mecha arm and eye, and due to his human, yet unusual appearence, isn't sure WHAT to think of Johnny

Sabin blinks. "Yeah, you have-a nice day to." He says with a sweatbead.

Johnny glances confused at Samantha, "Demon? What's that make me?"

Renamon pikupikus?

Samantha places her free hand to her breast, fingers splayed, "Demon? N-no... just.... just me." She swallows, blinking twice, then looks at Johnny and nods faintly. She just stares at him for a moment then smiles softly, "I dunno.. but.. you're my friend an' that's what counts." Impulsively she drops her hands from their respective grips and throws her arms around Johnny before he can move, burying her face in his shoulder.

Kyoko Obayashi doesnt see Renamon, if she is still in the rafters

Johnny blinkblinks, overwhelmed with mixed memorise and confusion. "GYAH! Come on... enough with the touchy feely crap! Alright? I missed you too! Le'go already!"

Kyoko Obayashi calms down a bit as Samantha declines the title of 'demon', and hugs Johnny, slowly standing up, looking around, absolutely spooked. She still hasn't seen the kitsune Digi in the rafters yet, either. The bartenders sarcasm is lost on her. "Wh-where.. AM i?" <.< >.> O.o?

Samantha sniffles happily as she leans back, smiling through the tears glistening in her eyes. "Good.." she murmurs, nodding, "I just.. I thought you'd... really gone..." she shakes her head, and laughs softly, looking back to Kyoko, "S-sorry, I'm baka.." she sniffles again and offers Kyoko a friendly smile, "Yer in Metropolis... how hard it'll be to adjust kinda depends on where ya came from. I.. well..." her ears twitch as she reaches up and lightly touches the tip of one, "I ain't exactly.. 'normal' I guess. Still." She shrugs, "I'm Sammy, not a demon but kinda an alien.. I guess. Sorta."

Johnny leans back himself, throwing his legs infront of him and sits with his arms behind him now. "Geyah... bad enough I gotta feel like I've slept, but random hugging... that just ain't right..." VERY sarcasticly he adds, "Bad kitty..."

Kyoko Obayashi looks between Samantha and Johnny cautiously "Obayashi K-Kyoko...". She gets a semi-disbelieving look "Where did you say i was?"

Samantha smirks towards Johnny, rolling her eyes playfully as she softly murmurs, "Quiet, you..". Then she looks to Kyoko, grinning and flipping a casual, but friendly enough, wave, "Good to meetcha! An' it's Metropolis, on this world.. kinda different, but I guess it might be Okinawa back on yours. Ring any bells?" Without waiting for an answer, she gives an apologetic smile and turns back to NNY, too curious and pleased to be reunited with him to just.. let it rest. She reaches over to snag a chair, pulling it up close to him and plopping down, leaning forward with her hands between her legs, braced at the edge of the seat. "Ne.. so.. what happened? I mean... your body, before it was.." she winces faintly, "Well, I'm told it wasn't good." She giggles softly and reaches up to flick at one of his bangs, "And 'side from these, where'd yer hair go? What -happened-?"

Johnny lets out a groan as his hair is flicked, "That happened last time. Senior Satan once told me that it was a side effect of being brought back from the dead. Ugh... my body? I dunno. I guess whatever supposedly used to own me reclaimed it or something. Maybe there was a spiritual warranty out on me... Anyways..." With a sigh he trails off. He doesn't give the appearance he's ready to talk about everything just yet.

Kyoko Obayashi blinks "Okinawa?!? How can that be? A moment ago I was in my village, and now I am all the way in Okinawa? Miko is still there all by herself!". She looks at Johnny and Samantha "How do I go back? She is still small, and can not take care of herself!!". As she pleads, all the signs of a panicking parent take over, and the culture shock takes a back seat.

Samantha giggles softly, peering at the top of Johnny's head, "That's a side effect of dyin'? Don't think I'm gonna enjoy that..." she hmms and gently strokes the round purple gem, embedded in the gap between her collarbone. (OOC: Not in desc, coz I've been too lazy!) "Weird. Still.. I'm glad yer okay." She smiles, "And no need'ta talk about it yet, just.. if y'wanna, I'm ready an' willin'." She winks, then glances at Kyoko, tilting her head curiously as she listens. Then she bites her lip for a moment. "W-well.. gomen, I... I think yer kinda stuck... I." She stops and sighs, glancing off to one side, "I lost my pop an'.. we can't find a way back. Sorry..."

Johnny waves his fist in the air a little too enthusiasticly, "And there's only one man on this damn island who can make a good burrito!"

Samantha glances at Johnny again and raises an eyebrow, blinking back her sudden descending sadness. "Yeah.. well. Don't think the Japanese go in much fer Mexican..."

Kyoko Obayashi can only give Samantha a sympathetic look, as she can relate, as she stumbles into a chair, head drooped, eyes closed with silent tears ( ...and once again the gods leave me with nothing). She looks back up, taking in her new surroundings, finally noticing Renamon as she finally looks up at the rafters, only gasping in fear (A kitsune?!? What madness IS this?)

Renamon blinks as Kyoko notices her, and nods with a smirk. .oO{bout time someone noticed. Are the humans in Okinawa so slow of wit to think they shouldn't always be on guard? Or at least to realize that the ground isn't the only place creatures dwell?}

Johnny puts down his hand and frowns, "That's not the point." Looking back up at Samantha he glares just a little, "Besides, we need to have a talk..."

Samantha blinks slowly at the glare... "N-nani?"

Kyoko Obayashi'holds' herself with her arm, fighting off the emotional pain for a later time (I must.. be strong... I must survive.. Miko may be alive somewhere... ). After a moment, she looks at Samantha and Johnny with an indecipherable*sp?* glance, arm returning to her lap "Excuse me, but where does one find a place of employment in this odd world?" c_c

Johnny quickly looks away from Samantha, "Not now. Too many people..." Choosing to ignore Kyoko again he looks around the room and to his own amasment spots his weapons in his own usual seat on the other side of the room. With a smile he jumps up and stumbles over to them giggling to himself.

Renamon continues to watch the goings on below.

Samantha smiles a bit as Johnny goes after his weapons, "'K.. well.. whenever y'want.." she shrugs faintly, sipping her soda as she then looks back to Kyoko. Slowly she blinks, and lets the straw fall from between her lips. "Um.. well. I dunno really..." she reaches up and tugs gently on her lower lip. (What do people do for work... apart from sign up at the Exchange...?) "Um.. what kinda stuff d'you do?"

Skeeve strolls into the Usual, whistling like he owns the place.

Renamon quirks an ear at skeeve as he enters

Kyoko Obayashi eyes Johnny cautiously as she speaks to Samantha "That depends on what is being asked of me... my only real skills are cooking and cleaning" c.c She does eye skeeve, looking a bit relieved to see someone else looking remotely human, but says nothign to him

Johnny is estaticly happy. His daggers, his hooksickle, even his backpack... all here! Sure they're covered in his own blood and gore and a bit tarnished, but still here and still intact. Standing proudly - his weapons returned to their accsutomed locations, he looks much more like himself. Except for the hair of course. However, the weight of all the crap on his weak muscles soon sends him offbalance. Wobbling back over to Sammy, he grabs a seat beside her and plops down into it.

Skeeve strolls over towards the assembled group. He doesn't know them very well, but you have to start somewhere. "Good evening... ...Samantha, was it?"

Samantha giggles softly at Johnny, rolling her eyes a bit, and then she looks across to Kyoko and blinkblinks. "Oh. Well.. hmm..." she tilts her head to one side, tail curling around behind her, "Lemme get back to ya! -Might- be able to find somethin'.. mebbe.." she then looks to Skeeve and smiles, nodding, "Yeah! Sammy, actually.. or Sam, or Sammy-chan. You're Skeeve, right? Friend o' Cale's an' Jack's?" She sips her soda, keeping her gaze on the mage.

Skeeve pulls up a chair, twisting it around and sitting on it backwards. He smiles faintly, inclining his head. "That's right... a pleasure to meet you."

Kyoko Obayashi watches the exchange between Skeeve and Samantha for a few moments, but just sorta stares at Johnny as he makes his way to the seat next to Sam, having caught glimpses of things she'd rather not know of

Samantha lifts a slender hand and waves, "Always! And um.. are you, like, a mage or somethin'? My mommy was a mage, see, an' I've just started lessons from Cale... in case that makes me any more interesting!" She giggles as she says the last, and reaches up to brush back the left-hand sweep of her hair, not once taking her eyes from Skeeve.

Skeeve nods a few times. "Yes, I am, although I prefer the term 'magician'."

Johnny sits silently listening to Samantha and Skeeve chat as he stares at her. He seems to be sizeing his friend up as he thinks over recent events in his mind...

Samantha smiles, "Great! So, er, what kinda thing d'you do? Are you at Cale-sensei's level or...?" She waves a hand vaguely, then brushes her hair back again, before looking down into her soda and swirling the straw around as she sips away the dregs. A frown creases her brow suddenly... (That's.. weird. Is that....?) The frown fades but is replaced by a blush, her eyes widening as she continues to finish off her drink.

Skeeve quirks an eyebrow a moment, looking at Samantha a little more closely. "Yeah, thereabouts... I'd be hard pressed to identify which one of us is more powerful - not that it really matters."

Kyoko Obayashi blinks as she listens "Magicians? You know real magic? Such things I thought only existed in legend and folklore"

Renamon says, "It does not." And phases from sight only to reapper on the ground, standing and smirkng

Skeeve grins abruptly, hearing Kyoko's comment. "Let me guess, madamoiselle, you're new around here, aren't you."

Renamon says, "It can be very real."

Samantha fights back the blush, giving a few hurried nods, "H-hai, no.. it doesn't, I guess. An' I shoulda figured, I mean.. Cale beat Datenshi, an' he was -strong-, as for Jack... well." She tails off with a slight shrug, "Jack's the strongest person I know.. even stronger than my pop." She looks a little distant for a moment, tipping her head as she looks off into nothing, then straightens up and looks at Skeeve again.. though her gaze flickers to Kyoko, the nekogirl starting to laugh softly when it falls away to an 'erk' and she looks at Renamon. Her ears twitch. Blinkblink. "Naa? What're you?"

Renamon smirks. "What do I look like?"

Samantha raises an eyebrow, "A fox? But, er.. that doesn't answer the question. I've got ears an' a tail, but I ain't a cat.. just coz you look like a fox means nothin'." She smiles.

From down the street comes the unmistakeable sound of a pack of foxhounds barking madly, followed by galloping horses and some idiot, rich englishman playing a tune on a bugle.

Renamon says, "I am Renamon."

Kyoko Obayashi half-bows to Skeeve as she answers him "I... I only arrived here a matter of minutes ago...", then GAH'S as Renamon teleports "K-kitsune magic really DOES exist?!"

Renamon chuckles. "I cannot say. I am not a Kitsune."

Skeeve snickers a little. Rude of him, but hey - that's just how he is. "So, yeah - magic straight from all the folktales has come to life here-" He stops dead, tilting his head to catch the sound of the bugle. "What, precisely, is that?"

A large, rotund foxhound comes barging in and runs up to Samantha, hopping back and forth on it's hind legs as it says in a rather 'slow' sounding voice, "Excuse me miss, but have you seen the fox!? We're going to catch him and then cut his tail off!"

Samantha's ears twitch, sapphire gaze shifting briefly to the door, then she blinks and glances back to the group.. specifically, Renamon, "Dunno.." she murmurs distractedly to answer Skeeve, then smiles at Renamon, lifting the straw from her empty glass in a vague salute, "Nice to meetcha! I'm Sa-gah!" she jumps with shock as the foxhound runs up and tilts her head, "N-n-nani?"

Skeeve facefaults noisily. Picking himself up off of the floor, he rights his chair again. "You have *GOT* to be kidding me. And I haven't even been drinking yet."

Renamon snickers. "Do I dare ask what this one is about?"

Kyoko Obayashi just sits there, eyes locked in a shocked look. All this proves too much, and she passes out right there in the chair, exhaustion combined with panic combined with shock taking their toll

Johnny glares at the new distraction as it leaps in Sammy's face. Instinctivily he pulls out his dagger and leans over the table towards the foxhound, "Why don't you get lost before I gut you?"

The foxhound isn't exactly a normal dog either. It's about 3 or 4 feet high and so fat that the majority of it's hind legs don't even appear. he looks more like a cartoon character than an actual dog. The hound was about to answer Sammy when he hear's johnny's threat. The dog quickly drops to all fours and 'growls' which comes out more like a bad job of a human trying to fake it while the mutt tries to look iintimidating, which only comes off as a pathetic form of 'cute' "Rrr! you're with the fox aren't you!?"

Samantha blinks quietly at Johnny, then smirks at the foxhound, "He prob'ly means it too.. don't growl or act tough, he'll just kill ya or somethin'!" She smiles matter-of-factly, then looks to Kyoko with a little concerned frown, "Oh.. wow. Not seen anyone take it -that- bad before..."

Skeeve sighs, picking up Kyoko gently, and sliding her into one of the isolated booths, where she'll be safe. "I have. Not often, but I have."

Johnny stands and glares down at the hound, his bangs falling down like the antenae of an insect, "No. I'm just the guy that got back from the dead tonight and doesn't want to take any crap. Beat it, or I'm gonna have to break my promise to Belldandy in the first hour of my return..."

Samantha nods to Skeeve, "So.. well, yeah.. I guess if y'were in NeoTokyo you'd've seen a fair bit. I was born there but.. I grew up someplace pretty normal." She shrugs and sets her empty glass down onto the table behind her, then stretches out, moaning softly, "Mmmm..." coming out of the stretch she glances at NNY, "To who-now? I thoughtcha promised my daddy?"

With that the mutt gives a grunt and a huffed snort as he says, "Well...you're too wacky to be with the fox anyways...now I have to go find him and cut his tail off!" the dog turns and starts to head out, bumping into Renamon for a moment, "Oh! Sorry!" sidestepping around her he heads out, blatantly missing the giant humanoid fox completely -_-;

Renamon says, "Think nothing of it." she smirks. "I certainly won't."

Skeeve cricks his neck faintly. "That I have, Sammy, that I have."

Kyoko Obayashi sleeps deeply in unconscious bliss

Johnny glares and throws his dagger at the door, with a scream he yells, "OF ALL THE PUSS-SWEARING INSULTS! COME BACK HERE YOU STUPID PILE OF ROTTING DUNG!!!!!" Marching over to the door he stops himself from leaving and yanks his dagger free. "Stupid promise..."

Skeeve raises an eyebrow at Johnny. "Woah, man... time to switch to decaf, my friend."

Renamon asks, "I take it things like that happen a lot here?"

Samantha nods to Skeeve, smiling and taking a short breath, starting to say something when she blinks over at Johnny, "Um. N-Ne... Johnny-kun.. you wanna talk about anythin'?" She frowns a little concerned, gently scritching behind one of her ears.

Johnny resheaths his dagger and marches back over to the table. After sitting he glances up at Sam and mumbles, "Like I said, not here.. if you wanna talk we should go somewhere else. If not, then screw it..."

Skeeve pulls his chair up to the table, but he glances sideways at Johnny for a moment. "So... ...you died and came back, huh?"

Johnny raises an eyebrow at Skeeve, "Yeah...? Where'd you hear about that from?"

Skeeve says, "You said it like half an hour ago. 'You're just the guy that got back from the dead tonight'."

Samantha blinks softly at Johnny, and gives a quick nod, "Sure, wh-" she stops and sits back as the two start conversing, then hmms quietly and hops to her feet, striding over to the bar to get a refill on her strawberry Italian soda.

Johnny chuckles, "Yeah, I guess I did say that... Second time actualy..."

Skeeve asks, "So, what happened with that. It didn't have anything to do with Datenshi being his usual charming self, did it?"

Samantha hiccups cutely, glancing back at Skeeve past a sweep of ebony, placing her hand to her chest.. fingers closing around her left breast before she turns back to the bar and drops her hand, fingers drumming on the bar as she waits.

Johnny nods his head casualy, "Actualy your close. He and this other guy got into it in here a week or so ago... Apart from Sammy here getting all heart-less I got a one way ticket to the afterlife. Tired to stick around, but uh... something came up."

Skeeve blinks a few times. "Heartless." He glances back at the bar, at Samantha. "You mean that literally?"

Johnny smirks, "Yeah... she was all broken up about it. Poor guy stole her heart..."

Skeeve facefaults again. "God. If he wasn't already dead I'd kill him. Nobody should be allowed to make puns that grotesquely bad."

Johnny chuckles, "I've had a bit too much time on my hands to think latley.. Plus I got a weeks worth of heart puns to work off..."

Samantha nods, then as Johnny speaks she closes her eyes, wincing, "Johnny, can we-" she suddenly draws in a sharp breath and drops to a crouch, barely missing clocking her head on the bar as she bends to throw a hand around her bandaged foot, massaging it gently, "N-nani?"

Skeeve raises an eyebrow faintly. "You okay over there?" He looks with some concern at Samantha now.

Johnny raises an eyebrow at Sam and stares confused, "Oh come on... don't be all dramatic about it. At least I waited a while before I started with those..."

Samantha looks at Skeeve and begins to offer a smile, which cuts off in another gasp, hand flying to her other foot now, stroking the toes tentatively, "What the...?"

Skeeve stands up now fully. He takes a few steps towards Samantha with a speculative look on his face, slipping over to astral perception. "I take it this isn't normal - or voluntary - behaviour for you?"

Johnny stands and glares, his knuckles pressed against the tabletop. "What's up?"

Samantha straightens up and leans back against the bar as she shakes off each foot, "'M alright..." she murmurs, looking towards the window and frowning. (What're you doing? Doesn't feel like real trouble but...?) She throws the frown off with a shake of her head and turns to pick up her soda, quickly taking a sip, then looking back to Skeeve with a reassuring, though slightly forced smile, "Sorry, I'm.. fine... really."

Skeeve nods a little, unrolling his eyes from the top of his head. "I understand. I could tweak that for you if you and your other half wanted to work the bugs out. I have some experience with the phenomena."

Samantha blinks slowly, "Oh.. well, I guess... though I think it's kinda temporary anyway. I made the link by mistake, didn't know I could do all that stuff really.. it'll be okay." She gives a wry grin, rubbing the back of her neck, "Actually, without it I'd probably be dead. It's been a lucky charm I guess...." she sips her soda again.

Skeeve nods a little. "I didn't mean *break* it, but I understand."

Johnny lets out a sigh and sits down again, oO(Once again I'm fooled into giving a shit about someone. Damn these emotions...) "Yeah, so anyways..."

Kawatta pushes open the door to the usual, wearing his flight suit and carrying his helme...dear...god.. he's in a good mood.

Skeeve pose kicks his chair out from the table again and sits down, just as he notices Kawatta walking into the UR with that grin on his face. "... ... .... ... ... ...what happened to YOU?"

Kawatta blinks "Eh, hey Skeeve, I havnt seen you since the ma dash for everyone's life." he shrugs "I got back in the pilot's seat and kicked a little ass."

Samantha blinks and glances around seeing a man in a flight suit.. the smile on her lips promptly vanishing again once she realises it's not him. She shakes her head and hops up onto the edge of the bar, offering a small smile Kawatta's way, then sipping her soda. She watches Johnny over the rim of the glass, an eyebrow raised slightly. (Funny.. he cares so much but then.... hmm...)

Skeeve blinks a few times. "Dude. Good to see you, but that's one creepy facial expression."

Kawatta blinks "What...grinning?" o.O

Kawatta waves a it at Sammy since she smiled at him....no clue on Earth who she is though.

Dragonmaster Cale comes storming out of the kitchen, rolling to the floor as smoke literally rises up off of his body, he comes quickly to his feet and turns back towards the kitchen, taking in some deep breaths, Trinune is abesnt from her sheath...pant...pant... o_O

Skeeve has a deadpan expression on his face, although the twinkle in his eye... "Well, you just have this unwholesome glint in your eyes."

Samantha jumps as the door flies open and Cale rushes through from the kitchen. She sets her soda down and flips over the bar so that she is perched on the other side, peering at the Dragonmaster as he straightens up from the roll. "Ne.. Cale-sensei... what's up?"

Kawatta hmms "Kind of like..." he grins again slowly "...I fought Third in the Third?"

Skeeve stands up suddenly, chair tumbling to the floor noisily. "Okay, man, just STOP THAT! It's CREEPY!"

Renamon asks, "?"

Dragonmaster Cale blinks and looks over at Samantha, then around the UR. "Whoops, eh heh..." He comments, he didn't think the spell rebounded him that far. "..eh, n-nothing, w-well..just..working on some artifacts, eh heh...not quite stable enough through." He turns and gives a light fanged smile, then looks over, "Ah! Hey Skeeve, hey Kawatta...KAWATTA! Long time no see, my friend! I was wondering when you were going to stop by here, finally!"

Kawatta just busts a gut laughing and has to support himself against a wall "AAHAHAHA! oh god you should see the look on your face!"

Skeeve growls audibly, and starts raising his hands towards Kawatta. There's a bit of a blue glow, at least until Cale pipes up. Stuffing his hands behind his back, he turns, and says innocently, "Evening Cale. How's it going?"

Kawatta says, "heee...: he has to wipe tears from his eyes he's laughing so hard "Heya Cale..

Johnny glances up at Cale from beneath his two remaining bangs and smiles...

Samantha smiles, "Looks like fun!" She blinks quietly and glances back over her shoulder, following Cale's gaze to Kawatta again. "Oh. Y'know Cale?" She smiles a little more warmly, then turns back to face Cale before flipping back over the bar again, landing neatly in a barstool and snagging up her soda. "Anyway! Guess who's back??"

Dragonmaster Cale looks back towards the kitchen doors, as if trying to see past them and towards the back, but he looks to Samantha, "Eh? I dunno..." He says, glancing around and noticing Johnny, "Ahh! Johnny! Ha ha, you -did- come back! Awesome! You must have a nice afterlife, eh heh..." He moves behind the bar, beginning to mix himself a strawberry italian soda quickly, "Things are good then?" He says, looking back towards Skeeve, then to Kawatta, still grinning.

Kawatta says, "hehe, Yeah we go a ways back, not as far back as me and Skeeve though." he grins again, but it's from the remaining laughter.

Skeeve nods a few times. "Yeah, things are good..." He shoots a sideways glance at Kawatta. "..except this creepy bastard is REVERTING TO INSANITY!" He trudges over to the bar.

Kawatta eyerolls "And people say I dont get jokes..."

Dragonmaster Cale ahhs and nods his head, "Kawatta's going insane, eh?" He says, sweatdropping a little. He finishes mixing his soda, takes a sip, and then tosses the contents towards Skeeve. o O ( He he he he he! )

Johnny eyes Kawatta seriously, "Insane, huh? I guess I got some competition..."

Samantha wrinkles her nose at Cale, then casually whips her hand around, glass held between her slender fingers.. sending an identical stream of strawberry Italian goodness towards the Dragonmaster. "Don't give what ya can't take!"

Skeeve simply closes his eyes as the soda flies his way. Sighing audibly, Sarah wipes strawberry foam from her eyes. "...did you have to use the soda? Do you know how hard it is to get sugar out of this hair?" Stripping off her overshirt, she dumps her glass of water onto it, and starts to mop her face off.

Dragoness Carla geghs as Samantha splashes her, she turns on the cat-girl, "H-hey! C-come! Y-you should have more repsect for the person teaching you magic!" She huffs and looks over at Skeeve, sticking her tongue out, "Of -course- I know." u.u

Kawatta says, "I got off the asylum train along time ago, you can count me out of being your compition..." he stis down on a seat that isnt soaked with italian soda "I just got out of a dog fight and the adrenalin is still ringing in my ears, thats all."

Sarah steals Johnny's glass of water, and dumps it over her head. "Thanks." Toweling off her hair with her wet shirt, she sighs, moving to the bar as well. "Dogfight, huh? With who over what?'"

Samantha giggles softly, holding up her hands, "Hey! I didn't do it... musta been my evil twin.." she winks, "Nah, I'm sorry, but.. y'know.. I'm sure Skeeve dun' like it any more than you do. An' besides.. y'don't seem so worried about somethin' when you're Carla."

Johnny glances around at the soda-fight casualties and blinks, oO(Yep... that proves it. I'm crazy again and all is right with the world.) Seeing his water stolen he wonders two thing. How long did he have a glass of water, and why was it just stolen... "Hey....?"

Kawatta says, "4 Fz-109s and a Fz-150 were attacking a research group and their guides, me and Jack went in and cleared them out."

Dragoness Carla tilts her head at Kawatta, "Dogfight? Anoo..are there rabid dogs in Metropolis...?" She wonders, then looks over Samantha and her eyes widen, she folds her arms tightly across herself, "I am -exactly- the same right now as I am as a guy!" She nods with a huff, "I'm not a girl, -at all- anyway!"

Samantha grins and holds up a finger, "No yer not.. coz of this!" She tilts her head, ears twitching, then moves in a ki-charged blur, little tendrils of blue-white ki shifting from her shoulders as she flickers into full visibility on the other side of the bar, right next to Carla.. and throws her arms around her with a giggle, careful to avoid snagging her wings.

Kawatta says, "uhhh, Dogfight means an aerial battle Cale...they call it that because it can get vicious."

Dragoness Carla tilts her head at Kawatta, "Ohh...eh heh...I w-was wondereek!" She says, as she's hugged, her tail twitchtwitching behind her and her body tensing up some, "N-n-n-n.." She says, sorta. Her eyes nice and wide. Twitchtwitch. Hm..apparently...she is still nervous about girl contact even as a girl. Maybe the other night she was just way over-emotionally-wracked from the Datenshi ordeal.

Kawatta says, "so Carla..." as the dragoness is hugged from behind by the neko girl "Hows Trinune? I miss her sparkling conversation."

Sarah laughs easily at that. "Ahhh, same old Cale."

Samantha leans back with a playful pout, "Aww... okay." She tilts her head and grins a bit, "Hey! At least ya don't faint? I mean.. it's an improvement, ne?" She giggles, blows a kiss and then places a hand on the bar, hopping over and back into her barstool. Whumpf. She swivels back around and toys with her empty glass a little sadly.

Sarah laughs easily at that. "Ahhh, same old Cale."

Sarah leans back against the bar. "Could I get a strawberry milkshake, Cale?"

Dragoness Carla slumps back against the wall taking in quick breaths as she's unhugged, erking at the blown kiss, "Y-y-yy..." Is all she can manage to say, her tail and wings both sagging, she looks over at Kawatta, "Er? Wh..oh!" She says, straightening up suddenly and folding her arms tightly once again, "-Trinune- is of course just a sword, and therefore is -always- the same!" She says, then looks to Sarah, "Eh? Oh, sure!" Mixmix!

Johnny sighs watching the people frolic, oO(Pathetic. Why did I decide to live amoungst such creatures again? T' hell with this...) Standing he pushes his seat in and walks towards the door. Stopping about halfway there his feelings and habbits get the better of him and he walks up to Samantha and quitly says, "I'm outta here... have fun..."

Sarah smirks faintly, chuckling a little. Then she looks at Samantha, wringing her hair out onto the floor. And looks for a few moments, a curious look on her face.

Kawatta asks, "is her favorite colour red or blue?"

Samantha glances up from her glass, and blinks at Johnny. She looks at him a moment then smiles softly, "Well.. hey. Y'wouldn't ta talk, right? If.. if you wanna go somewhere else then.. we can?"

Samantha glances up from her glass, and blinks at Johnny. She looks at him a moment then smiles softly, "Well.. hey. Y'wanted ta talk, right? If.. if you wanna go somewhere else then.. we can?"

Johnny sighs, "Whatever... it's up to you..."

Dragoness Carla sets the milkshake down before Sarah, then glances to S & J, then looks to Kawatta, "Anoo..what? Favorite..mou! Trinune doesn't even have a favorite color! She's just a sword! You can -ask- her yourself, Kawatta!" She folds her arms with a very big HMPH.

Kawatta speaks up louder "Hey Trinune!" he knows he doesnt have to "Tell us what your favorite colour is."

Kawatta knows Trinune would here that question no mater where she is..

Sarah takes a big slurp out of the cup, finally looking away from Samantha. "Say, where is everyone's favourite pulsing sword, anyway?"

Samantha shakes her head, looking at Johnny a little longer... then she sighs and sets down her glass, hopping down from her barstool. "Then I guess we go..." she looks to the others and lifts a slender hand, waving generally, "Nice to meetcha.. seeya Cale..." she smiles then looks to Johnny, reaching down with one hand to set her sword in its scabbard with a gentle click, then nods, "Let's go..."

  • cracklethunderbluelightning!* Trinune appears, a few feet from Carla, in her human form, and shifts her blueblue eyes onto Kawatta, "Red." Carla looks over, "Ahh, Trinune! Mou, I--what?" She growls and just narrows her gaze down towards Trinune! "Whatever!" She looks over at Skeeve and huffs, "Right here, apparently. And the -only- reason Trinune has a favorite color is because she picked it from someone else's, I'm sure. She looks at Samantha, smiling fangedly suddenly, "Oyasumi nasai!"

Sarah waves faintly to Samantha. "Catch you later, I'm sure."

Johnny guestures dramaticly for Samantha to lead the way and steps back. "Ladies first..."

Kawatta smiles and decides to run the risk of getting an aswer that proves him wrong "Trinune, tell us, did you get your favorite colour from someone else?"

Sarah tripletakes at the sight of the sword's human form. "Sweet mother of mercy, I've died and gone to heaven." *.*

Samantha smiles and walks past Johnny, waving again. She stops by the door as Trinune appears and leans back, blowing another kiss to Trinune.. "Hey, Tri-chan! Sorry, I gotta scoot.. catch ya later, ne? 'Night Cale!!" She waves one last time, checks for Johnny following her, then ducks out...

Renamon blinks, moving towards Trinune to get a sniff of her. "How odd. a living weapon with the capacity for Evolution."

Johnny follows behind her, indiffrent to the room.

Dragoness Carla rolls her eyes at Kawatta, "Ugh." She says, then looks over at Trinune. Trinune stares towards Kawatta in silence for a long moment, either not sure what to say, or not sure how to say it. and finally...she doesn't answer, meaning she either doesn't know, or doesn't know how to express the answer. Carla SMIRKS, "You see?!" She looks over at Sarah and narrows her eyes, "...shut up, Skeeve." She growls. "..she's -just- a sword!" Trinune shifts her eyes onto Samantha, "Hello." She says towards the girl.

Sarah phases Cale out for the moment. She leans against the bar, and offers Trinune a dazzling smile. "Hi there... so you like red too, huh?"

Kawatta rolls his eyes, then blinks at Sarah "You've never seen her like this?" he glances back at Trinune "Trin, can you think of why you like red?"


Gotham city, a place of shadows. An old style city with looming buildings and gargoyles perched as if waiting to pounce. Steam rises from vents in the street, giving a dark, sinsiter visage to the city. The streets are filled with a varity of people. Old folks huddeld together, more out of fear then love. Punks hang out on the side-streets, hungry eyes searching the crowd for who knows what. It's a city in need of a hero.

Samantha strolls towards the Gotham district of Metropolis, humming softly under her breath.. a little nervous as she glances sidelong at NNY. "So.. what.. what was it?"

Johnny shakes his head. "I thought you where diffrent. I thought this place was diffrent. If I didn't have respect for your dad I wouldn't be... How could you?"

Samantha frowns, stopping in her tracks, a hand going to her breast, "Wh-what? What d'you mean.. just coz of... what I said the other night?"

Johnny glares and stares dumbfounded, "Your just like the rest of them. Uncaring for anything except your own narrow-minded point of view! Just kill something and make it go away, your no better than... than... than those bastards I use to carve up back at home. I thought you where diffrent..."

Johnny wipes tears from his eyes as he leans against a building. "...no diffrent..."

Samantha swallows, a tear trickling down her cheek suddenly. She reaches to wipe it away hurriedly, "What? Johnny.. that... that Kuroi, the father of that thing. He-he raped the woman I love, he made her do what.. what he wanted, an' made that thing inside her. How could I ever live with that?" She glances away, shaking her head, "How could I ever live with that.. her body... broken by hatred..... a child born of blood and fear.."

Johnny goes wide-eyed, "So what? That doesn't make a damn bit of diffrence! Making assumptions about people you haven't met. Making decisions based on speculation! The world is a better place without people like that! It's that kinda of moronic mentality that created people like me in the first place! Had someone just taken a chance and thought instead of opening their ugly mouth, things woulda been diffrent. I went to Neo Tokyo to get away from that bullshit, and now I see that this festering hell-hole is no diffrent from the pit I left behind..."

Samantha speaks quietly, "I.. wasn't assuming that. I wasn't assuming a thing." She glances back to Johnny with a single shake of her head, "If.. if she'd kept it, if it'd been born... I would've stood by, done all I could. But I could never be happy.. knowing I'd let someone change my life, with.. with -rape-." She spits the word, her saliva flecking out across her lips until, like the tear, she reaches up to angrily wipe it off, "Johnny, that.. have you ever... ever really loved someone? A woman, or.. a girl?"

Johnny glares coldly, "Yes I have. More than once. And as I was so vivedly reminded last night, I TRIED TO KILL THEM! I turned and attacked them without a moments hesitation. I would have been so happy to watch them bleed to death at my hands than wait for a moment and see if they changed their minds about me!" Kicking the wall he leans on with one leg he yells in frustraion, "...but had Devi, for one, not let me live... I might not have been here to have this angst filled rant with you..."

Samantha frowns, "It's.. not about that. Johnny, Kuroi isn't dead, I tried'ta kill him. An', Johnny, Sun-chan.. she killed him. Or I thought she had but.. no... so it's not about that. Johnny." She looks at him, lips turned down, blinking back tears, "If you'd.. raped... Devi, pinned her down an' made her do with you what.. you know." She closes her eyes for a few seconds before she opens them again and finishes, "If you'd made her do that.. with you.. an' she'd been pregnant. You'd still live, you got away. But... should she have'ta live with what you left her with? Out of hatred an' spite?"

Johnny steping away from the wall he exageratedly guestures with his arms, "But is it fair for that child to be condemend? They don't get a chance to pick and choose who their parents are. All it knows is that it's alive. And that alone demands it should get a chance. So what if I had gotten Devi pregnant? Hell, would that be much of a cry from drilling into a man's head while he was still alive? I may not have had sex with the scum I slaughtered, but killing them against they're will is, after all, a diffrent kind of rape..."

Samantha shakes her head, moving to sit on a low wall at the edge of the street. "No.. Johnny, you still don't get it. I'm not saying I'm right, but.. I was bein' honest. Isn't that better than talkin' bullshit because that's what -society- thinks is right? I just.. stand up fer... fer my beloved's right not to be abused. I lost her for days, an' then.. she came back with.... with -him- inside her." She shivers, clenching her teeth, "All I knew was.. that child... whether they'd been the most beautiful in the world... I could never love them, Sun-chan would never find another, she'd stay with me an'.. I'd stay with her... and it'd be a pretence. Yeah, it's selfish, I admit that but... so what?" She tilts her head, "Aren't I allowed pleasure? My life has'ta be ruined coz some evil scum decides to rape my girlfriend? Out of -spite- because she won't do as he asks an' kill a million people- coz that's what happened. Should I never fight again, coz I've lost everything? What's worse.. a potential life destroyed or... my life destroyed? Am I worthless...?"

Johnny bahs, "Your just being petty. Love... comfort... these don't mean a damn thing in this world. If you where out there in the killing fields, would it matter who your opponent is? Your life wouldn't have been destroyed! So you'd have to deal with some discomfort, so fucking what? What matters is that that innocent life shoulda gotten it's chance. Don't you see? They are what matters. Everything else is meaningless in comparison. Bringing a life into this world reguardless of where it came from, is an important thing. It has the potential to make a diffrence, to make things better as a whole. Isn't that idea worth your discomfort? Wouldn't it be worth loosing your life to know that you made an improvement? A child is an attempt by the holy mother, nature to make this world a better place. And to just cast it aside because of your own selfish desires... that's so... your just..." Johnny trails off falling to his knees as tears run from his eyes...

Samantha nods, standing up and brushing herself down.. she resists the urge to comfort Johnny, to go to him... the pain in her heart is too great, though she hides this. "If... if that was my child, or anyone's who.. who loved each other. Even if it'd been born a day into their relationship, a total accident.... I'd never've let it die." She nods, "A child.. of love.. is sacred. Others have potential, sure, but y'know what?" She smiles sadly, lifting a single finger to rub at the tears in her eyes, "I.. like'ta think I do, too.... mebbe not, mebbe I should just stop tryin' to make a difference - obviously I can't, huh? Coz I wasn't born from rape, but from love? Makes me a useless streak of nothin'..." she shrugs sadly, "Well, guess that's it. That's how I'll live... thanks fer tellin' me." She says it without hatred, but resignation.. "Fine. So." She heaves a sigh, chest rising and falling heavily, "I guess mother nature works funny, two alien species.. not even on this world when it happened.... but I guess that's it. I'll.. seeya 'round I guess. I got a whole heap o' nothin' to do, think I'll go.. do that.... y'know, like... worthless people do...." her voice is totally dull now, expression horribly blank, as she moves to stroll off down the road.

Johnny glances up and glares. The emotions in his own head running a bit too rampant. oO(DAMNIT! Damnit no... not like this...) Drawing both his daggers he yells out to the heavens, "FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU AND YOUR FUCKING GOOD CAUSES!!! How the fuck can you just sit there and watch a piece of shit like me play good and go fetch when so much shit goes on around here? How the fuck do you condem ME when people like this are being put through so much hell? FUCK YOU!" Looking back at Samantha he brakes his promise to Belldandy, he brakes his promise to Terry. Only one thought fulls him, having spent his life feeling worthless, he decides that it would be better to be dead than go threw that. Only one thing can ease Sam's troubled mind... Rusing at full speed he charges at her and attacks - jumping into the air and screaming as he brings his daggers down towards her back...

Samantha ears twitch and she feels Johnny rushing after her... half-turning with a slight smile starting on her lips, "You-" whatever she is about to say dies as the twin blades hammer sidelong across her back, ripping through her shirt and into flesh, scraping across her spine and throwing up two thick gouts of blood... she rolls with the impact and lands heavily on her side before shifting to her back, staring up at Johnny with utter disbelief... "What... you.... w-why?"

Johnny stares down at her - his eyes black as the night sky. Despite the tears that run down his face he stares with a cold look of indiffrence. "You call yourself worthless? If you truly believe such a thing, then you won't fight back..." holding his arms out at his sides, he twirls his daggers a moment before crossing his arms at his chest, both daggers' blades pointed towards the ground. Normaly at this point he would smile at the thought of the kill, but instead he begins to cry harder, "Such a beautiful person... so many good deeds... if you would so willing decide your soul to be so empty, then let me cut it away from you and spare you so much misery..." Raising his arms above him he goes into stab again, both blades aiming for her heart...

Samantha's instinct is to move.. to block the blow... and she knows she so easily could but, something stops her cold, just letting herself fall againts the pavement, gaze fixed on Johnny's as he moves in to slay her. (If.. my friends think I mean nothing, if that's what they think... why should I defend. Maybe Sun-chan thinks that too, maybe.... maybe it's just a game, a trick. I-I don't know, who am I to judge? Maybe I should just... die... if I'm a murderer, if I have nothing to offer.... they'll.. all be better off without me.....)

Johnny drops to his knees, using his own mometum to drive the blades home. At the last second he stops himself. His face about a foot away from Samantha's. Staring into her eyes he closes his own, trying to stop the new flow of tears. "I-I... I'm sorry.." Climbing to his feet he throws his daggers away in disgust and begins to walk away.

Samantha remains totally still, just watching as Johnny walks away, "No." She murmurs softly, but every word carries like a gunshot in the cold night, "Do it.. do it if that's what must be done. If I have any worth, if.. I c'n ever help someone, if I could.. one day.. raise a beautiful child, one not.. of hatred.... then come back an'.. an' help me up. I need my friends. But... if all you do otherwise is walk away." She sniffles painfully, struggling not to close her eyes and not to let the tears fall, her whole frame shaking. "Then it means.. does it mean I'm nothing? If I am.. kill me... end the misery for other people, I don't wanna live if all I do is cause hurt. I mean it... I...... I'm letting you judge me, here, now... please."

Johnny stops dead in his tracks. Turning and staring at the bleeding girl lying on the sidewalk he does nothing. For the first time in his memory his thoughts are silent. No voices. No demands. No desires. He walk back and looks down at her and says nothing. His eyes aren't black, but red and bloodshot from tears. His breathing is calm and normal. Looking down at her he thinks for a moment of all the lives he'd ended. Of all the people he'd met. All the roads he'd not gone down. "Judge?" The word rolls out of his mouth like a rotten piece of meat. For a brief moment he understands the 'test' he was sent back to take. The idea surges through him sending him into a fit of laughter. Instead of taking an action, he lays down beside her and stares up at the sky. "You know. All the times that I yelled and swore that my life was meaningless, I never imagined that one day I'd be here standing in the middle of some dark city making a choice about someone else's life. Even if it was for one brief second, you just made it all seem meaningful... You know, you really are alot like your dad..." Making no effort to do anything else, he locks his hands together and lays them under his head. "Mother fucking fate... Damn I hate this shit..."

Samantha frowns just a little, still fighting back the tears, and fighting back another sob that threatens to burst free, "I.. make it meaningful? Then..." she raises a hand just slightly, fingers curled lightly.. and streaked with the blood washing out from underneath her, and slowly shifts it to Johnny's shoulder, squeezing gently. "Then I don't die here... I.. I deserve.. the chance I couldn't give.... another?" Her expression is one of utter desperation, like.. it really is now or ever.

Johnny blinks at her words. Not quite sure how to react to them. "Let me put it this way, if I kill you I'm guitly of the same thing I was mad at you about. I guess the situation really does make a diffrence. I'm not saying I approve of your judgement, but I do understand." Sitting up he glances down at her and smirks, "You know... I think this makes us even. Next time, I think someone else needs to be laying down while the two of us stand over them..." Reaching out he grabs her arm and pulls her up, unintentionaly hugging her in the proccess. "Either way, let's not make a habbit of this sort of thing, ok?"

Samantha nods, sniffling a little as she smiles.. her eyes actually glazing over, as they would moments before death, "Thank you.." she shifts her chin in another brief nod, and finally lets two tears work their down her cheeks. Her hand slips down from Johnny's shoulder and starts to fall back to the pavement before it is grabbed and she is pulled into the hug, the gem at her collar slowly.. but surely.. beginning to glow, the wound on her back reknitting. She swallows and smiles more warmly, "H-hai, I'll.. try not to... an'.. I promise." She pauses, "I'll try not'ta ruin this chance. I.. I'll try not to do what I did... again. If there's any such thing as.. repenting.. it's what I'll gun for.... I promise."

Johnny lets go of her as he climbs to his feet, with a smile on his lips he looks down at himself and chuckles, "Shit... now I got blood all over me again..." Reaching down to help her to her feet he mumbles, "You owe me some clean clothes.."

Samantha shakes her head, trying to laugh but it comes out in a sob.. more tears pouring from her eyes... but she stands, helped up by Johnny. "G-gomen nasai..."

Johnny grabs her arm and puts it over his shoulder as puts his own arm accross her back to help support her. "Come on... we gotta get you off this street before someone sees me being all helpful. Where ever your father is, I hope he's getting a big kick out of this crap. Fucking asshole..."

Samantha's gem glows more brightly, the twin scrapes now no longer bleeding fresh. She smiles through the tears, shaking her head, "I... I'm sure he's fine, whatever he... whatever he's doin', where he is.. he knows I'm okay. Because of you... but." She takes a breath and holds up her left hand, revealing the new ring sitting in place of the still recent but older.. a diamond glistening between two opals, stained with blood as they are. "Me an'.. Sun-chan... we.. talked, an'.. we were gonna be happier than ever.." she blinks and corrects herself, "We -are- gonna be. Forever..."

Johnny glances at the ring and grins, "You sound like a damn jewlery comercial... Yeah yeah yeah... you two are gonna be happy. Doesn't take being brought back from the dead twice to see that. Come on... where the hell are we going?" Out of the corner of his eyes he sees his daggers laying on the street. Choosing to ignore them he begins to lead Samantha towards the direction they came in...

Samantha sniffs, laughing breathlessly, "Sure... um. Just.. head off.. back towards the Usual, an' keep goin'. Drop me by the apartments on yer way through, I c'n get back in okay..."

Johnny rolls his eyes, "Who the hell do you take me for? I fucking know where you live... hell, after that one night I followed you home, I've had the path memorised. Besides, after I died I spent the week with you, or did you forget already?"

Samantha closes her eyes, "Yeah.. sorry... I.. feel kinda blank right now." She takes some of her weight from Johnny, "Go on... I c'n mostly walk fine anyway, just.. hold onto me, just coz.."

Johnny grins, "Yeah, yeah... just don't make a habbit of it..."

Old Okinawa

Small apartment complexes line the streets, mingling with equally tiny cafes and corner stores. The buildings are faded, old with their chipped paint and weather-worn trim. It's a piece of Okinawa that was untouched by the ripple when it passed through, a rare gem in the heart of this glowing city.

Samantha smirks, "Girl lover here..." she jokes weakly, glancing up at the sky, "An' don'tcha forget it..." She shivers as you near the apartments and nods towards the door, "Thanks, I.. I'll get in now..." she takes her full weight from Johnny, staggering a little.. perhaps not realising she needed holding up, at least a little.

Johnny chuckles, "Trust me, I know... I think I saw a bit more than I'd wanted drifting around your place for a week..." Watching her step away he raises an eyebrow to her, "You sure you can make it the rest of the way? It's no bother..."

Samantha shakes her head, smiling, "I don't wanna put y'out any more.. you've already laid.. what demons I had.. you've laid 'em to rest." She shrugs and staggers up the steps, leaning by the open door of the building and looking back to Johnny, "Just.. wanna tell ya again, I'm sorry. For anythin' you've been through, if I offended you.. hurt you... I couldn't be sorrier."

Johnny shakes his head and looks her in the eyes as seriously as he can, "Listen.... don't go assuming things about people. I make this mistake all the time around here. For one thing, those demons you mentioned, they ain't laid to rest. They're always gonna be stuck inside me. Laughing and mocking me at every turn. And as far as you doing anything to hurt me? Damn... you ain't done shit to me compared to the crap I've already been through." With a smile he adds, "Besides, I think I'm the only guy I know that has a 'demon' cat-girl as a friend..."

Samantha blinks slowly, then nods, "An'... I am your friend. This.." she touches the healing wound on her back gently, "Only adds to that... seeya later, NNY..." she waves and turns to head into the apartment building quietly.

Johnny stares for a long moment at the building wondering what he should do next. oO(Well... I passed your damn test? Now what?) Looking around he suddenly is filled with the mental image of someone driving over his dagger and being sent out of control as the tire explodes. Despite the appeal of the image, he turns and runs off to pick them back up...

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