2004-04-08 Returning Voices?

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Returning Voices?


Who: Sabin, Kyoko_Obayashi, Johnny_C, Tsubasa
When: 2004-04-08
Where: The Usual Restaurant

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The Usual Restaurant

You walk into a well lighted room, it's high ceilings lit by dozens of fluorescent lamps hanging from the ceiling. To the south and west are windows, which you would normally expect to see the outside world from, but looking out of them, you see only a misty gray haze. On the walls to the north and the east of the inn are an eclectic collection of paintings, photographs and even holographs of many cheap 1970's to 1980's B-movies. The bar on the east side is made out of hardwood, it's surface polished and shiny. Behind the bar, the various beverages that are served here are kept in relatively neat containers on wooden shelves. There is a large stage in one of the corners of the restaurant with a impressive sound system and a few microphones strung about it. Multiple round wood tables are in this room, near the north wall, is a double swing door that leads to the kitchen. On the east wall is a door leading to the UR's dance club and on the west one leading to the Gym. To the south, is the exit to the outside. A recent addition to the UR is a large fireplace against the west wall, it matches well to the rest of the restaurant and looks like it should have been there all along.

Sabin nods "In the mean time, can I getcha a drink?"

Kyoko Obayashi is at the bar talking to sabin "Hai. Again, thank you. Green tea, please"

Johnny walks in looking a bit more like himself than he has recently since more of his hair has begun to grow back. Ignoring the world around him, he walks straight up to the bar and nods at Sabin. Reguadless of whether or not Sabin notices him he asks, "Can I get a cherry soda, please?"

Kyoko Obayashi nervously eyes johnny, as he doesn't appear friendly. However, she does her best to cover up her discomfort, and just stays dead still as she waits ^_^;;;;

Sabin sets a glass of green tea before Kyoko "No problem." he says, before setting a cherry soda over in frnt of Johnny

Tsubasa stirs slightly from where she sits at the bar with her two younger siblings and looks over at the other kimono clad woman and the other stranger who enters. The children for now are on their own playing a game of war with cards and left to their own devices in general.

Johnny forces a grin to Sabin as a way of saying thanks before taking out one of his daggers and begining to twirl it around in his right hand as he drinks his soda with his left. After a few drinks he sighs and sets the glass on the bar and begins to stare off into space, very lost in thought...

Kyoko Obayashi gazes at Tsubasa's siblings, and for a moment, theres a hint of sad envy in her eyes. She lifts her cup of tea, and is about to take a sip, when Johnny takes out his knife. She freezes like a rabbit in a hunters sights, looking sideways, eyes locked on the hand with the sharp weapon "Excuse me... there are children present.. would you please put that away?"

Johnny continues to stare off into space. Currently he's too lost in thought to notice anyone talking to him...

The young boy pauses in his game with the little girl and glances over to Johnny. Softly her murmers to his sister "Aneue..." Tsubasa gently places a hand on his shoulder and smiles briefly. Yuuki nods a bit and returns to the game, Kokoro, the little girl doesn't seem at all bothered and giggles as she plays a winning hand. Tsubasa then turns to Kyoko and smiles kindly to her as she speaks in a soft kyoto accent "Oh, it's quite alright. It doesn't bother them at all. They're used to weapons lying about...and I don't think he'll be using his."

Kyoko Obayashi eyes the weapon for a moment longer, before conceding with a sigh "Some things never change... " -_- taking a sip of her tea

Johnny takes another drink of his soda. He turns his head to the side as he listens to the thoughts in his head. Suddenly his hand jerks the twirling dagger still. Glaring at the empty seat beside him he growls, "Look. Just leave me alone. I'm not in the mood for this..." His eyes glance around at Kyoko briefly and he blinks with an innocent look. Then, his eyes lock onto the bar top again and he takes another drink...

Tsubasa smiles as she sips her own tea. Then after a thoughful pause she turns back to Kyoko "May I ask where you are from?" The geiko-han kunoichi then arches an eyebrow slightly as she looks at Johnny. . o O (Skitzo...go psych class!)

Kyoko Obayashi sweatdrops slightly at Johnny's innocent look, before looking to Tsubasa with a smile "I'm... not entirely sure. All i know is the Meji restoration had only succeeded two years prior, and I was taking a walk with my daughter when a bright flash of light.. brought me here..."

Tsubasa nods in solem understanding "I see...well...I think that you will find this world much....more peacefull compared to the Bakufu...I am Kiyozawa Mirai. You are still in Japan...but in Okinawa...many years after the Meiji era I'm afraid..."

Kyoko Obayashi gets a somewhat nervous look, all thoughts of Johnny's weapon gone from her mind "How... how long after the Meji, may i ask?"

Johnny twirls his dagger one last time before putting it away. Letting out a sigh he begins to relax, but suddenly he spins in his seat to face the empty stool beside him. "SHUT UP! Damnit! I'm trying to enjoy myself for just a few hours. Just leave me alone..." Facing forwards again he puts his head on the bar and covers his head with his hands. Very quietly he mumbles, "...just shut up..."

Tsubasa ponders for a moment and then turns to her brother who just gives a shrug of his shoulders before going back to his game. She then looks back to Kyoko and replies "Well...several decades I'm afraid...I'm not exactly sure...but if I'm correct we are now in maybe the 24th year of Heisei? And that's...well yes..many years." The kunoichi geisha then arches an eyebrow as she looks over at Johnny and murmers to Kyoko "Um...just in case, perhaps it's better if you stuck closer to us..."

Kyoko Obayashi blinks at the news of how long a time it is, then blinks again at Johnny, then a third time at the empty barstool, before getting up and moving down a few seats, so shes closer to Tsubasa and co. "Good idea... but that long... how is it possible?" (Miko is almost definately deceased by now... ) "Why was i brought here? I'm of no importance..." her eyes are a mix of some sadness, and a lot more confusion

Tsubasa smiles sympatheticly to Kyoko "I understand...I...we..." She indicates her two siblings her smile and bow polietly to the woman "We are from a different time and place as well...well at least a different Japan. A similar time though there are many things that are different. We...are the last of the Kuuga ninja clan-my ancestors fought on the side of the Emperor during the Bakufu and Meiji era, protecting Kyoto...but here we are of no use as we are not from this Japan...it must be much harder for you however Kyoko san...and very confusing as well...have you found a place to stay yet?"

Seemingly out of nowhere a quiet voice begins to fade in and out, like a spirit getting slowly stronger. Clearly, from Johnny's reaction, this is the voice he's been hearing all along because he turns back towards the stool beside him and glares at the space above it. "...nny, we... ...upid bastar... ...to DIE!!!!" Hearing this, Johnny leaps from his seat and storms out the door yelling, "JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!"

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