2004-05-13b (News) Army of Darkness

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Army of Darkness kills 89, 156 injured| 05/13/04 by Beta


At about 10 o'clock last night the center of the city was stage to a massive melee of epic proportions. A giant army of shadowy monsters erupted from a manhole cover out front of majestic One Metro Place, led by one 'NNY'. Local citizen Zelgadis Greywards contained most of the army in with a small contingent of rock creatures, but police and JSDF crews were kept mostly busy containing those that left the city center. Casualties were surprisingly low for such a large battle, only 89 dead and 156 injured.

Unfortunately, 'NNY' could not be brought to justice, having been slain by a band of well-placed vigilante heroes, ending with a rather spectacular lightshow. (attached is a photo of Johnny C's mangled corpse). Eyewitnesses on the scene note that 'NNY' was under the possession of an evil 'god' named 'Benedict'.

Many thanks to Samantha Li-Bogard, Eiko Megami, Raven and Jack Karrde, Skeeve Plowse, and an unidentified kitsune-lady for stopping the menace, and again to Mr. Greywards and an unidentified dragon for helping with the cleanup afterwards. This is Melanie Arderial, reporting.

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