2004-10-12 (PreU) Crono Goes For A Stroll

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Crono Goes For A Stroll

Summary: Crono is bad at hiding.

Who: Crono, Lucca
When: October 12th, 2004
Where: Chronos


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Southern Truce Village(#235R)
Built together here in a makeshift road are several tall buildings running from the western entrance of the village to the docks set up on the east.

Crono pokes his head out of a small bush, spots Lucca and throws a rock at her before ducking down again.

Lucca cringes as the thrown stone pings off of her helmet, quickly darting about to face a different bush than the one Crono hid behind. "If it's that girl again..." she murmurs under her breath, quickly moving to the wrong bush and poking through it.

Crono peers through the bush again and glances around the street. Noticing Lucca not paying attention he crawls around to the other side of the inn and ducks beneath the peir...

Crono sweatdrops realising he dropped the Rainbow Sword in the middle of the street... starts to panic...

Lucca gives up her search with a sigh, lifting a hand beneath her helmet to scratch at the side of her head as she turned around once more. Rapid blinking ensues as her eyes fall upon the rainbow sword. Pursing her lips in thought, she moves over towards the sword, then stares down at it, eyes narrowing in thought.

Lucca bends her knees to fall into a crouch over the weapon, talking to herself. "This looks a -lot- like the rainbow sword... but only Crono carries..." Lucca puts two and two together, and grins, respectfully lifting the weapon from the ground, touching only the handle of it.

Crono starts to crawl after the weapon until he sees Lucca standing over it. As she reaches for it a quiet, "Eeeep!" escapes him...

Crono glances around nervous and frightened, looking up at Lucca he prays for a miracle, shrugs and simply states... "Meow?"

As if the heavens, or time itself was listening to Crono's prayers, a miracle indeed happens. A child, giggling, and running from her playmate, collides into the back of Lucca's legs, Lucca losing her grip on the sword... which flies to a position somewhat near Crono's, as well as her glasses, which fly to the dirt of the road a few feet before her.

Crono leaps for the sword, performing an accidental, but very cool looking roll, ending with leaping into the air (hit a rock) and landing on his feet. Posing with the sword a bit over dramaticly he glances down, picks the glasses up and hands them to Lucca, "Heya!"

Lucca blinks at the fuzzy figure in front of her, then down at his (her?) hand. Of course, the voice was unmistakable. Lucca's lips turned up into a wide smile as she accepted the glasses, settling them back unto their proper place on their face. "Cron... your Majesty!" she says, taking a step away from Crono and doing a curtsey.

Crono groans, "Stop that... how long you known me?" Shakes his head and sighs, "Anyways I snuck out. I see why Marle always did that now... Too boreing in there..."

Lucca's large smile turns a bit mischievous as she nods her head quietly. "Kinda strange that the king has to sneak out of his own castle, but... it's good to see you again, Crono. How long has it been?" she asks.

Crono stares up at the sky and thinks, "Well... from my perspective I'd say... a week or two?" Glances back and grins mischivously, "I know you have a habbit of loosing track of things. Which reminds me... how's work? Think you'll get those parts anytime soon? I think Glenn's getting anxious. Ayla seems to be having fun though..."

Lucca sighs a little, and sticks a few fingers beneath her helm, to scratch at the side of her face. "Well... it's more complicated than just... finding parts."

Crono shrugs and nodnods, "That's true... but you can do it!" Grins as he adjusts his weapon back onto his belt. "So, um... What'cha doin' standing out here? Needed a brake or something?"

Lucca can't help but grin at that. "Thanks, Crono. At least I hope I can do it. The technology of the machine is -way- advanced... I haven't worked on anything like it since Robo." she says with a quiet sigh. "And oh. Yes, I'm taking a break."

Crono nods and adjusts his bandana, "Well then. You need... ICE CREAM!" Poses triumphantly! "Let's go get a soda float or something! Come on! I'll pay!"

Lucca blinks twice at the pose, then again at the suggestion. Staring for a moment, she suddenly smiles widely, then bursts out laughing. "Sounds great, Crono. Sounds really good, in fact." she says. "But only if you pay."

Crono reaches for his pouch of money and sweatdrops. "Dangit... left it at the castle..." Shrugs, "Oh well, not like anyone in this town is gonna -not- recognise me, right? I'd think the King should be good for repaying a bill for ice cream..."

Lucca 's eyes go a bit wide at that, but she chuckles. "I suppose you'll walk up to the counter, and tell them... "I'm the king! And I want ice cream?" she says, teasing lightly. "That probably won't work, Crono. I can pay for it this time." she says, dipping a hand for her own pouch of money.

Crono shakes his head, "Noooooo.... I can get it. Somehow..." Crosses his arms and thinks, "Maybe they'd hold onto my sword while I ran and got the money. I mean, it sounds good to me..."

Lucca sweatdrops at that. "And what if they decide to keep the sword? And the whole idea of loaning that weapon out for ice cream seems a bit... strange. C'mon, I don't mind paying."

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