2004-10-15 (PreU) Sneaking Out

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Sneaking Out

Summary: A small part of a log where Crono and Marle sneak out of Guardia Castle

Who: Crono, Marle
When: October 15, 2004
Where: Guardia Castle


The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

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Crono grins and shrugs, "Anyways... Too late now. Where we gonna go for the traditional window or the overly dangerous down the corridor?" His grin widens as he tightens his bandana, "Personaly I think the corridor would be fun, but then again, I doubt we'd make it..."

Marle encircles her arm around one of Crono's, tugging him towards the door out into the stairwell. "I doubt there'll be anyone who will tell the King and Queen to stop, let's go for the corridor. Besides, it is more fun."

Crono blinks and laughs, "Alright then, but if they put me on trial again I'm gonna tell them it's all your fault. I took the blaim last time..." ((OOC: Geeky CT refrence. He's asked who started things and the options are I did it, or she ran into me)) Walks over to the chamber door and peeks out, "Alright, I don't see anyone, but you better lead, I think you know this place better than I do..."

Marle's jaw drops, nudging her elbow into Crono's side. "You're supposed to be chivalrious and take the blame, don't try to pin it on me." She winks, following behind him to the door. Shrugging her shoulders as she reaches to the side of Crono to push the door open more so she can slip out. "Four years in the castle and you still don't know it? Slacker.."

Crono shrugs once more as he listens and lets Marle slip out past him. Stepping into the hall himself, he takes his sword sheath off his belt and holds the weapon ready to strike (with the sheath, not the blade of course) and glances back and forth waiting for something to try and stop them... "Hey, your lucky I remember what day of the week it is these days..."

Crono chases behind, staying close to the walls but still holding his weapon ready, "Well they did try to execute me after all... how'd you think I got out? I didn't think killing them was a very good way to proove I was innocent." As they decend to the bottom floor Crono grabs Marle's shoulder and pulls her back against the wall. "Wait... what're you gonna do about the two guards outside the throne room. Don't they usualy keep at least one person out there?"

Marle ducks low as she makes her way down the stairs, lifting her eyes up to Crono's as he pulls her shoulder back and leans against the wall. She raises a brow, "Don't underestimate me. I used to do this all the time, darling." She leans forward to quickly peek his cheek, getting low to the steps as she creeps down. She peeks her head out of the door .o( Good. Just one guard.. ) Positioning her crossbow aimed towards the window, she fires, causing the glass to shatter. When the guard runs off towards the far end of the room to look and see what happened with the window, Marle grabs onto Crono's wrist and sneaks out of the door and into the throne room hopefully before the guard turns around to see them.

Crono Eeeep!'s as he's pulled along and down the steps to the waiting doors of the castle below. Pushing the door closed quietly behind them he begins to laugh, "Oh that's gonna be just great. Can't wait to get scholded by the Chancellor for that in the morning... So? Free at last! Where to? Still wanna head to town or just walk around aimlessly till the sun comes up?" As he says this he hooks his sword back onto his belt and puts an arm around the girl. "As long as we make it back to bed before they yell about the vase I'm up for anything..."

Marle pants a bit as she stands in front of the castle door, turning on her heels to smile back at Crono. "You should have seen it when they put one of the family heirlooms in that very spot and an arrow ended up through it." She leans into Crono's arm, resting her cheek against the crook of his shoulder. "Well, we could always go to town and walk around. I have a taste for some candy." She lifts her head up to grin at him.

Crono laughs and nods, "Candy it is! I made sure to grab my money this time too!" With a guesture towards the pouch dangling from his belt he leads her into the woods and along the path back to town...

Marle pushes back the hood that's covering up her hair for the moment, leaning her cheek down against Crono's shoulder once more as she walk. "So it really was true what I heard, that you snuck out to visit Lucca?" She shuffles her feet along in the grass, of the field, kicking along a pebble.

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