2004-10-17 (PreU) Meeting the King

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Meeting the King

Summary: Not ready to return to the castle, Crono has a drink with a new friend.

Who: Crono, Delcroix, The_Waitress
When: October 17, 2004
Where: Truce Inn

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Truce Village

Crono turns towards the castle and sighs after waving goodnight to his friend Lucca. The sun is still a few hours from coming up and the reluctant King is dreading returning back to the royal castle, despite knowing Nadia might be waiting for him. Trying to decide what to do, the red haired young man decides to head back towards the Inn for one more drink before calling it a night...

And from the entrance of the village comes a young man, his white hair tied back and his hands on his black long coat. Seems he himself is heading to the Inn, as you can tell by his direction. Flicking down his sunglasses he looks around and sighs a bit. "Another town... another day.."

Crono jumps, noticibly startled at the sound of another voice. Turning around quickly expecting to see a guard or something come to take him back, he breathes a sigh of relief at the stranger, "Oh... hey! Um... how's it going?" Nervously he adjusts his bandana as he eyes the man for a potential threat.

Delcroix shrugs, "..Eh...fine...just got into town." and this guy is no threat..despite the two longswords strapped to his back. "This is Truce village, right? I'd hate to think I took a wrong turn at Medina."

Crono snickers and nods, "Yeah, this is Truce. Medina's a long walk, what did'ja do? Walk through the Heckran Cave or something? You know, the S.S. Leene stops at Medina these days. Coulda just bought a ticket and gone for a ride..."

Delcroix shrugs, "I get seasick..and in hiking I get the enjoy being in areas where I grew up.. the woods and all." he smirks a bit, "..Outdoors type and all."

Crono nods slowly. Fighting off a yawn he glances a quick glimpse of the castle and sighs, "Hey I was headed to the Inn to get a drink, can I buy you one?"

Delcroix nods, "Sure..and why all the glances at the castle? You thinking about sneaking in to visit a chambermaid or something?" he quips with a smirk.

Crono blushes and tries to hide it by forcing a laugh, "Hah! Oh, no... nothing like that... I uh..." Looking down at the ground he tries patheticly to think of something. Rubbing his head he looks up at Delcroix once again, "No, I uh.... I'm supposed to meet an old friend up there. She-um, he works up there! Yeah, just dreading going up there. Nervous about the castle and all."

Delcroix nods, "Well....let's get that drink.."

Crono nodnods and heads towards the Inn, perhaps a little too enthusiasticly...

Truce Inn

Crono dashes towards a nearby table as a young waitress stares at him and rolls her eyes. Waving rather patheticly towards her he guestures for his new friend to join him as he waits for the waitress to come over to the table, "The name's Crono. What's yours?"

Delcroix says, "...Jon Delcroix...but everyone calls me Del." he sees the waitress's reaction, "What was that about?" he asks as he sits at the aformentioned table.

Crono nervously rubs the back of his head again and laughs, "Yeah... um... I was just in here. Kinda got into a disagreement of sorts..." The red haired young man is cut off rather abruptly as the waitress arrives and glares down at him. "I take it this goes on your tab too, Crono?"

Crono nods and responds, "Yeah... guess so... sorry...." The waitress shakes her head and sighs, casting her eyes on Del, "So what'll it be?"

Delcroix says, "...Beer..."

The girl's eyes roll at the request, "Beer? That's it?" Glaring back at Crono she asks, "What about you? Another of those rootbeer floats of yours or was that just to impress your friend?"

Glancing down at the table sheepishly Crono quietly responds, "Um... yeah... another one please..." With a noticible sigh of displeasure the waitress storms off towards the bar. Without raising his voice any he informs Del, "...she's always like this..."

Delcroix asks, "I noticed...what the heck did you do? Look up her skirt?"

Crono smirks, "No... nothing like that. I used to live a few houses down so they kinda know me in here. I made the mistake of coming in here without my wallet and she's a bit peeved because I'm running a tab again."

Delcroix chuckles, "...One thing about living in one place..you run up a tab expect peeved off people to be at your door with pitchforks."

Crono nods thoughtfully as he glances around at a few of the more displeased looks being cast at him from around the room, "...yeah, you deffinitly got a point."

Delcroix says, "..How much of a tab have you got run up? A recent misadventure I had paid off... I could help cover it."

Crono shakes his head dramaticly, "Nooo! Nothing like that. Just kinda looks bad on me. I kinda got a reputation and all that. People expect me to be all proper and do everything right, but that's never been me... I wish everyone would realise that sometimes..."

Delcroix says, "I can understand that....my parents raised me to be this woodsman so everyone I knew expected the same. What they got was a guy like that Toma fellow and someone that plays by his own rules."

Crono quickly stares at Del, "Toma?! How do you know... oh! That's right... they keep the name in the family... I tend to forget about that. There's been like, what? 12 Toma's so far? 13? I lost count after awhile..."

Delcroix says, "YEah....him signing his name is a sight to see.. Toma the Twentith and one half."

Delcroix says, "Or something like that...."

Crono laughs at the thought of it as the waitress returns with the drinks. Keeping her eyes locked on Crono the girl demands, "...you'd better be sending someone to pay for this in the morning. I'm not gonna be the one paying for this." Glancing at Del and smirking she adds with deep sarcasm, "Your majesty..." Crono sweatdrops and stares silent;y as she walks away...

Delcroix blinks slowly at the back of the retreating waitress and he slowly turns his head to look at Crono and he just..blinks.. "Majesty?"

Crono drops his head onto the table, "Long story..."

Delcroix asks, "Got a cliff notes version handy?"

Crono glances up at the huge grin on the waitress's face before sighing and sitting back, "Remember that reputation I have around here? Has alot to do with that..." Trying to avoid giving any more details he grabs his drink and starts to drink it down while glaring at the waitress who suddenly seems to be in a much better mood this evening....

Delcroix asks, "..And when you don't act like your rep people get mad. It's understandable... How did you get that rep?"

Crono shrugs his shoulders and takes a break from his rootbeer float, "Well, there was some.... trouble, a while back. You know, the big bad evil monster kinda stuff? I kinda saved things and now... well... now this. Sometimes I honestly wish I had just not gotten out of bed that day..."

Delcroix takes a sip of his own drink and nods, "...Well..it like this. You did what had to be done. I mean I heard stories about a group of people that did some amazing stuff a while back when I was travelling, you I take it?"

Crono blushes again as he goes to re-adjust his bandana, "I dunno... what kinda stuff did you hear? I really never did nothin' that great. I just did what needed to be done is all... of course I had help, but you never see no one making much fuss about them..."

Crono sighs and take another drink of his float, "Yeah... I heard them too. Doesn't help that people exagerate things so much you never know what to believe these days..."

Delcroix says, "..That is true there..I just heard the stories..never heard the names. At least I know why you were looking at the castle nervously...you're a terrible liar."

Crono blinkblinks and stares at Delcroix, "What's that supposed to mean??"

Delcroix says, "..When you were telling me about the friend you were so nervous in the saying I knew something was up."

Crono coughs and sighs, "Oh! ...that! Um.... yeah...." Takes another gulp from his float.

Delcroix says, "..Quit sighing...notice I didn't pursue the questioning.. You had secrets and I left them to you."

Crono sweatdrops... "Secrets?"

Delcroix asks, "..Majesty?"

Delcroix says, "Like I said...I didn't know until just now. But I knew you were nervous about the castle. I was thinking you had a girlfriend or something up in there and you were nervous about meeting her."

Crono glares at the waitress again. Laughter can be heard from the girl as she makes her rounds about the room, clearly having a good idea about the direction the conversation had gone.

Delcroix says, "Calm down Crono....let her have her fun. Remember..I did warn you of the dangers of not paying the tab."

Crono finishes off his drink and sighs once more. "Sorry... not supposed to be out an about like this obviously... I should probably be heading home before the sun comes up tonight..." Glancing up at the celing he mutters under his breath, "...I am so dead..."

Delcroix says, "Maybe not...on the Royal Couch perhaps."

Crono sweatdrops again, "Something like that, probably..."

Delcroix says, "But one thing. Most people expect kings to sit up in their castle and not mingle among the people except on special occasions. You on the other hand do...you know how the people live and I expect if something happens you'd be on the front line wanting to make it right again."

Crono runs a hand through his spikey red hair, "Your probably right... I think that's why I can't sleep in there... I should be out here, not locked behind a fortress where all I can see are the walls..."

Delcroix says, "I can understand. Me...I prefer finding a nice tree and sleep under the stars. But I will say one thing...you're a good person no matter what the rep says. Or else you wouldn't be talking to a wanderer like me out of the blue and telling me so much. King or no.."

Crono finds himself grining despite his frame of mind. With a nod of his head he says, "Well... Del was it? Thanks for the chat. I really do need to be heading back though, 'cause I think I can already hear the gulls waking up... That means sunrise is only about a half hour away. You gonna be in town awhile?"

Delcroix says, "Yeah....for now. But if you ever need any help or someone to help ya sneak out I'll be around."

Crono laughs and nods, "Be careful, I might take you up on that." Standing he pushes his chair in and waves before taking a step towards the door. "Been nice meeting you, Del, hope we meet again."

Delcroix says, "Same here pal.." and he flips a wave that's part salute, "..Or should it be your highness?" he quips.

Crono winces, "Crono's fine...." he says as he ducks out the door and into the slowly brightening night...

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