2004-11-23 (PreU) Unfinished, with Leyland

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The name of the scene

Summary: Sum it up in a sentence or two.

Who: Gunzota, Leyland, QueenZeal, Sickness
When: November 23rd, 2004
Where: Another World


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Leyland's Lab - Main Research(#1347R)

A quaint, but cluttered research lab filled with old books and journals. Notes cover the desk in the back corner. Along the walls are long tabletops, and in the center of the room are several work benches giving the room a strange classroom quality. Aside from various random bits of machinery and tabs scattered about the room, a few things are more recognisable in the clutter, like a mechanical hand and several strange masks...

Dr Leyland sits at a long table, playing around with some strange mask-like piece of machinery. Using a type of handmade sodering gun, the doctor averts his eyes as a blinding flash rises up from the device and a large cloud of smoke rises. From the back of the room a creature inside a tightly sealed black box begins to laugh.

Footsteps sound in the laboratory approaching Leyland's position, from behind him comes the sound of one clearing their throat, "What are you working on now Dr." it's a command, ah it seems Gunzota is gracing the labs with his presence today.

Dr Leyland jumps at the sound of the commander's voice, nearly sodering his own hand. Dropping the tool and inspecting his fingers he says over his shoulder, "Ahh... sir, how nice of you to sneak up on me and nearly take my hand. Your latest audience with the queen go well?"

Gunzota says, "As well as can be expected as of late. She seems paranoid about a Lavos in one of the new timelines we've discovered." he just breezed over the hand comment didn't he? AH well, "And I have been charged with getting an investiagion uderway."

Dr Leyland nods, "Investigations, huh? Seems you read my mind. I've been working on a way to get some mroe information about of our little friend. Took me the better part of the month to sneak her out of the lab, but I finaly found a way to do it." Still rubbing his fingers he turns while saying this and guestures towards the black box.

Gunzota asks, "And what is in there?" he approaches the bo, though does not open it, instead looking for any openings. to look inside. "But I do aslo ask..what is that mask you are working on?"

The box doesn't seem to have any openings, but closer examination reveals the dark transparent material the box is made from. Inside a creature stirs, pressing her face up against the glass so her bolt-looking eyes are clearly visible in the darkness, Sickness hits the side of the box causing it to jump siltly and begins to cackle as she draws back into the darkness...

Dr Leyland fights off a instinctive burst of panic at the mentioning of his 'masks' and as he rises to his feet, he nearly knocks his chair over. Fixing it he coughs, "Hmmm.. yes, well, it's a variation of one an old emplyer once had me make for him. I'm hoping we can force the little monster to talk. If you recall the creature we found upon incarcerating NNY..."

Gunzota doesn't flinch as the creture inside hits the box and instead slams his hand down on it as it jump causing the box to be jarred, "It certainlly has a temper." he then looks back at Leyland, "I see. But how do you propose we do that? I'm afraid our techniques as of now are a bit too much for such a small creature, unless it is more powerful than it looks."

Dr Leyland nervously chuckles, "Yes, well... you see, my masks where used as a sort of mind control for my last employer. I had quite a bit of success with them, it's what inspired me to find a method of blocking the effects of the flame's power before they used it on you." Running a hand though his hair he leans on the side of the table. "It's not quite as powerful, so I think if I can just reduce the size of the mask we can use it to force the information we need out of her." Sighing he crosses his arms, "I'd still like to know why it stoped talking on it's own..."

Gunzota asks, "Hmm an interesting theory. I would like to see if it does actually work." he looks back down at the box, "However, how will we keep it steady to put the mask on it and prevent it's escape?"

Dr Leyland blinks and scratches the side of his head, "I um... I hadn't thought that far. I was too worked up over sneaking the damn thing out of the locked lab... If Munin or one of the others found out I'd taken it..." Sickness hisses from inside the box at the name.

Gunzota says, "It seems the little thing doesn't like the good Dr. Munin." he of course says the name with contempt as well, "The woman is poison, and I personally would love to see her subjected to her own precious frozen flame shards."

Sickness scurries over to the edge of the box again and shakes the side of it, as if trying to draw attention to herself.

Dr Leyland raises an eyebrow watching the display, "...intresting."

Gunzota hmms and looks down at Sickness witha neutral expression, "I wonder if it wishes to talk now, before it loses it's mind."

Dr Leyland takes a few steps closer towards the commander, "Yes, but if it could speak, why not just do so? Why the display?"

Gunzota picks up the box and gives the creature closer inspection.

Sickness seems to almost panic as it's cage is lifted. Having spend several decades in the darkness of the 'forbidden' labs she isn't quite ready to go back. Hoping for the guesture to be picked up through the darkness of the box, she pulls at her collar with one hand and beats on the glass-like walls with the other.

Gunzota narrows his eyes and lowers the box back down, "It seems it has some kind of collar around it's neck."

Dr Leyland rushes towards the side of the desk the box sets on and stares into it. "My reports said nothing about a collar!?" Straining to see the dim light glinting off the design of the collar, his eyes narrow as well. "...Munin..."

Gunzota hmms, "Are you saying this is something Munin developed without officially reporting? Or something else?"

Dr Leyland glares at the collar and nods slowly, "I think I just figured out how our top inventor just got all those inventions... I bet the collars block everything. She must use it on all of them... no wonder she's always the first to report everything."

Gunzota says, "In other words, the collar makes it so her prisoners can only speak with her if I understand you correctly."

Dr Leyland nods, "Or perhaps it keeps them from talking all together. Either way, I bet if we remove it, we could finaly get the answers we seek..."

Gunzota asks, "I see, and how do we do that?"

Dr Leyland crosses his arms and thinks... "I could go get the bone saw I keep in the other lab..."

Sickness sweatdrops and franticly shakes her head at the suggestion.

Gunzota says, "It seems the creature would much prefer not." he looks over Sickness through the glass again.

Dr Leyland runs a hand through his hair, "Have you got a better suggestion?"

Gunzota says, "I am going to open this container creature. but do understand that if you try anything you will regret it. Understand?"

Sickness cackles and nods eagerly.

Gunzota opens the container slightly and reaches in to remove sickness from the box before opening it completely. He looks the collar over with a critical eye.

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