2004-11-26 (PreU) Unfinished, with Magus

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Unfinished scene with Magus


Who: QueenZeal, Gunzota, Magus
When: November 26th, 2004
Where: Another World


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Palace Gates(#1353R)
You stand outside the elaborately crafted gates of the Queen's Palace. The entrance lies atop a huge set of stairs, each step has pictoral stories of various events in the planet's past etched into them; telling the story from the creation of man to the creation of the Palace itself. To the sides of the giant steel doors that lead inside are two massive statues of Goddesses reaching upwards as if to embrace the Universe. Standing atop the steps, the large court of the palace can be seen clearly as well as the road which leads to the city of Aggresiss.

Seemingly out of nowhere above one of the magnificent statues as the area above it begins to ripple and distort like a stone thrown in water, as a black indistinct shadow begins to form in the center of the strange disturbance. Eventually the flurrying of loose clothing can be heard as then Magus suddenly snaps into existence, landing deftly on the head of the unfortunate statue with a strange bag clasped in one gloved hand. The strange blue-haired pointy-eared magicina then sits down and begins to empty the mysterious bag into one hand, and lo and behold, small stones come out! He clasps one between two gloved fingers in a V, and looking rather bored begins to throw them from above at Queen Zeals, his mother's head. He seems to be aiming at her crown, trying to gather the small rocks in there. You can hear him counting the points under his breath, closing one eye tight every now in concentration.

Queen Zeal rubs the side of her head once more and sighs, "I don't know what to do... now more than ever since I sent the boy over to the alt-world. He refuses to talk to me, and with Lavos's unsettling worries pouring into my mind, it's making me very uneasy." Casting her eyes to the ground she blinks as rocks begin to pour out of her crown. "Commander? D-did my crown just lay eggs?" Looking up at Gunzota again she innocently asks, "What are these things?"

Gunzota hmms and blinks kneeling down to retrieve one of the stones, "I...did not know your crown was alive." he exhamines the piece of stone.

Magus slips slightly behind the statue's massive head now and hides out of sight for a moment, before hovering slightly back up and grabbing a particularily large rock between his fingers. He then slips the bag of rocks in his cloak and uses his other hand to cast a small spell on the rock before aiming it at Gunzota with very narrowed eyes. Magus then throws it as hard as he can in an arc that should land it smack-bang right in Gunzota's face, and it should explode into a cloud of dust just before it makes contact. Yeah sure it's immature, but he just dosn't like that guy very much.

Queen Zeal runs her hand through the hair which lifts up into the air decorativly through her crown, brushing out any remaining stones, and casts her eyes around looking for some sign of their origin. As the expoding rock flies past her head she spins around and glares up at the shadows above the statues. "IN THE NAME OF THE HOUSE OF ZEAL, SHOW YOURSELF!!! ...no one makes mockery of me."

Gunzota seems unphased by the display of well...immaturity and stands slowly and closes his eyes and flicks his wrist a glowing ball of light sailing towards where the rock came from and exploding in a quick flash, nothing damaging just payback.

Magus blinks and watches the glowing ball of light sailing towards him and moves his own gloved hand out with flayed fingers, suddenly darkness erupts from his palm and shoots out towards the light spell, not doing much but cancelling it out. Of course, this is all toying around but any longer and the Queen might get pissed enough to do something drastic so he dissapears in a shadowy-ripple distortion once again... only to appear outside the archways somewhat behind them. After dusting himself off Magus then walks through into the area and glances at them from behind with mock-curiousity, "... What are you both doing over there? And what's with all those stones on the ground?" Not the best acting, but good enough.

Queen Zeal noticibly jumps at the sound of Magus's voice and turns towards him, "Ahhh... Janus! You've finaly returned! Did you succed in blending in with the natives of the mirror-world? What did you learn of it?" Clearly her mind has become very one track, the rocks are now nothing but a faded memory...

Gunzota hmmms and turns, narrowing eyes at the Prince, regardless of what Janus thinks of his mother, Gunzota isn't going to be duped by such an obvious trick, but c'est le vie, the Queen has decided to move on...if that were the case.

Magus scowls visibly at the use of his actual name since it /is/ such a stupid name, given half the chance he'd change it to something much more interesting but the choice is obviously out of his hands. However he regains his composure and pulls a gloved hand out from underneath his cloak to making a brief sideways-slicing gesture, "Thier world is lush and green and mostly consists of undefended farmland and petty merchants, what armies they do have lie to the nothern regions walled within a castle who act more like mere local law-enforcers or ceremonial types. I'd find out more, but I was arousing suspicion for lingering around so long... so I returned." Yeah, that and he was destroying a few things, but at least he told the truth in the arousing suspicion part if for a different reason. Not that he cares if Gunzota noticed the trick, what does he matter? His word means more anyway, since he's the prince and all.

Queen Zeal nodnods, "I see why the great Lavos feels so concerned with this other world, this one has become all but dead from his over-feeding. Perhaps this means this second Lavos might actualy pose a threat to him..." Waving a hand dismissivly to her side, a viewing orb appears. Staring into it at seemingly nothing but darkness her eyes narrow and soon she waves it away again. "Yes... this must be the reasoning. But this world seems to innocent from your description. Too.... arrogant. Do you feel they pose a threat to us, or would you need to investigate further?" Looking her son over she suddenly crosses her arms and tilts her head to the side, "...and what of these garments your wearing? These are not of the royal house? Have you no respect for tradition??"

Gunzota says, "If I may Majesty, it may have been important for the Prince to blend in and gain information to dress like this. It is not altogether a strange custom. The Shadow Element does it on many occasions."

Magus scoffs and flicks a dismissive hand at her lectures on his garbs, "And you would have me walk around in royal clothing to which the naitives of this 'other world' find alien and disturbing? I had to change them just to fit in, not to mention they're not exactly good for sneaking around in of course." Yeah, Gunzota gets there first but at least his explanation backs up his own argument.

"Of course I'd need more time to find out if they pose a threat to us, but more importantly I am interested in the creatures to the South-eastern continent known as the Mystics... they seem to be the only reoccuring theat that the natives of this planet have to deal with and yet they are amazingly subdued. Well, in comparison to what we would consider a disturbance anyway- but I didn't dwell too long there since some of them out of all of the creatures of this other-world seemed to react to my presence. What could be called the scholarly ones, mostly." Magus seemes slightly disturbed by this and feels obligated to bring it up, crossing his arms across his chest and staring off to the side as if in silent thought. "As for questions about Lavos or Zeal, I could find out nothing. Any traces of Zeal seem to not exist to conventional local knowledge."

Queen Zeal stares vacantly in disbelief. "There are no traces of my Kingdom? We are but the center of the Universe and you could find no traces of it?? My child you must not have done enough then. There HAS to be some reflections of our Kingdom. Look at what we represent! What your father has founded!! I care not of these 'Mystics.' They're reactions where probably nothing more than recognition of your status. Worry not of it. There will always be a Zeal. Mirror or not, I would always ensure this..."

Gunzota says, "Interesting..is it possible it is a world in which somehow our Great Kingdom had been destroyed? I refuse to believe such is the case as in others we simply did not exist, or not nearly on the level as we do now."

Queen Zeal casts a glaring eye at Gunzota, "Do not contradict me, Commander..."

Gunzota says, "Forgive me My Queen, just...mere musings."

Magus shrugs and dosn't ascribe to the rampant kingdom-loving attitudes that seem to run rampant around Zeal so all this is the same old stuff he's had to listen to for quite some time now. In fact it was quite amusing just to be released from his position just to cause some havoc somewhere else in the universe, "But if there was a Kingdom of Zeal then it no longer exists in the surface or the skies visibly, and would any incarnation of Zeal leave these surface-dwellers to exist without any stamp on thier lives at all?" In other words, it seems impossible to Magus to imagine an existence where these surface-dwellers wouldn't be useful for something, even experimental test subjects, as long as they acknowledged thier superiors. "I think Gunzota is right in his assumption." Dangerous ground.

Queen Zeal's anger at the comment about Gunzota is the only thought in her mind. As her rage grows, a dark energy begins to cackle around her. "How DARE you...? I care not of this new world or it's peoples... I care about our world. Our Lavos. This other world is nothing but a new meal for our great provider! If it is not a threat to us, then we need not be secretive any longer. We shall rape it of whatever will beneifit our kingdom and then awaken Lavos and send him over to devour this new treat. My only concern is the Lavos of that world. It needs to be delt with. Find a way to bring it out into the open and DESTROY it. It matters not of the meal is alive or dead... only the life code of it's genetics are important..."

Gunzota asks, "Then shall I prepare the forces to amass Queen Zeal?"

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