2004-11-29 (PreU) Sometime in the Future

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Sometime in the Future

Summary: In a now collapsed timeline, Lynx visits Johnny to claim a weapon which can change the future.

Who: Lynx, Johnny_C
When: November 29th, 2004
Where: Chronos, Johnny's Cave

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Cave of Forgotten Relics(#1219R)

Upon pulling the switch the rooms suddenly changes. The seemingly living darkness abruptly pulls away revealing the room to be a gallery of sorts. The walls are painted with elaborate designs depicting strange cityscapes and alien worlds. Spaced out evenly about the room are several highly detailed statues carved after people in strange clothing. Most peculuar is the one at the back of the room. As a part of the rear wall itself are the carvings of two comical figures, like twin cartoon bakers with little chefs hats. Their faces have been marked and disfigured with strange skulls and arrows. The Duo looks quite mad. Between them is what appears to be the shape of a bunny. A stone nail protrudes it's chest making it seem to be pinned to the wall. The wall itself has been painted with vines and viens, each ending in an eye, claw, or set of teeth. What kind of maniac would build such a thing?

Johnny feverishly paints a large tapestry against the eastern wall. His clothes splatterd in red paint, a paintbrush behind his ear, and his tounge hanging out comicly... On the canvas is an elaborate work illustrating the buring of Guardia. From the emotions of the faces of the dead in the image, clearly Johnny is putting his heart and soul into the work. Seemingly satisfied he steps back and nods approvingly before looking for a new color from the buckets of paint arranged on the floor around him.

The dark presence of Lynx approaches the hideout of the lone Maniac. He was here for one of the tools he would need to do FATE's work after all, unfortunately all he had were simple tools for now, but his magic should suffice. Slipping down that long tunnel when he arrives at the beginning of the tiles he can only marvel at the craftsmanship. "Well..someone has had all the time in the world it seems." from here his feet leave the ground as his form glides across the cavern, eyes looking about for signs of the inhabitant.

Johnny tilts his head at the strange voice and chuckles as though hearing disembodied voices are nothing out of the ordinary. "True, true... at least I'm finaly painting again though. No more stick figures for me. Shame it has to be something so horrible, but that's what happens when you... wait." Standing up straight he glances around the room abrubtly, "...I don't talk to myself anymore."

Lynx drifts up and lowers to the ground, "I do hope I'm not interrupting anything." he tilts his head, "But I must impose on you to give me something. Something important." he steps around to view the painting and hmms, "You forgot a detail."

Johnny eye twitches at the stranger in his home, "Where the fuck d'you come from? More importantly, why the fuck did you decide to climb all the way down here? I don't exactly advertise. What do you want?" As he speaks his free hand instinctivly moves towards the hilt of his dagger at his side. "I don't recall seeing you before..."

Lynx nods appraising the painting, "Yes...I do believe you forgot to include the Masamune cutting a bloody swath..." he looks back, "Ah an interesting dagger." he extands a hand, "May I see it."

Johnny takes a step back, bending his knees as if preparing to defend himself. His eyes narrow at the extended hand. "You didn't answer my questions..."

Lynx says, "I come from a place you wouldn't know of. You may call me...Lynx." he bows slightly, "The dagger if you please."

Johnny unsheaths his dagger and tosses it straight up in the air only to catch it by the tip of the hilt as it falls. "Why? What intrest you got in them? Can't be for the craftsmanship..."

Lynx says, "Oh that can be changed....but they are still items that are of particular importance to the flow of history and known for being effective against powerful forces." the hand is still extended.

Johnny stands up straight and blinkblinks, "...flow of history? Just what are you after, Lynx?"

Lynx says, "Maintaining order." a simple answer, he lowers the hand and hmms walking off to look at other wonders he may see here, "I must, it is my purpose you could say. Of course, there are certain items I need to cause certain events which will in the end keep the world balanced."

Johnny nods his head and begins to slowly follow behind Lynx as he begins his 'tour', "I see... so I take it you know about me then, huh? Look, I'm all for balance... I've been trying to stay out of things, but if this is about the Ocean Palace, look, I'm sorry. I recognised those kids from before, figured I'd, you know.... just help 'em out. They seemed like they where working hard to stop the big guy. I figured not letting the big guy eat 'em was a good thing..."

Johnny sighs, "...and yeah, the thing with the girl's mother... but other than that I've been good!"

Lynx says, "Oh the part you played was quite important, I'm glad you followed your instructions." he continues, "And you're part in this is done, but the daggers still have a part to play."

Johnny raises an eyebrow and stares down at his drawn dagger again, "My daggers? But wait, they're not even from this world.... how would they...?"

Lynx says, "Tears from now I will be standing on a balcony and I will come face to face with someone who poses a threat to the order of history. This knife must be used to kill them."

Johnny glances up slowly, "...how stupid do you take me for? These daggers serve one purpose, and one purpose only. And as Benedict is long gone, why the fuck would it matter if someone's blood was spilled with it. If this is about -my- past, I'll take care of it myself..."

Lynx says, "Your part is over. NNY, hand them over so that time can be preserved. Purposes are changed constantly, as is thiers."

Johnny flings his paintbrush away and draws his other dagger as he places one foot behind him, ready to attack once more. "...give me one reason I should trust you."

Lynx says, "Those kids you saved? They made a future, a future in which human technology is incredible. And one layed the groundwork for a machine. A machine that can look at the timeline and calculate and tabulate every possible future."

Johnny blinks. His mouth drops open slightly. Obviously, he didn't see that coming. "...go on."

Lynx says, "That computer is FATE and it created a program to oversee that the best possible timeline remains,"

Johnny relaxes a bit as he ponders this over, "So somehow using these things on someone is going to cause something good to happen? This all still seems pretty far-fetched... I mean, aside from drawing in darkness, what good are they?" Staring down at one of the nearly black blades he hmmm's slightly. "Your not wanting to use these on the big guy, are ya?"

Lynx says, "Oh hardly, a different tool shall fulfill that roll. But the daggers while being able to absorb darkness...I hypohtesize can convert it into a destructive poison."

Johnny blinkblinks, "Poison? Against what? Some pure-hearted crap? I mean, the whole reason I got them was to provoke my waste lock... I guess it could work, but wouldn't using it on someone pure kinda defeat the purpose?"

Lynx says, "No, she will corrupt a Chrono Trigger of importance that will be the key to defeating a new threat born from Lavos."

Johnny stares vacantly at the name he spent centuries avoiding. Under his breath he mutters, "...La Vos..." Closing his eyes and sighing he nods, "Alright." Looking back at Lynx he turns one of the hilts towards him. "Two conditions. You get one, not both. I still wanna be able to step in if things go bad, and two... you bring it back once this bitch is taken down. I don't want to risk something like this getting out, ESPECIALY if it works like some kind of poison..."

Lynx says, "That was my intention." he reaches out to take the dagger.

Johnny hesitates slightly as the handle is almost grasped. "Your not a waste lock are you?" The dagger's influence already burning blackness as Lynx's hand reaches for it...

Lynx says, "What is a waste lock?" he grips the hilt

Johnny watches in slowly growing terror as history repeats itself once more. The dagger's hilt held tightly. The dark energies pouring into the body of it's weilder. Before he can pull the dagger away it is forced away from him, cutting his palm and sending a crimson spray over the blade and onto the floor. Yanking his hand away, Johnny holds his other dagger in his weak hand before his face. "FUCK!! NO!!" Without the combined energies of both weapons, his hand continues to bleed as his mind is forced to remember how to use his shadow tricks without the automatic response from his daggers...

Lynx grips at the knife as it reforms the blade into a diamond shape, the handle reforming into a fancy grip, a a spike on the end. He looks down at the blade, "Amazing....Amaaaazing!" he laughs a flips the blade around.

Johnny takes another step back, watching in horror as the past replays itself, "Look, you better give that back! Find some other agent to do the job. The deal is off!!"

Lynx hmms and tilts his head again, "No I think I will do quite admirably." he snickers and turns flipping the knife about some more before tucking it into his belt.

Johnny tears off accross the room after Lynx, his weaker arm bringing his dagger down towards his turned back. Although his eyes already burn with white energy, his body is only begining to change to it's darker form. Johnny's free hand clinched into a tight fist, blood dripping from his fingers leaving a trail on the floor as he runs...

As Johnny closes the gap black energy swirls about Lynx and then he twists back around extending one paw forwards and behind him appears thousands of gold eyes that open, "Keep him busy my pets." and with that the feral cats surge forwards from the darkness.

Johnny screams as the torrent of feline shadows flows towards him, biting and slashing at his skin and clothes. Unsuccesfully fending off the magical creatures with his remaning dagger, the cats knock the weapon from his grasp and send NNY off his feet and sliding back into an ironicly part-feline looking statue of a woman, his dagger becoming embedded into the statue's chest.

Lynx says, "Sit, stay, good boy." he turns once more and begins the long trek, going into the thin hall and turning back once more raising his hand and pointing his palm at the doorway, and readies another spell.

Johnny painfully pulls himself to his feet, blood freely flowing from his wounds. Reaching up and gripping the hilt of the embeded dagger, the former maniac glares hatefully towards Lynx. That hatred, now advanced by the lodged weapon, sends his body finaly over into darkness. "Alright fucker, you want to play? I'll fucking play... time to teach you the price of fucking with me..." Knealing on one leg, his foot passes slightly into the floor and all at once the shadows in the room begin to shift, being pulled towards him. Releasing the dagger he pulls his Death Sickle out of the darkness around his foot and twirls it painfully before him. With a scream from the depths of his hatred, Johnny throws himself accross the floor, his feet not even touching the ground as he advances.

Lynx is shocked by the action hoping Johnny had stayed down longer, and then the blue rift appears behind him as the whole in time begins to widen. As the maniac advances Lynx retreats backwards into the portal and Johnny may be close enough to be drawn in as well.

Johnny brings the blade of his weapon towards Lynx's side as he reaches the edge of the portal. His thoughts so consumed with stopping the feline looking man, he isn't even aware of the portal being cast, let alone that he is on the verge of entering it...

Lynx out of desperation attempts to summon the cats once more but something goes horribly wrong as the cats surge outwards the shadows become as harmless as just that, passing throught everything without any mark of their passing.

Johnny stares wide-eyed as the cats pass straight through his weapon, and into him. Cutting his body up even more and sending a spray of blood into the air, he finds himself being thrown backwards again. At least, until the bulk of the cats begin to pass through him as well. Hitting the tiled floor hard, the maniac looks up in despiration as the portal closes along with NNY's dreams of keeping his past from repeating. Soaked with blood flowing from him in an ever growing pool, his last thoughts before passing out are consumed with images of another timeline already begining to rewrite this one...

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