2004-12-02 A New Disguise

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A New Disguise

Summary: Zim's newest disguise needs a test run

Who: Dragonmaster Carla, Skeeve, Kawatta, Zim
When: December 2nd, 2004
Where: Metropolis

The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

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Center of Metropolis

All about you glistening skyscrapers rise towering into the sky, including the impressive One Metro Place. The hustle and bustle of cityfolk going about their daily lives fills the streets with noise, at almost all times of day or night.

The streets are remarkably clean for such a large metropolitan center, and architecturally sound.

Kawatta says, "well, yeah, probably."

Skeeve says, "You know, I don't even want to ask."

Dragoness Carla ohs and nods her head, "I see..." She looks over at Skeeve, tail growing slightly less in sway, "So, mm, no further progress on the idea, huh?"

Zim whistles innocently as he strolls down the street dressed in a bad fitting brown coat with a scruff of brown hair stuck to his head as a makeshift wig. Covering his eyes, a pair of sunglasses. Yep, with the green skin, you'd never think something was odd. Especialy with the floating purple chibi-moose beside him. "...now to test the new disguise..."

MiniMoose exclaims, "Meep!"

Skeeve says, "Well, there is. I'm currently studying my own curse in more detail, to see what actually happens when it goes off."

Kawatta slowly looks at ZIM then away .oO(That guy needs toget more sun.)

Dragoness Carla nods her head towards Skeeve, "Ah, I see. Cool, cool..." She glances to where Kawatta looks, she spots Zim and then looks back to the other two, not remmebering him right off the bat, due to the lack of a good memory, or any memory whatsoever really.

Zim picks up a newspaper off the ground and pretends to read it as he slowly inches his way towards the group. MiniMoose bops up and down beside him at eye level. Looking over his sunglasses at one of them he abruptly shouts, "QUIET MINIMOOSE!!! You'll give us away!!!" MiniMoose quickly ducks behind him and out of view as he resumes pretending to read...

Skeeve glances over at Zim as everyone else does, not actually paying him much mind. It's as he turns back to the group to continue the conversation that he pauses, and quirks. "...uh... ...does anyone know what a squeedilyspooch is?" He looks kind of puzzled at the question himself.

Kawatta says, "A....squeedilyspooch? It's sounds rather..small."

Dragoness Carla raises an eyebrow at Skeeve, "Umm...no idea..." She looks over towards Zim again, the sweatdrops at the yelling, now recognizing mostly the voice, and then the heigth, and the bobbing floating thing. She shakes her head and looks back to Skeeve and Kawatta, figuring that things are all right for now, at least he doesn't seem to have a hostage or something weird like that.

Zim finds himself ripping the newspaper in half at Skeeve's question. Looking around in shock he ducks into a nearby alley and peers over the edge of the wall, "Ssssssh! MiniMoose!! You hear that?? This needs further investigation! QUICKLY!!!!!" On command the floating moose drifts slowly over to the group and floats innocently behind them like a lost balloon, a microphone protruding from it's forehead.

Skeeve shakes his head. "I don't know why, but I just thought of such a weird word for no good re-" He cuts off as the Moose float over, and stares a little at it. "...Kawatta... what did you put in those noodles?"

Kawatta looks down at the bowl then at het floating moose, eyes it critically "Nothing to do with..." he waves his chopsticks at the moose. "THouh I did use alot of salt."

Dragoness Carla glances to them both and then looks back to Skeeve and Kawatta, "Ehhh, those are real n stuff, eh heh. That guy, he kidnapped me like half a month or so ago...it was -really- weird...but, eh, he's basically harmless n stuff. Though I think he wants to conquer the world or something...not exactly sure how he planned to go about it though..."

Kawatta now eyes Carla "Really now?... So uhm... How's Trinune?"

MiniMoose suddenly makes an audible CLICK followed by a recorded message in a female voice, "Recording quota full. Please change disks." With a soft beeeeeeep, the strange creature floats back towards Zim. The invader ducks back into the alley and attempts to hide his face with the torn halfs of the newspaper. "Why me...?"

Skeeve sweatdrops faintly. "Do... I ... even want to know?"

Dragoness Carla glances over at MiniMoose and sweatdrops, then looks back to Kawatta and blinks. She takes a moment, shifting her footing, "Eh, well, same as always I guess, insane n junk...ya know?"

Kawatta says, "She's not -that- bad..." he finishes up his noddles and tosses the dish away in a trash can. "Anyhow, I gotta scram."

Skeeve blinks a few tiems, shakes his head. "Huh? Oh, I was talking about the moose..."

Dragoness Carla laughs at Kawatta's confusion, then blinks, "Eh? Oh, all right, well, see you later, okay?" She says, giving a fanged smile and waving briefly before refolding her arms.

Zim screams as he tries to change the recording disk on his creation and instead activates a recording of Gir singing an extended improv to the Scary Monkey Show theme... Throwing the moose at a trash can he sends stray animals scurring out into the night.

Skeeve sweatdrops massively. "...dude, this is getting kind of creepy. Do you think we should go ask the midget guy what he wants?"

Dragoness Carla glances over towards Zim and then looks to Skeeve, she nods her head, "Yeah, eh, I think that might be a good idea actually. You never know, he seemed to have some technology, but, mm, it didn't work that well...still...you never know what technology can do n stuff."

Zim leaps through the air atop the flying Moose, sheding off his disguise in the process as his robotic limbs extend out of his Pak sending his disguise blowing away in the wind. Growling in frustration he pokes the creature in the eyes several times, "I KNOW I DID THIS BEFORE!!!" With each jab MiniMoose simply "Meep!"s although sounding a bit more mournful than usual...

Skeeve glances sidways at Carla. "...remind me to introduce to you the idea of 'instruction manuals'." Having planted that little barb, he heads towards the alley. "...everything okay in there?" Youko pages, "Me too. I'll be sure to keep you updated. ^^" to you.

Dragoness Carla follows Skeeve over, peering at Zim working furiously on MiniMoose. She wonders what instruction manuals are, figuring to be some type of book...she shrugs off the thought for now though.

Zim glances terrified at the onlookers as he falls off of the moose's back. "Uh..... YES! Yes! I'm fine! Yes, fine! Just out for a stroll... heh-heh...." His insect legs retract into the Pak as he dusts himself off.

Skeeve blinks several times, staring a little. "...you sure? You seem kind of... agitated."

Dragoness Carla looks to Skeeve, then back to Zim, "Yeah, eh...I mean, you haven't been kidnapping more people n stuff, have you?" She wonders, wanting to make sure...

MiniMoose happily exclaims "MEEEEEP!" and begins to repeat, "THouh I did use alot of salt." Zim glares coldly at the creature and then shrugs, "Kidnapping?" Staring at Carla he forces a laugh, "Oh, it's you!! OH!!! Ahhh... well, you see... I'm surprised you fell for that joke of mine. Yep! Pretty funny joke that. Me kidnapping someone? How funny! Nope! Just a typical human meat-sack here! Nothing strange!" Nervously he glaces back and forth for a distraction, but trash can only be just so exciting...

Skeeve blinks several times, looks back at Carla. "Wait, you mean he kidnapped you?"

Dragoness Carla raises an eyebrow at Zim's excuse, not buying it for a second. She looks over at Skeeve, "Eh, yeah, not sure how he did it exactly...I just woke up and I was in this glass tube. But, mm, he doesn't really know how to deal with magic so...it wasn't that much of a problem."

Zim rubs his hand together and begins to sweat, "Glass tube? Oh that, yeah... eh-heh-heh... that was real funny that. Um, I think maybe you just drempt that. Yeah, that's probably it! Just dreaming!"

Skeeve raises an eyebrow. "Is this supposed to be making any sense?"

Dragoness Carla shrugs at Skeeve and looks back towards Zim, "Anooo...I'm not gonna like, hurt you or anything ya know, eh heh...if you remember I just kind of left after checking to make sure you wouldn't do it again...you don't have to pretend it didn't happen. I mean, my memories bad, but it's not -that- bad."

Zim takes a step back, "No no... you just imagined that. I was never there! I was..... BAKING COOKIES!!! Yes! Delicious cookies! Isn't that right MiniMoose?" In response the purple sidekick replies in Carla's voice, "...he's basically harmless n stuff. Though I think he wants to conquer the world or something..." Zim just glares...

Skeeve facefaults slightly. "...I think your miniature caribou is on the fritz, little midget guy. ...Say, you got a name or anything?"

Dragoness Carla sweatdrops yet again at Zim making up excuses, wondering why he's even bothering. She looks over at Skeeve, then to MiniMoose, "Anoo..hey...eh, do I really sound like that?" She rubs the back of her head.

Zim nods at Skeeve and proudly exclaims, "I am the mighty ZIM!!!" Blinkblinking he draws back a little and stamers, "Uh... no wait, um... you don't know me! Yeah... just an innocent bystander. The name's uh.... Bob! Bob Poop... er... smith. Yep! Poopersmith! Nothing strange here!"

Skeeve nods. "Yes, you really sound like that, Carla." He blinks a few times. "....Zim-Bob Poopersmith. There's got to be a joke here somewhere."

Dragoness Carla shakes her head softly at Zim. o O ( Geez, I can't be that whiney sounding...that's just lame. ) She looks over and whispers at Skeeve, "I think he might be a little insane n stuff..."

Zim rubs his hands some more, "Zim?? There's no Zim here... Just me! Bob! Yep, Bob... I'm quite sane. Yep..." Sweating insanely he suddenly screams at MiniMoose, "QUICKLY!!! The memory eraser!!! MINIMOOSE NOW!!!!!!"

MiniMoose smiles and excalims, "Meep!"

Skeeve says, "The brightest minds always twist the easiest. I mean, look at me." He smirks lightly, although it turns a little dour. "Memory eraser? In a floating stuffed moose?" He reaches out to poke MiniMoose's nose.

Dragoness Carla sweatdrops at that, o O ( Last time it had a wold ending bomb in it...hmmm... ) She's starting to think that Zim may actually be completly insane, and the Minimoose thing can't really do that much.

MiniMoose's eyes suddenly flash red at the outreached hand and a loud voice excalims, "MISSION THREATENED!! COMINCING DEFENSIVE SYSTEMS!!" As a slight gust of wind breezes by, the moose turns towards Zim and sends out a terrifying amound of electricity charing the alien and leaving him a smoking mess...

Zim says, "..."

Skeeve winces as the electricity roasts the little alien. "Oooo... that one *had* to sting. You need a hand, or does 'MiniMoose' have a functional Bonk Regenerator Ray or something?"

Dragoness Carla sweatdrops even more, rubbing the side of her head, "Ne...I don't think he's like actually sane or anything..."

Zim coughs at Skeeve, "I'll be alright... I think I still have a few layers of skin left somewhere..." Wobbling at Carla he rubs his head, "No, no.... quite sane... this just happens to me alot is all... I think I'm almost becoming used to it." Glaring at the smiling moose he mutters something under his breath, "...when we get home..."

Skeeve asides to Carla, "Yeah, so? The two of *us* are nuts, and we get on fine." He blinks, cracks his knuckles, addressing Zim now. "You sure? It wouldn't be much trouble to whip up a bit of a healing spell or something like that."

Dragoness Carla erms at Skeeve, o O ( Er, right... ) She thinks to herself. She looks over at Zim, looking somewhat concerned now, maybe he does just need help or something?

Zim raises an eyebrow, "I need not of your foolish -human- tricks. I come from a race far superior than this... pitiful... Earth. Just a few hours with a skin scrapper and a quick regeneratory bath in mineral salt and I should be fine."

Skeeve shrugs a little. "Well, whatever floats your boat."

Dragoness Carla thinks that sounds a bit painful, but she lets it go, "Eh, all right...well, be careful, ne?"

Zim suddenly glares up at Carla, "Why??? WHAT DO YOU KNOW???" Coughing he draws back again, "Um... yeah, thanks. Zim needs not of your care!! I think I just need some more soda..."

Skeeve shrugs, and reaches inside his overshirt, pulling out a can of Mountain Dew labeled 'in case of whatever'. He tosses it towards the diminutive alien. "Here you are."

Zim eyes the can suspiciously. Looking at the bottom of the can as if expecting something to be there he shrugs and opens the can. Smelling it cautiously before taking a sip. "Hmmm... not bad. Tastes a bit like Mountain Poop soda." Taking another drink of it and nodding approvingly he asks, "Any idea where best to go about purchasing rights to sell on this plan-um... in this city?"

Dragoness Carla pulls back a bit from the yelling Zim, "Erm...sorry..." She says, o O ( Sheesh...he really is nuts... ) She looks to Skeeve, wondering why in the world he's carrying mountain dew on him.

Skeeve just stares at Zim, wondering who the hell would call a soda 'Mountain Poop'. "...the patent office? I dunno."

Zim nods as he takes another drink, "MiniMoose!! Use your guidence chip and find this, 'Patent Office'." MiniMoose meep's again and it's eyes turn green as it scans the area around them. It's eyes returning to normal, the creature excalims, "MEEP!!" Zim nods, "Excelent... perhaps we can begin again sooner than I'd thought."

Dragoness Carla shakes her head softly at them both, then looks towards Skeeve, "Anoo...I think I'm going to head back home now, I only came to check on progress n stuff, k?"

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