2004-12-07 (PreU) Sacrificial Imp (part 1)

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Sacrificial Imp (part 1)

Summary: Enter Miff

Who: Miff, Blue Imp
When: December 7th, 2004
Where: Chronos


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Truce Market(#479R)

The people of Truce refer to their all-purpose general store as 'the market'. And at a brief glance it might seem a rather odd moniker... one moderately sized store front with a bar across the middle behind which stands the shopkeeper. But on anything approaching a proper inspection the reason for the name becomes very clear indeed; the shelves running all around the two halves of the room are filled to bursting with all manner of articles, from food to simple weaponry to clothing and anything else which a villager might need. The level of stock doesn't seem damaged by the threat of war, as the floor is also covered in piles of various items - crates, sacks and barrels in particular. All in all? If you want something, it might be best to ask rather than find it for yourself!

Blue Imp wonders in off the street and glances around in awe of the shop. "This place is so..... clean?"

Miff is also perviewing the market itself, his eyes mostly taking in the clothing around here. Most of it is atrocious, it'd fall apart in nearly two years of use. Two years, ridiculous! The humans around here have no idea how to properly make clothing, and then there's the people wearing clothing that is just, well, laughable. Miff reaches up and flicks one of his ponytails, eyeing over a particular gaudy looking outfit. o O ( Ugh...who would wear this? ) Someone wearing that walks right behind him...

Blue Imp walks around in continued shock as it unintentionaly runs head first into Miff. Tumbling backwards onto the floor to the discerning eyes of the shop keeper, the imp rubs his head and pushes itself off the floor, "Ohh.... so sorry. I-it's all my fault..." Expecting a beating the imp climbs to it's feet, refusing to lift it's head, "So sorry, miss... I'm looking for someone who summoned me...."

Miff stumbles back, but manages to catch himself with a cloth, which he yanks hard to keep himself aloft, spilling a number of the shopkeepers clothing wares. He ignores the screaming though, I mean really, none of those are worth the fabric their made from anyway. He eyes the Imp, raising an eyebrow. o O ( Stupid male imps. ) He thinks to himself, reaching down to grab the imp by the ear, "Ah? Miss is it? Listen ya little Imp, how do you know -I- wasn't the one that summoned you?" Of course he didn't, but hey, imps are stupid, and once he sets up shop, he's going to need a slave, er, helper, which will require a Mystic sacrifice, and well...

Blue Imp winces and cries as it waves it's stubby hands in circles around it, "IEEEEEEE!!!!! So sorry! So sorry!! I do anything!!! What can I do to help you?? Pleeeease don't! Stop!! I'm sorry!!"

Miff yawnks the Imp up by the ear to its feet, his eyes narrowing some and she purses his lips for a moment, then glances around and lets the Imp's ear go, not wanting to draw that much attention to himself, they'll be time enough for that later, "For one thing, stop whining you stupid male creature." He really hates other males, they're so...well, their clothing says it all. "For another thing, what the Magus are you wearing?"

Blue Imp rubs it's eyes and glances down at it's red vest with a tug of the cloth. "Wha-? This? This is my clothes. I like 'em! They red. You don't like red? Maybe you like blue better? I can change! I have a blue one...." Glancing around at the onlookers as they begin to ignore the scene, the imp sighs, "...at least I do back at my home...."

*fwoooosh* *SLAP!* Miff attemps to give the Imp a good slap across the face, though he does wonder who summoned this little Imp, he's obviously not around, which means the Imp is fair game as far as he's concerned. "You -are- home now, Imp. Do you have any idea who much power I have? I summoned you to be my servant, which means this is your home now, understand? Don't even try to back talk me." Pause, raising an eyebrow, he leans down towards the Imps face, "You're not -thinking- about backtalking me are you? Perhaps I'll just erase your memory and start over with you..." Oh yeah, he can't do any of this stuff, but well, the Imp doesn't know that, and weaving little lies isn't a problem in a village where no one knows you.

Blue Imp's eyes widen and begin to tear up again, but instead it holds it's breath and nods slowly, then abruptly shakes it's head, "N-no! I won't back talk you... no no no! Never never! I-I'm here! Lemme help! I can help! You want me carry things for you or chop down wood? I can chop wood real good!" Rubbing it's eyes with the back of it's hand it snifs and gulps, "Please don't erase me.... I be goooood!"

Miff gives a curt nod of his head, straightening up. "Right, you'd best be good, Imp." He says, then looks to the shopkeeper who's demanding payment for damaged goods, Miff just ughs and starts to walk off, "Come on, follow me, and don't go screwing around with the humans." Maybe that's an odd command to give a fellow Mystic, but Miff likes humans more than Mystics, besides, he doesn't expect the Imp to question him. His eyes peel around the Market, looking for something for this patheticly dressed creature to wear.

Blue Imp nodnods and quickly hurries after Miff ignoring everything else. Of course, when your 3 feet tall, it's always kinda hard to stay out of people's way when they openly ignore you, but the imp tries hard anyways, weaving around people and ignoring the random glares to keep up with it's new master. "Yes, yes... I follow. I be good. No screwing humans. Nope! Nossir!"

Miff glances over his shoulder, "No -sir-?" Yeah, he said that about Miss too, but he enjoys messing with people now and then. He stops in front of a less than horrible clothing bench, eyeing things over. Granted, he could fix a lot of this stuff, but he hasn't set up a new shop yet in town, and this Imp isn't really going to be around for that long. Mm. "So, Imp, what's your favorite color?" He says this offhandedly, but then gives the creature a serious look, as if his life depended upon the answer.

Blue Imp is taken back by the stern look and actualy takes a step back as it's mind reals from this sudden action. "Yeeee-um... uh... I like red?" Tugging on it's vest again it beams proudly, "See! I got this red vest! It's red!! I like red! I got a blue one too...." Abruptly it's expression drops and it's eyes become a bit more mournful, "...or I did. I'm gonna miss my blue one..." Letting out a sigh, it smiles once again, "But I got a red vest! See! It's red!"

Miff mmmh's and rolls his eyes, then looks over and yanks a small red robe from the clothing stack, spilling over a number of them, but not really careing. She looks to the Imp, holding it up against him and mmming in disapproval. "No, no, no. Junk." Well, that got the shopkeeper pissed off, he looks over and tosses the robe to the shopkeepers face, who's pulling out a weapon. Crap. "Run." He orders the Imp, turning and making a break for it to get lost in the crowd. o O ( Dang humans, they should know it's all junk anyway! )

Blue Imp glances back and forth at the command and stares in horror at the suddenly advancing shop keeper. Yep! That makes an impact! Running as fast as it's little legs can carry it, the blue imp bolts accross the room after Miff, tipping over a few more racks of clothing and tripping some random pedestrians in the process, "WAIIIIIT FOR MEEEEE!!!!! IMP NO WANNA DIE!!!!!!"

Miff moves agiely and lithly through the crowds, easily weaving in and out of them as his dress kicks up here and there from the constant movement. He comes to a stop after getting quite lost, and doesn't have any trouble weaving his way back and around to grab the fleeing in random directions Imp by the ear to yank him to the side, "Idiot! If I ever have to find -you- again, I'll put you in a smock!" Well, that's a big threat for Miff...

Blue Imp waves it's arms franticly as it's abruptly yanked off to the side. Nodnoding through teary eyes the creature pleeds, "Yes, yes.... I stay by your side. I'm sorry... shop keep no kill me? I'll be good! No kill and stay by your side. Yep! So...." Glancing around in confusion, "What do we do now? We go to new home, yes?"

Miff mm's and taptaps his teeth with one of his painted nails. Taking a few moments to look around the market. He finally decides that really, there's no way he's going to find anything worthwhile here that'll satisfy him. Still, that vest is worse then some stuff. He grabs a red little girls dress and tosses a coin at the shopkeeper, then tosses it at the Imp, "Put that on, I can't stand even looking at you in that...thing you have on."

Blue Imp's eyes grow wide once again, "Put this on? B-b-but.... I no girl... I no wanna be girl! I like vest! See my vest!" Once again a tug of the vest, "See? It's red!" It's eyes glance at the dress again, "Yes this red... but.... girl? Nooooooo.... Wear vest, yes? Can I? I like my vest.... it's red!"

Miff stares at the Imp as he agues at him about the dress. He doesn't say anything, nope, not a thing. Instead, his hands go to rest on his hips, his eyes narrow down, and he shifts his footing, one foot angling back more than the other. A light breeze teezes at his dual ponytails, and he just -stares- at the Imp.

Blue Imp stares up at the angry glance and sweatdrops, "Y-yes...." Lowering it's head in defeat the creature sighs, "Ok.... I wear girl...." Pulling off the vest and folding it carefully to sit on the floor, the creature blushes and pulls the red dress on over it's head. "Yes, I be good.... I keep vest? I like vest..." Yanking it up in it's arms it looks up pitifly in it's new clothes, "I take with us?"

Miff decides to allow the Imp this, "Mm." A noncommital thing, the Imp can take it or leave it, he turns around, heading out of the market and moving towards Truce Village proper. Now, he's pretty sure there was a shop for sale around somewhere. He passed it on the way in, it'll work, once he cleans it out and gets some proper decorations up...of course, the slave will be doing the cleaning, there's no way he's going to bother with it.

Blue Imp clutches the vest tightly and scurries off behind Miff imagining everyone in the crowd they pass is rediculing it despite the fact that all the imps look excatly the same. Oh well... It's eyes, red from crying so much, scan the windows of the various places they pass wondering seriously what was going on. "So...? When we go to woods? I like woods. I told we get big house in the woods. There will be trees in woods, right?"

Miff glances over his shoulder at the Imp, wondering if the summoner really promised him woods are he's just making it up. Well, best to lead him on for now. "Of course, be patient though, or do you want me to turn you into a girl as well?" He threatens, scowling for a moment before turning back to the village. Now, which way was that abandoned shop for sale...

Blue Imp blinkblinks and beins to whine, "Noooooo! No wanna be pink! No girl!! I be good imp! Promise!!!" Already it's eyes start to tear up again, "Patient. Yes... I'll be patient. I no wanna be girl. Wear girly red. Yes. Red dress. Yes." With a sigh the imp clutches the vest even tighter and mumbles under it's breath, "...Porre people so weird... next time I stay in woods with pollie... pollie good friend..."

Central Truce Village(#1362R)

Here, amidst all the more elaborate homes rests Truce's oldest structure, the Truce Fountain. Originaly used as way of getting fresh water back with the town was first founded, now it's simply a shining example of humanity's will to survive. The houses on the west side of the fountain are all large and elaborate, mostly antique shops and eccentric clothing shops. Only one or two homes rest on the eastern side of the fountain, and amoung those the former home of the current king...

Miff continues moving through the village, ignoring the Imp's little protests n such. Or reminsces, or whatever the stupid creature is spouting out. Finally, he comes across what he was looking for, a nice little two story shop, covered with dust, in need of desperate repairs, cobwebs everywhere, and probably a ghost or two hanging out inside to get rid of before total ownership can happen. He glances around, then spots the sign! 'Inquire at Large Purple House two houses down for purchase' "Ah..."

Blue Imp stares up at the old house before them and shivers, "Th-that looks spooky. We not going there are we? I think I like the woods better... yes, very much so. We go back to woods, yes?"

Miff looks over at the Imp and *SLAP* Another smack across the poor Imp's face, "Shut up, we go where I want, little...male thing." He growls, and then turns around, walking down the two houses to the rather nice home, stepping up and knocking on the door. He dusts off his dress, fixes his hair, and checks a nearby window for makeup. Okay, everything's perfect. Right, now, if it's a guy, pretend to be a girl, if it's a girl, pretend to be a girl. Ready. He waits, glancing back at the Imp, "Don't speak until we're done here."

Blue Imp winces and chokes back tears as it nods silently. Rubbing it's cheek with one hand, the creature holds tightly onto the vest and stays close to it's new master, mostly from fear of whatever might rest within the house....

Miff looks back towards the door as it opens up, and an older man comes out wearing a ridiculous outfit that makes him look like some kind of butler, "Ah, hm, yes?" The man says. Okay. Miff smiles brightly and even curtsey's, shifting her voice to be way more feminine than it normally is, "Good day kind sir, I'm inquiring about the house two blocks d---" Before he can even finish, the old man's eyes bug out, "N-not that house! I-it's full of ghosts! You don't want it madam!" Miff ohs and tilts her head, widening her eyes and looking all doe eyed innocent, "I was really hoping to just take a walk in it, kind sir. If you could---" He's cut off again, "No! Never! I'll never go in there again, not after..ohhh!" He turns around in circles then falls to the ground on his back. Miff sweatdrops lightly, "Mm, sir?" She wonders. The man's hand then pops up with the Deed to the house, a ghostly apparition popping up from the paper and screaming 'BOOOOOOOOO!' loudly. Miff pulls back, wide eyed, that's a shocker, but he doesn't start away, instead...he snatches the deed and slams the door closed on the ghost. o O ( Ha! Yes...idiot... )

Blue Imp leaps back from the specticle, clinging to the back of Miff's legs in terror. It's knees rattling together beneath the dress as it shakes violently. It starts to yell it's protest, but cuts itself short after a brief yelp remembering the order to be silent. Instead, tears roll down it's eyes as it wishes it hadn't agreed to the summons...

Miff folds the deed up and tucks it into his ?bosom? in the dress, then eyes the Imp over, "Stop that, they're just ghosts. All we have to do is go satisfy whatever the problem is, and have you deal with a few nasty one's that won't listen to reason. Now, do you have any weapons or anything?" He asks as he steps away from the house, heading back towards the apparently, haunted one.

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