2005-01-14 (PreU) A reunion with Cale

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A Reunion with Cale

Summary: Johnny pops in to visit the Dragonmaster only to discover the truth about Carla.

Who: Trinune, Johnny_C, Dragonmaster_Cale
When: January 14th, 2005
Where: Metropolis?

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Dragoness Carla is sitting down, nah, laying down on the grass in the backyard, staring up towards the night sky, snow having been cleared out of the general area, but it still hovers about other places, the fountain is untouched however, and the water unfrozen. She seems rather relaxed, and is just staring off into space, not really thinking about anything, glad to of talked to Bean again after it had been so many months, and also glad Trinune seems to of become less insane and much more, well, Trinuney like she used to be, even if she isn't exactly how she used to be.

A ripple seems to move through the air suddenly as if something was relocating the fabric of the air itself. The shadows in the area abruptly move and sway, bending and combining into a central point just behind Carla. Just as fast as it began, it all goes away as the world seems to suddenly right itself. With a slight sound of grass crunching in the chill air, the shadow of Johnny C falls upon Carla. "...hello?"

Dragoness Carla cocks her eyebrow as the shadows begin to shift and bend. Ha! Only a few days ago she wouldn't of caught that at all, but now, Trinune's relying that sort of information to her again, just like she used too, it really is nice. She blinks on the voice though, spinning around and sitting up, "Eh, o-oh! Hey, what's up..?" She says, giving a fanged smile, "I haven't seen you in ages! Ano...didn't you...hmm..." She rubs the back of her head, trying to remember the last time she saw Johnny...something big was going on, wasn't there?

Johnny lets out a nervous sigh as he tries to smile polietly. "...yeah, it has been awhile hasn't it... um... you haven't seen Cale have you?" The slight wind that picks up blows his hair around as he stands over the dragoness forcing him to run a shaking hand through it. He looks much the same as always. Dressed in black with his daggers at his sides. His left shoulder is wrapped in what appears to be black bandages, but otherwise the maniac looks fine. Only his eyes seem diffrent... somehow... they look older.

Dragoness Carla sweatdrops bigtime at that, holding a hand to the side of her head. o O ( Yes, thank you, shut up Tri--no, okay, sorry. What? Well, sheesh, it's an old habit! I..bah! Whatever! Okay, okay...calm down, ne? Remember what Bean said n stuff? Er, w-well, I know...gomen! ) She blinkblinks, then looks back to Johnny, "Eh heh...w-well..er...I uh..." She wracks her brain, trying to come up with -something- since she's still stuck as a girl and can't hope to change back, "..s-sorta?"

Johnny nods, "I came here looking for him... I need to ask him about some things. I don't quite know how long I can stick around before someone notices me, so um... where is he?" His face remains very serious as he glances upwards, searching for some sign of this world's powers that be in fear of his search being ended before it began...

Dragoness Carla lets out a slow breath, sagging back in the grass, using her hands to keep her propped up, her sweatshirt sags off of her left shoulder, due to it being far oversized. Why won't she get a new one? Because, she'll get back to her dead male body again somehow, she's sure of it, or rather, she's pretty sure of it. Okay, she hopes. "Ehhh, w-well...eh heh...I'm er..." She lets out a slow breath, is she starting to get used to being a girl? Gosh, she hopes not, but really, she can't just send Johnny away, it's been ages since she's seen him, and it sounds important! "..I-I'm er...w-well, I'm Cale, eh heh..." She gives a nervous fanged smile, the wings on her back shifting about, and her tail does an odd little pattern of swaying,.

Johnny blinkblinks. Stares.... After a long emotionless silence he raises an eyebrow and asks in a very quiet voice, "...I thought you where his sister or something..?"

Dragoness Carla looks over to the side and criss-crosses her legs, tucking them under herself and then tucking her hands in her lap, fidgeting all nervousy. "I-I, w-well...eh heh heh..." She sweatdrops, looking off to the side, my, isn't that grass more interesting than Johnny! "..i-it..w-well...i-i-it's k-kinda...er, I g-gget...u-um...embaressed...a-about it, eh heh heh..." She gives a really big fanged smile, then notices her sweatshirt and yanks it back into place, "Erm, s-see? C-clothes don't fit right, mm hm..." Sweatdrop, yeah, she's more than a bit embaressed and nervous.

Johnny's form seems to flicker slightly like dust blowing through a holligram. With a slight nod of his head he simply states, "...that explains alot." Letting out a nervous chuckle he shakes his head at the images of the two forms in his mind and sighs. "Well, at least that explains why I showed up here looking for him. Um.... I need to ask you, what happened to Sammy?"

Dragoness Carla mmm's in response, lots of people say that it explains a lot when they hear it, or their mad for her not telling them the truth, but really...well, anyway, she ehs? "O-oh? Samantha?" She thinks on that, o O ( I -know- Trinune... ... yeah, yes! Okay, okay, I remember now, thank you! Sheesh! ) She gives a light fanged smile, "W-well, see, after she got sorta killed n stuff, and that stuff with Cassandra, ya know? W-well, Trinune and her they managed to recreate her body n stuff, right? B-but, I think there was something like um, she couldn't exist in the same dimension where she was created because the magic would destruct itself or, eh, something, it's kinda hard for me to figure out, and Trinune isn't the best at explaining stuff, eh heh..." She rubs the back of her head again, "B-but! I think she got sent off to another dimension n junk after that happened, yeah...b-but, she's still alive! Neat huh? Where've you been...?"

Johnny tilts his head to the side as he listens to a similar explanation as he'd gotten before. As Carla finishes her speach he sighs, "...Um... yeah. Kinda why I showed up here." With a brief look of anger at the thought of Cassandra he begins to explain, "I ended up running into the girl from the UR. Remember Emi? She says hello, by the way. Um... my powers never left me. All that rage and crap from Benedict? ...it kinda kept building up. I know your not gonna believe this, but uh... to me it's been about sixty seven million years since I stood here last." Blushing a bit he lowers his head and mumbles, "...I counted it up the other day..." Staring down at the grass he takes a deep breath, "...what ever happened to me, it's changed me. Cassandra said that Sammy was supposed to be alive on the same world I was, but she never showed up... that's why I'm here... I think that bitch double crossed us again..." This last part is spoken with a bitter coldness. As greatful as he's become for his new life, he still resents not killing her when he had the chance...

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