2005-01-16 (PreU) A reunion with Cale pt2

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A Reunion with Cale part 2

Summary: Continuing the talks about Samantha and Cale donates the first cherries to world of Chronos.

Who: Dragonmaster_Cale, Johnny_C, Trinune
When: January 16th, 2005
Where: Metropolis?

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Dragoness Carla blinkblinks, staring towards Johnny for a few moments in silence, "A-anooo...th-that long?" She sweatdrops, bigtime. She can't imagine ever living that long, then again, it's possible she might due to the long life spell, but still! She shifts a bit on the ground where she sits, making sure her sweatshirt is still in place, glancing off to the side, then back to Johnny, "W-well, I mean...I don't really know how to contact Cassandra n stuff. Mmmm, but Trinune said that Samantha was all right, so I'm sure she's fine. Ehhh, I'd d...wait...ano, if it's been that long..." She ponders for a moment, blinking, "...eh, were you in a dimension where time moves faster or something...?"

Johnny states, "Not quite..." With a deep breath he begins to explain, "When I woke up from being here I was standing in my old house. The bitch decided to not only force me to relocate to some other world, but also rebuilt my house.... and all the shit in it that made me run to begin with. Emi thinks she might have done it to make me feel at home." Glancing up at the sky briefly he takes another breath. "Anyways, Emi showed up. She'd been living on that world awhile and came as soon as she noticed me there. She helped me battle the shit inside my head and we ended up creating this little pocket world." Johnny pauses to let out a forced laugh, "We kinda created our own world. I watched it grow from nothing... it was incredible... Emi said she froze the other world somehow... kinda preserved it. Sammy was supposed to come to the new world... but... obviously that didn't happen..."

Dragoness Carla blinks, listening closey to what Johnny says, nodding her head slowly, she's following everything pretty well, she's very good at the dimension hopping magical side of things. Just don't ask her about technological things or anything like that, cause then she'll just get lost. "I see..." She says softly, erming, "Ne, so, tell Emi hi for me if you see her?" She adds, then ponders things over, though she can't think of much to say, but then she wonders, "Ehhh..how er, how did you get back here, then? If it's been so long? Ano, you didn't learn how to time travel or something, did you?" She wonders, she's known one or two people that could do that in her past, and time travel never, ever, works out the way it should.

Johnny shrugs, "I dunno.... um.... well...." Thinking to himself for a moment he smirks and grins, "Well here, lemme show you..." Almost instantly his eyes seem to burn white, his skin immediatly changes black, flowing from the white orbs in his eyes. The shadowed darkness the maniac previously couldn't control is kept in check, flowing like a solid line of smoke from his skin until it desipates into the air around him. Slowly smiling to reveal his teeth beneath the darkness, Johnny holds his hands to the sides to which the shadows cast about the yard seem to bend and flow towards him. "I dunno how to explain it, but all that crap that happened before... like I said, it changed me... ever since me and Emi fought the things in my home, it's been like I can do just about anything." Letting out a sigh he quickly returns to normal. The shadows falling into their natural state around him. "...I've been playing with it from time to time, but this is the first time I really tested it. The world I'm from has alot of time gates from this thing that crashed into it. Big mean thing... but anyways, I've been playing with them. It's kinda like falling, but it works... I can pop up just about anywhere if I concentrate...."

Dragoness Carla raises an eyebrow at that, watching the display closely, idly checking it over with her magical senses. "Hm..." Is all she has to say at first before she thinks on it a bit further, "W-well, it's good to see you again n stuff. But, ne, listen, you should be careful with all of that, all right? It's dangerous to jump around in time, really dangerous, you can end up killing yourself and everyone you know." Brief pause while she straightens her stupid oversized sweatshirt, "Ano...so...er, I'd...offer to help you look for Samantha, eh heh, b-but, I can dimension hop but not time travel n junk, gomen nasai...maybe I could make something to try and locate her though, mmm...maybe..."

Johnny crosses his arms and sighs, "Well... it's not quite like time travel... I mean when me and Emi did whatever it was we did, it made a gate... I'm just kinda using that to access the other gates. It's not too difficult once you try it a few times, but yeah... um... I can bring things over. I tested it with some junk I grabbed from around town. I was just kinda hoping you might could think of some way to find out what's going on..." Looking up at the sky again he sighs, "I feel like I'm letting Terry down... I said I'd watch her for him. If those two idiots hadn't mucked about with us like toys...." Sighing he forces himself to laugh again. "But yeah.... it's great to see you too...."

Dragoness Carla nods her head and climbs up to her feet, almost slipping, the grounds a bit snowy now, due to her not having kept her up little anti-snow spell while she was talking. She settles herself, then yanks her sweatshirt back into place, growling underneath her breath, then glancing back at the Althena statue, then over towards Johnny, "Mmmm, okay, well, Trinune has a complete makeup of Samantha's magical existence since she helped make it and all, eh heh, w-well she actually tends to make one on everyone she casts a spell on. S-so...I could try to make a magical artifact that'll hone in on her in that way, then maybe, ya know, we could maybe try to find her?" She wonders, hoping that sounds like a good idea. She can't think of much else, I mean, that's how she finds everyone, and Trinune can literally search through dimensions if she wants too...

Johnny nods at Carla's words and shrugs, "Sounds like a start... any idea how long something like that would take?" He doesn't seem to notice the cold much... infact, he doesn't seem to notice much of anything aside from the conversation... seems he's done a bit too much watching to care anymore... Dragoness Carla ehms, "W-well...hmm..." She thinks about it for a few moments, let's see...something like that would need to be more precise than normal. Maybe a ring that grows brighter and brighter the closer Samantha gets, she'd have to make it extra sensitive though, so if she were in the same dimension it'd at least glow a little bit. Yeah, she could do that. "Mmm...a day or less I suppose, if I get to work pretty soon here." She shrugs her shoulders, smiling fangedly, "I'd go with ya if I could, eh heh, but, ya know, I dunno...time travel n stuff, it's not really, well...safe n stuff...dimension hopping I'm good at, time travel, ehhh..." She gives a sort of untrusting type shrug at it.

Johnny snickers, "You know, you don't have to be all polite about it. If you don't want to do it, it's no big deal, but I will assure you it's safe. Besides, if anyone went with me I'd be the one 'navigating'. I know what I'm doing..." With a laugh he shakes his head, "Why does this feel like we're talking about a car drive or drugs or something?" His mood clearly lifted he relaxes a bit and glances around at the snow building up around them. "You know.... the view's alot nicer here than I remembered..."

Dragoness Carla grins fangedly at that, glancing around, "Yeah, eh heh...w-well, it's nice being up in the sky n stuff, it's way better than being in the city n junk." She tilts her head to the side, wings shifting nervously on her back, "A-anooo...w-well, I mean...I will if I have too...b-but, er, let's just, eh, try the artifact first, ne? And, then, if that doesn't work, I'll risk going through time. I owe it to her anyway, she's one of my friends!" She nods her head, shifting her footing, "Eh, so, did you want to come inside and have something to eat and drink or anything...?" She wonders, not sure if Johnny even needs to do that anymore or not...

Johnny has to think on that a minute... "Um, yeah sure I guess. I got plenty of time on my hands." Hmmm.... intentional pun or not? You be the judge. Taking a step back he guesters for Carla to lead the way. On instinct he almost says 'Ladies first' but biting his tounge he simply smirks and glances into Carla's eyes. oO(I wonder how long he's been stuck like that...)

The Charis Home: Kitchen(#497R)

The Charis kitchen is usually kept pretty clean, a few dishes do however sometimes lay in the sink. The countertop is a nice white color along with the cupboards. There is a stove, refridgerator, and microwave here as there are with most kitchens. The one thing you do notice is the large island in the middle of it made specifically for cooking...it looks like you could cook just about any meal you wanted here.

Dragoness Carla would really, really not appreciate a lady comment at this point, not at all. She heads on into the kitchen proper, her tail swaying behind her, "Mm, so, what'd you want?" She wonders, looking over towards you and then back to the kitchen. Well, she knows what she's gonna have, some strawberry milk! Mmm, the greatest taste ever found, strawberry. She grabs the carton of it out of the fridge and begins to pour herself a glass of it. Johnny glances around the kitchen with a faint air of remembrence, "Don't matter. I think just about anything'd be better than the plain colas and ales they have in all the places I've been." Staring at the milk in Carla's hands he smirks, "You know, they don't have cherries or strawberries there? I've been thinking about grabbing some and planting them to see if I can sneak them on the menu when I go back..."

Dragoness Carla almost drops the glass in her hand as she snaps her head towards Johnny, "Wh-what?! No strawberry's?! What a horrible place it must be!" She's suddenly a little more appreciative of Metropolis, then again, she tends to make her own strawberry supplies from magic anyway. She fills up a strawberry milk and hands it over to Johnny, then slides herself onto the kitchen table, sitting on top of it with her milk in one hand, the other being used to balance herself on the table, her sweatshirt sags off her shoulder once again, but she hasn't noticed just yet.

Johnny laughs at Carla's words as he takes a sip of the offered glass. Immediatly his eyes grow wide for a second and he lets out a pleasurable sigh, "...yeah, definitly gotta plant some better fruit around Ioka Village assuming they'd survive the ice age...." Quickly gulping down the rest of the glass he smiles happily and sets the empty glass in the sink. "...thanks! I needed that..."

Dragoness Carla nods her head, giving a fanged grin, "No problem!" She says, her tail swaying back and forth on the table behind her, she lets out a slow breath, her wings drooping some as she relaxes, and her sweatshirt sagging down a bit more. "I'm glad you're okay, and Emi too! Where is she, anyway? She was such a nice person n stuff..." She was a good waitress too...even if she was young and all.

Johnny leans on the counter to face Carla, "Hmmmm.... I'm never too sure. She took this whole motherly thing towards some of the plants and such and keeps vanishing. I'm not sure what she's doing to be honest. She just kinda pops in every now and then." Crossing his arms he idly glances around the room, "It's all started feeling really dull. I mean at first I liked it. No voices, no worries, no nothin'... but... I mean, how many times can you watch people have festival after festival? Sure there was some action and some wars... but.... it's old..." With a shrug he frowns a bit. "I sorta feel like life forgot about me. I know that's what I always wanted... but I'm tired of sitting and watching. There has to be something more I could be doing..."

Dragoness Carla hmmms at that and gives a soft shrug of her shoulder. She's never felt like that before, but she's never hung around for a few million ears either. She takes another drink of her soda, noticing her sweatshirt finally. Her hand reaches over and tugs it roughly back into place. Stupid piece of junk... "I guess so...but, eh, I'd just hang around people more and make some more friends to help pass the time, eh heh. I mean, life without friends is pretty boreing n junk, ya know? Plus, you're not really doing anything except for yourself, mmm, which isn't really the best thing to do n junk..."

Johnny almost blushes at that, "Yeah.... um.... that's not compelty true. I stepped in a few times and helped out these kids. That's how I figured out about the time gates. They'd just kinda show up out of nowhere, do all this heroic stuff, and vanish. It wasn't until the big guy crashed down that I realised the kids where time jumping. No one knows I did anything though... I just kinda pushed them in the right direction and all.... but I mean, I felt like I had to. Like fate told me to do it or something." Grining at the memories he stares vacantly at the floor a moment before snapping out of it and resuming his speach, "...and I mean, I did make some friends here and there. I'm still doing that. Hell about three days ago I helped teach this kid named Meln how to handle a weapon." Tapping the large black spot on his shoulder he snickers, "She's good. She's got potential... but I mean, I can't really make that many friends without exposing myself..."

Dragoness Carla ohhhs and nods her head slowly, "Right, right, I see..." She says, and slides off of the table and moves back into the kitchen proper, refilling her strawberry milk and then glancing around. She puts some strawberry pop tarts into the toaster, then looks back over to Johnny, "...well, you're welcome to stay here as long as you like n stuff, at least until I finish the artifact for sure, ne?" She gives a fanged smile, thinking about how to forge the artifact again, it shouldn't be too hard...

Johnny smiles and starts to nod, then suddenly his face drops. "Oh. Um... as much as I'd like to, I dunno... I'm a bit worried about, uh..." Guesturing upwards he stands up straight and lowers his voice, "...the um, powers that be realising I'm here. I dunno how they'd feel about me just hanging around after everything. I mean I don't exactly fit in anymore...."

Dragoness Carla blinkblinks, then ohs and nods her head, "R-right, eh heh, I forgot about that..." She says, she has such a bad memory that's not much of a surpise. She snags the pop tarts out of the toaster and starts to munch on them, glancing outside at the snow, then back to Johnny, "...well, feel free to come back though, ya know, whenever. I'll get to work on the artifact tonight n stuff, ne?"

Johnny nods his head and smiles warmly. "Thanks... I appreciate it. I'll try to come back in a few days and see how things are going. ...honestly though, if you decide you want to come visit just let me know. I'm sure we can arrange something." Taking a step towards her he grins, "...before I take off though..... can I get some fruit from ya? Or maybe you know a good place to get some?"

Dragoness Carla nods her head, "He he, of course!" She sets down the pop tarts and moves over to the fridge, opening it up. She comes out a moment later with an armful of strawberry's, there's some cherrys and apples in there as well, cause of the Kurohihana clan hanging around here all the time. She offers it up towards Johnny, "I can always get more from the Usual whenever I want anyway."

Johnny grins and takes as much as he can carry. "Cool!! Thanks... let's see if I can sneak these in past Emi..." Yep, if Fionna can build a forest, he can build an orchard. "Thanks again, Car.... um... thanks Cale."

Dragoness Carla sweatdrops bigtime at the almost name slip, she shakes her head, waving her hand in a dismissing motion, "It's no biggie." She says, letting out a slow breath, "Don't worry about the name, ne? I don't really care about that enough right now." She gives a faint fanged smile. She is really, really sick of being a girl, she's almost decided to go to the mall and actually buy fitting clothes a few times, a sure sign it's been too long.

Johnny snickers and nods as he tries to adjust the refridgerated fruit in his arms without dropping any. "Alright. See you in a few days then! ...good luck." With a whisp of darkness, shadows wrap around the reformed maniac, blocking his form from view. Quickly though, the shadows fade much like a cloud of smoke taking Johnny's form with them...

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