2005-01-23 (PreU) The Hunger

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The Hunger

Summary: Continuing where they vanished from the last scene, Johnny confronts Vashtearnia...

Who: Johnny_C, Vashtearnia
When: January 23rd, 2005
Where: Southern Truce Village(#235R)

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Southern Truce Village(#235R)

Built together here in a makeshift road are several tall buildings running from the western entrance of the village to the docks set up on the east.

Vashtearnia gets a dagger into her stomach, the blade burying up to the hilt. She has no need of air, or she'd take in a shuddering gasp at this point. The penetration does cause her to retract her embedded into Johnny hand, and then sail back through the air, her hand gripping the wound in her flesh. Blood pours down upon the vines and roses, which stir, twist, and bend, as if repulsed from the red fluid coming from itself. Many of the roses wilt and drop down dead right then and there, and Vashtearnia's feet touch the ground, and she steps back some. She caught Johnny's wait a second a moment too late, and for all she knows it could be another deception, trying to take her off guard so he can easily end her existence. It then occurs to her that her foe has not yet struck at her neck in an attempt to remove her head, though surely he'll figure it out if she doesn't simply die after losing all the blood inside of her. And it's draining rather rapidly. She's either going to have to retreat and focus on fixing this gaping wound, end this fight now, or find a source of blood to use to fuel her powers. None of these options seem very hopeful, especially the last. She shouldn't of tried this on an empty stomach, make that a body, normally she'd have a light more juice left to push her much farther, but she's been holding herself back since she got here. o O ( Maybe that was my true mistake... ) She idly thinks to herself as she gives a faint smile Johnny's way, stepping back a few feet, not able to counter attack, at least not yet, mayhaps never again.

Johnny wobbles as his body recoils after Vash pulls her hand back. Turning around to face her and catching that smile he unconciously takes a step back. "What the hell are you doing?? First we're sparing, then we're killing each other, then you look like your best friend just died and you grab me in the back! WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?? Are you sick or something? I mean, my god... what the fuck is wrong with you? You know, if your trying to die, I could easily help you with that but I'd rather put that part of my history behind me if you don't mind." Clearly disturbed and more confused, Johnny doesn't even realise he's using words alien to this world. Not that he cares. All he knows is there is more going on than meets the eye and until he knows what that is he's hesitant to continue.

Vashtearnia's hand pulls away from the stomach wound which isn't bleeding profusely anymore, but blood is still dribbling down. Her eyes dart left and right, looking for some easy way of escape, short of teleporting she doesn't think there is, if she could teleport, she's standing on her feet, that's about all for now as she takes a few more steps back. It's possible Johnny's words are just another lure, trying to flow her into stopping any further attacks so she can be easily dispatched. Or, it's possible she's mistaken about everything and Johnny truly has no idea that she is what she is, or he just doesn't car and truly wanted to spar. Though, she considers sparring what they're doing right now. Fighting till one of them is dead. Still... "I'd rather not die, I was just having some hunger pains." She says, testing the waters.

Johnny raises an eyebrow at her words, "Hunger pains? I thought we where sparing?" Sure he's seen plenty of this world and the people that live on it, but vampirism? Nope... to him, it's all just Mystics. He never spent enough time learning more beyond the surface. Clueless he wipes the blades of his daggers on his shadow covered pants and takes a step back. Already most of his open wounds have begun to close as well. "Alright, tell you what... quit fooling around and I'll buy you a sandwich or something. But come on, I thought we where sparing here..."

Vashtearnia's eyes follow over Johnny's movements closely. She may not have access to most of her powers at the moment, but she's still sharp on the senses and reflexes. She watches the daggers get wiped off, and him taking a step back. o O ( Idiot, he doesn't work for anyone...he must be battle hungry, mayhaps the darkness in him desires violence to be sated. We all have our little addictions to stay alive, don't we...I didn't know some humans were handicapped that way as well. ) "Yes, food..." She says. o O ( Warm, bloody, juicy food, bursting with life sucking flavor. ) She closes her eyes, having made the decision that indeed, Johnny is not out to simply kill her. She takes a moment to close her stomach wound, then her hand wound, then opens her eyes, her knees shaking some. o O ( Pathetic, I can barely stand now. I'm so hungry, so, so, so, so hungry. ) She can't let Johnny know she's a bloodsucker though, no one gets to know that, she needs to go outside of the city and find some farm animals to drink from. o O ( Oh the joy of the pig blood, how it tastes like daggers down my throat... ) She contimplates going after another human later, and she'll weigh that thought over for awhile until she gets free of Johnny.

Johnny raises an eyebrow as he stands up a bit straighter. "So um... does that mean where done then? Look, if you got some food in you would you take this a bit more seirous? You where doing good there, and now... I mean, if your just gonna bitch about being hungry this isn't worth the effort." Resheathing his daggers he sighs and rubs the back of his neck. "Look, what'cha wanna eat? I can go get something if your that despirate for food. Or did I misunderstand something? I thought you wanted to spar, but if you where just getting rid of me all you had to do was say something..."

Vashtearnia's eyes follow Johnny's daggers into their sheathes, and she gives a slight nod of her head. Okay, so, she was right, he was just looking for a battle, for some reason. She doesn't really enjoy fighting, she prefers to stalk, give chase, take down, and then drink, none of that counter attacking nonsense for her. Though, she will fight in that tournament anyway, she has too. She gives a light bow of her head towards Johnny, "I would appreciate some food sir, I will wait for it here if you don't mind." She gives a smile, showing her fangs. And, should Johnny turn and leave, she'll wait till he's out of sight and then disappear off into the alleys to try and decide what she's going to do next. It'd be so much easier to sneak into a house where everyone's asleep and just take them while they're unaware, ah, hm...mayhaps she should leave the city until she's full... Johnny shrugs and shakes his head slightly. oO(That figures...) "Well, what'cha want? I promised you food after all." The blackness doesn't go away as he relaxes. Instead his whole form seems to wave slightly when the wind shifts like he was somehow turning into smoke. "I can get anything, I drug you out here I guess I owe you."

Vashtearnia stays silent for a few moments, thinking over Johnny's words. o O ( A young little human about sixteen years old with blood to spare and blood to spill, on an alter, gagged and bound and waiting just for my bite! ) She thinks to herself, the thought causing the vines and roses around her body to twist and churn about her. She doesn't comment on the wavering of his form, having noticed that the darkness flowing out of him isn't something very normal, nor anything she can understand yet, "Some meat is fine, any kind." She informs him, standing herself up straight and putting on the airs of one who is not doing so bad afterall.

Johnny holds his hands out to his sides in the universal sign of 'and?' and stares a second before elaborating, "What kind of meat? How you want it? Raw, cooked, burned, bloody, living, rotting?" Crossing his arms and tapping his foot in frustration he continues, "Look, I'm not gonna just waste my time getting just anything since you could always just go right inside the place you work at. If I'm gonna use any effort here, you better be a bit more descriptive." Annoyance filling him he slowly wonders why he decided to leave his perch on the cliff to begin with.

Vashtearnia stares at Johnny, what is wrong with humans around here? Can't they ever decide things for themselves? She ponders his words over for a few moments, looking about the area once again. All right, fine, "I'd like a seventeen year old virgin female, bound and gagged upon an altar then, if you please sir." She says, then gives a curtsey, though she says it in a serious tone, that must of been a joke, right? o O ( Otherwise, go, go, go -away-, I'm starving and you're body certainly doesn't have anything in it that I would want to eat! ) She runs her barefoot upon the ground, scraping up some dirt with her still elongated nails.

Johnny raises an eyebrow and hums to himself as he contimplates this. "Your one of those, huh?" One of what specificly, who knows. "I could do that, but it doesn't sound right... I mean, that's not quite fair to the girl is it? Of course, now if she deserved it..." Looking down at the ground he thinks on this some more. "...then again, I'm not sure if that would count. See I sorta promised I wouldn't hurt anyone but if -your- the one doing it... hmmm...." Yep, he's seriously contimplating it. Looking back at Vashtearnia he asks with all scencerity, "Does it -have- to be a human? I mean the alter, yeah sure. Easy. But a virgin female...."

Vashtearnia stares at Johnny for a good long while, she hasn't been around humans for too long, so at times it's hard for her to tell if they're being sarcastic or not, but she is rather intelligent, and after a few moments it becomes clear to her that the man before her is not joking at all, but is seriously going to bring her what she desires. Well, in that case...she shakes her head, "No, I'll take a Mystic, and it doesn't have to be a virgin, just a female." Male's taste a bit too salty for her, that's all. o O ( I like this human, I wonder what's wrong with him. Perhaps, that darkness around him must have an adverse affect to the normal human makeup. Then again, there are evil humans, maybe he was only pretending to be good to that Meln measuring girl. ) She contimplates this for a bit, while eyeing Johnny up and down.

Johnny hmmm's a bit... "Alright, well... would a Naga-ette do? I remember hearing about some that they where thinking of executing after they'd gone after some of the local kids. I doubt anyone would miss them." Placing his hands on the hilts of his daggers his form begins to blur as he prepares to retrieve the 'meal' should Vashtearnia be alright with the choice.

Vashtearnia gives a light inclination of her head towards Johnny. "Indeed, kind sir." She says, still finding this hard to believe, but well, she doesn't have a problem with it if this is all true. Then again, it could all be an amazingly elaborate plot to draw her out into the open. If it is, then she gives kudos to whoever is behind it all. She bends her hands backwards, stretching her wrists. As she does so, the long claw like nails recede back into their normal shape, along with her toenails. Though, her fangs remain quite pronounced inside of her mouth, and her pupils are still large and round. She's not easing completly off her guard, but she'd rather not risk some human coming by and noticing her serioues manicure problem. They might get ideas about her and all.

Johnny finaly snickers at the odd request. Suddenly the darkness of the night seems to shift around him, his form blurs out into the blackness and, with a slight flash, everything returns to normal, except the missing maniac. A minute or two later the darkness shifts again and out from it steps Johnny is his more common form holding a struggling Nagga-ette tightly in his arms. The ropes tied around her seem ready to break from the creature's strain on them, it's claws flailing about wildly where they can. "Stupid bitch is putting up one hell of a struggle! I wondered why they had her shackled up like that." Throwing her to the ground he lets out a sigh and stumbles backwards into the side of the Inn. "I'd have gone for the alter too but I couldn't get her and it at the same time..." Wriggling about on the ground the struggling mystic tries to curse and hiss beneath the ropes he'd tied around it's face.

Vashtearnia considers leaving as Johnny disappears, but the thought is only fleeting. As the Naga-ette is cast to the ground and struggles about, she takes in and out a breath, gathering in its scent. Oh, oh it smells so good, that blood coursing through the Mystics' veins. "Quite...all right...good One." She says, and then steps on over to her meal upon the ground. Another of her wide pupil lookarounds, to make sure there are no current witnesses, before she kneels down and grabs, tightly, the bound victim by the shoulders, lifting it up and then biting right down into the neck. Her eyes immediately closing up out of reflex, it's a bad habit of hers to close her eyes, since she can get caught unaware's while feeding, but she's too hungry to think about it now.

Johnny blinks as he watches from his sloutched position aganst the side of the building. Well, he finaly figures it out at least as the neck is punctured. With a slight cringe he mumbles, "...right out of one of those movies..." After a few seconds of listening to the slurping and slowly dying struggling he looks down the road, trying to take his mind off the noise. Failing miserably he pushes himself up and paces around trying to kill time...

Vashtearnia drinks away from the Naga-ette. Oh, yes, this is what she's wanted for along time now, this is what she's desired for weeks! Delicious, nummy, life giving blood, the Mystic doesn't struggle long within her grasp, deciding to let it at least feel pleasant as it fades from conciousness and into eternal darkness. She drinks deep, the blood running through her body, and she immediately feels far, far, better than before! Drink...drink. Finally, she finishes draining the Mystic dry, and she tosses the carcass to the side, floating up into the air, feet dangling to the ground. Her hand reaches up and she gently wipes her lips, then licks along her wrist, "Mmmmmm...thank you, thank you so, very, very much..."

Johnny turns and stares up at the floating girl. With a shrug he simply replies, "No biggie..." Glancing briefly at the rejected corpse he bites his bottom lip and takes a deep breath, "...so um, you need me to take care of that?" He really doesn't want to. Just the act of the blood sucking was enough to make his stomach churn. "I mean I guess I can and all, but uh..." Cringing slightly he looks back at the refreshed vampiric Mystic. "...I can think of a million other things I'd rather do."

Vashtearnia considers it a -biggie- despite what Johnny says, such things are very important to her, and she truly had no idea how to get a meal that wasn't, well, four legged and nasty tasting. "If you would." She says, looking down towards the body, then back towards Johnny, "And now that my pretenses are aside, mayhaps after we can speak to each other. I am curious about your little talent." She gestures at the general darkness in the area, referring to the one moving around inside of you.

Johnny nods slowly as he tries to decide what to do with the disgusting thing. Pulling out a pair of arm length black gloves from his pockets he strains to keep as far away from the body as he can and touches it's shadow. Without a noise the corpse seems to melt into it suddenly and it's shadow vanishes. Shivering he stands up and pulls the gloves back off, "...that'll do till later. I don't have the stomach for that right now..." With a grimmace he shakes his head to compose himself and turns his attention to Vash. "Sure, I guess... just promise me that whatever we say we keep between us." Normaly he doesn't talk about his past with newcomers, but this one sparred with him. That makes it an exception.

Vashtearnia watches the Mystic get melted into the shadow like that. She wants that power, how useful would it be to dispose of victims like that? She's heard of some Mystics having shadow powers, but humans? He must be a mage, and a powerful one at that. Odd, that he uses daggers in battle when such forces are under his control. "I'm a Mystic, as you know. And you've found out my secret, it's difficult to be among the humans, smelling them, desiring them." Her pupils finally shrink back down to normal. "But, I'm here, so I have to find a way to deal. Thanks again, for helping me." Johnny shrugs, "Well, again. Like I said. It's no big deal. It'd be diffrent if it wasn't someone already condemed." oO(..and if I hadn't already said I'd do it.) "But yeah... I know about dealing with stuff. I've had my fair share of nightmares to contend with." Glancing off to the side he replays things in his mind a moment and nearly blushes, "I don't remember if I introduced myself. I'm Johnny, NNY for short. What was your name again?"

Vashtearnia had a brief worry of Johnny asking her just why she would hang out in a human city where Mystics generally aren't around for everyday life, nor always accepted at that. Course, she just looks like a pale human, though she tends to teleport to often while waitressing to hide the fact of what she is, and there's the fangs. "Vashtearnia, but you can call me Vash, Tear, or Nia. I've come to understand that my name is a bit long for most humans to keep remembering. And when they do, it's often pronounced wrong." She gives a fanged smile, setting her barefeet back upon the ground. It felt good to be floating again, she misses it. But, it is a waste of energy, and she isn't sure how if things are going to get worse or better with her bloodlust, she's never tried starving herself before.

Johnny nods, "Well, Vash-tear-nia, it's nice to meet you." As she resumes obeying the laws of gravity again he smirks. "Yeah, I can see where that would get annoying..." With a shrug he asks, "Was there anything specific you wanted to know or where you just wanting someone to talk to?" Of course he refers to the comment about his 'talent'.

Vashtearnia truthfully didn't mind someone around here finally knowing about her. It's really a pain not to actually say all the thoughts that occur in her head when she's helping out the humans. However, that darkness..mm, that darkness. "Are you a mage? A sorcerer? I can't spot you as a Mystic, though I suppose you might be adept at hiding it. But, how do you control that little power of yours? Is it magic or natural ability?" She wonders, maybe he can teach her, oh, now, that would be just wonderful.

Johnny fights hard not to smile, but breaks down laughing anyways. "Wow.... where to start? Um, I'm actualy just an ordinary human... but not one from this world. I'm what the 'powers that be' tend to call a waste lock." Already knowing he'd have to explain it he does, "Basicly all living things shead off their negative emotions. It's like a sludge. A waste lock is a person or thing that absorbs it to keep it from choking us all to death." With a slight bow he looks up and grins, "I'm just a rather extreme example of one."

Vashtearnia listens closely to what Johnny says. Not from this world, well, that's an interesting story. She doesn't buy it of course, but whatever he wants to believe. She does accept this waste lock thing though, it sounds like he's a parasitic human like she's a parasitic Mystic. "And in return for taking all of this negativity, it grants you those abilities, how marvelous." She says, her tongue idly running over her left fang. Sounds like a good deal to her.

Johnny has to think this over a second and shakes his head, "No not really.... it's not supposed to work that way. I'm actualy supposed to absorb all that crap and once my waste lock is full it all becomes freed where it kills everything and the universe is plunged into oblivion to flush it all out into the void. Then the universe is 'reloaded', or some stupid crap, and life goes on. But the shit drove me nuts and some entity got inside my waste lock and then inside my head. Things got real bad for awhile. Plus I have to die to flush all that shit out, and so far I've been killed about 3 times. After the second time it started to glitch up, which is when some stupid demon figured me out and used me in some stupid game. In the end I wound up with these 'abilities' and these new daggers." Finishing his speach he pulls out one of his daggers and hands it over to Vashtearnia hilt first. The weapon is cold to the touch and when held in the direction of cast aside negativity an icy ripple flows from the hilt into the weilder's hand.

Vashtearnia listens closley to Johnny's stories, taking in the details. Yes, this is terribly interesting, and she believes him, mostly. She takes the dagger, shifting her grip this way and that upon it. o O ( How very clever. ) She idly thinks to herself, before flipping the dagger over and offering it hilt back towards Johnny, "The ressurrection must be rather fortunate for you. How nice not to worry about living or dieing, but simply existing for infinity." It's not like she's going to grow old and die or anything, but there is the chance of being killed that's always hovering about anyone's head.

Johnny shrugs as he takes the blade back. "...actually, it's not that nice." With a sigh he looks around as if expecting to see something. Seeing only the first few dim reminders of the approching sunrise he looks back at Vash and continues, "I've been 'existing' for over sixty seven million years." Although his body hardly shows it, his eyes seem to reflect the age he speaks. "I'm only alive because of that stupid pact with the demon. It's just... it's addicting. I can't just put the daggers down, but as long as I have them..." Glancing at the blades he takes a deep breath. "You see, they're like syphons. They make all that crap I absorb more intesnse. I-I can't just put them down....." Trailing off in a world of his own thoughts he continues to stare down at the weapon as if waiting for it to speak.

Vashtearnia looks over at the daggers, then over at the beginning of light for sunrise. Ow, ow, no. She steps into the nearby shadows, not wanting to burst into flame right now when the sun peaks over the horizon. It's just so painful. Her eyes trail back to the daggers. "You're simply addicted to them, as I'm addicted to blood. It's a part of you, simply embrace them and continue on." o O ( That old, hm? No wonder he has such powers. ) She glances off to the distance again, "It's getting early, I believe I will retire before the sun rises."

Johnny glances at the sun and smirks remembering all the old vampire stories he'd watched and read. oO(If only those trendy little goths where here now.) With a nod he grins, "Alright. Look, I live up on the cliff that overlooks the fairgrounds. If you ever want to continue our talk and I'm not around that's where to find me. It's kinda nice to have someone to talk to...."

Vashtearnia nods her head once at that, "It is...a bit freeing, and you're quite interesting. Thank you again, for the meal." She leans down to peck Johnny's cheek, before simply disappearing out of sight, wasting some energy. Hey, she's got a lot of it right now, and she really does enjoy teleporting around like that, it makes everyone so jumpy you know...sorry, short pose.

Johnny finds himself smiling as his new aquaintence vanishes with the rising sun. In his mind he can't help but think of the rather limited number of people he considered friends over the years, bringing his mind back to issues at hand. "Hmmm... guess it's about time I checked with Cale." First things first though, he has to return that body before the guards find it missing. Seemingly droping down into his own shadow he vanishes as well...

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