2005-01-25 (PreU) A ring to find her

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A Ring to Find Her

Summary: Johnny checks in with Cale again who has made an artifact to make tracking Samantha easier.

Who: Dragonmaster_Cale, Johnny_C
When: January 25th, 2005
Where: Metropolis?

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The Charis Home: Roof(#459R)

You walk upon the Charis' roof. It's soft and smooth making it comfortable to lay on and it is also angled enough so you don't have any fear of falling off. There is a great view from up here, stretching out across the massive sea. The city of Metropolis can also be made out in the distance, and it's a nice place to sit and just relax. A soft wind blows...

As Carla stares off towards the cityscape down below, the air suddenly becomes thick. The dark shadows covering the roof seem to shift and out of the center of them a form begins to rise up. Becoming a humanoid form the shadow stretches it's arms out and abruptly the darkness begins to burn away revealing a rather broken looking Johnny C. His shirt is torn and shreded in some places, and the inky black shell-like bandages seem to cover most of his visible body. Despite his mostly black attire some patches of dried blood appear on his clothing as if he'd recently been carrying raw meat somewhere. Rubbing his neck the maniac smiles at Carla and glances around in awe, "Wow... does standing here bring back some memorise." Reliving those memorise in his head he frowns, but looking back at Carla he forces himself to smile again. "How's it going?"

Dragoness Carla is indeed sitting upon the roof, as she usually is, staring out across the great expanse of the sea towards Metropolis, city of evil. Or well, in her opinion, but most of her friends are there, so there's not much she can do about it. She blinks around at the darkness, and her hand reflexively reaches back for Trinune, but it stops halfway and she gets to her feet instead. "Ano...ah, oh! Hey Johnny! Eh, same as always with this dimension." She gives a fanged grin, "How about you? I got that artifact finished!"

Johnny goes wide eyed and smiles manicly, "Ooooooh! I wanna see!" Stepping a bit closer he rubs his back with one hand, clearly wincing as he does. "Me? I'm doing alright... I think I might have found a new sparring partner though." Chuckling to himself he glances behind Carla to the view of the city and then back, anxiously, to see if she has said artifact on her or not.

Dragoness Carla tilts her head to the side, raising an eyebrow at that. "Oh yeah? Interesting..." She's never liked sparring, if you're going to fight, fight. Maybe it's because she's always practiced by herself, but the thought of unintentionally killing your friend in a sparring match has always sounded insane too her, oddly, tons of people seem to do it. She holds her hand out, a black mist flowing up around it and then fadeing away, leaving in its place a single blue ring, "Eh, here it is!" She holds it out towards you, "Now, what'll happen is, if you're in the same dimension, it'll glow really dull, and if you're on the same planet, it switches colors to green! If you're on the same half, it glows a bright green! If you're on the same continent, then it changes to yellow. Then the same general area it glows yellow, and if you get really close it changes to purple, and then keeps getting brighter and brighter purple till you find her! Cool huh?"

Johnny sweatdrops and takes the ring, raising an eyebrow. "So uh... dull bad, bright good?" Really he'd have to have that written down to remember so much, but he is indeed impressed. Inspecting it carefully he hums. "Very strange. Your sure this will work?"

Dragoness Carla sweatdrops then gives a nod of her head, "Right! You got it, he he he." She looks at the ring and then back to Johnny, giving a sage nod of her head, "Yeah, Trinune and I made one first myself, and then she jumped dimensions n all around the world n stuff, so it all works out." She gives a big fanged smile, "Want that one too? I don't really have any use for it, and maybe it'll help you if you get lost in the dimensional voids someday, ya know?"

Johnny stares in confusion, "Wait, one that tracks, um..." Straining he tries to remember the name. "Wait, your talking about your sword thingy right?" Remembering only hearing about it he tries to remember, but so much time alone does terrible things to one's long term memory.

Dragoness Carla nodnods her head, "Yeah! Though, she's not exactly mine as she is her own, though we still work together now, ehhh...it's a long story. Anyway, yeah!" She holds her hand palm out, a black mist flooding around it and revealing another ring, this one growing an almost painful to look at bright purple. She cups her hand over it, "He he he, see? Told ya it works!" She gives a big fanged grin, her tail twirling around behind her happily. Johnny winces at it and shrugs, pocketing it almost immediatly. "Yeah, sure does seem to..." Reaching a hand into his opposite sleave he feels around for something, his tounge sticking out comicly as he does so. With a satisfied grin he yanks his hand out of the sleave resulting in a strained snap as he yanks something out. Raising the object in his hand up to look at it, he pulls a bit of cord off of what appears to be a spool of some sort and then tosses the rest off to the side. "I knew I was keeping this around for something!" Quickly looping it through the duller of the rings he ties the cord around his neck and gives a nod at Carla, "Heh... I hope this will work. Now if I can just find her, we can finaly start sorting all this out." Smiling to himself he stares down at the ring again, this time holding it up to stare at it's blue orb.

Dragoness Carla nods her head once, "Yeah, me too. I dunno why you wouldn't be able to find her. But, if you can't, come back and me and Trinune will help look, if she's really lost in the dimensions, Trinune and I can find her, it'll just take awhile, that's all." Yeah, cause shifting through a few hundred dimensions a second might be quick, but when there's countless out there it can even take Trinune a long time. Maybe forever, actually. "Well, ya know, don't let me keep ya waiting n stuff, go find her!"

Johnny raises an eyebrow and stares, "Huh? Oh! Yeah..." Starting to turn he stops and shakes his head. "Wait..." Turning around to face Carla he shrugs, "Listen... um, I've been thinking about some things. How come you where always so... respectful.... towards me? I mean, I've wrecked your place, haunted you, tried to kill you... and very nearly tore your house down, and your helping me. Is it just because of Sammy? I mean, I'd understand and all..." Trailing off he stares off to the side of the roof as if not wanting to look her in the eye.

Dragoness Carla blinkblinks at what Johnny says, getting slightly caught off guard by the remarks. Her grin shifts over into a fanged smile, "He he he, mou, that's how I treat all my friends. I mean, I've had a lot n stuff over the years, and I know that some people can't help doing some stuff sometimes. Like, well, Datenshi...I know he really, really has a hard time not stealing people's souls..." She lets out a slow breath, remembering their last meeting, and then sending him off into another dimension and locking him out of this one. Gosh, she misses him... "...and w-well, ya know, it's like, you just give people a second chance, or ya know, more chances n junk. Besides, I think deep down you're a pretty nice guy n stuff! Ya know?"

Johnny nods slowly as he takes all this in. Slowly a rather unintentional goofy grin forces it's way to his face. With a nod he smirks, "Yeah, I guess so." Forcing himself not to blush he looks into Carla's eyes. "So, uh... you think of me as a friend? I mean, seriously?" The word friend has never been something he took very lightly. Too many years of not having any will do that to you, and that was before he ever came to Neo Tokyo.

Dragoness Carla blinks again, looking back towards Johnny, "A-anoo...w-well, yeah, of course I do. I don't really have as much as I use too, ya know.../\/ightshade, Wataru, the old Nuku Nuku..." She shrugs her shoulders, "...jumping dimensions n stuff like that tends to make you lose friends, that's why you have to be extra vigilant with the one's you have now." She gives a sage nod of her head, folding her arms across her chest tightly, "And you're definately one of my friends, no worries. Tell Samantha I miss her when you find her, okay?"

Johnny nods firmly, "I will." His eyes suddenly becoming distant he grimaces, despite the smile still on his face, "Aww man.... I wish I could show you..." Letting out a sigh he shakes his head. "It's a shame I can't talk you into coming with me, I'd love to show you what I've been working on over the years..."

Dragoness Carla lets out a slow breath, looking over to the side, "Y-yeah, well, ya know...I don't trust time travel at all, gomen nasai!" She gives a quick bow, then fixes her sweatshirt as it sags off of her shoulder, "Piece of junk..." She murmurs underneath her breath.

Johnny frowns and shrugs, "No biggie. But one day, one day you gotta let me show you. I found this cave that led miles underground.... well, I got inspired and I've been drawing and painting down there. It's become like my own personal studio. I tried to make statues of everyone down there... I got one of you down there too. If I had a way I'd bring it to you. I worked real hard on it." Shaking his head he grins, "...one day you'll have to come see it."

Dragoness Carla sweatdrops bigtime, "A-anoo...a statue of me? Eh heh heh...o-oh..w-well th-thanks. Y-yeah, maybe I will have to go check it out sometime. He he he, maybe when this dimension implodes, ne?" She gives a big fanged grin, but really doubts that will ever happen, this dimension is too stable, even if it is evil in her opinon.

Johnny snickers and nods, with a sly grin he adds, "Yeah... I can wait, it's not too much further down the road after all." His grin hides any evidence as to if he is serious or not. Regardless he waves and takes a step back. "See ya next time, Cale... and thanks." The shadows on the roof already vanishing as the sun's position quickly seems to rise in the sky, Johnny bows his head and abruptly the shadows stretch out once again seemingly engulfing him in the process. With a shift in the air, the shadows return to normal taking the maniac with them...

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