2005-01-29 (PreU) Discussing the Past

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Discussing the Past

Summary: After crossing paths again Johnny gives Meln an earful about his past.

Who: Johnny_C, Meln
When: January 29th, 2005
Where: Chronos

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North End of the Beach(#588R)

Standing upon the shores of Truce you can see the vast expanse of water stretching off into the horizon. Over head gulls call out as they fly around at random. Clearly this is a favorite spot of the local children as a small, crudely made shack has been built here surrounded by weather worn toys and painted in smiling stick figures...

As the sun slowly sets the sky and the sea begins to glow with a peaceful orange light. Running around frolicing in the fading sunlight, the local children of Truce laugh aloud as their games begin to come to an end and one by one they run off home for dinners and families. Much the same as any day at the waterfront. As the thin mist rises up from the waves as they crash into the shore the tips of the crests seem to sparkle as phosperice(sp?) begins to glow as the bacteria release the stored energies they'd collected over the day. Similarly the form of Johnny C suddenly fades into view as he sits on the edge of the cliff wall watching the children play with a smirk on his face, clearly amused.

A grey cloaked figure makes it's way down the beach, questioning little children on the way. "Interesting use of sand to make a castle there. Is this normal in your culture? Does it signify a prayer for a real castle? Or a giant castle made of sand?" Whatever the answer, she nods gravely and glances over to Johnny. She blinks, then walks towards him.

Johnny doesn't see the cloaked figure approching as he watches two of the children bickering over a dropped toy. When a third child arrives to settle the argument, NNY laughs to himself. Once the children begin walking away he absently flicks out one of his daggers and begins to twirl it in his hand much like a baton, an old habbit of his, but one he does unconciously these days.

Meln walks up behind Johnny and follows him patiently, not really attempting to hide her presence nor conceal it. She wipes a bit of sand from her cloak, and glances up at his dagger-twirling act.

Johnny's grin widens as he notices the shadow growing behind him as the sun sets to the west. Looking over his shoulder he laughs, "Trying to be sneaky, huh? Ain't gonna catch me off guard that easily!" Of course he doesn't believe Meln is being sneaky, he's just enjoying himself. Turning back towards the few kids left on the dimly lit beach he throws his dagger at the sand, and with a flick of the wrist the weapon is again in his hand. "Sorry about the other night..."

Meln blinks and stares at Johnny a long moment. "I merely thought you might be busy, so I was waiting until you weren't." She tilts her head to one side. "What is there to apologize to me for?"

Johnny shakes his head, throwing his dagger into the sand once again. "Just the whole dragging you into that thing. I didn't mean to make you mad or nothin'."

Meln smiles and shakes her head. "Oh, I'm not mad. I don't approve, but that doesn't mean I'm mad. It's interesting that you'd care more about my feelings than some people's lives, however."

Johnny blinks and turns about quickly, his dagger again somehow returning to his hand. "People's lives? Eh? How do you mean?"

Meln tilts her head a bit to the other side. "You seem eager enough to kill some people to save others, but you worry about people's opinions of you. Interesting mix." She looks to his dagger for a moment. "What've you been up to?"

Johnny nods understanding her confusion. Choosing not to explain himself any further he shrugs and watches the last of the children run off to where ever children went when they where done playing. "Just the usual. Sitting and watching. It's all really starting to get to me." Throwing his knife a bit more forcebly this time it is quickly burried in the sand, despite the fact that seconds later it's being twirled in his hand again.

Meln frowns and pulls on the quill behind her ear a little. "What's starting to get to you?" She looks from the sand and back to his hand, and furrows her eyebrows.

Johnny shrugs and takes the dagger in both hands, eyeing over the various small knicks and cracks along the weathered blade. "Just... the mundane. The unchangingness of it all... Trust me, you wanna talk about spending too much time alone? Humph.... I can top that without trying... I've watched so many lives come and go..." Throwing the blade again into the sand he sighs. "I'm starting to feel like I'm the one that got left behind..."

Meln reaches out a finger towards the dagger, and smiles. "Eh, there's always ways out of that. Trepanning, suicide..." She tilts her head to one side. "So what're you planning to do about it?"

Johnny clutches the once more reappering dagger in his hand tightly and laughs, however his voice is more mournful than amused. "Suicide? Never worked before... I don't see how it would work now. Besides, I made a promise... I have to keep it." With a sigh he drops his head patheticly. "I can't break my promises... it's all I have anymore..."

Meln reaches out a finger towards the dagger, and smiles. "Eh, there's always ways out of that. Trepanning, suicide..." She tilts her head to one side. "So what're you planning to do about it?"

Johnny clutches the once more reappering dagger in his hand tightly and laughs, however his voice is more mournful than amused. "Suicide? Never worked before... I don't see how it would work now. Besides, I made a promise... I have to keep it." With a sigh he drops his head patheticly. "I can't break my promises... it's all I have anymore..."

Meln frowns somewhat. "What promise is this?" She shifts the huge tome back off her back and onto the sand, leaning it against her feet.

Johnny glances at Meln a moment, almost as if in disbelief of her question. Thinking it over a moment he shrugs, "I had this old friend of mine, Terry. He changed my outlook on things. Kinda pointed me in the right direction. Showed me that there was more to life than just what had been presented to me. He has this daughter... and he lost her. Then got lost himself. I've sparred with her... I've fought with her... hell, we both ended up controlled by these things and nearly killed each other. But just before the last time I saw her I ran into him. I promised him I wouldn't let anything happen to her, that I'd watch her for him and make sure she'd be there if he ever managed to find his way back. But that bitch... one of the ones that controlled us, she made it so we'd end up here... and so far I'm the only one that showed up. I have to find her... for Terry..."

Meln nods, frowning. "But it doesn't make sense to live your life solely for that. What if you don't find her again?" She shrugs a little. "Find some purpose beyond what you feel compelled to do."

Johnny forces a smile and laughs nervously. "I did that already. That's why I sat up there for so many years watching things go by. That was something I always wanted to do... to watch something grow. But I've watched everything grow and die... and in all that time, she never showed. Hell, I got a whole studio I've built by hand filled with statues and paintings... just to kill time. But I haven't died, and she hasn't appeared. I was just starting to give up on it all when I got this." Holding up the small ring he's been wearing around his neck on a piece of thread he shrugs, "This says she's here. Somewhere. I just need to wait till we cross paths..."

"And in all these lifetimes, you believe she's still alive?" Meln smiles faintly. "Just like Zarek, really. Interesting. I wonder if this is a trend in this area. Of course, you aren't *from* this area, but culture does spread fairly easily, either way..."

Johnny raises an eyebrow at her words, oO(Lifetimes?) Turning to stare at her, trying to remember what he'd told her of his past he laughs, "Just one lifetime... mine, and yeah... I know she's alive because this says she is. It changes when she's near, and right now... she's somewhere on this hemisphere. Another friend of mine made it for me. It's some magic thing, not that I ever believed in that sort of thing till I got here..."

"Magic? What an enchanting belief!" Meln smiles happily, appearing positively thrilled at this new finding. "There seems to be a high correlation between losing someone important to you and delusions on a vast scale." She takes a notebook from her cloak, and the quill down from her ear.

Johnny blinks and stares, "What? I'm deluded somehow? Just what do you think of me, then? Huh? I'm just some parnoid hermit with too much time on my hands and a weapon fetish?" As he finishes he grins, genuinely curious what she thinks he is.

"You believe in magic... Weapon fetish, yes... Odd regenerating capacity, though." Meln frowns slightly. "Oh, and you don't have blood. That's pretty odd, even among mystics..." She shrugs. "I think even if there was magic, you'd be deluding yourself if you thought by staying in this one place quietly she'd find you. Travel the world, make a name for yourself."

Johnny grins and stands proudly before her. "Let me just fill you in about my 'delusions'." Pulling out both daggers and twirling them in his hands like a trained gunslinger he brings them up to his chest where he crosses his arms mummy-like, the blades pointed dowards. "My name is NNY, and once upon a time I was known by the name..." Clutching his daggers tightly the man's daggers suddenly restore themselves to their original gleaming appeance. His eyes flash and become white, glowing from some unseen energy. His flesh and clothing become dark and finaly become nightmarish shadows which burn from the edges of his body like steam rising up from boiling water. His mouth opens and from the darkness that now holds his form, two sets of gleaming sharp teeth twist into a smile. "...Johnny the Homacidal Maniac." Laughing he drops his arms as though ready to attack, however his daggers' blades are still held away. "I've killed hundreds of people over the years and I've nearly destroyed gods and goddesses. I've fought demons that forced themselves inside my thoughts and I've spent decades trying to atone for my mistakes. I've lived on this world for sixty-seven million years of your time watching and waiting for a time in which I will finaly be able to be laid to rest... and until that day I'll continue to sit by waiting for my friend to appear." Twirling his daggers dramaticly he resheathes them, his body quickly restoring itself to normal, only now his clothes are in slightly better repair. "...and you, my new aquaintence, know this because of your promise to keep silent about your princess... you two are the only one's I've told of this..." Not even waiting for a response he sits down again, a manic smile on his lips. "...but I'll know she'll come here. That was part of the arrangement. She has to..."

Meln blinks. "Er, Johnny? You call yourself 'Johnny the Homicidal Maniac' and you want people to think you're *sane*? Or even vaguely approaching sane?" She shakes her head a little. "You and Zarek should talk sometime."

Johnny laughs, looking over his dagger once again. "No....I -used- to be called that. That was a looooong time ago." Smiling at the thoughts from so long ago he shakes his head. "That was back before Terry. He made me stray from all that. That's why I don't kill anymore." Giggling to himself he watches the waves crash in the light of the rising moon.

Meln raises an eyebrow. "But apparently you can still help people kill other people, as long as you aren't doing it yourself." She pauses. "Waitaminute, you don't kill *anyone*? No matter what?"

Johnny gives a sly grin at Meln. "Well, you think there'd be so many people in the world if I could? I promised I would only kill if it was a just cause. Not that I wouldn't kill at all." Letting out a deep sigh he adds, "..of course I've killed quite a few because I thought it was just. Took a long time for me to come to grips with that."

Meln lowers the eyebrow and smiles. "Interesting." She pauses. "So, does the Princess look a little like that girl you've been waiting for...?"

Johnny blinks and shrugs, "Nah... not at all. Actualy, the way I remember her she was more cat-looking. Blonde-ish hair, super fast... always carried around a red kitana. Had this funky pendent around her neck. No one like that ever showed... but this ring." Holding it up for emphases, "...it says she's here now. I just can't find her... but she comes and goes apparently." Holding it out for Meln to inspect he elaborates, "See, it changes colors... when it turns purple, I've found her." Currently it seems a pale green but is deffinitly glowing from some strange power source...

Meln lowers her face next to next to the pendant and presses her finger against it, then straightens up. "If you're sixty-seven million years old, shouldn't you be unbeatable? Also, shouldn't the girl have died by now?"

Johnny shrugs, "Dunno.... never bothered to find out. Remember what I said about practicing? These daggers... I think they keep me alive.... I tried to get rid of them, but I keep picking them back up. They're like a drug.... but... I don't know what happened to her. She never showed up. But this ring says she's somehow here now... I dunno...."

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