2005-02-03 (PreU) Taking you up on your offer

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Taking You Up On Your Offer

Summary: Vashtearnia visits NNY for a late night chat.

Who: Vashtearnia, Johnny_C
When: February 3rd, 2005
Where: Chronos

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Watcher's Cliff(#447R)

High above the Guardia Fairgounds, this naturally made cliff overlooks not only the fairgrounds but most of the Kingdom as well. Local legends tell of a spirit or a pair of spirits that are rumored to have been seen standing up here silently watching over life in the area for as long as anyone can remember. Typically regarded as a local ghost story, the tale does have one thing right... the best view of the Kingdom is right here...

As the moon hangs high in the sky over the kingdom of Guardia, the air here grows thick abrubtly. The shadows bend and merge, and suddenly the tall figure of Johnny C appears sitting on the edge of the cliff looking out accross the landscape below. Normaly he doesn't like to show himself but his conciousness felt someone familar coming towards it and as such, decided not to hide in the event that it could be his lost friend. Not wanting to seem too eager he continues to watch the world below him, while trying to train his mind to focus on who it could possibly be...

He'd find something, but he wouldn't be able to get any reading off of it, the mind is shielded from such probing. Vashtearnia always keeps her mind walls up, it's much safer that way. Plus, then she can look out without the chance of getting anyone looking in. She comes up out of the forested mountains, heading for the cliff. She's just out and about tonight, having no real direction, but she thought she'd take a view of the land, just in case...well, just in case. She's not walking, nope, she's floating towards the cliff, toes dangling down towards the earth.

Johnny hmmm's to himself as he fails to find anything more than the feeling of something familar approching. Rubbing the sides of his head he sticks his tounge out in concentration and strains..... and.... nothing. Frustrated he hops to his feet and stomps of towards the approching figure, determined to discover who it could be. "Emi! If your playing tricks again I'm gonna....!"

Vashtearnia upon noticing Johnny up ahead a genuine smile spreads over her face. She disappears and reappears in front of him, floating there with her hands behind her back. Her fangs gleam briefly in the moonlight, "Hello Johnny, it's nice to see you again. Didn't think I'd find anyone out here this late at night." She comments, her eyes casting about the area, then back to the homicidal maniac.

Johnny stops so abruptly in mid stride he nearly falls flat on his face. Throwing his arms out comicly he wobbles a bit and then manages to right himself as his hands go to the hilts of his daggers habbitualy. "Oh!! Vashtearnia!! Hey, how's it going?" Wow.... didn't expect that! Taking a deep breath to calm himself he dusts off his shirt and shakes his head, "...yeah, I'm always around. I don't belive in sleeping..."

Vashtearnia's smile gets a bit bigger as Johnny gets caught off guard like that. She loves that, she loves when people are suprised n stuff. It just makes her...well, somewhat hungry, but... "If only we could all ignore such things as sleeping, I'd get a lot more done. Well, somewhat." She glances up at the moon, thinking of the sun and how it keeps her indoors when it's out.

Johnny laughs and nods, "Yeah... I know what you mean. Mine was more by choice though.... once you wake up you can never be sure what you experienced was real or a figment of your dreams. I like to be sure what I know... enough weirdness happens to me without me second guessing myself..." As he speaks he follows her glance and shrugs, "So you come for the view or just to say hello?"

Vashtearnia floats around him and towards the edge of the cliff, looking out at the view. "I didn't know you were up here, but now I can have both." She says, turning to look over her shoulder with an amused smile upon her face. She turns around, keeping her hands behind her back, "You're living forever, aren't you? Isn't it lovely to never age?" Seeking some common ground among them both.

Johnny lets out a deep sigh at that. "I don't know... I don't even know if I'm technicly living... I know I bleed, so therefore I still have life in me... but to be honest I don't know. I haven't really felt alive in centuries... at least by this world's time." True enough, he was never brought back from the dead this last time. It was all arranged by Cassandra. Following her over to the edge of the cliff he sits down as well about an arms length away. "So how old are you, anyways? Do you keep track of it all?"

Vashtearnia shakes her head back and forth, "There's no point, I decided. I do think birthdays are nice, however no one ever celebrated mine so there was no point to remember it." She grins, not seeming disturbed or upset but this news as she sits down next to you, gazing out over the cliff. Though she has flown and such many times through the air, there's something about the view over cliffface's that's different.

Johnny begins to rub the side of his face, "Birthdays..... hmmmm...." As he strains to remember if he had one or not he squints his eyes, "Nnnnnnope. Can't say I remember celebrating mine either." Then again, he's usualy lucky if he can remember anything before he began to use his extreme methods of teaching that originaly brought about the Doughboys. With a shrug he sighs, "Yeah... I guess they really aren't that important. I just keep track of things because I'm scared of losing more of my memory. I've had enough of my mind taken from me to willingly let something go now..."

Vashtearnia nods her head once at Johnny's words, drawing her knees up to her chest as she stares across the view, her toes wriggling in the grass at her feet. "I don't forget things very easily, I have to work at it. It's either a blessing a or a curse, I still haven't decided on which yet." She says, turning to look towards you with a sharp smile on her face, one of her fangs geaming in the lght again.

Johnny smirks at the smile, "Yeah... I hear ya, personaly I'd say that'd be a blessing. Although if I could pick and choose there are deffintly some things I'd rather forget about." Taking out his dagger and twirling it absently in his left hand he stares out over the view from the cliff. "So you been doing ok? Your not looking for a bite to drink, are you?" Although he grins at the old joke, he's quite serious. ...just dreading another trip to the prison. "I mean, that's not what inspired this little outing is it?"

Vashtearnia shakes her head back and forth, "No, the Inn was empty so I decided to go outside for awhile before the sun came up." She looks back to the view of the cliff face. "Truthfully though I've never been full before. I mean, I've gone into a blood frenzy before, but I've never actually filled myself up completly. I'm not sure if it's possible. Scary, don't you think?" She says, her smile slipping into a grin slowly.

Johnny raises an eyebrow and stares... "Nah, I wouldn't say scary. Look at me, I absorb the trash from the ether... I've fought demons and nightmares... wanna know what happens when I finaly get enough?" Opting for the dramatic pause he leans over to look Vash in the eyes, "I automaticly have to die a horrible painful death." Sitting back up and laughing he adds, "...of course I've managed to come back from that, but still.... one of these days I won't."

Vashtearnia raises an eyebrow, then shakes her head, reaching up to run a hand through her hair, "That is a sad fate to have. If such were my destiny, I'd seek to change it. Hm, perhaps you could rid the would of evil emotions and feelings, that'd stop all the ether difficulty." She says, giving a soft laugh afterwords. She finds it humurous at least, to think of some human out there, trying to rid the world of evil totally and completly. It's so impossible and such a strange concept.

Johnny shrugs, "I would if it where that simple... If I ditched my daggers I wouldn't be able to use any of that and it would continue to build again without release. They may speed it up, but at least I can use it." To emphasise this he throws the dagger in his hand away over the cliff and turns the empty hand towards Vash. Slowly closing his hand the dagger appears in a whisp of blackness and he clutches the hilt tightly. "...plus, it's addictive... I can't make myself ignore it..."

Vashtearnia tilts her head to the side, eyeing the dagger as it reappears in his hand. "Power is always addictive and desireable for most people." She's never been able to truly resist it's call. The though of sucking the blood out of Magus (If he were still alive) and getting just a taste of what he has inside of him makes her get goosebumps. "Maybe then, someday you'll be able to release it without getting yourself killed at the same time, Johnny."

Johnny shrugs, "Anything's possible... I think I had to learn that the hard way. But, I also learned everything happens for a reason. I just wish I knew why I'd been left here for so long..." Thinking over that he stares down at this dagger and resheaths it with a sigh. "Oh well... at least I don't sit around drawing stick figures and pouring blood on my wall anymore..."

Vashtearnia tilts her head to the side, "Pouring blood on the wall? Yours or other people?" She wonders if this is why Johnny was so willing to go get her victims from the prison for her to feed on. Or maybe he just likes her, that's a possibility as well. Then again, she knows there are some people that simply do things out there simply to do them, wether it be kind or mean. Who knows what drives everyone.

Johnny sits up and blinks at the question. With a nervous laugh he explains, "Well, not mine of course... self mutilation is counter productive. It really used to get under my skin the way people where so ignorant about the world around them. They where all so quick to judge and assume things about any passers by that happened upon them. I had decided it was my duty to teach them the error in their ways... but that usualy ment torturing people before they could accept how precious life really is... plus, well... it also usualy killed them. I got so caught up in my teachings that I never noticed that the voices in my head wheren't mine anymore. This thing had claimed me and was giving me equipment and immunity in exchange for a steady supply of blood that I had to feed it. You see, somehow my wall became a portal to where ever this thing was imprisoned..." Remembering the past his expression changes to a almost mournful, but distant stare. "The first time I was used as a flusher was to bring the beast out and wipe it into the void along with the rest of the world. That's how I learned what I was and how I died the first time..."

Vashtearnia's eyes widen softly at your words, turning to look up at the sky. "What a tragic tale, so someday you believe you'll end this world as well then? How sad." She says, though she actually doesn't feel too remorseful about it, this world hasn't been all that Heavenly for her, though since it would mean she'd be dead it's not the greatest news she's ever had...

Johnny laughs, "Everything has to end sometime... besides, life goes on. After my world was wiped into nothiness the powers that be reinstated it, only without the beast that had been flushed. I woke up like from a bad dream but with most of my hair missing. Took me years to come to terms with what happened to me. Spending a couple of weeks in an asylum helped though..."

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