2005-02-09 (PreU) Surprise Training

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Surprise Training!

Summary: Johnny surprises Meln and Vashteania with surprise combat training. Also, zombie Magus. Gotta love zombie Magus!

Who: Johnny_C, Meln, Vashtearnia
When: February 9th, 2005
Where: Chronos

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Central Truce Village(#1362R)

Here, amidst all the more elaborate homes rests Truce's oldest structure, the Truce Fountain. Originally used as way of getting fresh water back when the town was first founded, now it's simply a shining example of humanity's will to survive. The houses on the west side of the fountain are all large and elaborate, mostly antique shops and eccentric clothing shops. Only one or two homes rest on the eastern side of the fountain, and among those the former home of the current king...

A grey cloaked figure leans over the fountain, chuckling maniacally to itself as it swirls a finger in the water. "All of the fish in this fountain live only by my whim! If I wished, I could fry you all and eat you for breakfast!" A faint smile flits across the lower half of it's face, the only half visible, and then it sighs and slumps it's shoulders.

Vashtearnia comes floating through the central Truce, her eyes glancing this way and that. Yet again another slow night at the Inn, and her services aren't required. Besides, she doesn't feel like being yelled at today. o O ( For doing a better job than either of those humans ever could dream of... ) She floats to a stop near the fountain, looking at the hooded figure talking to herself. o O ( Oh, that's normal. ) She thinks, a light smile touching across her lips and revealing her fangs in the moonlight. She sets her feet down upon the ground, deciding not to disturb the disturbed one.

With a slight ripple the shadows behind Vashtearnia flicker as if, briefly, something where moving inside it. The wind picks this moment to suddenly stop blowing, forcing the flicker to seem more of the unordinary. Not that anyone is likely to be paying that much attention. Abruptly a dark blur leaps out of the shadow and up atop a nearby rooftop. Silhoeted against the night sky a figure emerges upon the roof and a pair of curious eyes open up to watch the fanged waitress... perhaps making sure this random encounter doesn't become more than just that...

The cloaked figure licks the water off it's finger, then glances around as if in hope of something. It seems almost dissapointed when she sees Vashtearnia, but then smiles and inclines it's head. "Princess. How are you tonight?"

Vashtearnia identifies the shrouded figure on the Princess comment, she doesn't notice the rippling shadows behind her, who would really, as she walks over to be more at a talkable distance with Meln. "Taking a break from my job." o O ( And praying that neither the boss or waitress notice I'm not cleaning right now, or doing dishes, or staring at the empty Inn. ) "What about you, ma'am?" She says politely, stepping over to look into the fountain and the fish swimming inside.

The figure on the rooftop shrugs it's shoulders and leaps onto the edge of the roof, kicking it's feet in the air along the side of the building. Gleefully it flicks out an object, presumably a weapon from the way it glints in the moonlight, and begins to twirl it as it watches... why anyone would be so facinated with watching seemingly random people is anyone's guess, but this is what it does for the time being...

Meln sighs and licks her finger one last time. "Not too good. I went begging for a bit, but then some other beggars wanted my money. And they were rather aggressive about it, really..." She shrugs. "I guess I'll have to find a more stable job."

Vashtearnia raises an eyebrow at the begging comment. o O ( Ha ha ha ha, as if it were a job, I like that. What do you do for a living? Oh, I'm a begger! Ah, I see, any good? Oh, I do all right. ) She glances Meln up and down, wondering how aggressive the beggers were, probably a not, humans that beg often have nothing to lose but their lives, and they don't normally hold those up in high regard. "Mayhaps one of the shops about town is hiring on help, that's how I got my job as a waitress."

The figure raises an eyebrow, seemingly eager for this new information. Tilting it's head towards the ground it ponders this, then resumes watching... some people are so strange...

Meln bites her fingernails contemplatively. "This is an excellent point, and I will take it under consideration. However, I wonder if I have the kind of skills to work in this enviroment, as I'm more of a scholar... And a hero." She frowns. "And a physician, sort of."

Vashtearnia nods her head at Meln's words. o O ( Three things at once are we? Mm. Choose one and be good at it. ) "Mayhaps you should take up being a town cryer, or make a name for yourself by fighting in the upcoming tournament, ma'am. I will be fighting there." She says, a smile coming onto her face as she leans over, looking in the water again, not having a reflection. She runs a hand through her hair, she's never actually seen her reflection before, though she does wonder what exactly she looks like in the face, since it's impossible for her to tell. Still, makes it easier to see down into the fountain.

The figure leaps off the edge of the roof abruptly and vanishes into the darkness cast down on the side of the building. Suddenly the shadows around the fountain seem to bend and move until, for a brief moment, the fountain becomes completly black. With a feeling of shifting, the light flashes... almost a strobe against the backdrop of stars. As quickly as it begins it's all over, only now Johnny C is perched upon the top of the old fountain, his daggers both drawn as he crouches like a gargoyle hungrily looking up Meln with a manic smile on his face. "So... hero! I demand the spillage of blood of the poor maiden fare before you... I shall take it by force if neccesary..." Cackling he gives a nod towards Vash and returns his gaze upon Meln. "Are you prepared to fight for the life of your princess, or shall I simply slaughter you both where you stand?"

Meln narrows her eyes and whirls around, swinging her sword off her back and into the pool of water, sending a spray of the liquid towards Johnny and the fountain in general. She lets the tip drift in the water. "Fight I will, although I see not why one would answer otherwise. However, if you wish for blood to spill, I would be happy to supply some of yours." She narrows her eyes further, looking up at Johnny. "...If you had some. Which you don't. Which kind of makes it a hollow threat. But I think you get the jist of the meaning here, right?"

Vashtearnia looks over at the dark fountain flooding itself and then up to Johnny as he appears, and his words. She raises an eyebrow, wondering if Johnny's putting on a show for Meln here, or if he's just decided to be crazy for the night. Given what she knows of him, either one of those is quite possible. o O ( What fun... ) She thinks to herself, then wonders idly if she should be doing something instead of just observing. Now, what would a human do, oh yes... "Oh my!" She cries, stepping back and raising a hand before herself as if to defend against an attack from Johnny. o O ( Ha ha ha ha! That was more fun than it should of been. This must be why humans go around putting on plays and the like. )

Johnny cackles and stands up straight, twirling his daggers and resheathing them as he does so. He doesn't seem to mind the wetness dripping off of him, he's stood out in the rain more than enough times. Keeping his hands on the hilts of his weapons he grins manicly down at the almost comical display below him. "Oh ho! The young adventurer calls upon the bluff of the villan! Now... does the madman leap down to the ground and strike, or shrug it off in hopes of it being taken as a joke?" Literaly hopping off the top of the fountain he manages to land on the lip of the edge of it. His eyes still locked onto the cloaked girl with her sword drawn. "Then again, that is the fault of the world these days... one can never tell when a friend is a foe or a threat is a valid declaration of war or a humorous quip." Dropping his voice to a whisper he ducks down to a crouch once more, "...for the record I bleed... I have plenty of blood in my vains... but Benedict's daggers don't seem ready yet for me to die..." Pushing himself away and to the ground, finaly, he draws his weapons again and cackles, "So shall this be the day that I die? Or mearly a brief prelude of things to come?! Protect her if you feel you must..."

Meln scratches her head at the first part of Johnny's speech, but at the last part, she smiles faintly, slowing turning to Johnny and pulling down on her hood with her free hand. "I suggest you step back. A soaked person doesn't stand a chance against my swordtazer." She flicks the switch on the bizarre swordattachment, and the sword Johnny gave her begins to sizzle with electric power.

Vashtearnia decides it's time for her to step back, and she does so, moving herself over to a nearby shop and leaning against it, both of her arms folding across her stomach as she watches the two. She'd rather not see any blood spilt, but only because she might get hungry. Well, she's always hungry, let's call it ravenous. o O ( Oh the games humans play... )

Johnny snickers, "A swordtazer... hmmm... I think I remember that." Pointing to his head with the tip of one of his blades he grins a bit wider, "You know, if you don't charge it all the way you can shoot yourself in the brain with one and you won't die! Trust me, I've tried this..." Wiping his forehead with his sleave before returning the weapon to it's guard before him he cackles and waves it towards Meln, "So? You feeling lucky or what? It's your call, you know... either attack me or put away your weapon. Reguardless I should warn you I'm quite bored, meaning this will be a bit more than an average fight... are you prepared for the consequinces of your actions?"

"The consequences of *my* actions? The actions of heros don't have consequences. You should've thought more carefully before threatening the Princess." Meln tilts her head to one side and snaps the switch back off. "Does this mean you've given up on your nefarious scheme?"

Vashtearnia glances between Johnny and Meln, then around the general area. Well, it's night time, at least it's not causing a scene. Plus, if people around here start actually believing her to be a princess, she's not really sure what woudl happen. Wouldn't that mean the royalty around her might get all uppity? Ha! Maybe she'd get a suite in the palace. o O ( Yeah right. And Magus is going to come back to life, give me a break. )

Johnny gasps! "WHA-? ME? Nefarious? Surly you jest! I am but a simple scholar out on a quest of adventure before your evil befell this brave land and endangered the life of the woman you call your Princess!" Smiling the whole time, his words have an air of humor to them he doesn't make the slightest attempt to hide. "So what if the person doing the endangerment happens to be myslef, it is but the viewpoint of the observer. Where you aware that people fight and kill horrible monsters who fought and died believing they where the heroes? Something to think about..." Suddenly a gloved hand rips out of the ground before him. Pulling itself up comes a horrific nightmare clad in a dark red tunic and wearing upon it's back a tattered flowing purple-red cape. Casting it's decayed eyesockets towards Meln it rears it's head back and screams, drawing a long two handed scythe at the same time. Although someone who could percieve illusions would know better, for now it seems Vashtearnia's wish has come true...

"However complex life may seem, there is only one truth." Meln eyes the illusionary Magus calmly, raising her sword back up and flipping the switch back on, waiting for him to make the first move.

Vashtearnia's eyes widen at the Magus clone rips up from the ground. Okay, somethings are funny, others are downright horrifying. How would you like it if Magus himself appeared from the ground and you're sitting around fraternizing with humans? Yeah, not good. She quickly disappears and reappears deeper into a nearby alley, resting herself against the wall. If that is Magus, these people are doomed, even if she has grown fond of them both, there's no way she'd do something against Magus, heck -no-. She knows her limitations way better than that. o O ( ... ) It'll click that it's an illusion after the initial shock wears off, probably...

The zombified Magus holds it weapon firmly in both hands before him and stomps slowly towards Meln, oblivious to the histerical cackling of the maniac behind him. Finaly about twice arms length from the hero, it twirls it's DarkScythe around once and then swings the blade violently fast down towards Meln using the length to it's advantage. As it does, the remains of it's lips pull back into a smile over the gnarled teeth still attached to it's jaw...

Meln calmly but quickly takes a large step past the path of the blade, and putting both hands on the sword, attempts to smash it again the scythe, in hopes of electrically jolting the zombified Magus. "Interesting. I didn't think you would've survived this long. Unless, maybe you're an impostor?"

Vashtearnia stays silent, completly silent, causing sound to stop around her, it's one of those things she does, it's really useful when you're dropping down on someone from behind to slash their neck, Johnny would know about that. Anyway, she remains in the shadows, silent, staring at the zombiefied Magus. Maybe it's just that, a simple zombie of him, or...an illusion, that might be it as well. Doesn't mean she's coming out though. Heck, no.

The Magus slides one hand further down the shaft of the weapon to halt it before it impacts the ground, then, pulling it closer, he goes to push it against Meln to tackle her further away... but then it comes into contact with her modified weapon. Sending an abrupt charge through the corpse's body, the distinct scent of burning flesh takes to the air as bit of it's skin begin to seemingly melt from it's bones and drip revoltingly to the gound. With a scream of rage it throws it's scythe upon it's back and tugs at the bottom of one of it's gloves. The creature's eyes seem to frown and with a hiss it begins to preform a complex series of guestures. As it does so the air seems to grow darker and darker until the light begins to fade away completly despite the fact that the group are still easily visible...

Meln blinks and stumbles backwards a bit from Magus' tackle attempt, then narrows her eyes. "An opening!" She charges forwards with a quick thrust of her swordtazer, in hopes of impaling the chanting Magus zombie.

Vashtearnia stays where she is, watching the battle take place. She's not planning on stepping in anytime soon, no. It's not that she's scared...okay, well, she's scared. Only insane people wouldn't be if they saw Magus rise up out of the ground and start attacking someone.

Johnny chooses to laugh even harder as his moribid creation of darkness is suddenly plunged through the heart by a girl in a cloak with a sword sparkling from a battery taped onto it. To see something so horrific scream in pain from something so rediculous can be really funny when you've spent your life mostly sleep deprived. The Magus notices nothing but the searing pain melting the flesh from it's bones... it doesn't even notice that the spell it was casting has gone out of control during the interuption, causing the heavens to seemingly scream as a triangular explosion of light forms overhead and begins to twirl violently around them. Throwing one hand towards Meln's throat it aims to share the voltage by strangling the life from the girl...

The crackling electricity arcs back into the Meln from Magus' hands as he chokes her, sending her into convulsions. She screams, hands tightening on her sword, then her eyes roll up into her head and she releases the sword, probably falling backwards unless the shadow has any tangible substance.

Johnny's laughter abruptly stops as the girl collapses at the hand of his zombie. Sheathing his daggers, the illusions vanish the moment he releases the hilts and just in time too as the triangular energies where about to engulf the two fighters. Rushing to Meln's side he tries hard not to panic. "SHIT! Are you ok? Your not hurt are you?" Not that his words might reach the mental state of the girl... but reguardless all evidence of the combat has vanished leaving only the memory within her mind...

Meln doesn't answer, and just lies there, still twitching slightly. Of course, a swordtazer pulsing electricity through the ground next to her probably isn't helping things...

Johnny reaches down to attempt to shake the girl when he notices the slight charge around her. Casting his gaze towards her weapon sending a charge into the damp earth beneath them he lunges for it succeding in shocking himself more than anything. Wincing he instincivly pulls his hand back and shakes it breifly before taking another attempt at it, hoping to flick the switch to deactivate the device without putting himself in a similar situation...

The device is easily switched off: it seems the switch is rubber coated for just this purpose. Meln stops twitching after a few seconds. Meln has dropped a connection.

Johnny taps the girl on the shoulder, trying hard not to physicly touch her. "Hey... hey... Hero? Come on... wake up! Look, you won, alright! Come on... open your eyes..." It's been so many years since he's done more than simply watch that he can't seem to think of what he should be doing. Growling at himself in frustration he bites his lip and shakes the girl with both hands. "Come on... Meln?!"

Meln shudders, then her eyes slowly blink open. As they focus, she looks up at Johnny's face and frowns slightly. "Is that... thing... gone?" She attempts to sit up and glance around the area.

Johnny sweatdrops... "Yeah, it's gone... you did good." Now just doesn't seem the best time to tell her that it was just a figment of their combined imaginations... with a relieved sigh he helps her sit up and shakes his head, "You really had me worried for a second there... I guess next time you need to make sure not to use an electrified blade on wet soil, huh?"

Meln nods and relaxes a little, frowning. "Maybe the rubber boots and gloves just aren't enough to protect me from my own electric power. It seems if I had a full body suit that would be rather uncomfortable..." She bites on her fingernails contemplatively, then suddenly jumps to her feet. "The Princess! Is she all right!?"

Johnny peers around in the earliy morning light and suddenly drops his head. "Oh yeah, right! ...got so caught up in the shadows that I didn't notice the sun coming up... she's fine. Probably ran home before it got too bright around here. People cursed with vampirisim tend to have an unfavorable reation to daylight..."

"Ah, that's true..." Meln smiles, and kneels down to pick up her sword, then resheathes it. "Well, I'm glad to see you reformed from your evil ways. I need to start my search, however, so I fear I must take my leave." She stands up.

Johnny blinkblinks as the girl rises to her feet, "Um... yeah, uh... search for what, if I might ask?"

"Truth, justice, and peace among mankind..." Meln stares off into the distance with a slight frown. "...Is what I would like to say. In truth I am broke at the moment."

Johnny grins wickedly, "Broke, huh? Just what do you need money for? There's food in the woods, caves in the mountains... with a little effort you could have whatever you wanted without spending a dime.. heck, about the only thing money seems to be good for is buying drinks at the Inn..."

Meln blinks and stares at Johnny. "I've travelled through several woods, but I have as yet to find any food in any of them. And caves aren't edible, at least for me. Farewell for now." She turns dramatically and walks off towards a shop.

Johnny sweatdrops and shakes his head. "Strange... too bad for her she didn't just ask..." With that his form fades and as the wind picks up he seems to drop into his own shadow disapearing from slight along with it...

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