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Excuse me princess

Summary: Johnny checks up on Vahstearnia at Meln's request. Meanwhile two newcomers roll into town.

Who: The_Waitress, Johnny_C, Vashtearnia, Spekkio, Asuyuka
When: February 16th, 2005
Where: Chronos

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Truce Inn(#505R)

A quaint inn and tavern. As you walk into the room the first thing you'll notice is the series of tables to your right for dinning and conversation. In the rear of the room is a short bar with several rows of old bottles and dishes on shelves set into the wall behind it. Beside the stairs to the right of the bar is a small piano usualy playing some catchy little tune, although the piano player will gladly change songs if you buy them a drink...

As whatever business goes on as usual, nothing out of the ordinary prepares anyone for the sudden rushed appearance of Johnny C. out of the shadows beneath one of the tables. Leaping up at an angle and landing on his feet he scans the room quickly, paying no attention to anyone in the room except for his target. Not seeing her he makes a dash for the bar, much to the dismay of the waitress watching him in disgust. "Where's Vashtearnia?? I need to talk to her!" Looking down her nose at him the waitress glares and announces, "...do I look like a bloody receptionist? You want to talk to her, your just going to have to wait." Annoyed, the manaic hops onto one of the barstools and sighs. After a moment he glances up at the staring eyes of the waitress. "What?!?" With a rude smirk she tells him, "...you need to order something." Banging his head on the counter quite loudly he grumbles for a cherry soda and winces as she simply repeats the order at the top of her lungs towards the kitchen...

Vashtearnia comes out a few moments later with a cherry soda in her hand. o O ( No, I'm not on break, feel free to interrupt me, I simply love it! ) She glances around and notices Johnny. A smile spreads over her face as she steps over barefoot to the table and sets the soda down, "Here you are, sir." She says, stepping back and glancing over towards the waitress. She pulls out her favorite rag and begins wiping down the nearby table. o O ( Yep, working, not conversing. )

Johnny breaths a sigh of relief at the sight of Vash stepping towards him. As she begins to 'work' his expression changes more to one of concern, "I'm so glad to see you, are you ok? Your not mad or anything... I mean the other night, that was just supposed to be like a joke. It never occured to me that my little zombie movie might offend or creep you out or nothin'."

Vashtearnia looks over towards Johnny, remembering well the sight she saw the other night. "I'm not angry and I'm fine, just seeing Him come up out of the ground shook me." She moves over to another nearby table, continuing to clean that one, "That's just one of my fears, probably an Mystics fears, Him coming back to life while you're living with the humans."

The waitress watches Johnny carefully from behind the bar. As Vash comes out to him, she tries to listen in, but hearing nothing she grumbles and marches into the kitchen mumbling, "...bloody wench can just take over for the night if her little friend is going to be here..." Of course, easy for her to say when she's been on break most of the night.

Johnny nodnods, "Yeah, Meln kinda pointed that out to me... look, reguardless I'm sorry about that... I'll plan that out a bit better if I do that again."

Vashtearnia has that nice and sharp hearing and glances over to the waitress as she leaves. o O ( Humans... ) She thinks to herself, but now that she's gone she can stop working as well, the tables are as clean as they're going to get until they're used, so she stands next to Johnny's table with the rag twirling upside down under her finger, defying gravity. "It's one of my only fears, I'd rather not turn against everyone here." She says, with a serious tone. She's not joking about that.

Johnny nods slowly as he watches the twirling rag and then frowns slighty, "Yeah... that's another reason I'm here." Lowering his voice to a near whisper he asks, "...you haven't come to me about needing anything. Are you doing ok? Your not... going after the locals are you?"

Vashtearnia shakes her head back and forth, "No." She says, her voice not coming from her mouth, but right next to your ear in a whisper, "I only need to feed a lot when I'm active. If I sit around and don't do anything I can last a few weeks. But, I wouldn't mind a snack in a day or so." She says, the thought of it making her hungry. Her thoughts turning towards blood, gore, and fear. Yum.

Johnny smirks and nods, oO(...a snack huh?) "Alright, just come let me know if you do need anything. Your 'hero' was worried about your health." Grinning he continues, "...I think she'd have to slay me if anything happened to her dear Princess." Snickering he reaches for his glass and takes a drink from it. "Just don't go starving yourself or scaring the natives if you don't have to, alright?"

Vashtearnia nods her head at Johnny, a smile coming to her lips at the thought of Meln, "It's nice being called that, it has a pleasant ring to it." She says, giving a soft laugh and then tossing the rag onto a nearby table, where it shifts its form around into that of a rose like shape. "I won't scare the humans if I can help it Johnny." She adds a moment later, glancing towards the entrance idly.

Johnny glances around at the seemingly empty room and laughs, "Why not? I used to do it all the time!" Cackling he shakes his head and makes himself stop. "...but you know, there are plenty of legends about the ghosts up on Watcher's Cliff..." His voice shifts to one of false honesty, "I just don't know -how- those coulda gotten started..." Smiling manicly he takes another drink from his soda.

Vashtearnia laughs at what Johnny says, "I'll have to take a few centuries and haunt a cliff or two sometime and find out if it's really so much fun." She gives a wink and moves over to retrieve her rag, deciding to continue cleaning the tables anyway, it's habit, and it takes her mind off of a lot of things she prefers not to think about.

Johnny snickers, "Yeah, it's fun, but it's not all it's cracked up to be. Gets a bit lonely sometimes..." oO(Yeah, too much time talking to yourself, huh?) Johnny blinks and shakes his head, his mood clearly shaken. "Um.... yeah?" Glancing around again at the empty room, he takes a sip of his soda and stares down at the floor. "...maybe I should get going."

Vashtearnia tilts her head to the side, then shrugs her shoulders softly, dancing over to another table as she continues to clean, "If you'd like, though I enjoy your company, even if there's nothing to say." She says, turning to give him a wink as she moves on to yet another table.

Johnny blinks at Vashtearnia's comment and sighs, "It's not that.. it's nothing... sorry..." oO(Yeah, tell her your talking to yourself again. Be honest!) Shaking his head he takes a drink of his soda and bites his lip. "I think I've been up there too long."

Vashtearnia eyes Johnny over for a few moments in silence, then continues about cleaning the restaurant with her wet rag, which really is doing most of the work itself as she's just moving her hand this way and that, the rag stretching itself out in awkward positions to clean the whole table. "You should come down more often, then." She suggests to Johnny as she moves on to another table.

Johnny leans back in his chair and puts his feet up on another. "Yeah, I probably should." Staring up at the celing thoughtfuly he sighs and takes another drink. "Ever talk to yourself?"

Vashtearnia snags her rag up and turns towards Johnny, "Most of the time, it keeps me from saying things out loud and getting in trouble with the humans." She explains, then goes on to yet another table, cleaning that one as well. Yes, they can't evern be too clean. That, and if she isn't doing something and the waitress looks in here she'll be yelled at, and she's had enough of that for today.

Spekkio walks into the Inn for a drink and sits at a table.

Asuyuka Walks up to the bar, takes a seat on a stool (and hopes that no one may sit in it), and orders a root beer

Johnny nods slowly and glances at the two new comers with a raised eyebrow. "...wow, there are people awake at this hour." Snickering to himself he sits up straight and glances at Vashtearnia, eager to see her opinion of the group.

Spekkio wanting to stay unnoticed, Spekkio chooses a table in a darkened corner. Even going incognito, as he was tonight, he still wanted some relative quiet.

Spekkio says, "Hmm.... I think I'll have an ale tonight. Maybe a few ales...."

Vashtearnia looks over towards Spekkio and Asuyuka as they enter the Inn. o O ( Oh, customers. Isn't that nice? What would you like? A severe brutal blood letting? Of course! ) "Welcome to Truce Inn, can I get anyone anything?" She says, her voice sounding at the same volume throughout the Inn. She nods at Spekkio's order of ale and barefoots her way over behind the bar since the Bartender is out for the night. Pour.

Spekkio thanks the serving girl for the ale and quietly ponders something. (I should have brought a book.)

Johnny sighs as Vash is again foced to take on the duties of the entire Inn. Eyeing Spekkio he hums... oO(...and I thought I'd seen everyone who lived here...) Reaching for his dagger he begins to twirl it absent mindedly while keeping an eye on the stranger, curious to know where they'd come from.

Vashtearnia smiles at Spekkio as he takes the ale and thanks her, then moves herself back over towards Johnny's table, cleaning random empty tables as she goes. o O ( I should of pretened to not hear the waitress. ) She thinks to herself.

Johnny snickers at Vash, with a good idea of what might be on her mind at the moment. "It'll be ok. Just another thing to make the job more fun, right?" Grining he leans back in his chair again and shakes his head at the room in general...

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