2005-03-05 (PreU) Interrogation part 2

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Interrogation part 2

Summary: Several hours later, the conversation resumes...

Who: Munin, Johnny_C
When: March 5th, 2005
Where: Chronos

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Hidden Cave(#1216R)

Hidden at the base of the cliff is a small narrow passage way leading deep into the mountain. The path is only wide enough for one person to squeeze their way down the corridor. After what seems like hours you find the path widening until you discover yourself standing in a large area. The walls are somehow polished as if contsructed from some strange equipment. The ground seems to change here too. What was rocky, soil over solid stone is suddenly something seemingly tiled. In fact, tiles have been carved and polished from the floor itself! Onminous shadows and varrying shapes seems to stand out in the darkness, even with a lantern the room remains completly black leaving only your imagination to decide the surroundings. Upon inspection, a small dim light can be seen against the rear wall. The light, not bright enough to serve any logical purpose, seems to do nothing but draw attention to the swtich mounted in the wall beside it.

Munin slowly returns to consciousness, blinking sleep from her eyes. She gives a disdainful grimace (Great... THAT time again.... ), but says nothing otherwise. She wearily pulls herself to her feet, glancing around the inside of the cavern

Johnny sits accross from her with his legs crossed, watching. Holding his head up with his hands he shrugs, "Feel better?"

Munin shakes her head "I've been better, but i've been worse, too...."

Johnny puts his hands on the floor behind him and leans back, "So what's up with that? You pass out like that often?"

Munin says, "No. Just when exhaustion finally catches up to me...."

Johnny says, "That can't possibly be good..." Sighs, "Well? Where where we?" Pushing himself up he rubs his neck and offers his hand if Munin needs help up.

Munin takes the offered hand "If i recall, you were going to tell me about where you come from. You also mentioned someone named 'Sammy', and some kinda fruit"

Johnny laughs, "Yeah... the fruit... Well, goes like this. I wasn't born on this world, obviously. I can't really give you the specifics, but I was an artist of sorts. I got teased alot. Not like your normal kids playing around... no... Didn't find out till later but I was charged with being a waste lock. It's basicly a storage for all the negative emotions people cast off. See, it floods the ether... we all drown in it otherwise. I was told that normaly it's anything from a zit to a wall... rarely do people get choosen. But, uh... I was... and it drove me insane. I could feel all that shit that I was absorbing slowly making me crazy. I thought it was just the world around me, but it wasn't. I became a bit of a monster. I went around torturing people trying to teach them the value of life... but of course it always killed them. Eventualy something got inside my head..." To emphise he guestures to the giant statues and vines on the wall behind Munin...

Munin listens, giving the statues and vines a quick glance, but otherwise silent

Johnny says, "They got in me and drove me nuts... I was controlled and I didn't know it. When I figured it out I ran... later I met a man who helped me out and taught me to realise I didn't have to kill everyone I came accross... that the world wasn't so bad. But the world we where on was destroyed... they opened gates to another world and we all crossed over. There I found a girl named Sammy. She was his daughter. She's the second person I ever considered my friend. We where used by these entities bent on fighting each other. They turned us against each other... by the time I figured it out it was too late and I was locked away. There I meet her father... I promised him I'd watch her for him if he left again and we broke free. When we defeated the thing that was controlling us something happened... she died... the thing that did it forced us to leave that world. Said I'd gotten too powerful after the demon had claimed me. That's basicly how I got to be here.... I lived here in this cave for sixty seven million years of your time watching the world go by..."

Johnny sighs... "That's about it... short version. I found a way to use the time gates around this world and managed to find my way back to the world I was banished from. I was given this..." Reaching under his shirt he pulls out a glowing ring tied around his neck by a thin cord and presents it to Munin. "It glows when Sammy's nearby. This means that she's somewhere on this world... I have to find her... I can't let anything happen to this world until I do..."

Munin examines the ring, hhmm'ing (Wonder what makes it work... ) "Interesting.... and here i thought I had it bad.... " She thinks for a moment "I assume this 'being' you were possessed by is the reason for your unusual lifespan, then?"

Johnny shrugs, "No... not quite..." Reaching to his sides he grabs the hilts of his daggers and instincivly twirls them bringing them to a halt to present them to Munin. "He gave me these to kill the goddess that had claimed Sammy... worked on him too. They're called the Dread Daggers." The twin black daggers seem to shine in the dim light of the cave. "They maginify what my waste lock takes in letting me use it like a battery..."

Munin aahh's "Fascinating..... you mentioned something about being able to manipulate the time gates?"

Johnny nods and puts away his daggers again, "Yeah... I found I can use the shadow jump I was taught when I got these to cheat and get past the gates... There's this big ugly vortex... if you can get in there you can go just about anywhere. Heh... That's the story of the fruit. I went back to the world I came from and took some, brought it here, and planted it. That's where cherries, strawberries, apples, and a few other things came from here. Got them from my friend Cale about a month ago."

Munin says, "i THOUGHT those seemed out of place... didn't remember them in the past era...."

Johnny grins happily. "Well, they where there now! I fixed it! The only ones that would notice would be anyone who'd come in from another era... I didn't think it would work, but it did!"

Munin nods "So.... what's the plan for the here and now?"

Johnny shrugs, "I dunno... I need to find out who cast that spell. If they kill her before I can find her..." Wincing at the thought he looks away and sighs, "No... I have to find whoever it is and see what they're up to. Someone can't be running around casting that on a whim..."

Munin's headache suddenly starts geting steadily worse "Appearently i... still have a minor concussion.... wait for me to recover, and i'll help you search. dare i... ask what was cast?"

Johnny raises an eyebrow, "Um... the one that was locked away in the Northern Palace?" oO(Short term memory, or what?)

Munin puts a hand to her forehead, and nods "Thats right.... sorry... i need... a bit more rest...". She slides to her knees, and falls unconscious, althgough less abruptly this time

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