2005-03-17 (PreU) The Spellcaster

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The Spellcaster

Summary: Johnny finally tracks down where all these powerful spells are coming from, only to find Cale and his wives...

Who: evil_cale, Johnny_C, Meln, Yoko
When: March 17th, 2005
Where: Cronos

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Evil Cale's Shack

The interior of the cabin is suprisngly deceptive from the outside. A single bed rests in the very center of the not so large wooden home. Light is provided by a bobbing orb of white light, hovering near the ceiling. Resting against one wall is a rundown looking bookshelf, with a number of books, but most of them are disheveled and in disrepair. A general air of magic continual flows throughout the one room home.

Yoko sits silently in a curled up position against a corner of the room. She's been there for several hours with her arms wrapped around her legs. She doesn't care anymore. None of this is worth it this much stress... she's begining to contimplate the advantages to not breathing. Trying for a second, she fails... with a deep sigh she pushes herself up and glances about the room from a crouch. Silent... but curious.

Covered in a spiked carapace of light, Meln crouches, muttering frenetically over some orbs of energy, dark circles under her eyes. A horde of butterflies surround her, making a constant vaguely annoying presense, the magical equivalent of leaving a TV on a staticy channel or something.

Cale isn't here, or rather, he is now, but he wasn't before. One moment he was sitting upon his bed, the next he was gone, now he sits upon his bed again, and stands up, dusting off his robes and glancing over towards Meln, then over towards Yoko, "Yes well, come to your senses yet my dear child?" He says, glancing about the room and then at the bookshelf, the new hole in the wall, then back to Yoko as his arms fold within the depths of his robe.

Yoko rolls her eyes and stares at Cale blankly. "You know. I've decided I just don't care anymore. Can't you just kill me and get it over with? At least that'd save me from staring at your ugly face anymore." No tone, not expresion in her voice. Just the calm tone of defeat.

Meln stands up shakily and frowns, letting the orbs of energy release from her hands and slowly swirl around her in a loose orbit. "That would seem rather pointless." She looks up at Cale. "Could you not release Yoko from her contract? It does not seem to be working too well for her."

Cale looks over towards Yoko as he speaks to her, his left ear twitches, "Hmm hmm hmm...no." He says, then looks over towards Meln, "Indeed not! If I were to give up, I would put her into the Hallway, yes? Failed wives don't get to be free or die, ever." He glances to the hole in the wall, then back to Meln, "I see your studies progress quickly, excellent." He then looks to Yoko, "Continue your sorrow and your woe and your self pity, yes? I shall immortalize you and leave you to hang chained to a wall with your priors."

Yoko stares blankly at Cale, unconcerned with his threats. None of it matters anymore... she's given up any hopes of going free. All that's left to do is rot, and she feels this is already what she's doing...

Meln rubs her eyes and yawns, then frowns. "I am sorry. I do not think I can allow that." The orbs come to settle on her hands, and she stares up at Cale. "May I ask you if you think yourself proficient in combat?"

Cale stares at Yoko for a few more silent moments, deciding that she is useless at this point and toying with her isn't as fun as it was with other wives. He looks over towards Meln and glances at the two orbs resting on her hands, "More or less, hmm hmm hmm..." He says, a smirk flowing itself over his features, "...you believe yourself ready to graduate from my abode, dear wife?"

Yoko watches for lack of anything better to do... "This is a bad idea Meln..."

"I could probably learn more magic. But I believe I know enough to defeat you. I believe I have found your weakness." Meln blinks a couple of times, staring vacantly, then looks up at Cale determinedly. "Will you release Yoko from her obligations if I defeat you?"

Cale taps his foot upon the flooarboards, looking towards Meln in a long silence, his blue eyes staring towards her and the magic in her palms, though he doesn't try to see what magic she's using, that just wouldn't be fair, of course his definitions are a bit askew. He then looks over to Yoko, "Hmph, only if I will gain something if I win, yes?" He says, looking back to Meln, "And we must go outside, I am far to powerful in here."

Yoko shakes her head at Meln, "It's not worth it. I don't care. I already know I'm not going home. You can't beat him. Why bother? No one is coming..." Meln stares at Yoko for a moment. "That is not a very nice thing to say when I am rescuing you and all. I knew how to defeat precious Cale on day one. I just needed to learn enough magic to allow me to. And get him to make that deal." She frowns thoughtfully, and looks back to Cale. "I could make you some food or do some surgery of some kind. Or teach you either of those skills. Would that be acceptable?"

Cale's right ear twitches and he shakes his head, "Indeed not, it is not nearly an even trade or wager for what you are getting in return, yes?" He taps his foot, thinking of all the things he can already have or take, and all the things he already has taken. "Mmm...very well, if I lose you shall execute Yoko, I will fight for that." He says, a smirk spreading across his face.

Yoko laughs, "Most likely one yet. Go for it Meln!" Despite her laughter, her eyes still appear empty... that spark gone awhile ago...

Meln looks puzzled, then shrugs. "Very well. If you lose I kill Yoko, if I lose you let her go and release her of all obligations." She places her dagger on the ground in front of her, and attempts to remove her robe.

Cale nods his head towards Meln, "It is agreed." His voice actually echoes throughout the room, going a few octaves deeper than normal, a general note of command hidden within its depths. He then watches Meln place her dagger down and remove her robe, and he gestures towards the door, which opens up to poor in natural light, "Yes well, we had best step outside and begin."

Yoko peers her eyes at the open doorway as if seeing the outside for the first time. Unable to help herself she pushes herself up and stares at it almost dumbfounded. Looking at Cale almost pleadingly she asks, "Do I get to watch or do I have to stay here?"

Meln steps outside the door, squinting in the sunlight, and raises both orbs in her hands. She motions to the carapace, which slowly seperates into several pieces and hovers in the air, then slides off about ten feet away. She then looks over to Cale.

Cale looks over towards Yoko, "From the doorway, if you leave it the deal is cancelled, yes?" He says, walking outside into the light and gesturing outwards with his hand, tilting his head towards the sky, "Hmm hmm hmm...ah, Althena, how I used to greet the day, yes?" He muses to himself, then moves over to stand twenty feet across from Meln. He glances to her magic once again, over to Yoko, then back to Meln, folding his arms within the depths of his robe again, "Begin." He says, both of his ears folding back.

Yoko immediatly runs to the doorway once everyone steps outside. Her eyes glued not on the competing duo, but the landscape behind them. Unable to recoginse the expanse of trees, and uncarrying, she simply stares on... measmerised...

Meln waves her hands, and the orbs form around a group of butterflies, then slowly release a bunch of sheets of crisp white paper. The fly towards Cale at a fair pace. They are sharp, and could easily give someone papercuts if they were hit or tried to handle them.

Cale watches the paper come fliying towards him, and since it's not very fast he brings a hand out from his robe and holds it towards the oncoming paper sheets, "Hmm hmm hmm...I hope there is some trick to this, yes?" He says, as a red glow ripples itself around his outstretched hand and then a massive fireball explodes outwards from it, moving to incinerate the paper as it comes towards him, the heat causing the grass beneath it to burn and wither away as it passes.

Yoko's grow wide at the powerful colors exploding before her. Glancing at the cinged plantlife in it's wake, she finds herself cringing. Strange... such a thing never bothered her before but now it's like watching a painting being ripped apart by the people drawn atop it.

Meln frowns at the oncoming fireball curiously. "...Slightly more powerful than I had anticipated." She screams as she's knocked back by the blast, and falls to the ground.

Cale folds his hand back within the depths of his robe, watching Meln fall to the ground. He doesn't approach her however, nor does he say anything, instead, he just stares towards her with his eyes, gazing upon her fallen form and waiting for her to get back up and try again, he's rather sure she'll fight for all she's worth since Yoko's life is on the line, which is really what he wants her to do. People fight so much harder when they're friends lives are at stake.

Yoko stares in horror. "No.... get up Meln! MELN!" Overreacting? Yeah, a tad... but I'm tired.

Meln feebly wipes the tears from her eyes and attempts to sit up, then falls back to the ground. She closes her eyes and slowly manages to get out, "I concede. I have lost." She pauses. "Now fufill our deal. Release Yoko from all her obligations."

Cale narrows his eyes slowly, then closes them, his mind pulling back, he then looks over to his left, eyes snapping open as a contract pops into existence next to him, "Yes well, you will suffer for this. One does not play games on the black dragon and enjoy the rest of their existence. Hmmm hmm hmm...well versed, well tricked, well played, yes?" He says, and he pokes his finger into the middle of the contract, causing it to shatter, "She is free, you however, will return to the house. I believe I will end your life this night, though I respect your guile and cunning, I find myself beyond irritated at this moment." He then looks to Yoko, a smirk flowing over his face as a black orb ripples into existence over his right shoulder.

Yoko gasps as her mind slowly puts together the situation. She doesn't even get a moment to think about the prospect of being freee before her eyes lock onto that black orb and panic washes over her. Seeing the outside world, even for the briefest of moments is enough to bring that faint spark of life into her. ...and now she's about to die. Or, that's how she preceives it. Staggering back into the house she watches the smirk on Cale's face in horror, unsure of what to do...

Meln nods to Cale apologetically. "I did warn you." She slowly climbs to her feet, and begins to walk towards the house, then smiles weakly at Yoko. "See? A true hero can do anything."

Cale walks his way over to stand about twenty feet from the entrance, the black orb seperating itself out into four more pieces, leaving five fist sized orbs now floating there. He folds his arms within the depths of his sleeves, ears folded back, silent for the moment.

As Yoko stares in continued horror at the display before her, an angered voice calls out from the woods. "HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!" Stepping out between the shadows of the trees, Johnny appears. His twin black bladed daggers clutched tightly in both hands. "I don't know what the fuck is going on but this shit stops right now." Pointing towards Cale's turned back with one of the daggers, he asks, "Your the one who showed up at the fairgrounds, and the bridge, aren't you? Who are you?!"

Meln walks until she's barely inside the door, then turns around and smiles. "Mister Johnny! This is my husband, Cale." She looks over to Cale. "Cale, this is Johnny, he taught me how to use a sword. Kind of."

Cale's ear cocks towards the sound of Johnny. He was rather sure -someone- would be coming to rescue one of these girls, he's rather suprised it took so long for someone to show up. This helps to drain the irritation he's feeling towards Meln however, and a smirk plays over his face as he turns around, looking towards Johnny, "Yes well, greetings." He says in a melancholy tone as the five black orbs go sailing over his shoulder, headed towards Yoko in an attempt to imprison her if one of them can make contact. "I am the one that was left out. I am the one that must be included, hmm hmm hmm..." He waves his hand idly in an strange gesture, "...I am the one sought by the High Council, I am the servant and the master. These things mean nothing to yo, yes? However, that is who I am, there is more, but I do not believe you can fathom that either."

Yoko screams as the black orbs come after her. Scrambling over one of the beds she attempts to roll beneath it to avoid them for a few more seconds... not that it's likely she'd succeed.

Johnny stares at Meln a second, trying to come to grips with her words. "Husband?" As Cale begins to speak he dips his head a little and he stares at the man in question. Something about him... Reguardless he presses on, unknowning what goes on inside Cale's home. "Your right. I don't care in the least bit about any of that. I asked for your name, not your backstory. But, I can't let you do that shit you did at the bridge. They don't practice magic here. That shit you pulled coulda wiped the whole world out. ...and as long as I haven't found Sammy, I can't let you do that."

Meln looks over to Johnny and frowns. "Stay out of this. I did not interfere with the Princess, yes?" She then turns her frown to the orbs, and sends a couple of her butterflies towards each of them, attempting to destroy the energy they possess. "Cale? This magic is kind of looking like it is going towards Yoko. Did you not say you would set her free?"

Three of the five orbs wrap around the butterlfies, the others continue sailing at Yoko, attempting to imprison her in the same way. "Indeed, she is free, now however, I have decided to take her again, yes?" He keeps his eyes upon Johnny however, and his smirk does not fade, amusement filling his eyes and his left ear twitching now, "I care not if this world is wiped out or not, yes? And I shall never stop my use of magic, that is idiotic. It as if I told the air to stop allowing people to breath, it can be done but it is very foolish and completly unneccesary."

Yoko franticly crawls beneath the bed and towards the door again as several of the orbs are taken down by Meln's magic. Unnoticing she tries to run out of the house and away from this nightmare when she notices the strange man joining the group outside and hesitates... just long enough for one of the orbs to catch her from behind. As the darkness wrtaps around her again she screams histericly, tears flowing freely from her face.

Johnny listens in confusion at Meln and shakes his head, "The Princess? I'm not here for you. I'm here for him." As Cale begins to speak he turns his attention towards him and glares. "Fuck off. Either you do something about it or get the fuck off this world. No one-?" Whatever he was about to say is cut off as Yoko runs out of the house and is captured. Watching her histerics he looks at Cale angrily, "What the hell is that all about?"

Meln narrows her eyes, ignoring Johnny for the momet. "Then I have decided to thwart you." She raises one hand, and releases the magical equivalent of a blinding light or a loud screech. The better one's magic sense, the more effective this should be. With the other, she spins all her butterflies into one orb, and sends them towards Yoko, trying to blast away the magic with sheer magical force.

Cale's eyes shut as the light flashes and he brings a hand up onto his eyes, a deep resounding gutteral growl which is physical unable to come from the depths of an elf throat rumbles forth and both of his ears fold back. "Yes well, I suppose I shall have to just kill everyone here then as I have grown weary of you all." He growls, beginning to grow more angry. The butterflies smack into the black orb, but don't seem to do much damage except cause the sphere to rebound from the force and go bouncing about the walls wildly. "Now..." And Cale's voice literally rumbles across the entire area, causing the trees to visible shake from the general volume, "...if any desire to still live, this is what next will take place. This Johnny shall leave my presence, Meln shall go and sit in the house and shut up, and Yoiko will stop her frantic screaming." He booms.

Johnny flinches slightly at Meln's light show and casts his eyes towards the ground. As Cale speaks however, his own anger begins to boil. His tightly clinched daggers feeding off of Cale's annoyance and Yoko's continued histerics, adding to what was already inside him. Lifting his head up, his eyes are revealed to be two orbs of white light. His body then shifts, his skin becoming black as night.. even his clothes begin to loose deffinition. The darkness burns from the edges of his form, pouring off of him as a black mist. Full of rage he yells back at Cale. "How about I cut your head off and cram it up your ass?"

Yoko finaly stops yelling at the raised voices around her. Tears still streaming down her face, she pushes herself against the back of the orb as if trying to will herself away from whatever might be about to happen before her...

Meln goes into the house and sits down next to Yoko calmly, then begins to sketch some various magical signs in the floor, attempting to figure out the nature of Yoko's confinement.

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