2005-03-22 (PreU) The Spellcaster part 2

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The Spellcaster part 2

Summary: Continuing from part 1, Johnny goes up against Evil Cale

Who: evil_cale, meln, yoko, Johnny_C
When: March 22nd, 2005
Where: Chronos

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Evil Cale's Shack

The interior of the cabin is suprisngly deceptive from the outside. A single bed rests in the very center of the not so large wooden home. Light is provided by a bobbing orb of white light, hovering near the ceiling. Resting against one wall is a rundown looking bookshelf, with a number of books, but most of them are disheveled and in disrepair. A general air of magic continual flows throughout the one room home.

Cale's eyes shut as the light flashes and he brings a hand up onto his eyes, a deep resounding gutteral growl which is physical unable to come from the depths of an elf throat rumbles forth and both of his ears fold back. "Yes well, I suppose I shall have to just kill everyone here then as I have grown weary of you all." He growls, beginning to grow more angry. The butterflies smack into the black orb, but don't seem to do much damage except cause the sphere to rebound from the force and go bouncing about the walls wildly. "Now..." And Cale's voice literally rumbles across the entire area, causing the trees to visible shake from the general volume, "...if any desire to still live, this is what next will take place. This Johnny shall leave my presence, Meln shall go and sit in the house and shut up, and Yoiko will stop her frantic screaming." He booms.

Johnny flinches slightly at Meln's light show and casts his eyes towards the ground. As Cale speaks however, his own anger begins to boil. His tightly clinched daggers feeding off of Cale's annoyance and Yoko's continued histerics, adding to what was already inside him. Lifting his head up, his eyes are revealed to be two orbs of white light. His body then shifts, his skin becoming black as night.. even his clothes begin to loose deffinition. The darkness burns from the edges of his form, pouring off of him as a black mist. Full of rage he yells back at Cale. "How about I cut your head off and cram it up your ass?"

Yoko finaly stops yelling at the raised voices around her. Tears still streaming down her face, she pushes herself against the back of the orb as if trying to will herself away from whatever might be about to happen before her...

Meln goes into the house and sits down next to Yoko calmly, then begins to sketch some various magical signs in the floor, attempting to figure out the nature of Yoko's confinement.

Depending on how fast Meln can decipher such magical things, Yoko's black sphere is generated to prevent any physical impacts from inside and out, working as a perfect physical cell, but a magical spell directed from inside of the sphere would cancel it out, or if the user stopped maintaing it, of course. Meanwhile, Cale slits his eyes open, ignoring his magical senses for the moment, which he hasn't done in a long time, "Yes well, I suppose I shall just have to end your stay here." His voice rumbles once again, a deep roaring underneath its depths as a black mist begins to bubble up around his feet, "Come then, yes? Strike me and we shall duel as those of the past have dueled and those of the future! Hmm hmm hmm...!"

Johnny's eye twitches as the breeze blows through the tendrils of darkness boiling off of him. Screaming in rage he bolts forwards, his legs not even touching the ground as he tears accross the clearing towards his target. Thrusting one hand fowards he throws a dagger towards Cale's chest, and abruptly halts his progress just beyond arms reach of the man, curious to see what he can do. Meanwhile, should the dagger miss, he flicks his arm to the side as it returns again to his hand...

Meln stares at the orb, then back to Yoko, using one orb to inject some painkillers into her system while the other scans Cale's black sphere. She frowns. "It seems that the only obvious way to get out of that bubble is to cast a magic spell from the inside. Either that, or... Relax for a moment, all right?" She reaches out with the combined magical force of both orbs, trying to control Yoko's innate magic into directing a simple lance of magical energy through the shell.

Yoko glances at Meln in confusion and nods... not that she could really relax, but she'll try to keep herself together...

Cale is an elf, at least, at the moment he is, and so his reflexies are a bit high. His hand snaps out as the dagger comes hurtling towards him, and he catches it, though not before it's gone somewhat into the folds of his cloak, still, at least there was no contact with his skin, as the dagger disappears he stretches out his hand towards Johnny, eyes still down in slits, though a smirk has grown upon his face now and his voice has shifted into the normal audible level, "Yes well, try harder." He says as his hand flashes red and a fireball erupts from before him, the black mist around his feet has begun to spread out now, beginning to blanket the ground about him.

Johnny smiles as the counter attack comes at him. This is what he'd missed... the possiblity of death. Taking a step back he suddenly leaps forwards -into- the advancing blast, trying to use his own speed to avoid damage. Not that this seems to do much good as the charred maniac is torn apart by the attack and lands in a smoking, and dissolving heap upon the ground. To anyone watching carefully enough his shadow continues to move forwards until joining Cale's... After a second or two a pair of gloved hands reach out of the shadow trying to pull Cale down inside it.

Meln smiles as the shadowy sphere breaks into bits, then slowly fades away. "There you go. Now, run away from here as fast as you can. I will cover you." She frowns, glancing outside. "Judging from the position of the sun and the land, if you run in a southeasterly direction for long enough you can get to civilization." She floats up a little, still in a sitting position, and floats her way to the door, beginning to giggle a little.

Yoko gasps as she come crashing down to the floor. Looking up at Meln in confusion she doesn't grasp what she means for a moment until she watches her begin to giggle. Figuring it out, and becoming a little afraid of her friend she nods and steps fowards towards the door. Glancing back she quietly asks, "Are you sure you'll be ok?"

Cale's ears unfold as his opponent is turned into a dissolved heap...is everyone here so completly weak? That Lynx character gave him a bit of a run at least, but then, he seemed to be some sort of dimensional guardian. Cale of course, doesn't see the shadow since all of the ground is covered with that continually expanding mist, which now begins to rise up, getting to about two feet high as Cale begins to float off the ground, intent on getting an arial view and to be sure his opponent was just reduced to ashes. And after getting all worked up. It's then that the hands grab at him. Now, Cale has a lot of robe wrapped around his body, and so the hands mostly grab material and definately not enough flesh and bone to hold onto. Cale snaps his head over his shoulder, "Shadowplay!" He says as his eyes light up and he snaps his hand back, another fireball exploding down towards the hand, though it's more to make his shadow shimmer and twist around. Meanwhile, up above, dark clouds have begun to roll in from the distance, though it's obviously not a natural breeze bringing in the darkness, rather, the clouds are coming in a swirling pattern, as if the beginning of a hurricane were about to brew.

Johnny screams as the sudden fireball comes crashing overhead. However, as the shadow begins to twist he manages to pull himself a bit more together taking advantage of the motion and pulling the shadow upwards as if it where made of some thick substance. Stepping out of it he strains his eyes upwards, dusting himself off as he begins to chuckle. "Oh yeah... this is going to be fun." Although already covered by the cloak of darkness around him, his arms are cinged and his clothing eminates the smell of burning cloth. His daggers at his sides, he rubs his neck looking for his prey. As a few drops of water fall from the heavens he leaps into the air himself, drawing from his form a long double ended scythe. "You remind me of the demon that tried to control me. I hope you don't mind if I take this a bit personaly..."

Meln's giggle slowly rises into maniacal laughter. After a few moments, she regains control of herself, and nods calmly to Yoko, smiling, albeit with a wild look in her eyes. "I will be fine. A hero always wins." She gestures with her orbs, using them to pick up spare energy sitting in the air and spin it into a third, larger, orb.

Yoko nevously nods and makes a break for it. She really doesn't know which way southeast is, but she follows the trail leading down the mountain and tries hard to keep her eyes away from the events going on around her... Stumbling a big she trips over the edge of the robe she's been forced to wear and curses. Scraping her arm against a tree she pushes herself up and continues to run....

Cale floats away, though he's not going at any great speed or anything. He seems rather calm, except for that smirk upon his face. "Indeed! Please, project upon me all your hate, hmm hmm hmm! I love such things!" His eyes, his left eye growing slightly wider than his left. The mist on the ground begins to spout up into massive pillars, smacking into the black cloud cover in the sky as more rain begins to fall. The pillars of mist pass through the insubstantial clouds, leaving long black misty pillars throughout the battlefield. He runs over his magical spells idly and then snaps his hand out towards Johnny, a light blue glow flickering over his hand. The next moment, a large number of the raindrops above Johnny have melded together to form multiple sharp elongated ice spikes, nice and pointy so as to slice through and into one's body.

Johnny conitinues to grin michiviously as he lunges fowards, bringing his scythe down at a diagnal angle accross Cale's chest... or, such is his intention as one of the ice spikes falls through his shadow-scythe, dispursing it and sending up a spray of blood from his hand. Pulling away he clutches his hand tightly as the shadows consisting of his body begin to protect the damage done. Looking up his eyes go wide with fear at the falling attack, to which he plunges dowards hoping to make it into his own shadow before the implments of distruction impale him upon the ground below..

Meln watches the battle calmly, and merely continues to gather energy, using the additional pull of the large orb to accelerate the process.

Cale watches the ice pieces smack down into the ground as Johnny makes it into his shadow, "Hmm hmm hmm..." He laughs softly at first, then looks up to the sky, snapping his hands out to the side as the rain turns back to actually rain, "Ha ha ha ha ha!" his laughter turns a bit higher volume and his left eye grows yet wider, the whites completly disappearing, it's a tad disturbing to look into, "Come out, then! Come out boy! Child! Fight me more! I care not! I embrace your foolishness and my own!" He stretches a hand up to the raining and black sky, the black clouds parting around each of the pillars, revealing above the cloud cover a massive twining and swirling black mist, it has to be at least 100 by 100 by 100. Cale's head snaps down to the ground, his ears twitching this way and that, waiting for Johnny to reappear.

Instead the darkness of Johnny's shadow begins to spread out, blanketing the soil of the woodland terrain in darkness. Lifting up from the inky void, Johnny's own black-covered form is probably unrecognisable from above, until the white orbs of his eyes turn to glare up into the air at Cale. From various places upon the ground, large chains fly forth. Each headed with a vicious barbed hook and aimed at tearing the floating menace apart... Meln looks up at Cale, and begins to frown. She stares for a long moment, then calls out to wherever Johnny dissapeared to, "Mister Johnny! I am beginning to get the impression that Cale is Evil! Does this seem farfetched?" Meanwhile, the energy continues to pool between her hands.

Cale was staring at the ground, waiting for an attack from Johnny. The chains and hooks come towards him and he pulls back into the air, though his weaving is limited with all of those coming at him, and the best he can do is snatch one that gets close with his hand, at the chain of course, to yank it off course, while another bores down into the right side of his gut, likely moving in through some organs. Blood splurts out of his mouth as he gives a good cough. His tongue licks at the blood and he gives a great resounding laugh! "Marvelous, yes?!" He says, gripping onto the chain now hooked into him, lightning strikes down from the clouds now, impacting nearby trees and setting them ablaze in the falling rain while thunder sounds. His hand gripped around the chain, lightning, though not from the sky, travels down the chain, attempting to simply fry whatever it's connected too while he pulls himself backwards, believing the chains are about to try and yank him from his heigth.

The chains, seemingly born from the soil itelf, do not move at all. Infact their intention wasn't to drag down, but to hold in place. As one of them finds it's home a smile spreads accross Johnny's face revealing his white teeth beneath the darkness consisting of his form. Hearing Meln he turns his head, his eyes shifting into a look of astonishment. "...your kidding, right?" CRASH! Johnny twists his head around at the burning tree as lightning strikes down upon it. Growling he tears into the sky again towards his impailed target. "This weather is your doing, isn't it? JUST KNOCK IT OFF! No one has to die here today! What the fuck is up with your deathwish?" Gripping ahold of the 'hero' chain he yanks downwards just as the energy rockets down it's shaft sending him falling back again. However, his already damaged hand continues to hold onto the chain tightly. Unable to do anything but writhe in pain he pulls out a dagger in his free hand and jams it between the chain links, snapping it in two and severing the link to it's source so Johnny can release his hand again.

Meln calculates this for a few moments, twitching the orb of energy into a more solid form before spinning more from the air, then smiles. "I get it. It's two heroes who misunderstand eachother fighting. Very heroic of you." She nods a little to herself, and leans back against the air, continuing to watch.

Cale has a nice long chain dragging from his guts, blood now staining his black robe and causing pieces to drip down along with the rain. He brings his arms in front of himself in an X form and then snaps them out to the side! "Indeed I shall NOT!" He screams into the sky as more lightning tears down from the black clouds, the writhing black mist sending out long thin tendrils of itself that seem to just endlessly spin and circle around itself, having no semblance of a pattern to it. "Come then, BOY! For I am not near to my extent! You'll have to make me bleed for more than this, yes?!" He says, his laughter echoing across the area as he points his right hand down towards the maniac and the rain falling down around him immediately hardens into a massive block of ice, intent on trying to imprison him within a cube shape and then let it fall with him in it to the earth with a nice horrendus impact.

Something has begun to change within the maniac... perhaps from the energies being absorbed into his dagger as it cut through the strange chain... perhaps from the charge in the air itself from Cale's influence. Reguardless, Johnny growls... a darkness inside him once again returning to surface. "I'll fucking make you bleed, asshole..." As the block of ice forms around him, the darkness boiling off of him blanket the inside of his prison, filling it with a black mass of nothingness. As it falls heavily to the gound the shadows begin to seep through the edges of his prison, slowly turning it as dark as the gound it falls towards. With the majority of it hidden from view Cale is robbed of his sound of impact as the darkness joins another. The chains each seem to burn away, disapating into the air like smoke. Finaly, as the last of them dies away the block of ice is literaly thrown upwards to Cale at an alarming speed. It's inside now completly hollow...

Cale's smirk grows ever wider and wider as Johnny escapes the prison and it comes suddenly sailing up towards him, "Hmm hmm h--" Is all he gets out as the block of ice smacks into him, sending him sailing into the air along with it, at the crux of its ascent, Cale twists his body to the side and the block goes plummeting back towards the earth. The right side of his face has been crushed somewhat, and his eye has closed up, it's hard to tell of the arm there is broken or simply hanging limp as it's buried within the depths of his robe. More blood trickles from the elf's mouth as he looks down to where Johnny last was, the place where the ice block came sailing up from, "Hmmm..." He says, finishing his laugh and wiping at his mouth with his good arm, glancing down at the chain still hanging from him and back to where Johnny was last seen. He hasn't had such a fight in...oh, ages, not since those five girls came with their magic, and some soldier...or a knight, "Yes, it was a knight, wasn't it..." He says to himself, his left ear twitching, "..." He brings his hand down towards the earth and a torrent of lightning strikes all about the area where Johnny was/is, the sound of thunder a cacophony of rumbling that echo's for miles and miles around. "Again, again, again, yes? Come, child! Force me! Hmmm hmmm hmm, I have not felt such amusement in decades!"

Johnny drags himself up out of the void with a pained expression on his face. Something about all this just isn't right... Clutching his arm he stands and scans for Cale above him. "Fucking son of a whore..." For all the powers and expierience he'd recieved living as long as he had, he'd never really done any fighting as his expression clearly shows. A limitless supply of power, and not the body to use it. If only for some way to go back and do it over again... Suddenly smiling largly he laughs, "Of course... I should have thought about that sooner..." Wiping his mouth he calls up to the heavens, "ENJOYING YOURSELF SO FAR? How'd you'd like to take this a bit further?!"

Cale floats in the air as the rain pours down upon him and blood drips from his cloak, he's getting somewhat lightheaded now, a lack of blood. He glances down towards the wound and smirks wider, using magic to clear his mind at the cost of letting his body fall into deeper disrepair. "Hmm hmm hmm, yes well, if this is all you can do than you best be ready to grovel before whatever god you believe will meet you after your death." He says, while blood simply flows out of his mouth, but he's stopped wiping it off now. He bends his head back and looks up towards the black sky and the mist hanging there still swirling about itself. He spreads his hands out, palm upwards, "You're going to hear this, yes? There won't be hiding much longer after this, hmm hmm hmm..." He laughs and seemingly, talking to himself, or the sky up above, it's hard to tell.

Johnny begins to cackle histericly. Without a moments hesitation he appears above Cale's gaze as if he'd been there the entire time. "You don't know me that well, do you?" With his face a combination of pain and glee he lunges fowards with both daggers, hoping to use the element of surprise to gain some kind of edge so he can get away for awhile...

Meln grits her teeth and channels the enormous amount of energy she has gathered into her body. "I am afraid I can not sit still any longer." Narrowing her eyes, and begins to slowly float out of the house, and up into the air.

Cale's left eye narrows as Johnny appears above him and comes in with both of the daggers. He arcs his own body backwards as both daggers bury down into his upper shoulders. Blood spurts forth from the wounds as a few vital arteries are hit. Cale's smirk doesn't fade though and his head tilts to the side, "Yes well, almost." He says to Johnny, then leans his head in, talking through the blood as his good hand comes up to try and grip the side of his clothing, "Did you know what you were dealing with, I wonder?" "Now she's going to know, but I don't care, I enjoy the hunt, I enjoy the chase, I enjoy it all! I am beyond what I ever was before, and no goddess can bring me back from the cliff I have jumped from." He then looks past Johnny, though he can't actually see the sky above him, "Here I am Lollorien, come fetch your wayward errand again if you desire!" And with that, his body begins to flow away into a black mist, which begins streaking up towards the massive writhing mass up above the clouds.

Johnny watches in confusion as Cale falls away... glancing briefly down at what should be his shirt beneath the darkness as his hand grips it, he tilts his head to the side watching it fade. Raising his brow into a look of complete disbelief he pulls his daggers back and watches while trying to get a grasp of the situation...

Meln stares up after the dissapearing Cale, letting the energy slowly flow out of her into a large orb. "...I guess I am not very important to Cale." She bites her lip, then shrugs, and floats over towards Johnny. "Are you all right?"

The rain begins to peter out and then stops all together, though the black clouds continue rolling around in the sky they part suddenly underneath the massive amount of black mist that Cale has flown into. The mist then begins to fade away, dissipating slowly into the sky above. Large black wings are exposed, an elongated tail is present, massive, insanely long and sharp talons hang in the air, and blotting out the sky above his a black dragon, at least a hundred feet from talon to head. One great flap of his wings shifts the clouds in the sky above and Cale arcs his wings, circling Johnny and Meln, and his voice rumbles out, echoing across the area, "Move aside wife, for this child's time is ending." He rumbles, that odd insanity sound in his voice having either been lost within the massiveness of the dragons voice, or just disappeared completly. Smoke tendrils flow out from the sides of his mouth.

Johnny blinks... stares... blinkblinks. Glancing at Meln he quietly mutters, "This might be a good time for you to get out of here." Nervously he tosses his dagger from hand to hand as he looks up at the titanic beast before him. "...I've been living in that cave too long." Biting his lip he tries to think. Normaly he'd just fight to the death, but he made that promise... unsure of what to do he shakes his head, "So you'd rather end things so quickly, huh? Where's the excitement in that? Things start getting good and you wuss out and go for the big guns, huh? I thought you said you where enjoying yourself." Yes... good... stall...

Meln stares up at the huge dragon. "...Cute." She pauses. "However. I rather wonder about any possibility of our biological compatability." She glances over to Johnny, and points to him, pooling all the energy she gathered into an orb into one fingertip. "I can not allow either of you to die. And moving a dragon is hard... This may hurt a little." With that, she releases a variant of the levitation spell at Johnny, trying to propel him far away to the southeast. The major difference from a normal levitation spell being it's insanely high speed, unconcern with the fate of it's cargo, and relatively small level of precision.

Cale continues his spiral, wings arced out and straight so as not to gain anymore heigth than he needs too. He hasn't been his natural form in so, so long. His talons stretch out and then flex inward, smoke billowing from the sides of his mouth. Oh, it is a glorious feeling, he really shouldn't go so long between shapeshifting back to his normal body. Things are so much clearer, everything sharper, more focused, but then, there's also that ever creeping insanity and despair laying deep within, and of course, now the High Council and Lollorien are going to know his dimensional location, or at least an approximation. Idiots and fools. "I don't intend t---" He pauses as Meln unleashes her magic, "Yes well, amusing..." He rumbles, quite, quite impressed with Meln's affinity for magical adapatation, she's quite good...such a good pick for a wife, even if he did trick her, which really was his own fault for being distracted.

Johnny groans as Meln's spell throws him into the distance... Finaly managing to come to grips with the situation he manages to halt his progress and then shakes his head dramaticly, "Where the fuck did she pick that up from?" Glancing at the horrizon he sweatdrops realising how far he'd traveled... infact, he's south of Truce. "Shit. So much for using the gate at the fairgrounds." Casting his glance franticly he bolts to the south further. Might as well take advantage of the situation...

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