2005-05-08 (PreU) Meln and Yoko

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Meln and Yoko

Summary: Meln returns and a continuation of the solo scene from a couple of days ago.

Who: Meln, Yoko, Zarek
When: May 8th, 2005
Where: Chronos


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Guardia Fairgrounds - Leene Square

The highlight of the Guardia Fairgounds, here there is a tall monument with a large bell hanging beneath it. Named after Queen Nadia, the XXXIV Queen of Guardia Kingdom, to commemorate the day that the future was saved by a young group of heroes during the Millenial Fair of 1000 AD. The inscription reads, "May our prayers for peace ring on for eternity..." To the south you can clearly see the entire fairground with the village of Truce in the far distance.

Zarek tilts his head to the side "Yes, yes it is good to see a familiar face it is, Miriam would be pleased if she could make it, but alas... SO sad so sad, she is still ill, so ill..." he looks forlornly at the ground, before picking is head up "I have been verybusy, so very very busy, yes, yes I have, you understand of course?"

"That is too bad, yes, yes it is. It is very sad, yes." Meln pushes off the ground a couple of inches, and stares at Zarek blankly. "I understand that you have been busy. What have you been busy with?" She looks back to her book in her hands, which begins to flip pages of it's own accord, at a fairly rapid rate.

Zarek lolls his head from left to right "A little bit of this..." A quick loll int he other direction "A little bit of that." His head stands straight up now, looking face to.. hair at the girl "A little of nothing to concern about, no, no nothing at all, no."

Yoko watches from the platform above as she secures her newly aquired weapon accross her back. Finaly sastified with it's placement she very slowly decends the steps down to the square casting a frantic glance around as she does so. Approching the two she forces a smile, "Hey... Meln.... your alright." Quickly she looks over her shoulder. "Is everything ok?"

Meln stares at Yoko for a long moment, then begins to laugh maniacally, a bit of spit dripping from the corner of her mouth... She finally regains control of herself, and wipes the tears from her eyes, and smiles at Yoko. "Of course I am all right. Other than the boredom I have never been better." She tilts her head to one side. "Everything is fine. How are things with you, Yoko?"

Zarek looks to Yoko as she makes her way down the stairway, looking to her with curious interest. "Oh do I know you. Slightly familiar? But maybe not, maybe not, no. Are you a friend of Miriam's? Or perhaps Meln's, yes, yes you seemt o know her." He says calmly.

Yoko's eye twitches. Glancing at Zarek briefly she tells him, "We've met. I'm Yoko." Rolling her eyes she returns her attention to Meln and coldly replies to her question, "I've been sleeping..." With a slight look of concern she looks up into the sky above them... oO(Where's he hiding? She can't be out alone...)

Meln stares for a moment, then drops back to the ground, book folding itself up and dissappearing. "Where's who hiding, Miss Yoko? Who is she? Perhaps I could help you, if you told me the specifics." Her gaze slowly to Zarek. "I like to think I am her friend. I do not know if she feels the same way about me. She probably wants to forget about my existance."

Zarek says, "Oh?" He lolls his head over to Meln in a drunken manner, slowly swirling it back to Yoko "Do you hate her, do you? So sad so sad you should not hate someone, it is bad for you, it is, Miriam doesn't hate anyone, no, no, and she is the nicest woman I know, yes, yes she is. Why can't you like her, did she kill your kittens?" He asks, makingnup his own mind about these things

Yoko stares at Meln, her eyes wide with horror. "How did you...?" Before she can begin to continue, Meln's final comment cuts through her like a knife. "No! I would never-!" Her expression quickly changing from shock to annoyance she turns her head towards Zarek. "She didn't kill anything!" Shaking her head at the question she looks back to Meln pledingly, "Why would I ever want to forget about you? What an awful thing to say!"

Meln stares at Yoko for a long moment, then smiles softly. "Magic. I know much magic. Precious Cale is my husband. I thought that you would not like me for these things. Am I wrong?" She glances to Zarek. "I have killed many things. Most of them of the plant and insects kingdoms. But not her kittens that I know of."

Zarek listens to the two parties, looking perplexed... "If she has not killed your kittens, why do you hate her so? Maybe she just wants a kitten, yes, yes, are you denying her your kittens? Shemay feed and care for them, but she may also kill them..." He almost seems to be holding his own different conversation, resting now on his fancy cane. "Oh, is this a lover's quarrel? Miriam says to never get involved in lover's quarrels, yes that is what she tells me"

Yoko chooses at this point to ignore Zarek and lets out a brief sigh at his comments, "Anyways... My feeling towards, " Her mouth fills with a bitter taste, "-him- have nothing to do with you. I think it's foolish of you to stay with him, but I know there's no point in convinicing you otherwise." oO(While he's still alive...) Looking away she glares at the ground trying to push the thoughts from her mind. Forcing a smile once again she looks back at the woman she still considers a friend, "I guess we all have our demons to lay to rest..."

"I am glad to-" Meln blinks, and stares at Yoko. "While he's still alive? You do not believe harm will come to precious Cale, do you?" Her voice sounds unusually panicky. She shakes her head a little, and stares blankly into the distance. A patch of grass behind her begins to waver a bit, then bursts into a shower of mercury droplets.

Zarek twirls his cane "Do take care, I will move on to matters that are not quarrels of lovers, yes, yes, Miriam is always right." He says turning to step on past the quibbling duo with a step step tak, with eachs tep and a can

Yoko tries to look past her words despite the way they ring in her mind, oO(....precious...). Cringing slightly at the grass she shakes her head and speaks in an unusaly calm voice, "We all have our path in life. We all have to do what we must do." Taken back by her own words she blinks and tilts her head wondering where they'd come from. As Zarek steps away she allows the action to steal her thoughts away as she looks up at him. "Um... bye? I guess..."

Meln laughs a little crazily. "Mister Zarek. Do not worry. It is not an argument of lovers." She looks back to Yoko, and sighs. "That's true. If your path takes you to harm Cale, that is your way, yes? I should not begrudge you your own path in life. It is my hope that we can still remain friends despite our different paths?"

Zarek pauses twirling his cane as he leans upon it looking at Meln "Oh, not a lover's quarrel, not for lovers? Oh no no, how silly, is it a grudge? I do know about grudges... Will it end in a fight, oh how delightful, one I have not started, so nice, so very changing."

Yoko raises an eyebrow at Zarek and sighs with a roll of her eyes. "I hope not... I don't want to fight a friend." Looking into Meln's face she states quite sincerly, "I hope we remain friends too..." Glancing around her again trying not to let her guard down she quietly mutters, "On that note... I should probably be going, huh? ...before we do anything to change that?" oO(...not that I have anywhere to go, of course...)

Meln stares at Yoko for a moment, then smiles warmly. "I do not begrudge you trying to kill me husband. It is only fair if you do not begrudge my trying to hurt you. If you give up on this thing I do not need to... Has Cale even done you any lasting harm?"

Zarek asks, "Oh how sad, no fighting? Though I suppose it is for the best, yes, yes for the best... friendships over kittens are truly the nicest, yes, yes they are... Oh, has Cale killed the kittens? He must not be very nice..." He looks to Meln "Did you marry a horrible kitten killer?"

Yoko doesn't even hear Zarek as her anger begins to grow, "Has he...? Excuse me, wheren't you there? Didn't you see what he did? I can't forgive someone for that! I can't just look past it!" Suddenly her expression seems to shift becoming harder, her posture changes slightly, "Look, I don't have a quarrel with you, but you'll have to understand when the time comes nothing is going to stand in my way. I'll do whatever needs to be done. You got that?" Looking away her muscles seem to relax. Her expression seems to revert back. Holding a hand to her head she wobbles. "What was I...?" Lifting her head up and seeing Meln again the conversation comes back to her. "No... no... I just... I just can't..." Trailing off she backs up and begins to stumble, catching herself at the last second. Walking over to the nearest bench she sits down, holding her head in her arms...

"You are a little off. He married me." Meln sighs. "I must do the same, Yoko. Precious Cale can not die. For both my sake and the world's. It would be foolish of me to wait until the last minute to solve a problem." She gestures, and a bunch of gears, blades, and surgical instruments materialize in front of her. A needle floats towards Yoko, and she smiles apologetically. "This may hurt a little..."

Zarek seats himself on the ground, first looking perplexedly at Yoko as she seems to stumble "Are you alright? No, oh no, you seem ill. Would you like some medicine? Oh how nice, Meln is providing." He says, almost oblivious... almost, the smile on his face seems to hint that he knows exactly what's going on

Yoko looks up in time to see the needle approching her. Her face hardens once more. With a fluid motion she grabs her weapon with one hand and swings it to knock the instrument out of the air as she rises to her feet. Gripping the blade in both hands she holds it before her. The flames etched into the black blade appear to come to life as it seems to radiate a cold darkness in her hands. Lowering her head to glare up at Meln she states, "Then it's decided. We each choose a path and this is appariently yours. I don't want to fight you today, but our time will come." Ignoring the other instruments she turns towards town and begins to walk away. "I'm sorry. ...for your sake."

"Miss Yoko! Do not be unintelligent. You can not win against Cale. Even with your new sword. You seek to destroy your dark past. Why do you not instead look to a brighter future?" Meln pauses, and closes her eyes. "I did not want to say this... I can wipe away your past out of your mind. I can not guarantee accuracy, but that part you wish to forget will be gone. Is that enough for you?" She opens her eyes, and stares pleadingly at Yoko.

Zarek stands form his semi-seated position, dusting his pants off "Oh my my such stress and anger and bitterness... and yet I am not making a profit off ot it, Miriam would be unhappy, yes, yes she would... I should do somehting, but which one..." He mutters to himself, unsure of just whom deserves his propposition more, glancing ebtween the two carefully as he weighs his options.

Yoko stops in her tracks and looks back over her shoulder, her face streaked with tears, "Just because you forget about something doesn't mean it didn't happen. It doesn't mean it won't happen again." Putting her weapon away, her soft eyes seem to gain an edge and she adds, "Besides, you'll not do away with me so easily. I'm tired of being a plaything because I was too soft to strike back. The person you knew is dead. I'll not be anyone's puppet anymore..." Her eyes once more soften and the tears begin to flow again, "I'm sorry..."

Meln lowers her head, and says quietly. "I would protect you against him. I *have* protected you against him. I lost his trust because of that..." She raises her head, and stares at Yoko. "I would protect you from eachother. Please. Stop this. Dealing out pain has never erased it, or made less pain be dealt out, in the long run. Read Ralnicus chapters three and four, or the Book of Ramsingon, for examples of that."

Zarek calmly surveys... Meln... then Yoko... "But of course now is not the time, no no, one must not see the job of hte other, silly me." He says, bopping his own head in a playful manner before turning with a floursih of his cane, moving off towards the stairwell.

Yoko laughs darkly, "Protect me?" Turning around to face Meln she repeats herself, "...Protect -me-? I'm not a doll or a pet. I'll not be told to be good or be bad. I'll not be kept in the backyard and fed table scraps. The only thing I need is to prepare myself. That monster deserves what's coming to him and friend or foe, I'll not let you stand between me. What he did.... that was unforgivable. He took my life away. He stole the part of me that mattered most in this world." Slightly over dramaticly she stomps a foot forwards to emphsise her point, "I want vengence, Meln! He -killed- me, and by the gods I'll kill him too! If you... if you think I have no chance, then just stay out of my way!! I don't need your help anymore... if it's a mistake, then it's my mistake to make."

"That... is fair. It is what a Hero would say. But he is needed for this world. If you must have vengeance, kill me instead." Meln gestures a bit, and her blades, gears, and scalpels dissapear, and she begins to walk towards Yoko at a leisurely pace, smiling.

Zarek dissappears down the stairs, mumbling quietly to himself "I do wonder what Miriam would like for dinner..."

Yoko stares as Meln approches. Once more the tears begin to flow. "It's not the same... you know that. I have to do what I have to do. Nothing can change that... He just can't be allowed to do this to someone else. He-he's a monster. I have to stop him..." The tears stop as her eyes seem to shift again, "I don't know what part you'll have to play in all this, but killing you won't change a thing. If anything it will only make things worse. I'm sorry, but I can't allow you to keep me from my task." Again she turns her back to her friend. "I have to prepare..."

Meln raises an eyebrow. "You will kill anything to achive your goal? Is not that the sort of thing that a monster would say? If you continue down this path you will become something worse than he is." She shakes her head a little. "You are alive now, are you not?"

Yoko hmphs, "Yeah... if you could call it that. There are times where I feel I'd be better off dead." Holding up a bandaged wrist she forces a laugh, "Not to say I haven't tried. I'm tired of living scared. I'm sick of not standing up for myself. You'd be best not to try to talk me out of it, my mind's made up. I'll see my path to it's end reguardless of where it may take me." Begining to decend the steps towards the fountain she gives Meln a half-wave...

Meln smiles after her. "I can not wish you luck, but I hope you survive, and find some greater goal, Miss Yoko." She turns away, and looks at the bell. A glint appears in her eyes, and she pulls out a roll of measuring tape...

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