2005-05-23 (PreU) A Deal ~ RP for one

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A Deal ~ RP for one.

Summary: Sometimes people think I'm kidding when I tell them that I'll RP with myself if no one's around. Cale just learned this the hard way...

Who: Johnny_C, yoko
When: May 23rd, 2005
Where: Chronos

Johnny C-icon.gifYoko-icon.gif

The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

Questions should be directed to staff.

*Just a note. This begins with some Out Of Character chat and abruptly becomes RP. The log doesn't make since without the first part so I've left it unedited...

Guardia Fairgrounds - Time Gate

The northern most point of the Guardia Fairgrounds is simply a large clearing with a stone floor surrounded by dense trees. This area used to hold the infamous Telepod device that began the quest to save the future. The only evidence of the heroic effort that remains is a large swirling sphere. Local legends tell of a device called a Gate Key which can open the sphere and send you to the very edge of time...

Yoko stumbles in half-asleep. "Wha-? I was sleepin'..."

Lavos points, "You sleep too damn much. Lazy..."

Charis (OOC) says, "Glenn."

Yoko shrugs and guestures towards Charis. "Cale's fault. I'm mentaly unstable and now a manic depressive."

Lavos sweatdrops.

Lavos asks, "So what do you do? Sleep all day? They haven't kicked you out yet?"

Yoko blinks, "Hey now, I was abducted! Against my will! What should I be doing?"

Lavos says, "Living."

Lavos has disconnected.

Yoko asks, "What the hell does that mean?"

Yoko fumes angrily and hops onto the small stone wall around the edge of the hill and begins to ponder the meaning of Lavos's words.

Yoko sighs, "Living.... that's so stupid..."

Yoko watches the wind blow through the trees and begins to tear up. Wiping her eyes she sighs, "I wonder if Meln's ok...?"

Yoko hops down off the wall and leans against it, looking out over the fairgrounds below. "Drags me all the way out here.... for what? I am living... I've just been tired is all. Besides, if I go out he might find me again..."

The Time Gate suddenly shimmers and expands outward. With the sound of a horrible strain, a being comprised of pure shadow emerges and glances around the empty courtyard. Spotting Yoko he snickers. "Who might find you again?"

Yoko jerks up straight as she peers over her shoulder at the suddenly arriving voice. "It's nothing... I don't want to talk about it..."

The figure runs a hand through what passes as his hair and laughs, "Then why are you talking to yourself? Despirate for companionship or trying to find yourself?"

Yoko turns and sulks as she looks over the fairgrounds again. "Just leave me alone..."

The figure approches slowly as he glances around, "You know, I felt like I wanted to be alone once too. I felt like the whole world wanted me for it's punching bag, and so I gave in and let it kick me around. I've seen the bottom of the well your in, and lemme tell you. I didn't like what I saw." Placing a hand on Yoko's shoulder he smirks, "You know. I could help you..."

Yoko turns and eyes the strange man carefully, "Help me what?"

The figure holds out his hand and presents a long black bladed sword carved with what appears to be flames when the light reflects off of it. "Get revenge..."

Yoko stares at the weapon, mesmerised by the proposition laying before her. Everything she'd been through recently races through her mind as she lets her eyes play over the blade. "...revenge? Against something like that? How?"

The figure cackles as it waves the weapon around in the air before her, almost as if trying to hypnotise her. "There are ways, you see... I've learned alot recently, and one of my new tallents involve being able to help people like you." Letting go, he watches the blade drop. Catching it a few seconds later by it's hilt again. "I bet the thought of seeing someone's blood spill excites you. Doesn't it? This person deserves it, yes? A weapon that could grant you the ability to overcome his tricks? His charms? You'd like that wouldn't you?"

Yoko watches almost hungrily, "What's the catch? Nothing comes for free..."

The figure laughs as he digs the blade into the loose soil at their feet. "I just wish to see some blood spilled is all. This world has become terribly boring as of late. Besides, your not the one I'm looking for. Weed out the riff-raff and my search becomes easier. Have fun with it. Enjoy yourself. This blade is special, with each life taken it's weilder grows stronger. Just think of the -good- you could do with that?"

Yoko unconciously kneels down and stares at the weapon presented before her. Glancing around she looks for someone or even some sign to show her this is the wrong way. With all the evil in the world, there has to be some good left in it? Right? Surely someone would tell her to stop if it was such a bad idea...


Yoko decides. That settles it! Gripping the blade tightly in both hands she pulls it free of the loose soil. The world instantly grows black around her, as if all the light where being sucked from the air itself. Forcing it's way out of the blade in her hands comes a torrent of negativity. A cold chilling power that feels as if her very bones where becoming ice. With a scream of pain she stumbles back, into the wall and nearly over the edge. As her vision clears she glances around, surprised to find herself alone once again... A dream perhaps? Most likely, no as the weapon is still tightly held in her grasp. Her body tingles however... something is diffrent about the air today. The seeds of change have been sewn...

Lavos has connected.

Lavos nudges Cale. "See what happens when you leave me alone? Bad Cale. Bad. Now look at poor Yoko. See what's happened to her now?"

Charis nods slowly.

Lavos cackles.

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