2005-06-26 (PreU) Reawkening after the change

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Reawkening after the change...


Who: dias, Johnny_C, meln, zarek, munin
When: June 26th, 2005

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Watcher's Cliff(#1616R)

Looking down over the remains of the Guardia Fairgrounds rests a naturally made cliff once home to a score of local legends about a pair of spirits that watched over the area and protected it. However, now things are a bit diffrent. Since the breakdown of time the side of the mountain seems to be covered with a slick black substance which no one can seem to remove. At certain times of the day the darkness shifts it's position like a living shadow clinging to this spot for some unknown reason. It's been said that standing on the cliff during one of these 'shifts' will distort the view of the countryside turning it to one of burning ruins. What could have caused this?

Stepping out of the darkness that has been keeping his 'home' from access, the maniac re-awakens. His skin burning with blackened hate as his piercing eyes survey the surrounding landscape. For too long he'd grown silent. For too long he'd layed in the shadows. Now was time to complete his task. ...even if it ment destroying the world one building at a time.

Road to Guardia Fairgrounds(#1439R)

Just North of Truce Village lies a small road running to and from the fabled Guardia Fairgrounds. Over the years, few have sought to build here thanks to the damp soil left behind when this area was once nothing but swampland and woods. However, without cause or reason the twenty year old school house that was built between the houses in Northern Truce now lies to the west of the road. Stranger still, from this location the fountain at the center of Truce looks like nothing but an old pond. To the North a line of trees have somehow managed to grow up, blocking the view of the fairgrounds.

In a whisp of shadows he appears in a cloud of darkness before the school of Truce village. To the air around him he screams, "THIS FUCKING SHIT ENDS NOW! TELL ME WHERE SHE IS!!!" Screaming in rage he throws his hands to his sides drawing his daggers and throws them into the sides of the school house. The side of the building fades to black as the choking darkness engulfs it. Inside the screams of the children begin to flare up as the room inside begins to cool down to a painful level as all light is sucked from the room. The doorway explodes open as the children inside run for thier lives...

Attacking the side of the building physicly this time he laughs as the darkness has made it so brittle that it falls apart at the touch. Looking inside with his burning white... no, burning red eyes the maniac cackles. "ONE DOWN!" Turning his head to the side he begins to march towards the main part of Truce looking for whatever mad idea has become logged inside him...

Central Truce Village(#1431R)

You find yourself standing amidst the center of Truce Village circa 1004 AD. From here the fountain looks old and respective, untouched from how it looked when it was first erected decades before. A few antique shops line the western side of the street while to the east a view of the water can be seen between the houses that have been built on the cliff's edge. For the most part it seems peaceful, and finding someone lounging about the side of the fountain is not uncommon... ---

Johnny marches towards the fountain with an insane glee in his eyes, determined with whatever goal he's decided for himself he throws his daggers into the sides of it. The water boiling as the sides of the fountain turn black, Johnny laughs once more, "...like a sandcastle left outside for far too long. IT'S TIME TO PICK UP YOUR TOYS CHILDREN! Daddy's a bit tired of the game..."

Zarek however happens to be fishing in the fountain at this hour...what he hopes to be catching is anyone's guess. He turns to take note of the psychopath attacking everything, frowning sadly "Oh what ever is going on, somean so mean..." He leaps back rather quickly, leaving his fishing pole to rot in the fountain, grasping his cane sharply "Oh dear oh dear, that was my favorite one... you really should repay me, yes, yes you should..." he says, grinning oddly

Children run to and from looking for a place to hide. Screams can be heard as the school teacher dies in the destruction of the school to the north.

A few gears appears in the air, shimmering metallically. Blue lines are drawn between them in presumably mystic patterns of some kind, and then a grey-robed figure appears in it's place. "Oh. This wasn't supposed to happen at all. What are you up to, Mister Johnny?"

Johnny guestures dramaticly at Zarek and growls, "FUCK YOU! I made this fucking world and I'll do with it as I see fit!" Throwing his arm back he suddenly clutches a reappering dagger in his right hand and points it at Meln. "If you got a problem with me, you should fucking do something about it! You fucking kids have pissed me off for the last time! Tell me where my friends are bitch!"

Meln smiles. "That is where you are wrong. This is all my world. Would not your friends be here if it was your world? Relax for a moment if you want to see your friends. I will remove that desire from you." She looks over to Zarek and nods. "That is true. Upsetting people is a bad thing. It should not happen in my world."

The shadow cast on the ground by the monster begins to come alive, blanketing the area around him as he pushes off the gound to levitate above it. With a manic cackle several barbed hooks come flying out of the ground with rusted chains attached to them aimed at the two who've decided to stand against him. Laughing reguardless of if they connect he throws his arms into the air beside him, both dagger in hand once again. "Your world, huh? I MADE THE FUCKING RULES! I BUILT THIS HELL FROM NOTHING! Not even that bitch Cassandra could stop me now... TELL ME WHERE -SHE- IS!!! ...your lives mean nothing to me anymore..."

Zarek asks, "Oh your world, Meln? I thought it was a butterfly's world... a butterfly in a dream, yes yes. " He looks over at 'nny "Oh I do not know, should I go look for her? We could go on an adventure to find her, such a grand adventure, dont' you garee?"

A gear intercepts the chains heading towards Meln, but the poor little piece of machinery is shattered in the process. "Mister Johnny. Please think this over. If this is your world. Your rules. Why is what you want to happen not the case? No. This is my world." She pauses. "It seems you must be brought into line. My alignment of this world is not quite complete." Several surgical instruments appear from midair, and fly towards Johnny's head.

Dias's form appears from would would appear to be thin air. He falls to his knees, right in the middle of the town square, his hand on his blade. Before he can draw it his body is wracked with some unknown condition, and his hands move to clasp the sides of his head...

The town center has become a small warzone. Or atleast that's how it will look to anyone stepping onto the scene late. Children are running screaming and crying about looking for families and places to hide. Darkness covers the ground like an oil spill, but yet is icy cold to the touch. The fountain has begun to boil from the cold within it as it too turns black like the ground.... to the north, the sounds of the school house collapsing atop the remains of the teacher who died within it...

Johnny cackles gleefuly at the objects in the air around him. Dropping down into the inky darkness below him he resurfaces behind Meln grabbing for her arms and trying to hold them to her back. "DON'T PATRANISE ME! I don't need any of you! Fucking bitch tried to hide her amoung all the sheep around here. I'm not going to put up with this shit anymore! It's time to put the weak to rest..." -IF- he manged to grab her he drops down into the darkness below them intending on locking her in a world of inverse shadows. Otherwise he drops down alone intending to avoid Meln's tricks...

Dias looks up, confused. Is he in hell?

Munin narrows her eyes at the scene. This isn't lookin good.... and the guy screamin.... "I've seen you before... on the cliff before all hell broke loose..."

Meln doesn't move until she's grabbed, and while she may be being dragged down to the shadow world, her arms whips back around to try to grab Johnny, blades emerging from her gloves. A little clock pokes out of her head, and it begins counting down from ten seconds. Meanwhile, another grey-robed figure appears about fifty feet away, higher up in the sky, and smiles. "I said. This is my world. These are my rules."

Johnny begins to laugh manicly at that, with a slow shake of his head he says to himself, "Just like something _she'd_ do. Too bad your not her." His gaze becoming one of anger again his form flickers for a second he shifts into a near transparency. Then his form drifts upwards looking down as the 'thing' continues to drift down into the darkness on it's own. Johnny shakes his hands slightly sending a spray of blood into the air as the darkness that surrounds his body like a second skin begins to knot itself around his wounds. Locking his eyes on the grey robed figure above him he glares, ignoring everything else going on around him. "I see the hero has become quite the thorn in my side. Still wanting to save the world...? A shame that didn't mean a fucking thing while I was locked up listneing to that glutten for so many years..."

Dias stands up, and glances over at Munin, not trusting her silence.

Munin glances at the schoolhouse and casualty, then back at the pair, then at Dias as he looks at her "Dare i ask what started THIS 'little' skirmish?"

3...2...1! The 'thing' explodes just as it enters the darkness. Meanwhile, the new Meln is sitting in the air, legs and arms crossed. "This is my world. Do I need to remove you from it? I never would have invited you if I had known you'd be such a bad guest." She glances to Munin. "He is attacking my world. Such is not the act of a Hero." With the wave of her hand, a myriad of multi-colored shimmering butterflies appear around her, then fly about, slowly spreading through the local airspace.

Johnny follows Meln's glance towards the voices of Munin and Dias and suddenly his eyes grow white and wide in recognition before once more returning red and full of hatred. Ignoring Meln for a change he charges forwards towards Munin, his daggers drawn. Very briefly an archaic symbol croses his brow as he screams with rage... the mark of a frozen flame. Wasting no time as the marking once more vanishes into his darkness he twirls his daggers around and goes to impale them in the woman's chest.

Dias taps his foot.

Munin seems to get stabbed, but then her form seems to... dissolve into thin air, giving Johnny almost no resistance as he tries to move through it, such as with the stab. Looking around, you see three more 'Munins' spread at 3 corners of the area, each speaking and moving in perfect unison "Now why did you go and do that.... ? You didn't seem this angry last time i saw you...."

Well, so long as this villain's back is turned, it would be the most prudent thing to take him out immediately. Meln spreads her arms, three-foot long blades popping out all over her body, and speeds towards Johnny at an extremely rapid rate.

A smile slowly forms on Johnny's face as the blades rip through his form sending another wave of blood into the air. Chuckiling to himself he turns around allowing the large wounds in his form to rotate his body in a sickeningly rag-doll way. With blood pouring freely from his wounds he opens his mouth wide allowing a moutfhul of blood to run freely over his face. "I see we've all picked up a few new tricks. But that's ok... I was practicing the same trick back before this planet was a even a dream in Emi's eyes..." His nearly severed limbs spead out unnaturaly as his head rolls back in a sickening laugh of pleasure. His eyes widen into two round orbs of light and change back to thier normal white color as the darkness on the soil begins to change shape and burn off the gound like steam from water. The cloud of dark mist begins to flow towards the cackling loonatic, reducing visibility in the process...

Munin, all three of her that can currently be seen, stay rooted to where they stand, watching "Why do i have a bad feeling about this.... he wasn't this insane or bloodthirsty last i met him...."

Meln smiles, drifting back, and the blades re-enter her body. "You rely on one thing too much. I will just alter the rules a little." She drops quickly to the ground, and motions with complicated gestures. The butterflies become lines of force, then suddenly reverberate, trying to disrupt any magic cast here.

Johnny's form begins to fade as the darkness absorbs into him restoring portions of his body in the process. Slowing in his laughter he lowers his head back down and shakes his head slowly, "Yes, but I made those rules..." With a deep breath he begins to collect himself, both literaly and mentaly. "I've been here since the start of this, and it's been a long and uneventful existance..." His head titches to the side as he struggles to keep himself in control. "I've not only outlived your planet, but I've done it twice... and now it's going to end one way or another. You see... the balance has shifted this day. Heh... I've just seen to that. Let's see if the bitch comes out of hiding now..." Laughing once more he fades away into the darkening evening sky...

Meln shrugs, smiling. "Does it matter? The poor man is obviously quite mad. I should do a lobotomy on him. Replace part of his mind with something more... efficient." She looks over to Munin. "Who are you, again?"

Zarek likewise looks at Meln confusedly, a handful of now charred daisies "Oh my my, how terribly upsetting, so sadd, so sad."

Munin x3 take a few steps forwards, all but one abruptly vanishing "I would ask the same..... you claim this is your world, yet you don't know the beings within it? Unusual..." The force lines fade away, and Meln stares down at Zarek's flowers with a slight frown. "Those flowers are so... inefficient. Not even flame retardent." She glances over to Munin. "I am remaking this world. It will take some time to get every detail right.."

Zarek says, "flowers, so frail, so frail, like Miriam, poor poor Miriam... Can you remake Miriam? oh it would be so nice, so very very nice."

Munin's eyes shift to Zarek, then back to Meln "Remake? Just what will THAT entail..... aside from killing the madman, who wasn't quite so mad the last time i saw him in person... " (Killing everyone, it had better not... me in particular... )

Meln stares up at Zarek, gears around her whirling quickly. "I could... But... Why remake what's broken? Better to sweep away the rusting parts. Better to build anew. I will make you a new Miriam. How is that?" The gears give a satisfied click as she smiles, then looks over to Munin. "Whatever is neccessary to make paradise."

Munin hmph's "Paradise is many things to many people.... define paradise, and who's definition you mean before speaking of such a thing..."

Meln blinks. "In the end all people will think with the same thoughts. Everyone will agree. This will be paradise." She looks over to Zarek, and tosses back the hood of her robes, laughing quietly. "Mister Zarek. Do not be silly. If she is useless it is best to throw her out."

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