2005-07-25 (PreU) NNY encounters Sabin part 1

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NNY encounters Sabin part 1

Summary: Yes, abusing the passage to MU I've cleaverly hidden admist the random off-map rooms of ChronoMUCK, NNY has crossed paths with Sabin. As this directly relates to the background events of the muck, I figured I need to post this. More tiny tid-bits of info from where-ever my imagination is pulling surprises on myself and others are here. There's a few lines of dialoge that confuse me (since I wrote them) but it feels right, so let's kick back and see where it goes... Part one of (?).

Who: Johnny_C, Sabin
When: July 25th, 2005
Where: Metropolis

Johnny C-icon.gifSabin-icon.gif

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QTS Video

This room is surprisingly small - and every wall is covered by video box after video box. The carpet is rough, and peeling in a few places, and what little paint you can see on the walls is chipping. Barred windows look out onto the street, and a counter separates the actual videos from the video boxes. Sitting behind the counter is a sullen young man with a jean jacket, and a backwards cap, watching Return of the Jedi on the television hanging from the ceiling.

The video store is dark aside from the dim light of the street lamps as they shine in from outside. Abruptly the darkened room grows even darker still as thought the shadows suddenly took a life of their own. Peeling from the walls towards the center of the room the shadows begin to take on more of a spider web appearance than anything. Finally, as they become more focused and defined a humanoid figure is formed. The shadows bend and abruptly the figure stands as lone silohette admist the darkness of the store. With burning white eyes the figure opens it's eyes and gazes around. The room looks much as it always does when he arrives, dark and dreary. Walking towards the window he gazes out at the street that centuries ago he'd nearly destroyed... a feeling of nostalgia washes over him despite the fact that here he'd barely been gone a year. Seeing a familar form walking down the street alone he draws a crooked dagger and digs a groove into the glass - his eyes briefly taking on a red tint. Turning quicly the jet black maniac jerks his head towards the door. The shadows around it bend and with a loud snap the door is forced open. Standing in the frame of the door he looks out and smirks, "...ssssabin?"

Sabin appearantly has chosen the wrong time to take a walk. Turning to take note of the unusual shadows about the door, he takes a step back upon their being torn open, adapting a defensive stance... A few moments to recognize the form, and he returns to a neutral position "Johnny... Johnny izat you? Where've ya been, pal?" He asks... after aall he doesn't recall old Johnny being a major danger

Johnny's head twitches to the side almost as if he where fighting to regain control of his temporment. With a brief shake of his head he raises his free hand and wipes his brow with the back of it. "....looong story." His form flickers suddenly, as if the shadows where fading around his body. Resheathing his dagger he slumps against the door frame, his body fully returning to it's more accustomed form. "I-I'm not quite sure I know anymore..." Looking around the empty store he sighs, "...care to join me for a couple of minutes? I can't stay too long..."

Sabin takes a cautious step towards the mentally unstable man. He knows to watch his step, but... after all, it's just another customer to him. Shrugging his shoulders, he moves to follow 'nny into the building "So ahh... you work here or something?" He asks, looking around at the interior of the video store... why else would he be here after it being closed?

Johnny can't help but laugh at that... The shadows about the room shift again and the door is obediently shut without so much as a glance. "You don't really know do you? I can't be here anymore. Cass... um... she banished me. Heh, stupid bitch. I found a loop hole but it's not permanent. I've been searching for her you know, I made a promise. I... both of us... heh. What happened to Sammy?" Gazing about the room the shadows seem to move around again, a trick one of him found along the way. The shadows seem to absorb a video from a shelf and bring it towards him. With a soft chuckle at the title the video returns to it's shelf as he turns towards his old aquaintence. "Has she been back since... since we left?"

Sabin says, "Banished ya? Dang, kicked outta the video store eh? Wait... what're ya doin' in here if yer banished from there?" He says, curiously... keeping in mind Sabin has no idea who Cass is... A few moments pass as he thinks about Sam... Samantha? "Ahh, Samantha? Dunno, kid, I haven't seen her about recently. If I knew what was up with her I'd tell ya. 'fraid I haven't though, y'know?" He asks, pulling up a chair.

Johnny's eyes gaze over red once more and his form blurs slightly. Putting a hand to his forehead he growls at himself. "...shut up, I can handle it." Turning his head to the side he continues to blur until finaly he stands straight once more, apparently returning to normal once again. "Heh... he says your lying. I didn't say anything about the store... I ment this world. I have my own now, we created it. Well me, we, and Emi. She's there now too but she's in hiding. At least, I think she is... it's been so long I can't remember. Eh-heh-heh... I could have killed her come to think of it. I can't be sure anymore." Wincing tightly he holds the side of his head and stumbles a little. "No, I did kill her. Sammy I mean. That's why I have to find her. She was dead and she's not supposed to be. The bitch said she'd join me but she never arrived. Cale gave me a ring to find her with, but that was while I was enslaved.. or while he was enslaved?" Growling he drops against the wall and slumps downwards, "Sorry, I'll be alright... I just don't get out enough..."

Sabin spins the chair around, sitting on it backwards as it were, shaking his head, a tad nervously. He is in the room with a psycho... one who's acting just slightly odd. Waving a claw dismissively, he says "I'm sure she's fine, ya know? Just uh... maybe she's caught somewhere, eh? You uh... you sure you're gonna be alright?"

Johnny looks up from his slumped position, his face a bit darker now but his eyes seem to glare of a light of their own. "Yeah... I'll be alright. Just too much time with someone else in my head. We're planning a bit of a reunion you see, part of me is already here along with the clone. I don't know yet how I'll use that to my advantage, but the idea is a good one. I'm gonna find all my friends and bring them home with me... It's the only place I can keep safe. The Things, the people call them La-vos. They eat planets... they'll eat this one too one day, I'm sure. That is if someone doesn't beat them to it. Where the other me was from there was one... a powerful one. It'd eat it's own kind to become stronger. Power, intelligence... it could absorb them all. Just like some damn cartoon. The only world I can protect now is the one I'm from and I don't care about it any longer. I'll brake it apart if I have to, whatever it takes to bring my friends there..." As the speach continues on his form grows darker and darker. Once the details are gone from his form his eyes begin to haze over to the white light that was there when he opened the door. Smiling with a mouth full of sharpened teeth he looks up into Sabin's eyes, "...are you one of my friends too?"

Sabin listens to Johnny's words, rubbing his chin at the thought "A lavos ya say? Sounds kinda weird if ya ask me. I'm sure we'll stop it if it decides ta attack us though. Heh y'know this city, eh?" He says, smiling... as the room grows darker,finding the scene rather odd, he pulls back a bit. Just with his upper torso, sitting up straight now as it were "Me? Sure, I guess I'm one-a yer friends. Whatta you think?" he asks, deciding to get the answer from the horse's mouth

Johnny chuckles and nods, "Good... then you'll have to come with me when the time comes. That way I can protect everyone. It's all I'm good for anymore, my purpose is gone..." Pushing himself to his feet he glances towards the window facing the street, "The day I killed those people... the day Sammy killed me. That was when I lost myself. Terry helped find me when we came back to help Sammy, and that's when I promised I'd protect her. But why stop there, right? I can save everyone. I can bend the world to whatever shape I want. I planted fruit, you know? Heh-heh-heh..." Leaning against the wall for support he suddenly winces. Accross his brow a strange red marking appears making his eyes turn red in response. The red-eyed NNY looks at Sabin with an expression of hatred. "I shouldn't though. No one stood to help me when the demon took her and used her against me. No one defended me when the bitch banished me from this world." Wincing tightly he shakes his head, the marking and the red-tint begin to fade. "You must think we're crazy... but your right. Much has changed... At least I'm not killing people one at a time anymore..."

Sabin asks, "So ah... you killed.... and eh... I musta missed something." He says, rubbing the back of his head as he chuckles. Taking note of 'nny's sudden change he tilts his head to the side, leaning in closer "So you uh... don't go for the murder thing anymore? S'prolly for the best, ya know?"

Johnny openly laughs, "I've slaughtered -billions-. You don't get it do you? From my perspective this was originaly the past. I no longer kill people, I kill posiblities... that's how I create. That's how I tend to my cattle. If you want to destroy a city you simply go back to the point where it was built and burn it down. I can kill a man before his -conception-. Sure I don't have free reign anymore, I shouldn't have undid the gates, but it was neccesary. Everyone and everything spilling out into a single mass ready and willing to be cut down to start again. The La-vos told me about that. I had to listen to it for millenia. On and on it rambled as I did what I was told and went where they told me. That's what gave me the idea. I'll find Sammy soon, then I'll come for the others... then I'll come for you..."

Sabin winces at the prospect Johnny speaks of. Such horrible power would definitely not be something he wants a maniac to have... "Well um... I hope ya have thge best-a luck with that 'nny... Hey, when yer coming for me, I'll be waitin' eh?" He says, fidgeting in his chair... it just seems so odd

Johnny tilts his head to the side, his grin seeming to stretch a little too far on his face, "Oh? Your leaving so soon? But you only just got here... we have much to disscuss you see..." The shadows seem to seize Sabin's legs, trying to hold him in place. "So much goes on here without me. Sometimes I worry that the things here might halt my progress. The reuninon must continue you see. I can't let anything endanger that..."

Sabin blinks at the sudden siezing of his legs, turning to look down before looking back up "Ahhh n-no... I ain't going anywhere... appearantly..." He says the last word kind of flatly. "So um... Just what izit ya needa know? Need an ear to th'ground, maybe?"

Johnny shrugs his shoulders, "Something to that effect. I need to know that things here are tended to. I may not be able to freely walk about in public but I can drop in from time to time." Lifting his arms into the air he guestures around the room, "If need be I can make my grand appearance, but likely I'll have to deal with the entities that watch over this realm. One at a time and I'm sure I could kill them, but all at once would be a tad trickier." Turning to face Sabin he leans in close and smirks, "I'd rather it not come to that..."

Sabin sweatbeads ever slightly... nerves appearantly... "S--so what're ya sayin'? Yer gonna uh... take on th'big dogs one at-a time? S'kinda a grand scale idea, doncha think?"

Johnny laughs at the thought, "I hadn't planned on it. But it will likely come to that if I should walk out that door over there." With a quick nod of his head in that direction he continues, "I just mean if something where to endanger my friends here I would take that chance." The shadows at some point moved from Sabin's legs, not that he might have noticed. "I'm confident though that I could take them. Likely I could go against the La-vos itself at this point, but I have no desire to." Taking out his daggers he stares at them. The black bladed weapons have begun to take on a zig-zag appeance as of late. "These things have served me well, but I do tend to worry about their effectiveness. Not that it matters since I figured out how to make my own..." With a deep sigh he stares at them temporarly distracted...

Sabin frowns, looking at the knives "Well uh.. if yuou can make yer own, why doincha use 'em? Waste not, want not, eh?" He says, chuckling. "But y'know... they're prolly pretty good knives. Don't see how they could be goin' wrong, ya know?"

Johnny looks up and raises an eyebrow, or appears to. Hard to tell with his body blackend with shadows. Reguardless one eye raises up in confusion as he ponders Sabin's words. "They where created by a demon to destroy the goddess Cassandra - the one that inhabited Samantha. I thought you knew all this..." As the confusion washes over him more of the shadows seem to draw away from the walls. It would seem he has to use his concentration to control them...

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