2005-07-29 (PreU) Confronting Glenn

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Confronting Glenn

Summary: Ok, so it doesn't end in a fight. But it -almost- did.

Who: glenn, Johnny_C, staren
When: July 29th, 2005
Where: Chronos

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South End of the Beach(#1537R)

As you venture down the warm sands the Southern edge of Truce's beaches, it's easy to see why this spot was picked to have the Truce Inn overlook it. The beach is flawless, with the ocean pushing up against it's edges. Where the tides have come and receeded, various sea shells and other evidence of sea life have been embedded into the sand. Off in the distance, it's easy to make out what was once the village docks.

The beach appears much the same as usual as the sun sets in the distance. The water takes on a greyish-red as it reflects the light from the skyline. The kids have gone home, the fog has begun to roll in. Quite beatiful if you care for that sort of thing. Kneeling on one appears to be a raft of sorts in the water is a skinny man in black who watches the horizon intently. On closer inspection, he's actualy standing (or floating) on a very small bit of driftwood. That can't possibly support his weight! Reguardless he stays silent, and apparently not in the least bit worried about logic...

After all the other kids go home, one remains, standing by a large sandcastle. That child then suddenly grows up into a young man. "Nice kids 'round here." He turns around to look out over the water, and sees... "Is someone there?" he calls out.

Glenn is seated upon a rock, the sheated blade of the masamune resting against the rock as the hilt is tied to Glenn's side. He stares out at the ocean, with more than a few questions, most of them irrelevant to this moment. "...." He blinks after a moment, and looks again. "...Wait..."

Only a few feet out in the water, the man makes no effort to acknowledge the few reactions of anyone paying enough attention. Normaly people don't notice him... then again, normaly he isn't noticible. His mind distracted by his recent encounter, he runs a hand through his hair pushing his bangs out of his eyes and sighs. Standing, he turns back towards the beach and raises an eyebrow to discover he was being watched. A slight grin crosses his lips, "Can I help someone?"

Staren shrugs. "I don't know... who are you, and how are you able to stand on that tiny piece of wood?"

Glenn, not looking even remotely concerned, merely quirks an eyebrow. He lets Staren ask his question for him, looking rather relaxed upon his rock, although confused. "... Good questions."

Johnny blinks and glances down, "Wood?" Seeing the bit of driftwood he laughs and plucks it out of the water. "You mean this? Likely it just got caught under my feet." Suddenly cackling maddly he tosses the piece off to the side and continues walking back towards the shore until he finaly steps foot onto the beach. "What? You've never seen the old walking on water trick? A guy on my world made a big name for himself with that one." Chuckling to himself he glances over at Glenn and let's his eyes play over the sword at his side...

Staren raises an eyebrow. "Old walking on water trick? You mean you can do magic?"

Glenn nods to Johnny slowly, not saying anything for a moment. The maniac's glance at his sword is not lost upon the knight. "... Salutations."

Johnny holds back laughter at Staren's question and shakes his head, "I don't believe in magic tricks. Magic is just a word people use when they don't know any better... but then, I guess by that logic demons are made of logic... so what ever!" Nodding his head towards Glenn he smirks, "How's it going?"

Staren raises an eyebrow. "I don't know where you're from, but in 'my world' magic is a very real force... what us your world, anyway?"

Glenn lets his eyes open and close several times slowly, not unlike the species of animal whose legacy he so recently ceased to carry. "...It is going slowly, at the moment." For a knight, he picked up on that question quickly. And here we all thought he was dumb as a toad... "... How is it... going... from your perspective, sir....?" He leaves a blank space at the end of his question, his inflection indicating that the maniac should fill in the blank with his name.

Johnny's grin doesn't fade but a wave of seriousness washes over his eyes as he suddenly turns his attention more towards Staren. "This world... that world... it doesn't matter anymore. You'd do better not to ask questions like that. You may not like what you discover..." But enough of that apparently, half-turning towards Glenn he nods his head again, "Johnny, and it's going as well as can be expected. Should be going much better soon..."

Staren ohs? "And why should it be getting much better soon?"

The royal knight blinks, letting his eyes stay open afterwards and hold Johnny's gaze with a steadfast-ness that approaches that of titanium. "Indeed, Sir Johnny. You seem foreign here, and I see no portal or conveyance for you to return from whence you came. Why then, would your fortune be picking up, if I may so ask?" He talks funny! ... Oh wait, he's Glenn.

Johnny smile widens a bit at that, "I'll have you know I've lived here longer than any of you, not that it matters much at the moment. As far as things improving? Well... let's just I should be getting reaquainted with a few old friends soon and leave it at that. Is it some kind of new trend to barrage strangers with questions these days? Am I that far out of the loop?" His manic smile returning to his face he holds his hands behind his back and watches the two carefully for their reactions...

Staren shrugs. "Strange strangers who walk on water, anyway."

Glenn nods, the fingers on his left hand twitching slightly. Imperceptibly, almost. "Indeed. Curiosity, it would seem, has gotten the better of me. I must apologize for mine rudeness, Sir Johnny." ... He's doing it again. He's saying mine instead of my. Stupid frog.

Johnny stares at Staren and leans a little closer, with a hushed voice he tells him, "Ahhh, the one who gives his name is a stranger, but the one that remains nameless is free of suspicion? A bit one-sided, don'tcha think?" Leaning back and laughing he nods at Glenn, "It's alright. I've seen worse. So why do two surely heroic adventures stand on a secluded beach at nightfall? Ooooh, do we have inter-gender relationships here now? I'm sure you two will make a nice couple..." Laughing even more histericly he takes a step back and runs a hand through his hair. "Eh, but seriously.... I'm suspicious and you two are fine, sure... whatever..."

Staren blinks. "I've seen him around town before, you're the one walking on water. And I'm Staren, nice to meet you I guess. And... I don't know him well enough to even consider such a thing."

Glenn nods his head slowly, still looking rather lethargic, solely due to his lack of movement. "Of course, I did not mean to cast any suspicion your way, Sir Johnny. I am not entirely certain that I belong here, so I would be hard pressed to make any accusations." He taps his sword hilt lightly, not out of any conscious caution, but just out of habit.

Johnny smiles to himself having successfully changed the course of the subject matter in his favor. Glancing at the one who named themself thus far he asks, "So, Staren? Clearly you must lead an intresting life or you would have defended yourself better. You must live pretty sheltered, or... you hide alot. You got someone your hiding from specificly?" His grin stays locked on his face despite the seriousness to his voice. He's up to something...

Staren raises an eyebrow, trying to hide that a nerve has been hit. "I don't know what you're talking about. I didn't sling any accusations at you, now what's your problem?"

Glenn keeps his eyes on Staren and Johnny, noting Staren's defensiveness. He seeks to interrupt the conversation, interjecting quickly. "Glenn, by the way." Hmm? "Mine name is Glenn, sir Johnny. It is a pleasure to meet you." Is it? Well, he doesn't seem to be lying, but it's likely just the formal way he speaks. Idly, he traces circles on the side of the rock with his right hand, his left still tapping his sheathed sword unconsciously.

Johnny is about to open his mouth when Glenn inserts himself into the moment. With a slight show of irritation he glances back and nods. "Yes, it's nice to meet you too 'sir' Glenn." Hmmm, does he know something or is he being sarcastic? Before revealing more he takes a deep breath and glances casualy at Staren, "Eh? Oh... nothing. I was gonna see if I could help is all. The cattle tend to amuse me. So I like to make it things... Bit of a trick I picked up recently. But, you don't seem like you'd be intrested in having any help with your problems..." Watching Staren out of the corner of his eyes his smirk returns.

Staren raises the other eyebrow now for variety. "My problems are personal." He eyes Glenn sideways. "Nothing I exactly want everyone, or anyone in town to know about. What are you, anyway, a wandering hero who goes around helping people oir something?"

Glenn doesn't say a word, just leaning back and closing his eyes as his form lays against the rock. His sword clinks as the sheath clashes against the surface several times. "...." He looks completely exhausted suddenly, although it's not likely that he would become that way so suddenly.

Johnny winces at that word and says with much distaste, "Hero? I haven't heard that said about me in awhile. A hero is only that to the people he saves. I'm not out to save anyone." With his smile returning he adds, "...quite the opposite these days." Suddenly his eye twitches and he glances at Glenn suspiciously, "Do I know you from somewhere? You seem... familar..."

Staren shrugs and looks between Glenn and Johnny. "You know him?"

Glenn doesn't open his eyes, simply speaking without any motion. "Never in mine life hath I seen him before." He turns his head to the side to face the two, gravity alone responsible for his eyelids slipping open. "Although, perhaps I hath seen him after." ... Well, that's very ZEN of the former frog, but hardly helpful. ... Wait a minute, when'd his left hand grip the hilt of his sword? ... Hmm. "I must wonder, though, what Sir Johnny's intentions are, if they coulds't be called the opposite of saving anyone." He physically opens his eyes now, their droop changing to a sharp stare. "Harming someone, perhaps?" He gets to the point when he feels like it, doesn't he?

Staren says, "he has a point, Sir Johnny." Staren says, "Looks to be quite a sharp one, too."

Johnny tilts his head at the former frog and strains his eyes again, as if trying to see beyond the exterior of the green haired man. "Yes, well... to each their own. I have my goals and the world has it's own. I help when they happen to be the same outcome. Call that evil if you want, but I've been called worse." His attention gazes at the sword again, and the hand on it's hilt causing another grin from the maniac. "Oh yes.. he does seem sharp, but how sharp? You seem eager to protect the peace. What are you, a guard or something?"

Staren asks, "Isn't that what Knights do?"

Glenn leans over to his right, ever so slightly, causing him to fall towards the beach below his rock. A moment before contact with the ground, Glenn's left leg shoots out, and a massive sand cloud erupts from his position, making it look very much like the knight has exploded. It settles quickly, as sand has a tendency to do, and Glenn is standing in a veritable crater of sand, the easily moved surface having spread out in a perfectly circular fashion. His right leg stands a bit higher on the crater than his left, which is obviously the source of the depression. He's got some power in those things, doesn't he? ... Shouldn't he have left that behind when he became human again? What kind of human has frog legs? Ah well, this one, it would seem. "I am Glenn of Guardia, and I am a Royal Knight in His Majesty's court..." His gaze lowers, very slightly, from its sharp stare towards Johnny and Staren. "...If such a place exists in this world." Hasn't he tried to head towards Guardia? Strange, what's he been doing since he arrived?

Johnny's eyes narrow into a glare as he watches the rather extravegant display before him. After he speaks, Johnny begins to laugh once more, "I see... I seem to recall one 'Glenn of Guardia'. The one that went with the King on his quest to slow the demon from space? I suppose you'll tell me that's you, huh? If that's the case I do know you. As do the spirit of the twins that inhabit that sword..." Cackling he steps back, drawing his twin black daggers in the process. "I've often wondered how good the Guru did forging that weapon... How eager are you to use it?"

Staren opens his mouth to say something, decides not to, and starts baaaaaacking awaaaaay...

Giving Johnny and Staren each a hard, long stare, Glenn takes a few steps, netting himself escape from his sandy crater. He looks down at his sword, still sheathed, and looks back to the maniac. "I don't fight children." Oh! ... Oh! .... Oh he did not just say that... Before anyone would even have a chance to say "omfgyoudie" however, Glenn slams his feet downward. Were his legs not already fully extended? Crazy. The next cloud of sand does little to hide Glenn's form as his leap takes him high into the air... and into an arc that would take him well past the other two on the beach, and significantly closer to dry, non-sandy land. That's not an attack, it's more of what you'd call, an escape measure. Only... escaping TOWARDS the potential enemies. How odd.

Johnny turns towards the leaping fool and brings his arms accross his chest as one would burry the dead. Gripping his daggers tightly his grin widens to an almost painful smile, "You don't have the faintest clue how old I am..." His shadow shifting and suddenly overtaking his form, the maniac's body becomes blacker than the night sky overhead and he raises off the ground slightly. Throwing his arms to his sides he opens his now bright white eyes and cackles, "That sword and I are similar... we are both demons of dreams... weapons in our own rights. I was a pawn of the beast you stupidly believe you've slain and I was a watcher that's helped this world evolve from the remains of the one I destroyed. Fighting me will most likely cost you your life 'Glenn of Guardia'. How foolish are we this fine evening?" Glancing over at Staren he laughs again, "Next time trust your suspicions. Don't let people like me manipulate you into being something your not..."

Staren decides to turn and RUN. And maaaybe watch from a safe distance.

Turning back to let his eyes wander over the maniac briefly, Glenn makes a small sound, a mix between a chortle and a 'hmph', and speaks plainly, his voice carrying quite a ways. "Make no mistake, Sir Johnny. Older than the world itself you could be, but most definately, be you also a child. And as I have said..." The knight turns abruptly, small amounts of sand making a light mist around his boots as he does so, caking them with brown. "I do not fight children." With that, Glenn begins to walk. Not running, not striding, but simply walking, towards drier land. He frowns as he does so, the meaning of Johnny's words settling into the back of his mind.

Johnny glares at Glenn as he walks away. As eager as he is to fight, it would do nothing to aid in his goals. Dropping to the ground he comes to a crouch and stands. Sheathing his daggers he runs a hand through his hair and shrugs. His body is still black... he can't do anything about that for awhile. "So, the Frog still plays the hero... I'll have to remember that." Glancing around the beach he looks for Staren and sighs, "...damn, he would have made such a good host for another weapon." Taking a deep breath he turns towards the water again and stares out at the sea. Abruptly his head twitches to the side. "Shut up..."

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